New Releases For The Week Of July 26th, 2020–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of July 26th, 2020. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the second day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.

The Witch Is Inn: A Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery (Beechwood Harbor Magic Mysteries Book 10) by [Danielle Garrett]



Running a paranormal inn might run Holly right out of her mind.

The ink on the contracts is dried and the first batch of guests are set to arrive. There’s no turning back.

Holly’s adventures continue in The Witch Is Inn, book ten in the Beechwood Harbor Magic Mysteries series by Danielle Garrett.  (Amazon)

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Watermelon Warrants (A Juiced Around The Corner Cozy Mystery Book 1) by [Gretchen Allen]A small-town mystery full of juicy secrets, quirky characters, and a splash of murder.

Entrepreneur and city girl, Marley Bloom, wants nothing more than to prove to her fiancé that there are better ways to start a business than closing your eyes, pointing to the nearest get rich quick scheme, and hoping for the best.

A friendly bet gone wrong leaves Marley on her way to Hazard Valley, population 113, with a brand new juice truck and the clothes on her back. Unfortunately, the citizens of Hazard Valley aren’t interested in her or the juice truck she rode in on.

Doing her best to settle in, a change in the town’s management lands Marley in a tight spot. Things escalate when a murder threatens the safety of everyone in the tiny town. She quickly learns about strength and coming together as a community, and Marley is more determined than ever to get to the bottom of all the juicy secrets floating around that everyone would prefer to be swept under the nearest welcome mat.

Can Marley make a big enough splash to keep the tiny town from crumbling, or are she and Hazard Valley both destined for failure?

Find out in Watermelon Warrants, book 1 in the brand new series, Juiced Around the Corner, by Cozy Mystery Author Gretchen Allen!  (Amazon)

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Poodle Versus The Mob (Cottage Country Cozy Mysteries Book 2) by [Anne Shillolo]Stop the presses! Rocco’s digging up the evidence.
Badda bing! Organized crime? In Williamsport?
Zora Flynn, a 50-something local newspaper publisher, and Rocco, her pampered prince of a poodle, are faced with a mini-crime wave. Not one but two victims have surfaced in the bustling cottage country town.
A secret underground casino, kickbacks and bribes, an explosion, and a business-savvy granny are the least of Zora’s worries. The clock is ticking. If the case isn’t solved quickly, she could be homeless by Christmas.
Rocco is keeping up his snarky commentary as the staff of the Williamsport Whistle track down the culprit. But he doesn’t hesitate when Zora is threatened. Can the pair of them escape the clutches of the murderer?
Poodle Versus The Mob is the highly entertaining second book in an ongoing series starring Zora and Rocco.
(It probably goes without saying, but the “Poodle Versus…” series is good, clean fun, except for the occasional suspicious death. No graphic violence, sex or swearing.)  (Amazon)

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Murder at the Manor: A 1920s cozy mystery (A Tommy & Evelyn Christie Mystery Book 1) by [Catherine Coles]


Downton Abbey crossed with Murder, She Wrote…set in a Yorkshire village!

Evelyn Christie has resigned herself to another long, boring weekend at Hessleham Hall, the home of her husband, Tommy’s, family. However, it turns out to be anything but dull when his uncle, the Earl of Northmoor, is shockingly murdered!

Evelyn must use all of her sleuthing knowledge, gained whilst she was a member of the Police force during the war, to find out who the murderer is before the bungling local police force decide the Earl was bumped off so Tommy could inherit his title.

If you enjoy the glamour of bygone eras like 1920s Downton Abbey and gentle, cozy mysteries set in the English countryside then you will love this new series.  (Amazon)

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The Secret Of Ivy (Ivy Hart Mystery Book 6) by [Jessica King]The Truth Can Kill. Can She Handle The Truth?

There are dead bodies turning up aboard a yacht that is headed for Miami and Ivy Hart has just been informed that they already have a prime suspect.

Her father.

Ivy and Vince head to board the yacht with the aim of discovering the truth behind the brutal killings.

But as Ivy begins to unearth clue after clue she doesn’t like what she discovers.

Can Ivy and Vince put the puzzle together and clear her father’s name? Or is a big family secret about to rear it’s ugly head?

Scroll up and order yours with ONE click now!  (Amazon)

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King Midas' Magic: A Marley the Witch Mystery (Marley the Witch Cozy Mystery Book 3) by [Amorette Anderson]A historical reenactment gone wrong, a dead body at the local bar, and bag of gold up for grabs.

The little town of Hillcrest, Colorado,

is celebrating a historical event.

But the reenactment goes terribly wrong —

and it’s up to amateur witch Marley Greene to figure out what happened!

At the same time,

she’s hosting out-of-town guests at her magical retreat center…

including King Midas and his brother, The Miser.

Can she learn King Midas’s magic in time to solve the case?

This is the third book in the Marley the Witch Mystery series. A full-length witch cozy with a leading female sleuth.  (Amazon)

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Tea & Treachery (Tea by the Sea Mysteries Book 1) by [Vicki Delany]

In this charming new cozy mystery series from nationally bestselling author, Vicki Delany, a New York City expat-turned-Cape Cod tea shop owner must solve the murder of a local real estate developer to help her feisty grandmother out of a jam . . .

As the proud proprietor and head pastry chef of Tea by the Sea, a traditional English tearoom on the picturesque bluffs of Cape Cod, Roberts has her hands full, often literally. But nothing keeps her busier than steering her sassy grandmother, Rose, away from trouble. Rose operates the grand old Victorian B & B adjacent to Lily’s tea shop . . . for now. An aggressive real estate developer, Jack Ford, is pushing hard to rezone nearby land, with an eye toward building a sprawling golf resort, which would drive Rose and Lily out of business.

Tempers are already steaming, but things really get sticky when Ford is found dead at the foot of Rose’s property and the police think she had something to do with his dramatic demise. Lily can’t let her grandmother get burned by a false murder charge. So she starts her own investigation and discovers Ford’s been brewing bad blood all over town, from his jilted lover to his trophy wife to his shady business partners. Now, it’s down to Lily to stir up some clues, sift through the suspects, and uncover the real killer before Rose is left holding the tea bag.  (Amazon)

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A Royal Affair: A Sparks & Bainbridge Mystery by [Allison Montclair]More goes wrong than could be imagined when Iris Sparks and Gwendolyn Bainbridge of The Right Sort Marriage Bureau are unexpectedly engaged to dig into the past of a suitor of a royal princess in Allison Montclair’s delightful second novel, A Royal Affair.

In London 1946, The Right Sort Marriage Bureau is just beginning to take off and the proprietors, Miss Iris Sparks and Mrs. Gwendolyn Bainbridge, are in need of a bigger office and a secretary to handle the growing demand. Unfortunately, they don’t yet have the necessary means. So when a woman arrives—a cousin of Gwen’s—with an interesting and quite remunerative proposition, they two of them are all ears.

The cousin, one Lady Matheson, works for the Queen in “some capacity” and is in need of some discreet investigation. It seems that the Princess Elizabeth has developed feelings for a dashing Greek prince and a blackmail note has arrived, alluding to some potentially damaging information about said prince. Wanting to keep this out of the palace gossip circles, but also needing to find out what skeletons might lurk in the prince’s closet, the palace has quietly turned to Gwen and Iris. Without causing a stir, the two of them must now find out what secrets lurk in the prince’s past, before his engagement to the future Queen of England is announced. And there’s more at stake than the future of the Empire —there is their potential new office that lies in the balance.  (Amazon)

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What the Hatmaker Heard (A Missy DuBois Mystery Book 6) by [Sandra Bretting]


When a groom gets murdered, Louisiana hat maker Missy DuBois must look behind a veil of secrets on a former sugar plantation . . .

Bride-to-be Lorelei Honeycutt is brimming with excitement over the elaborate headpiece Missy has created for her wedding but fears she won’t be able to maintain her balance when she walks down the aisle. She’s asked Missy to assist her during the rehearsal at Honeycutt Hall, a once grand sugar plantation now used as the family’s home. Missy’s trying to keep a cool head herself, as her own wedding is coming up in three short weeks on the Riverboat Queen. But after the rehearsal, she overhears the bride and groom quarreling. The next morning, Wesley Carmichael is missing. After searching the house and grounds, Missy discovers the groom lying at the bottom of an old, unused sugar silo—and now it’s up to the mystery-solving milliner to find an unbalanced killer . . .  (Amazon)

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Murder at Brighton Beach: a 1920s cozy historical mystery (A Ginger Gold Mystery Book 13) by [Lee Strauss]“Clever and entertaining, you’ll love this charming Golden Age mystery series. And the fashion is to die for!” – Molly C. Quinn, actress, Castle


Murder’s a Beach!

Seaside at Brighton, a family holiday turns deadly. After Ginger and Basil and their crew check into a Brighton hotel on a lovely warm day in June of 1926, a shocking discovery upsets their plans to relax in the sun.

Not only will Ginger not finish her book, she might not get out alive.


Researching for the Ginger Gold Mysteries has been so much fun. I hope you sense that as you read. Ginger Gold is smart, savvy, and delightful. The fashions, the dances, the CRIME. The character of Haley Higgins, a medical student at the London Medical School for Women allows me to further delve into another keen interest of mine: forensics. Never fear, the Ginger Gold Mysteries are COZY, so no scary, graphic on-stage violence. You’ll find these books to be clean reads, with no swearing or sex. I hope you enjoy the Ginger Gold Mystery series!

Hop aboard the 1920s!


Murder on the SS Rosa (Book 1)

Murder at Hartigan House (Book 2)

Murder at Bray Manor (Book 3)

Murder at Feathers & Flair (Book 4)

Murder at the Mortuary (Book 5)

Murder at Kensington Gardens (Book 6)

Murder at st. George’s Church (Book 7)

The Wedding of Ginger & Basil (Book 7.5)

Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman (Book 8)

Murder at the Boat Club (Book 9)

Murder on Eaton Square (Book 10)

Murder by Plum Pudding (Book 11)

Murder on Fleet Street (Book 12)

Murder at Brighton Beach (Book 13)

Murder at Hyde Park (Book 14)

Murder at Royal Albert Hall (Book 15)

~more on the way!

A brand new 1950s series!


Murder at High Tide (Book 1)

Murder on the Boardwalk (Book 2)

Murder at the Bomb Shelter (Book 3)

Murder on Location (Book 4)

Murder and Rock ‘n Roll (Book 5)

Murder at the Races (Book 6)

Don’t miss LADY GOLD INVESTIGATES, the short story companion series!  (Amazon)

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Kelly & the Dog Park: A Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery (Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 19) by [Dianne Harman]Revenge is a powerful motive for murder.
But then again, so is greed!

The combination of illegal drugs, children, and dogs
Is not good for any living being.
Neither is cutting your honeymoon short when your loved one’s lives are threatened!

Join Kelly, Mike, and Cash along with their dogs, Wicked and Rebel, as they search for the people who are responsible for children having to go into a drug rehabilitation program, to say nothing of their plans to seriously harm Sheriff Mike and his family.

This is the 19th book in the Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series by a USA Today Bestselling Author and Amazon All-Star.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle














The Cursed Crow and the Deadly Hex-Book 4: A Point Muse Cozy Paranormal Mystery by [Kelly Ethan]There’s a murder at Harrow House, a cruel crow stalking old friends and a nosy librarian turned sleuth. Let the mayhem begin…

With barely a breath to relax, Xandie Meyers and her family of Harrow witches now must deal with a new problem.

One that dropped dead at their feet.

Someone is targeting old members of Elspeth Harrow’s, Morrigan Coven. The same Elspeth Harrow who happens to be Xandie’s long lost Grandmother.

People are dying and all signs point to an inside job. Xandie has no choice but to swing into Sherlock librarian mode.

Between bizarre accidents, a defanged vampire, reanimated animal corpses and a search for a missing doomsday device, Xandie barely has time to sniff out the killer. A villain that’s always two steps ahead. But whoever the murderer is they hadn’t counted on the stubbornness of Harrow witches and one nosy librarian.

Can Xandie stop a supernatural apocalypse? Or will things that go bump in the night have her for a midnight snack?

If you like snarky dialogue, murder and mayhem then you’ll love the next installment in Kelly Ethan’s Point Muse Mysteries, a new cozy paranormal mystery series.

Unlock the mayhem of The Cursed Crow and the Deadly Hex!  (Amazon)

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Bad Egg (Aloha Chicken Mysteries Book 9) by [Josi Avari]Hens and homicides in a cozy slice of paradise.

It’s time to face the music. When Saffron plans an event that lands her at the mansion of an eccentric millionaire with a rock band that marches to the beat of its own drum, she doesn’t expect to get stranded at the mansion with the band. She also doesn’t plan to find a dead body in a locked room. A raging fire has cut off the mansion from the rest of the island, including all her helpers, so she’s going to have to play this investigation by ear.

Was it the jealous backup singer? The angry brother? The mysterious gardener? Someone is going to have to face the music.

Bad Egg: Book 9 in the Aloha Chicken Mysteries series of cozy-clean reads . . . with chickens.  (Amazon)

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Mydworth Mysteries - Danger in the Air (A Cosy Historical Mystery Series Book 6) by [Matthew Costello, Neil Richards]

From the authors of the best-selling series CHERRINGHAM

The famous aviatrix Amelia Earhart has come to England on a mission to raise Money for her planned continent-spanning air rally – with all-female pilots. Lady Lavinia naturally supports the amazing Amelia, inviting her to stay at Mydworth Manor. But when Amelia’s life is threatened – Harry and Kat must figure out who is behind this deadly game before it turns fatal…

Co-authors Neil Richards (based in the UK) and Matthew Costello (based in the US), have been writing together since the mid-90s, creating innovative content and working on major projects for the BBC, Disney Channel, Sony, ABC, Eidos, and Nintendo to name but a few. Their transatlantic collaboration has underpinned scores of TV drama scripts, computer games, radio shows, and the best-selling mystery series Cherringham. Their latest series project is called Mydworth Mysteries.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle















From Beer to Eternity (A Chloe Jackson, Sea Glass Saloon Mystery Book 1) by [Sherry Harris]A whip smart librarian’s fresh start comes with a tart twist in this perfect cocktail of murder and mystery—with a romance chaser.


With Chicago winters in the rearview mirror, Chloe Jackson is making good on a promise: help her late friend’s grandmother run the Sea Glass Saloon in the Florida Panhandle. To Chloe’s surprise, feisty Vivi Slidell isn’t the frail retiree Chloe expects. Nor is Emerald Cove. It’s less a sleepy fishing village than a panhandle hotspot overrun with land developers and tourists. But it’s a Sea Glass regular who’s mysteriously crossed the cranky Vivi. When their bitter argument comes to a head and he’s found dead behind the bar, guess who’s the number one suspect?

In trying to clear Vivi’s name, Chloe discovers the old woman isn’t the only one in Emerald Cove with secrets. Under the laidback attitude, sparkling white beaches, and small town ways something terrible is brewing. And the sure way a killer can keep those secrets bottled up is to finish off one murder with a double shot: aimed at Chloe and Vivi.

“An incredibly enjoyable book.”
Mystery Scene on Sell Low, Sweet Harriet  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook













Find Me When I'm Lost (A Charlie Mack Motown Mystery Book 5) by [Cheryl A. Head]


When Charlie Mack is hired by her ex-husband’s new wife, things get awkward quickly. Her ex, Franklin, has been charged with his brother-in-law’s murder. Charlie and Pamela both believe he didn’t do it; it’s the only thing they will ever see eye-to-eye on. But he’s also in hiding for some reason neither of them understands. To the police, it adds up to guilt, but to Charlie, it indicates that Franklin has stumbled into an unplanned, and perhaps life-threatening, complication. Charlie wants proof the case doesn’t involve a double cross, and when the Mack Investigations team throws all their assets at the case, Charlie’s girlfriend, Mandy demands assurance that Charlie’s all-out efforts to find Franklin aren’t driven by lingering romantic feelings. In the end, everyone involved learns that loyalty often runs much deeper than love.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback
















A Charming Deception: :A Cozy Paranormal Mystery (A Magical Cures Mystery Series book 13) by [Tonya Kappes]Welcome to Whispering Fall where magic and mystery collide!Bubble…Bubble…June Heal and Oscar Park are beyond thrilled with the upcoming arrival of their baby.Cures and Trouble…June’s pregnancy is turning out to more at risk than anticipated and she has to go to a specialist doctor outside of Whispering Falls where patients are nosey and hormones are raging, leaving the nurses and receptionist at their wits ends and bickering at each other.Magic Stirs…Poor June is put on limited activity. The baby is proving to a little mischievous and magic before it’s even born and leaving the doctors a little miffed with all the different ultrasound shenanigans.Trouble Doubles…June’s hormones have messed with her intuition and spiritual gifts, leaving her unsure of things going on around her.On one of her many doctor appointments, June arrives a little early and find the receptionist strangled to death.June can’t help herself and decides to put her amateur and magical sleuthing skills to the test to try to bring the killer to justice…or are her hormones deceiving her?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle