Review of The Wedding Plan

The Wedding Plan
Tess and Tilly, Book #10
Kathi Daley
5 Stars

53350005. sy475 Synopsis:

If you love small towns, endearing relationships, food, animals, and a touch of murder, you will love this mystery series set in the small town of White Eagle Montana.

In book 10 in the series, Tess and Tony plan a secret wedding ceremony, Nona plans a visit, and Tess and Mike plan a face to face meeting with their father. Of course you know what they say about the best laid plans.

Meanwhile, Tess starts her new job, Tess and Tony welcome a new member to their family, the partial remains of two different men are found during a search and rescue mission, and Mike and Bree are faced with an important decision. (Goodreads)


The characters are well developed and well rounded. Tess and Tony are perfect for each other and I enjoy getting to spend time with them. Mike and Bree are having trouble starting a family, and Tess wants to be there for them and help them as much as she can.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read. The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and these descriptions pulled me into the story from the very beginning. The mystery was intriguing and kept me engaged throughout the entire book.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery. There is so much going on for Tess and Tony and do not want to miss out.


New Releases For The Week Of July 19th, 2020–Part 3

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of July 19th, 2020. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the third day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.


Bloody Wicked (Wicked Ways Book 4) by [Audrey Brice]


Some treasure should be left buried.

Klaus, the new King of the Northrop vampires, has lost a sacred relic. Something the vampires treasure. The vampire council is breathing down Klaus’s neck. Being the most visible witch in a fifty-witch town means Klaus has come to me, Elise Marybell Marple, owner of the magic shop Wicked Ways, and my vampire best friend, Shelly, to help him find it before he’s dethroned by the council. 

Have I mentioned that angry, ancient vampires creep me out?    (Amazon)

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Cash Up Front (Dev Haskell - Private Investigator Book 25) by [Mike Faricy]Mike Faricy is the winner of the

Crime Master’s of America Poison Cup Award.


Dev Haskell takes his ‘friend with benefits’ Heidi, out to dinner. His late night plans are suddenly put on hold when failed criminal, Tommy Benedetti shows up and forces Heidi into a stretch limo. Benedetti gives Heidi $200,000. Gee, $200,000 in cash, what could possibly go wrong?

There’s only one thing to do and Dev sets out to build a ‘working relationship’with FBI agent Candi Mangle

Another incredibly bizarre Dev Haskell read… Multiple tales wrapped into one crazy adventure

A great Dev Haskell tale.

Sit back, relax, enjoy, and realize your life isn’t as bad as you thought.…

Fortunately, Dev still has Morton, his Golden Retriever.

”Faricy is America’s hottest new mystery writer… and Dev Haskell is one of the looniest and most enjoyable characters inhabiting the world of fictional private investigators out there today”


The Dirty Lowdown 


If you like Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey Janet DeLeon, Laurence Shames, and Janet Evanovich- make room for one more!  (Amazon)

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Just two weeks to go before the Cherringham Charity Christmas Concert. Choir rehearsals are in full swing. Then the worst thing happens: Kirsty Kimball, one of the singers, is found dead from a severe allergic reaction to one of the home-made rehearsal cakes. Jack is pulled in to help bolster the depleted choir – and soon he’s convinced that Kirsty’s death was no accident. Sarah agrees, and the two of them are soon immersed in the jealousies, rivalries, and passions of Cherringham’s Rotary Club choir…

About the series

Set in the sleepy English village of Cherringham, the detective series brings together an unlikely sleuthing duo: English web designer Sarah and American ex-cop Jack. Thrilling and deadly – but with a spot of tea – it’s like Rosamunde Pilcher meets Inspector Barnaby. Each of the self-contained episodes is a quick read for the morning commute, while waiting for the doctor, or when curling up with a hot cuppa.  (Amazon)

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Poisoned Primrose (Motts Cold Case Mystery Book 1) by [Dahlia Donovan, BookSmith Design, Hot Tree Editing]

Autistic, asexual, and almost forty, Pineapple “Motts” Mottley flees London with her cat and turtle to a quaint cottage in Cornwall. She craves the peace of life in a small village. The dead body buried in her garden isn’t quite what she had in mind, though.

Unable to resist her curiosity, she falls directly into a mess of trouble and runs head-first into the attractive detective inspector, Teo Herceg. She tries to balance her business with the investigation, but as the killer focuses on her, staying alive becomes trickier than advanced origami.

Will Motts survive the onslaught of murderously bad luck?

Can she solve the mystery before it all spins out of control and off a cliff?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback
















Mist By The Lighthouse (A Beach House Mystery Book 3) by [Victoria LK Williams]Can a sea witch be trusted? Morgan Seaver is about to find out!

There is an evil poison coming ashore on Pearl Island, more powerful than Cora, the sea witch.  Drugs are being dropped offshore by the drug smugglers and they are damaging the precious coral reefs.  And then there is a murder of an innocent diver.

Cora and Morgan agree to an uneasy truce, with conditions, to put a stop to this new menace. But that’s not the end of Morgan’s troubles. Someone on the island wants to change the peaceful way of life, starting with the elimination of the resident peacocks. 

And if all this isn’t enough, Cordelia comes to live with Dr. Wright and his wife. The child is fascinated with Morgan and the legends of Pearl Island and isn’t shy about finding out more. 

When things escalate, Cora makes an ultimate, and now Morgan must find a killer and stop the drug smugglers, before Cora’s wrath strikes at the island.

Pick up your copy and find out more about the Legend of the Mermaids of Pearl Island with Morgan.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback














The Walters Case (A Markham Sisters Cozy Mystery Novella Book 23) by [Diana Xarissa]With the big event only a few days away, some special guests are arriving in Doveby Dale. Bessie Cubbon has come from the Isle of Man for the special celebration. When she accompanies the sisters on a last planning session at the event venue, all three women are surprised to learn that money has been stolen from the place.

When Edward Bennett arrives the next day, he’s eager to help the local police constable, Robert Parsons, with his investigation. Janet finds herself at a stranger’s birthday party, quizzing staff members about their movements.

When a second venue suffers from a nearly identical theft, Janet ends up working as a waitress at a wedding as part of the investigation.

Can she and Edward work out who’s been stealing from the venues? More importantly, can they solve the case before Joan’s big day?  (Amazon)

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Beast of Eden (Agatha Bright Mysteries Book 4) by [Elise Sax]Beast of Eden is the Fourth book in the Agatha Bright Mysteries. More about this book to come!
Agatha Bright Mysteries…Agatha Bright has a delicious recipe for murder.
Agatha Bright Mysteries are funny small-town mysteries with a dose of witchcraft.
“Elise Sax will win your heart.”—New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis
“Sax will make you laugh. Her larger-than-life characters jump off the page and make crazy seem like a fun place to hang out.”—New York Times bestselling author Christie Craig
“With quirky characters reminiscent of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series and a small-town heroine redolent of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse” –RT Book Reviews

“Fans of laugh-out-loud romantic suspense will enjoy this new author as she joins the ranks of Janet Evanovich, Katie MacAllister, and Jennifer Crusie.”—Booklist, on An Affair to Dismember
“A lighthearted and amusing caper with a sexy side order of romance . . . Gladie is an endearing mess of a character, and the book is fast-paced and amusing, with a large cast of quirky, small-town characters.”—Kirkus Reviews, on Matchpoint
“There’s plenty for fans to enjoy in Sax’s third Matchmaker installment, complete with energetic narration, zany humor and a mystery that’s as engaging as the details of Gladie’s love life.”—RT Book Reviews, on Love Game  (Amazon)

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The Demise of Tom Hendry (A Wild Cove Mystery Book 2) by [Laura Greene]“Maybe I am here to confront whatever haunts the darkness around Wild Cove, whether killer, stalker, or something even worse.”

Tom Hendry was a New York Times bestselling author, thrilling millions of people around the world with his detective fiction. Now, he is dead; the victim of a bizarre murder straight out of one of his novels. As sheriff Jane Scott investigates the case, in part two of A Wild Cove Mystery series, Tom Hendry’s very own son, the dashing Charles Hendry, is now being stalked by his father’s killer.

As Jane attempts to reveal the identity of the murderer, she grows close to Charles. Too close. Not only is Charles’ life in danger, but Jane’s relationship with her boyfriend, Jack Macready, is now in jeopardy. Turning to local preacher Pastor Callaghan for guidance, Jane is now on a roller coaster of emotional turmoil as Tom Hendry’s killer closes in on his next victim.

From international bestselling author Laura Greene comes The Demise of Tom Hendry, part of A Wild Cove Mystery, a collection of suspenseful short stories about a by-the-book officer, new to a mysterious town that she must now save. Follow her in each thrilling story which can be read in one sitting.  (Amazon)

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Speaking of Murder (A Lauren Rousseau Mystery Book 1) by [Edith Maxwell]In this suspenseful mystery by Agatha Award-winning author Edith Maxwell, a startling murder exposes dark dealings in a quiet New England town . . .

When a talented student asks her to endorse his controversial thesis on race and language, linguistics professor Lauren Rousseau cautiously agrees to take up the cause—so long as no one at their small New England college finds out about the romantic bonds they’ve formed. But just days later she discovers the student’s been murdered following an acrimonious meeting with the department chair, and Lauren’s concerns go from academic to criminal as she’s thrust into a search for the killer.

A determined Quaker with an ear for accents, Lauren won’t be deterred by the escalating danger surrounding her, and she’s soon confronted with alarming small-town bigotry, academic blackmail, and a trail of clues that all lead to a community center for underserved youth. And when her investigation reveals a web of shadowy connections deeply entrenched in her small community, she uncovers a motive and a murderer far more menacing than she had ever imagined . . .

This book was originally published under the name Tace Baker.

Praise for Speaking of Murder:

“Entertaining, innovative and suspenseful . . . just the ticket for those relishing a contemporary puzzler.” —Julia Spencer-Fleming, New York Times bestselling author of Hid from Our Eyes: A Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mystery

“Clever, compelling and terrifically smart, [Maxwell’s] intelligent writing—and wryly wonderful sleuth—gives a hip, contemporary twist to this traditional mystery.” —Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha-, Anthony-, and Macavity-winning author of The Murder List

“[Maxwell] combines convincing, diverse characters, a vividly described setting, and a plot that picks up speed until it reaches a surprisingly intense confrontation.” —Sheila Connolly, New York Times bestselling author of the Orchard Mysteries, the Museum Mysteries, and the County Cork Mysteries

About the Author:

Agatha Award-winning author Edith Maxwell writes the Amesbury-based Quaker Midwife historical mysteries, the Lauren Rousseau Mysteries, the Local Foods Mysteries, and short crime fiction. As Maddie Day she writes the Country Store Mysteries and the Cozy Capers Book Group Mysteries. Read about all her personalities and her work at  (Amazon)

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The Case of the Texas Ranger (The J.D. Pierson Mystery Series Book 3) by [C.H. Sessums]A Texas Ranger—a virtual relic from the past–walks into a bar… but it isn’t funny when he gets shot down on the street the moment he walks out…

Just like the doctors warned, Dad has made lots of promises about staying off the bottle. That doesn’t stop me from being disappointed to find him at a local speakeasy one night when he’s supposed to be working a case. The leathery, stout man at his table is unmistakable: Templeton Gorham, former Texas Ranger. The governor shut down the Rangers years ago, but before that, Templeton was virtually a legend in his profession. He and JD are laughing over drinks like old friends, but later, when the three of us walk out into the night, gunshots pierce the darkness. Templeton is left lying in a pool of blood, and I’m left with a brand-new case on my hands.

When the victim won’t speak, can I find the answers to keep a killer from finishing the job he started?  (Amazon)

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The Devil's Bones: A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery by [Carolyn Haines]The Devil’s Bones is the latest novel in the series from Carolyn Haines that Kirkus Reviews characterizes as “Stephanie Plum meets the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” featuring sassy Southern private investigator Sarah Booth Delaney.

As Sarah Booth sees it, Easter weekend is a time to celebrate life in all its many forms. So when the newly-pregnant Tinkie invites her and Cece on a girls’ trip to Lucedale, Mississippi to celebrate that spring has officially sprung, Sarah Booth can’t resist. Plans include facials, food, and a trip to the incredible Garden of Bones—a miniature Holy Land with recreations of all parts of the Middle East—for their Sunrise Easter Services led by biblical scholar, gardener, and creator of the Gardens Daniel Reynolds.

Unfortunately for Sarah Booth and the gang, someone doesn’t seem appreciate this season of new life. Easter morning has just dawned when the trio find themselves at the Mount of Olives—with a dead body at their feet.

Reynolds identifies the dead man as local lawyer Perry Slay, who was well known for his sly and underhanded dealings. Perry had rubbed plenty of people the wrong way, and now it looks like someone has rubbed him out…

Because being a PI apparently means never being on vacation, Sarah Booth and her friends must now find a way to resurrect the truth from a list of suspects as long as the River Jordan, reveal the devil in disguise, and—if they’re lucky—find a moment to enjoy a few chocolate bunnies before more bodies pile up like pillars of salt.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook