New Releases For The Week Of October 11th, 2020–Part 2

Hide the Bones: A Suspense Mystery Novella (Isle of Bute Book 5) by [Levi Fuller]

There’s a mysterious murder hiding in the darkness… and it gets his own way.

Recently returned home, Detective Claire finds herself in the craziest situation, she thinks she can escape the craziness of a quiet island, but she now finds herself up against the monster.

She is close to you. She’s spent years honing her craft.

This is no ordinary killer; she seems to stalk her prey. More importantly Claire can’t shake this feeling, that this killer is around her, and knows the victims well.

Will Claire be able to stop the killer in time before he strikes again?
Can she find out who killed her brother?
Can save the island’s people?

If you like suspense mystery books, then you will love Hide the Bones.

Click the Buy NOW or Read NOW button at the top and join her search today.

Editions Available: Kindle

Familiar Spirits (Twilight Hollow Witchy Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by [Sara  Christene]

An inept witch, a cozy town, and an old dark magic.

Welcome to Twilight Hollow, WA, a small forest town with three resident witches. Adelaide O’Shea runs the Toasty Bean, imbuing her coffee and tea with warm, cozy magic. When a black cat crosses her path, she worries her new pet might be unlucky, and her suspicions are confirmed when the next thing in her path is a dead man with her phone number in his pocket.

And the cops aren’t the only ones breathing down her neck over it. There’s an old, dark magic in town, and it has its sights set on Addy. With the help of her two witch sisters, a handsome detective, and a charming veterinarian, can Addy solve the murder and escape the darkness? Or will her and her new spooky pet have to turn tail and run? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Sometimes Treasure Wants to Remain Hidden, Especially if It’s Cursed

Back to the Brewing Board (Ivy's Botany Shop Witch Cozy Mystery Series Book 4) by [Constance Barker]

When a treasure hunter’s death is ruled accidental, Ivy and Everett are called in to investigate. Did the victim uncover a cursed treasure that should have remained undetected? Did someone hide the treasure knowing its curse? Or was the man the victim of a more mundane type of curse from someone he trusted? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

An Axe to Rind (The Cheese Shop Mysteries Book 1) by [Ally  Roberts]

Something smells rotten in the Cheddar Haus.

Colby Jackson is supposed to be a reporter, not the manager of a cheese shop. But after losing her job and moving halfway across the country to live with her wealthy half-sister, she finds herself running a cheese shop in a small town on the coast of Maine while she figures out just how to get her career back on track.

However, that plan is immediately derailed when she finds a dead body inside the shop. Especially because people in town are quick to pin Colby as a suspect.

There are plenty of others in the tiny town of Bayfield who might be capable of murder: an ex-wife, a mysterious cheese buyer, and even Colby’s own half-sister. Colby might not know the first thing about selling cheese, but she knows how to sniff out a story, and she’s determined to use her reporting skills to figure out who the real killer is.

Because someone definitely had an ax to grind.

And that same someone just might strike again. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Cat in the Witch Hat (A Mystic Cove Witches Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 1) by [Lilly Graves]

When Chloe, a sassy magical cat, is hit by a limousine at the scene of a millionaire’s murder, she knows she’s in a cauldron full of hot trouble. Not only does she resurrect with one of her nine lives lost, she learns she was meant to be born a witch. What the Spell? Shifting from a cat to a witch, and back, is about as easy as putting on striped stockings for the first time.

As Mystic Cove’s broomsticks point at housemate and fellow witch, Nova Wildes, as suspect, urgency bubbles. To make matters worse, the heir to the dead man is now kicking every witch out of their historical shops along Mystic Cove’s seaside cliffs. Will Chloe master her shifting abilities enough to prevent another life from being taken, and save a charming coastal town from its demise? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Tuxedo Bravado (Mint Chocolate Chip Mysteries Book 4) by [Emmie Lyn, Sweet Promise  Press]

I’m Sunny Shaw and once again, catastrophe has landed at my front door.

Go figure.

I never thought a simple kitty rescue could take such a deadly turn, and that I’d end up smack dab in the middle of a murder investigation. Or that I’d have to worry about a one-eyed pirate, a flirty waitress, and a real live scarecrow at our pre-Halloween Tuxes and Tails fundraiser.

It’s not easy to solve a crime in an evening gown and heels. The race is on to untangle lies from truth, and I’m sure there’s a whopper in there somewhere.

Jasper, get your tiara in place. It’s up to us to follow the clues before they lead the cops in a great big circle . . . right back to us. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

One Body Short of a Picnic (Cedar Fish Campground Series Book 3) by [Zoey Chase]

Fourth of July should have been a blast at Cedar Fish Campground, but another murder has sent Thea’s plans up in smoke.

Thea Pagoni is ready to move on from a difficult start to the summer with a huge bash planned for the Fourth of July. But a giant turtle gets in the way—literally—and the closer they get to the event, the grumpier Nolan acts. After Thea’s argument with a fireworks vendor leads to threats and tension, having Jerry Bishop, famous purse designer, stay at the campground seems like it could bring some good press… Until he’s found face-down and unresponsive in the goat pen.

Another unsolved mystery could ruin the event, and Thea isn’t convinced that Jerry’s fans and their memorial are good for business. With Nolan and Hennie to help sleuth, along with the rest of the crew at Cedar Fish, Thea sets out to find the latest killer before things blow up in her face.

ONE BODY SHORT OF A PICNIC is the third novella in Zoey Chase’s Cedar Fish Campground cozy mystery series. For lovers of the outdoors and clean mysteries with a side of romance. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Dress to Kill (An Irina Curtius Mystery) by [Susan Bernhardt]

Irina Curtius, a retired ballet dancer living on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, runs a ballet studio for young children. One of Irina’s good friends is found dead after an opening night performance with the New York City Ballet Company. The police see it as an unfortunate and horrific accident. Unsatisfied with that explanation, Irina sets out to prove the truth: that her friend was murdered in cold blood.

Irina’s cousin and her husband, Kay and Phil Driscoll come to NYC for a visit. While Phil is busy attending various jazz venues, Kay, a notable amateur sleuth from Sudbury Falls, wants to help Irina investigate her friend’s untimely death.

A man from Irina’s ballet past appears on the scene, looking to rekindle an old relationship. Meanwhile, Jerome, an old college friend of Irina’s and pianist for her ballet studio is undergoing a complete makeover that is affecting both his physical and emotional self.

Irina must balance her search for answers with numerous struggles in her personal life and in her circle of friends, all while trying to avoid becoming the murderer’s next victim in this intriguing and thrilling adventure.

Welcome back to Irina’s world. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

What started in the playground will finish in blood.

Best Served Cold: A DCI Harry Grimm Novel by [David J Gatward]

When a tragic farm accident turns out to be foul play, DCI Harry Grimm finds himself up against a murderer years in the making and out for revenge.

With the local community in self-imposed lock down, and the body count quickly climbing, Harry and his team are in a race against time to stop a killer as invisible as they are brutally effective.

But with some threatening to take the law into their own hands, and the wounds of his own past once again starting to bleed, DCI Harry Grimm is about to take a trip into Hell.

And beyond.

Grimm Up North is the second book in the DCI Harry Grimm crime thriller series, set in the Yorkshire Dales, and perfect for fans of L. J. Ross, J. D. Kirk, , Adam Croft, Simon McCleave, Alex Smith, J. M. Dalgliesh, J. E. Mayhew, and J. R. Ellis. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Painted Spirits: A Chocolate Magic Cozy Mystery - Book 7 by [Olivia Swift]

Cowboy dreams, séances, painted horses, a rodeo and a mystery . . . they all happen in a new adventure for Magda Barnes and friends of The Chocolate Magic Café.

Magda’s best friend Rula seems to have a cowboy spirit in her stable. Imagine the surprise when an artist paints a cowboy which he has seen in his dreams and he’s the same one. Will the friends be able to determine the connection between the two when they come together for a séance?
Meanwhile, in her usual manner, Magda’s psychic cat Crystal is knocking books to the floor opening to pages providing hints about family . . . and danger.

The Chocolate Magic Cozy Mystery books always have happily-ever-after endings. No cliff-hangers. Although each book can be read as a stand-alone, the reader’s experience is enhanced by reading the books in order. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Flight: The Outer Banks Cozy Mystery Series - Book 1 by [JoLyn Duffy-Shields]

A murder, then another two and the Dare County Sheriff’s department is off and running to solve these high profile cases. Set in the beautiful vacation wonderland of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, this story is full of twists and turns and an unexpected ending. This tale was not “ripped from the headlines”, but it was influenced by them. A great cozy read that will keep you turning pages all day. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Leger's Halloween Party: A Halloween Cat Sleuth Story (The Leger Cat Sleuth Mysteries Book 42) by [Lacey Dearie]

It’s almost Halloween and the neighbourhood’s residents are ready to enjoy a party. After all, it’s been a difficult year for everyone and they need something to cheer them up. But in the run up to October 31st, lock down restrictions are tightened once again in Glasgow and an outdoor party with mandatory masks is their only option. Leger is initially excited about the prospect of a party in the car park, with animals and humans celebrating together for once. That is until some unexpected visitors show up, the party food goes missing and Maxine is discovered to be crying beneath her mask after a grim discovery in Tony’s old house. Leger finds that he is blamed for the theft of the food and is banned from the party, but he has a bigger problem on his mind and a murder to solve.

This is the 2020 Leger Halloween Special and will be released on 15th October 2020. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Flo and Maude Christmas Capers by [Sarah Osborne]

The Old Dames Protection Agency solves murders before they happen. Curmudgeon Flo and gentle Maude, octogenarians and founding members of the organization, are on the road from Boston to LA, Atlanta to Cape Cod, ready to save the innocent (and not so innocent) from harm. Their side-kick, young Kate, does the heavy lifting and carries a gun.

It all starts when Flo rescues Maude from the clutches of would-be murderers and jewel thieves hanging out at one of Boston’s finest hotels in “Malice at the Palace.”

Flo and Maude deliver a cranky Cape Cod resident from harm in “A Curmudgeon’s Last Christmas.”

It’s on to “California Dreamin’” for an LA author whose death is foretold in the mysteries she writes.

Flo must prevent the murder of her father’s best friend in “Mrs. Claus and the Littlest Reindeer.”

And finally, if you’ve been missing Ditie and the kids (from the Ditie Brown Mysteries Series published by Kensington), here they are once more. Ditie needs the help of Flo and Maude in “Old Friends and Older Crimes” to prevent murder in an old folks home.

These are mini stand alone holiday mysteries to be consumed in any order you like and whenever you need a laugh or an escape from the crush of the real world.

See what one reader has to say:
“The pandemic is a hard slough for everyone. In times of loss and uncertainty, it’s a joy to take a holiday trip visiting Flo and Maude. They’re great characters to hang out with — no PPE required. The Old Dames’ cases have just enough suspense for the reader to exhale with a smile when matters do turn out all right in the end.” Lucy Davidson, MD, EdS (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Violets and Vengeance (Treehouse Hotel Mysteries Book 2) by [Sue Hollowell]

A puppy parade, quirky garden gnomes, and a mysterious death mean puzzle lovin’ Chloe and her faithful companion Max are on the case again…

Second in the Treehouse Hotel Mysteries series!

Chloe and her mom are busy fixing up the adorable Buttercup Bungalow at the treehouse hotel when Chloe gets a disturbing call from her sister. It turns out Violet, the town environmentalist, has been found dead in the lobby of the local dog spa.

Violet’s staunch environmental stance shouldn’t have made her a target. But her constant protests and her questionable handling of the popular annual pet parade leaves Chloe with a seemingly endless number of suspects. A prominent town council member–and even Chloe’s sister–top the list.

The shocking clues Chloe and Max discover lead them down a path that jeopardizes the future of the hotel. With the help of some huckleberry scrub, dog walks in the park, and her slightly overbearing mother, can Chloe and Max tie up loose ends and outmaneuver the killer to keep their beloved, quaint town from becoming a concrete jungle?

Violets and Vengeance is Book 2 in the Treehouse Hotel Mysteries series. A light, cozy mystery in a small town with a puzzle loving, amateur female sleuth, quirky characters (human and canine), and enough flowers and pastries to fill your garden and your belly. No gore, swearing or cliffhangers. Can be read as a standalone. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Apple Pie and Follies: An Abi Button Cozy Mystery Romance #6 by [Lizzie Lewis]

Alice and Rupert Forrester have just moved into the house Abi used to call Creepy Castle. The basement apartment will soon be ready for newlywed Bethany and Harry with baby Freddie. Alice finds an old map of the area in the college library, which leads to some exciting discoveries.
Some items donated to the local cat charity cause serious problems for Abi and Danny, with Danny locked in a police cell and suspended from work at lawyers Branks, Davis & Waters, and Abi taken in for questioning. Meanwhile, life at Button Up coffee shop proceeds in the usual way ‒ a way that is often far from normal.
This is the sixth and final Abi Button cozy mystery romance, taking place in a small English town. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Pot-Bellied Pig in Peril: A Humorous Cozy Mystery for Animal Lovers (Pets Reporter Cozy Mystery Book 3) by [Kyla Colby, Audrey Duncan]

Tinsel, pigs, and murder, oh my!

It’s Christmas in Birchwood!

Pets Reporter Samantha Hodges is ready to enjoy the annual Christmas “Pet Memories Lawn Display” contest, with some seriously impressive entries from the pets-obsessed town.

There’s only one problem: Sam has found the local pet groomer dead in the salon, and a boisterous pot-bellied pig at the scene.

Can Sam balance her journalism career and another amateur murder investigation?

Sam has to solve the groomer’s murder or Christmas in Birchwood will be ruined.

Come along once more to Birchwood, the most pet-friendly town in America! Have fun with Sam’s sidekick, greyhound Pumpernickel, and all the other cuddly pets and characters in this cozy story.

Pets Reporter Series
#0 Catnip & Culprits (download free at
#1 Greyhound at the Gravesite
#2 Bichon Frise Near the Body
#3 Pot-Bellied Pig in Peril

Scroll up and click Buy Now to start reading right away! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Sudden Paws (Kitten Witch Cozy Mystery Series Book 5) by [Corrine Winters]

Ember McNair faces her most furr-midable challenge yet!

Ember should have known that after she tried to help her friend Kathy O’Connell get the courage she needed to leave her boyfriend, Steve Smits (noted mean food critic and notorious philanderer), that things would blow up in her face.

Now Kathy is implicated in a murder charge after Steve is found dead after their conversation. It’s going to take everything that Ember’s spell book has to investigate this murder. Luckily, she’ll have the help of her Sun Tzu quoting feline familiar, Kali. And lets not forget Cedric, her handsome wolf shifter sheriff fiancé.

All this would be a lot but wait there’s more! Ember and Cedric have figured out that someone has erased her memory. Specifically of her sister, Ashley. Why would they erase her memory and is the mysterious woman that Cedric has found really Ember’s long-lost sister? Does she even want to be found?

It’s enough make anyone go hiss-terical! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

I Have Something Really Important To Tell You: All The Wrong Reasons Episode Eleven by [KK Hendin]

This season of filming is coming to a close, but there are still a lot of questions that will probably remain unanswered.

It’s not like anyone’s secrets are going to be spilled, nor will anyone do something as wild as confess.

Not to hidden feelings, not to the real reason they joined the show, and definitely not to murder.

And there’s absolutely no way (literally, not a single way) that CR is going to agree to a final shoe ceremony.

He wouldn’t.



An award winning reality dating show, or, as the network likes to call it, The Real Last Chance For A Fairy Tale Ending.

You know how this works.

One Prince Charming is picked. He’s inevitably handsome, shredded, has a vague enough sounding job to be legitimate, and the ability to lie really well to the cameras. He’s looking for his One True Love, and obviously, the best way of finding that person (who always happens to be a white woman, between five foot three and five foot ten, wearing approximately a size zero to four, and preferably blonde) is to have a team of producers round up seventeen women who are all more or less interchangeable, move them into a castle, ply them with alcohol, turn cameras on, and broadcast it all on national television.

Add in a plethora of the most ridiculous dates the producers can possibly think of, too many feelings, real and fake, and an emotional proposal at the end, and you have the highest rated reality show in history.

Everyone is willing to play the game. Some walk in more willing than others, but in the end, they all believe in it. The show, the fairy tale, the happily ever after. Regardless of what’s happened to previous ‘winners’ of the show.

It’s not like anyone’s ever been there for the right reasons. But never have the wrong reasons been so wrong.

ALL THE WRONG REASONS is a weekly serial. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle