New Releases For The Week Of August 16th, 2020–Part 3

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of August 16th, 2020. I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for the week. Today is the third day of my list for this week. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



Witch in Troubled Waters (Blackwood Bay Witches Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 7) by [Misty Bane]


All aboard for murder!

In attempt to quell his boredom after an early retirement, my dad has partnered with a friend to offer Blackwood Bay a murder mystery dinner cruise. Cruisin’ for Murder’s maiden voyage is about to take place, so a few of my coven members and I buy up the remaining tickets in a show of support. But what starts as a fun evening quickly takes a dark turn when a body is found that is not part of the evening’s event. There’s also the small problem of a vicious storm suddenly headed our way.
Now, we’re stuck on board with a killer … and it looks like he’s got a taste for blood.  (Amazon)

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The Bangtail Ghost: A Sean Stranahan Mystery by [Keith McCafferty]

“Keith McCafferty is a top-notch, first-rate, can’t-miss novelist.”
–C.J. Box, #1 New York Times bestselling author

In Montana’s Gravelly Range, paw prints and a single whisker discovered at a scene of horrific violence suggest a woman had been attacked and carried away by a mountain lion. Sheriff Martha Ettinger employs her fiancé, sometimes-detective Sean Stranahan, to put a name to the gnawed bones comprising all that is left of the body. The woman’s is the first of several deaths that Sean suspects are not as easily explained as they appear. . As a reign of terror grips the Madison Valley, blood in the tracks will lead him from the river below to the snow-covered ridge tops, as Sean finds himself on his most adventurous and dangerous quest yet. For as he comes closer to unearthing the secret shared by the dead and missing, the tracks he is following will turn, and the hunter becomes the hunted.  (Amazon)

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A Matter of Extinction: A Miranda Riley Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Miranda Riley Cozy Mystery Series Book 5) by [Dianne Harman, Krystal Doolittle]A vandalized doctor’s office
Being built for a paranormal doctor.
Two men in love with the same woman
Sometimes it’s hard to figure out
Who’s human and who’s paranormal!

Jessie, the Alpha of a werewolf pack living in the small town of Little Feather, Oklahoma, has recruited a doctor to set up his medical practice in the town. Like Jesse, the doctor is also a werewolf.

In his everyday normal life as a perceived human, Jessie is a general contractor and has agreed to build a new medical building for the doctor. But when the building is under construction, it’s vandalized. Miranda and the chief of police are committed to finding out who did it and why.

Life would be a lot easier if the lines between paranormal and human weren’t quite so fuzzy. Miranda’s a human Paranormal Investigator, however the residents of the town, and the chief of police, think she’s a Private Investigator. But when she starts to investigate the case, she learns things that make her wonder if she really is human.

Surely a human wouldn’t be experiencing what she is. Could she be a throwback to something that was thought to be extinct? Is that why she can see and smell things that humans can’t?

A Matter of Extinction is the fifth book in the Miranda Riley Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series by Krystal Doolittle and Dianne Harman, USA Today Bestselling Author and Amazon All-Star.  (Amazon)

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The Second Mother: A Novel by [Jenny Milchman]

“Proving Stephen King isn’t the only author who can make a scenic small town in Maine feel menacing, Jenny Milchman’s The Second Mother is a haunting thriller.”—POPSUGAR

Opportunity: Teacher needed in one-room schoolhouse on remote island in Maine. Find the freedom in a fresh start.

Julie Weathers isn’t sure if she’s running away or starting over, but moving to a remote island off the coast of Maine feels right for someone with reasons to flee her old life. The sun-washed, sea-stormed speck of land seems welcoming, the lobster plentiful, and the community close and tightly knit. She finds friends in her nearest neighbor and Callum, a man who appears to be using the island for the same thing as she: escape.

But as Julie takes on the challenge of teaching the island’s children, she comes to suspect that she may have traded one place shrouded in trouble for another, and she begins to wonder if the greatest danger on Mercy Island is its lost location far out to sea, or the people who live there.  (Amazon)

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A Killer Spell (Private Eye Witch Cozy Mystery Book 9) by [Stacey Alabaster]Till death do you part isn’t always as long as you’d think it would be.

A paranormal cozy mystery from USA Today Bestselling Author Stacey Alabaster

Ruby’s magical secret is out in the open and she’s doing her best to deal with the consequences. When a bridesmaid in a local wedding turns up dead, she finds herself more involved than she ever expected. Can she fill in as a bridesmaid and catch a killer at the same time?

A Killer Spell is part of the Private Eye Witch Cozy Mystery series. If you like fun paranormal mysteries, you will love Ruby Swift and her magical adventures.

Get A Killer Spell and start solving your next supernatural mystery today!

Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited  (Amazon)

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A Wild Cove Mystery series Vol 1-5 (Complete Box Set Collection) by [Laura Greene]A complete mystery series that will bring her face to face with the dark underbelly of the town she loves.

Murder At Wild Cove (Book 1): “Jane was in the right place at the right time, or the wrong one depending on how you looked at it.”

Officer Jane Scott is not expecting to face death, murder, and intrigue in the quiet town of Wild Cove. She is trying to rebuild her life as her career and relationships struggle to get off the ground. But Wild Cove has a different plan for her. A woman is dead, seemingly of natural causes, but Jane suspects there may be more to this tragedy than meets the eye. Ably assisted by dashing mechanic, Jack Macready, and the kind-hearted Pastor Callaghan, Jane’s investigation leads her into troubled water, where those guilty of murder and conspiracy are waiting in the shadows; waiting to silence Jane and her friends once and for all…

Susan Dern Is Missing (Book 2): “He has good reason to be suspicious, though he does not know it… Sheriff Jane Scott is watching and listening from nearby.”

One snowy night, local teenager Susan Dern vanishes without a trace. When local sheriff, Jane Scott, arrives on the scene, she quickly discovers that Susan has been kidnapped. The teenager’s family face the horrid realization that she may have been murdered, but Jane will not give up hope.

The Demise of Tom Hendry (Book 3): “Maybe I am here to confront whatever haunts the darkness around Wild Cove, whether killer, stalker, or something even worse.”

Tom Hendry was a New York Times bestselling author, thrilling millions of people around the world with his detective fiction. Now, he is dead; the victim of a bizarre murder straight out of one of his novels. As Sheriff Jane Scott investigates the case Tom Hendry’s very own son, the dashing Charles Hendry, is now being stalked by his father’s killer. As Jane attempts to reveal the identity of the murderer, she grows close to Charles. Too close. Jane is on an emotional rollercoaster as Tom Hendry’s killer closes in on his next victim.

The Past Life of Jane Scott (Book 4): If I’d never come to Wild Cove this would never have happened!”

Jane Scott’s life is slowly unraveling. While she maintains her professional standards as Sheriff of Wild Cove, her love life has fallen apart. Jack Macready is no longer her boyfriend. She feels lost and for the first time wonders if coming to Wild Cove was a mistake. At this difficult time, Jane is pushed to the brink. The reason Jane moved to Wild Cove was to shake off a bad reputation as a whistle-blower in the police force. Now, some of the officers she took down have found her. As they pull Jane’s life apart piece by piece, she is pushed to her limits as she uncovers the real reason they are in town, and why she must do everything she can to stop them.

The Hooded Figure (Book 5): I think I saw one of them staring at me through the trees and then heading away.”

Pastor Callaghan grows restless. Something he has feared for several years has now come to fruition. When sheriff Jane Scott investigates sightings of strange hooded figures in the surrounding woods, Pastor Callaghan asks her not to get involved for her own good. But when the pastor vanishes, Jane turns to the only person left in town she can trust – Jack Macready. Together, they search relentlessly for their friend, all while being watched from the tree line of the nearby forest. The stunning conclusion of this series leads Jane into her darkest territory yet, as malevolent forces move against her to guard a terrible, life-changing secret.

Scroll up to one-click your box set copy today!  (Amazon)

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Who Killed Miss Finch?: A quirky whodunnit with a heart (An Edward Crisp Mystery Book 1) by [Peter Boon]Do YOU love a good old WHODUNNIT?

Edward Crisp does.

Edward is a school librarian in his tiny seaside village of Chalk Gap. His social life consists of forced Friday night visits to his family’s pub. He would much rather be at home reading crime novels – working out ‘whodunnit’ is something he knows he’s good at.

But when the hated Head Teacher of his school is found dead, he suddenly finds himself in a real life murder mystery – with his friends and colleagues as suspects, who all apparently have something to hide. 

Edward knows that away from fiction he is a very unlikely detective, but maybe there’s a chance he can solve the case – if he can only face reality.

Can Edward Crisp work out WHO KILLED MISS FINCH?

And can YOU?


Who Killed Miss Finch? is a quirky, modern murder mystery with an underdog detective to root for: a whodunnit with a heart.

Praise for Who Killed Miss Finch?

Edward Crisp is a very relatable character… the ideal protagonist.’ Mairi Chong, author of Murder and Malpractice


‘Every character is a realistic suspect, that’s what makes it so good!’

‘I found myself thinking about it when I was doing all my chores – that’s such a good sign!’ 

‘I absolutely loved this book… a fantastic writer.’ 

‘I was actually annoyed when I had to get off the bus and put it down – I usually can’t wait to get off the bus!’   (Amazon)

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Murder at Seminole Pond: Florida Murder Mystery Novel Series by [Jay Heavner]


Roger Pyles, forensic expert and part-time crime investigator, is frustrated at finding the wrong bodies just as he’s finally getting his long-awaited archaeological dig started. But unexpected corpses will be the least of the problems he’ll soon face, professional and personal. “These are the times that will try men’s souls,” Thomas Paine said. Will Roger succeed against his newest challenges?
Great trials can have the seeds of good hidden deep in them. Little can he realize how these untimely troubles will lead to his next great adventure.  (Amazon)

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Cows, Corn & Crime: A Fun Cozy Dog Gone Good Who Done It Mystery (A Fun Cozy Dog Gone Good Who Done It Short Read Mystery Book 2) by [Sharon Michaels]The Mitchell’s soon discover their Nebraska visit to Sara’s Aunt Tabitha isn’t quite as laidback and relaxing as they’d hoped.
The small farming town of Kornville is in an uproar when a big city construction company begins building street after street of cookie-cutter houses. Strange things start happening days after Tabitha refuses the construction’s company low-ball offer to buy her farm. Her new well suddenly runs dry, then the freshly harvested corn starts disappearing from the field and her precious herd of dairy cows suddenly stop producing milk.

Strange things indeed but worse yet, these strange events are proving devastating to the farm’s bottom line. Thank goodness Aunt Tabitha can count on Oscar and Lucky to sniff out what’s really going on.

So much for a relaxing vacation. Sara and Sam seem to be once again in the thick of another crime solving mystery.

Sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy a fun, cozy and clean dog gone good who done it short read mystery.

This is Book 2 in the Dog Gone Good Who Done It Short Read Mystery Series. Each short read story in the series can be read as a standalone, but you’ll want to read all of them to find out what new adventure the Mitchells, Oscar and Lucky find themselves facing as they travel the United States in their new RV.

Book 1 in the series, Dog Treats, Doxies & Danger, is available in paperback and Kindle.
Who would have thought a dog treat recipe could cause so much trouble?
Let me ask you this:
What happens when a sleazy tabloid reporter and a washed-up celebrity chef team up to get what Sara, Sam, Oscar and Lucky have?

How about…
Being stalked, having their RV ransacked, experiencing a chilling dognapping, and then coming face-to-face with a dangerous man carrying a gun – all this in just the first days of the Mitchell’s fun and relaxing vacation.  (Amazon)

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Killer Coin by [Elka Ray]While divorce lawyer Toby Wong spends her days helping couples split up, she’s still hoping for her own love story. The second novel in Elka Ray’s Vancouver Island mystery series finds Toby settling back into island life and looking forward to getting to know two attractive men better–charismatic Josh Barton, whom Toby first fell for as a teen, and the newly-met Detective Colin Destin.

Unfortunately, Toby’s romantic prospects take a hit when she’s sucked into a family drama. Toby’s mom, Ivy, is distraught when her best friendwealthy socialite Daphne Dane–goes missing. Is Daphne’s new boyfriend behind her disappearance? And is he a conman, like his betrayed wife–who’s also Toby’s client–alleges?

Things get worse when Toby finds a battered body. As well as threatening her relationships with Josh and Colin, Toby’s involvement with the Danes puts her in danger.

Part cozy mystery and part family drama, the second novel in Elka Ray’s Vancouver Island mystery series will keep you up late with a twisty tale of love, money, and murder.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback
















The Marketville Mystery Series: Books 1-3 (A Marketville Mystery) by [Judy Penz Sheluk]The first three books in the bestselling Marketville Mystery series, now available in one collection.

Calamity (Callie) Barnstable never dreamed that one day she’d be solving cold cases in the small town of Marketville, but that’s exactly where life has led her. Turns out, she’s got a flair for digging up the truth—even when the truth wants to remain firmly in the past.

Skeletons in the Attic (Book 1): Calamity (Callie) Barnstable isn’t surprised to learn she’s the sole beneficiary of her late father’s estate, though she is shocked to discover she has inherited a house in the town of Marketville with one condition: she must move to Marketville, live in the house, and solve her mother’s murder.

Callie’s not keen on dredging up a thirty-year-old mystery, but if she doesn’t do it, there’s a scheming psychic named Misty Rivers who hopes to expose the Barnstable family secrets herself. Determined to thwart Misty and fulfill her father’s wishes, Callie accepts the challenge. But is she ready to face the skeletons hidden in the attic?

Past & Present (Book 2): It’s been thirteen months since Callie inherited the house in Marketville. She solves the mystery, but what next? Unemployment? Another nine-to-five job in Toronto?

She decides to set down roots in Marketville, take the skills and knowledge she acquired over the past year, and start her own business: Past & Present Investigations. It’s not long before she gets her first client: a woman who wants to find out everything she can about her grandmother, Anneliese Prei, and how she came to a “bad end” in 1956. It sounds like a perfect first assignment. Except for one thing: Anneliese’s past winds its way into Callie’s present, and not in a manner anyone—least of all Callie—could have predicted.

A Fool’s Journey (Book 3): In March 2000, twenty-year-old Brandon Colbeck left home to find himself on a self-proclaimed “fool’s journey.” No one—not friends or family—have seen or heard from him since, until a phone call from a man claiming to be Brandon brings the case back to the forefront. Calamity (Callie) Barnstable and her team at Past & Present Investigations have been hired to find out what happened to Brandon and where he might be. As Callie follows a trail of buried secrets and decades-old deceptions only one thing is certain: whatever the outcome, there is no such thing as closure.  (Amazon)

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Momentary Paws (Kitten Witch Cozy Mystery Series Book 2) by [Corrine Winters]

Another murder in town is just clawful!

It’s a purr-fectly good day for a murder. Or at least someone seems to think so in the tiny town of Couchemar, Louisiana. That’s the story that Ember McNair hears one morning from her bat shifter BFF.

Apparently Natalie Gordon, the local divorcee with the looks to kill done went and got herself killed. The suspect list is pretty large – Natalie had managed to attract the eyes of nearly every male in town. Did she turn down too many dates? Or did another woman get jealous and take out her competition?

Gossip points to so many people in town. There’s Darren who kept following Natalie around asking her out even though she kept saying no. There’s her ex-husband who she caught cheating and wanted her back even though she kept saying no. There’s the deputy who she was seeing on the side and wanted something more but she kept on saying no.

She kept saying no. Until someone said…yes. To her murder.

It’s up to Ember, her ghost from another mother (ancestrally speaking), and her cat familiar Kali to find the real killer fast before they strike again. But they better be careful. Because Sheriff Cedric, the cute wolf shifter sheriff is watching Ember. And he’s going to use those big, muscular forearms to remove Ember from the scene if he catches her.

Will she cozy up to the truth, or could the lady killer get her too?

Find out in the second book of the Kitten Witch Cozy Mystery Series!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle