New Releases For The Week Of August 2nd, 2020–Part 1

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of August 2nd, 2020. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the first day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.




Warring wineries, a canny connoisseur, and a murder aged to perfection.

The wine harvest is a busy time in Pixie Point Bay, but never more so than for B&B owner Maris Seaver. Her guests are avid wine enthusiasts and determined to experience the region’s latest offerings. For the winemakers, however, it’s all business at the season’s make or break time of year.

But when one of the vintners is found dead in his cellar, Maris must use every ounce of magic at her disposal to uncover a murderer.  (Amazon)

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Aged for Death (A Tuscan Vineyard Cozy Mystery—Book 2) by [Fiona Grace]

“Very entertaining. I highly recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader that appreciates a very well written mystery, with some twists and an intelligent plot. You will not be disappointed. Excellent way to spend a cold weekend!”
–Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (regarding Murder in the Manor)

AGED FOR DEATH (A TUSCAN VINEYARD COZY MYSTERY) is book #2 in a charming new cozy mystery series by #1 bestselling author Fiona Grace, author of Murder in the Manor (Book #1), a #1 Bestseller with over 100 five-star reviews—and a free download!

Olivia Glass, 34, turns her back on her life as a high-powered executive in Chicago and relocates to Tuscany, determined to start a new, simpler life—and to grow her own vineyard.

Olivia is falling in love with the Tuscan life and the gorgeous Tuscan scenery, especially as she travels to visit Pisa. Yet when the winery she works for auctions off a rare and expensive bottle of wine—and when someone turns up dead—Olivia must draw on her strength as a sommelier to get to the bottom of the murder.

In the meanwhile, her new own attempts at a vineyard—and her love life—are failing miserably.

Can Olivia turn it all around to create the life she’s always dreamed of? Or was it all a fantasy that she should let go?

Hilarious, packed with travel, food, wine, twists and turns, romance and her newfound animal friend—and centering around a baffling small-town murder that Olivia must solve—AGED FOR DEATH is an un-putdownable cozy that will keep you laughing late into the night.

Book #3 in the series—AGED FOR MAYHEM—is now also available!  (Amazon)

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Chaos at the Casino (Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery Book 8) by [Susan Harper]Gambling your life away. Literally.

A cozy mystery from International Bestselling Author Susan Harper

Hope and Felix are back to work on the cruise ship after their suspension. However, things are far from normal. When gun shots outside the casino turn into a dead body, they are thrust back into another murder mystery. And it just might be the work of Felix’s brother. Can they clear his brother’s name, or does he really have blood on his hands this time?

Chaos at the Casino is part of the Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery series. If you like fast-paced mysteries with interesting characters, exotic locations, and unexpected twists, you’re going to love the Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery series.

Download Chaos at the Casino and start solving your next mystery today!

Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited  (Amazon)

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Alibis & Arranging: A Good, Clean Cozy Mystery (Sparks & Joy Book 2) by [Nancy McGovern]When Aurora & Joy are invited to attend a dinner party at the estate of Bent River’s richest and oldest widow, Hilda Braithwhite, they aren’t sure what to expect. Aurora assumes the old woman simply wants to gossip about the recent murder that occurred in town, in which the two young ladies played a major role in solving. Joy, on the other hand, has spent years offering to ghostwrite Hilda’s memoir, and is hoping to schmooze enough during their time together to finally get the answer she desires.

But the night goes in a very different direction and, just days later, Aurora finds that she’s the one who’s been offered a new job: to clean out Hilda Braithwhite’s estate after her death.

But death isn’t exactly the right word. Aurora thinks murder is more appropriate, and she intends to prove it. But, first, she has to figure out how that little statue of a puppy ties into it all…

Alibis & Arranging is the 2nd book in Nancy McGovern’s exciting new series, Sparks & Joy! Pre-Order your copy today for just 99 cents and be sure to visit Nancy’s website for information on her contest celebrating this new series!  (Amazon)]

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Curse a Brew Streak (A Supernatural Speakeasy Cozy Mystery Book 3) by [Lily Harper Hart]Ofelia Archer is living the dream … or as close as seemingly possible.
She owns her own business, her father seems to be on an even keel, and her new relationship with Detective Zacharias Sully is cruising right along. Everything changes in an instant, though, when screams from the street lead to zombies running amok through the French Quarter.
Ofelia is a tough witch who takes no guff but even she is at a loss. Who is creating the zombies? Where are they coming from? They’re not rising from the dead as much as being bumped off and used as an invading army.
Sully wants to take control of the investigation but the higher-ups in the New Orleans Police Department assign the case to a new detective, much to his chagrin. That detective is keen to find answers. Unfortunately, he’s looking hard at Ofelia to find them.
Sully and Ofelia are going to have to work together to find answers. Their adventure will lead them from the French Quarter to the Garden District and beyond. Even then, when things start coalescing, gnashing teeth won’t be the worst of their problems.
Months ago they were two factions working on their own. Now they’re together, and stronger for it.
Not all the magic in the Big Easy is good. Some is evil … and the two sides are about to collide.  (Amazon)

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The Silent Wife: A Novel (Will Trent Book 10) by [Karin Slaughter]

“If you’re into mystery thrillers, then you’re into Karin Slaughter.” —THESKIMM

He watches. He waits. He takes. Who will be next . . .


Investigating the killing of a prisoner during a riot inside a state penitentiary, GBI investigator Will Trent is confronted with disturbing information. One of the inmates claims that he is innocent of a brutal attack for which he has always been the prime suspect. The man insists that he was framed by a corrupt law enforcement team led by Jeffrey Tolliver and that the real culprit is still out there—a serial killer who has systematically been preying on women across the state for years. If Will reopens the investigation and implicates the dead police officer with a hero’s reputation of wrongdoing, the opportunistic convict is willing to provide the information GBI needs about the riot murder.

Only days ago, another young woman was viciously murdered in a state park in northern Georgia. Is it a fluke, or could there be a serial killer on the loose?

As Will Trent digs into both crimes it becomes clear that he must solve the cold case in order to find the answer. Yet nearly a decade has passed—time for memories to fade, witnesses to vanish, evidence to disappear, and lies to become truth. But Will can’t crack either mystery without the help of the one person he doesn’t want involved: his girlfriend and Jeffrey Tolliver’s widow, medical examiner Sara Linton.

When the past and present begin to collide, Will realizes that everything he values is at stake . . .  (Amazon)

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Makeup and Mayhem (Sunshine Cove Cozy Mystery Book 1) by [Ava Zuma]A suspicious death at a party. A list of unusual suspects. A small town beauty consultant who just wants life to return to normal.

Celia’s life isn’t a bed of roses. As a widow with two young boys, she’s only happy when her boys are happy. Her business, providing makeup products to the citizens of Sunny Cove, puts food on the table and gives a purpose to her days.

When a former classmate drops dead at a party, Celia is confused and wonders what could have caused her demise. Her confusion is turned into anxiety when the police name her as a prime suspect. Celia regrets attending the party where she was cajoled to offer free make overs to the party attendees.

She can’t think of anyone who would have wanted to kill the deceased. Still, in a town where anyone’s business is everyone’s business, she know the killer is lurking in plain sight.

She can’t afford to wallow in self-pity while there’s a killer on the loose. Will she help to find the killer and restore normalcy to her life, her family and town or become the killer’s next victim?

If you want to enjoy a light-hearted read, with an amateur female sleuth and a gripping murder mystery with a touch of romance, then you’ll love Celia Dube and all the friendly and not-so-friendly characters in Sunny Cove.

No cliffhanger, swearing or graphic scenes!

Get your copy of Makeup and Mayhem to discover how events unfold in this cozy murder mystery.  (Amazon)

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Country and Crime (A Westford Bay B&B British Cozy Mystery - Book Four) by [Nic Roberts]Where there’s a Country, there’s a Crime

Life for Ally Wescott, owner of Westford Bay’s homely B&B, has been going surprisingly well.

After all the murder and mayhem she’s faced, she’s looking forward to things being a little less complicated, after all, escaping to the country was supposed to be just that. A welcome escape.

But the Bay has other ideas…

A beautiful walking adventure with her handsome detective, Sebastian Ardent, ends in a grisly discovery and the quaint English village is about to be rocked by another death.

The only thing more surprising than finding the body is who they think was behind it.

With her romance and friendships getting stronger, will Ally be able to find enough evidence to prove that something more sinister is going on? Or will it all end in another tragedy?

Follow Ally, Fran, Lewis and Detective Ardent in the next installment of the Westford Bay B&B Cozy Mystery Series.

Country and Crime is Book Four in the Westford Bay B&B Cozy Mystery Series.

Ally and her wonderful group of friends live in the United Kingdom, so please note that this book contains British terminology and British spellings.  (Amazon)

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Hex Marks the Sport: A Supernatural Speakeasy Cozy Mystery Books 1-3 by [Lily Harper Hart]Ofelia Archer is the top witch in New Orlean’s French Quarter, who owns the premiere supernatural speakeasy in the state, and she’s not to be trifled with.
Zach Sully is one of the top detectives with the police department … and one of only a handful of law enforcement representatives in the city who is in on the big paranormal secret. Of course, as a panther shifter, he’s part of that secret.
Together, they make a fearsome duo … who have to learn to trust one another if they’re going to keep the monsters in the Big Easy in check.
It won’t be easy but they’re both up for the challenge.
New Orleans is a city that rarely sleeps. White magic rules supreme but black magic is always looking for a foothold. Ophelia and Sully both have something to lose, but that spark between them also means they have something to gain.
They’re destined to be together. They just have to survive long enough to prove it.

This three-book omnibus includes: The Hexorcist, Witch Confidential and Curse a Brew Streak.  (Amazon)

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Fishers of Menace: Faith and Foils Cozy Mystery Series Book #1 by [Wendy Heuvel]Welcome to Banford, where townsfolk are family, tea is hot, and murder is inevitable.

Cassie Bridgestone’s life is simple. Along with running her country décor shop, she loves to cuddle her cat, sip tea, attend church, and watch birds.

But then, things go awry.

First, the handsome but mysterious Daniel opens a bookstore in her building and challenges her to face long-buried feelings about her previous relationship. 

Then, a friendly fishing tournament turns deadly and her friend is accused of murder, throwing Cassie’s world into a tailspin she might never recover from.

Unless she finds the real killer.

But the folks in Banford have secrets. Secrets they’ll do anything to protect, including bringing Cassie’s life to a quick and surreptitious end. 

Fishers of Menace is the first book in the Faith and Foils Cozy Mystery Series  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback















An Accidental Corpse (Art of Murder Mysteries Book 2) by [Helen A. Harrison]Accidents happen. But so does murder…

On the night of August 11, 1956, in a quiet East Hampton hamlet, Jackson Pollock crashed his car into a tree. The accident killed Pollock, the world-renowned abstract painter and notorious alcoholic, and his 25-year old passenger, Edith Metzger…or did it?

Metzger’s autopsy reveals that she was already dead before the crash. Was it murder?

This shocking question draws vacationing Detective Juanita Diaz and her husband, Captain Brian Fitzgerald, of the NYPD into a homicide investigation that implicates famous members of East Hampton’s art community—including Pollock himself.

“Edifying and juicy.”—Newsday    (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle. Paperback. Audiobook














Murder in the East End (A Below Stairs Mystery Book 4) by [Jennifer Ashley]



A new upstairs, downstairs Victorian murder mystery in the Kat Holloway series from the New York Times bestselling author of Death in Kew Gardens.
When young cook Kat Holloway learns that the children of London’s Foundling Hospital are mysteriously disappearing and one of their nurses has been murdered, she can’t turn away. She enlists the help of her charming and enigmatic confidant Daniel McAdam, who has ties to Scotland Yard, and Errol Fielding, a disreputable man from Daniel’s troubled past, to bring the killer to justice. Their investigation takes them from the grandeur of Mayfair to the slums of the East End, during which Kat learns more about Daniel and his circumstances than she ever could have imagined.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook















Penned In (A Farm-to-Fork Mystery) by [Lynn Cahoon]Angie Turner, chef at Idaho’s finest farm-to-table restaurant, has organized a team-building event at a haunted prison, only to find a real-life murderer in their midst. . . .
Contented employees make for a successful restaurant, which is why the County Seat’s crew goes on a quarterly out-of-office meeting. This time, the location is the Old Idaho Penitentiary near the Boise Foothills, a prison brimming with ghostly lore. The lock-in features actors role-playing as guards, fascinating prison stories . . . and an unscripted murder.
Who sentenced one of the faux guards to a very authentic death? Angie, her boyfriend, and the County Seat gang are locked in with a killer—excellent motivation for a little sleuthing. Between ghostly apparitions and flesh-and-blood suspects, Angie’s plate is full, but will her luck, and her life, hold out until the gates reopen at dawn?
Praise for Lynn Cahoon’s Tourist Trap Mysteries
“Murder, dirty politics, pirate lore, and a hot police detective: Guidebook to Murder has it all! A cozy lover’s dream come true.”
—Susan McBride, author of The Debutante Dropout Mysteries
“Lynn Cahoon has created an absorbing, good fun mystery in Mission to Murder.”
Fresh Fiction  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle