New Releases For The Week Of November 15th, 2020–Part 2

Lies and Pumpkin Pies: Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Mitzy Moon Mysteries Book 10) by [Trixie Silvertale]

When a broomball rivalry turns deadly, can this psychic sleuth save the man she loves?

Mitzy Moon doesn’t do sports, but girlfriends are supposed to try new things. And watching her handsome sheriff’s team strut their stuff across the ice has its perks. But the thrill fades faster than cheap lipstick when the opponent’s captain is found murdered, and her boyfriend is the prime suspect.

With no alibi, her main squeeze quickly loses his badge and gets tossed off the case—and the harder Mitzy digs for the truth, the guiltier he looks. She’ll need the help of her interfering Ghost-ma and a spoiled feline to clear her beau and still have time to make a special pie for the holiday potluck!

Can Mitzy score a win for the home team, or will her dreams of a clean sweep be forever frozen?

Lies and Pumpkin Pies is the tenth book in the hilarious paranormal cozy mystery series, Mitzy Moon Mysteries. If you like snarky heroines, supernatural intrigue, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Trixie Silvertale’s twisty whodunit.

Buy Lies and Pumpkin Pies to serve up a Thanksgiving caper today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Witches are from Venus: A Witch Cozy Mystery (Fairy Falls Mystery Book 3) by [Samantha Silver]

Welcome to magical Fairy Falls, where love is in the air and killers are on the loose.

Just when Mina’s life seems to be settling down a bit – she’s got a new job that she loves, and no one’s been murdered in two whole weeks! – she gets thrown yet another curve ball when an arsonist strikes in town and the Chief Enforcer is nowhere to be found.

Between trying to stop more fires from being set, and looking for the Chief Enforcer, Mina has her hands full. Add to it her overly dramatic cat familiar, and Scarlett discovering a new opportunity – even more exciting than catching a cool new Pokemon – and Mina’s wondering if she’s bitten off more than she can chew. Will she be able to solve the case and find the Chief Enforcer before her whole life goes up in smoke?

Witches are from Venus is the third book in a humorous paranormal witch cozy mystery series by Samantha Silver. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Brewing Up the Wrong Tree (Ivy's Botany Shop Witch Cozy Mystery Series Book 5) by [Constance Barker]

When a psychic ends up dead, people wonder why he couldn’t predict his own demise. Perhaps he didn’t have the power after all. Ivy and the biddie committee can spy charlatans from a mile away. But is something more powerful at work? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Dead Broke: A Cozy Mystery (Agatha's Amish B&B Book 2) by [Vannetta Chapman]

Why would someone kill Nathan King?
The peace of a perfect November afternoon is shattered when Agatha hears the frantic bleating of goats across the river from her B&B. Agatha kayaks over with retired detective Tony and two guests–Bishop Henry and his wife Emma. They find the goats huddled together in a terrified group and Nathan lying face up beneath the Live Oak trees, lifeless eyes staring at the Texas sky.
Then one of Agatha’s guests goes missing. She delves into Joey’s past and learns he was Dead Broke, so what was he doing vacationing at her B&B? And why was he pretending to be Amish when in fact his permanent address was Dallas, Texas? Most importantly, did Joey have anything to do with Nathan’s death? Agatha and Tony are at a dead end before the investigation has properly begun, but this time they receive help from unexpected places. Bishop Henry has a gift, and he’s no longer afraid to use it, even if doing so may put them all in danger as they work together to catch a killer.
Dead Broke is a story about family secrets, rare gifts, and the joy of unexpected friendships. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Lady Gold Investigates Volume 4 ~ Christmas Edition: a Short Read cozy historical 1920s mystery collection by [Lee Strauss, Norm Strauss]

Lady Gold Takes The Case in this 4th volume of Ginger Gold’s popular short story mystery series! Join Mrs. Ginger Reed~aka Lady Gold, as she adventures with her husband Basil, her sister-in-law Felicia, and her curious dog Boss, to unravel these puzzling Christmas themed mysteries. 

Lady Gold Investigates Volume Four presents The Case of Haunted Castle and The Case of the Missing Christmas Goose. 


Clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language.

Genre: dog cozy mystery series / historical mystery / women amateur sleuth / British detective mystery

Hop aboard the 1920s! 


Murder on the SS Rosa (Book 1)

Murder at Hartigan House (Book 2) 

Murder at Bray Manor (Book 3) 

Murder at Feathers & Flair (Book 4) 

Murder at the Mortuary (Book 5) 

Murder at Kensington Gardens (Book 6)

Murder at st. George’s Church (Book 7)

The Wedding of Ginger & Basil (Book 7.5)

Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman (Book 8)

Murder at the Boat Club (Book 9)

Murder on Eaton Square (Book 10)

Murder by Plum Pudding (Book 11)

Murder on Fleet Street (Book 12)

Murder at Brighton Beach (Book 13)

Murder at The Royal Albert Hall (Book 14)

~more on the way!

A brand new 1950s series! 


Murder at High Tide (Book 1)

Murder on the Boardwalk (Book 2)

Murder at the Bomb Shelter (Book 3)

Murder on Location (Book 4)

Murder and Rock ‘n Roll (Book 5) (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Cozy Christmas Capers by [Jenna St. James]

A Pinch of Mystery

A Dash of Romantic Comedy

A Whole Lot of Christmas Joy

Room at the Christmas Commune: When Jenessa Jones stumbled upon a mugging in a New York City alleyway, she didn’t stop to think about the consequences of helping…she only wanted to save the woman being threatened. Little did she know her actions would cause her to be whisked away two days before Christmas to the victim’s house in Woodstock for protection. But what did she expect when the victim’s son was a New York City police detective? Can Jenessa survive a trip to Woodstock with a woman who still lives in the 70s, her tough-as-nails, but oh-so-cute detective son, and a mess of wild animals who roam both inside and out? Oh, and let’s not talk about the gang of bad guys heading straight for her. Someone pass the Christmas kale cookies…it’s gonna be a wild ride.

A Stolen Christmas Miracle: When a wad of cash is stolen from the Christmas bake sale, director Charlotte Randalls and Colonel Jack Saunders pair up to figure out who the thief is. With only three suspects on their list, they assume it won’t take too long. But they soon realize there is more at stake than just retrieving the stolen money. There is a need for true healing. And can one boy, desperate for a new home and a new toy, receive his Christmas wish?

A Murderous Christmas: Who knew going door to door to pick up canned goods would lead to a murder? Certainly not Gwen Lipscomb or Grandma Gertie. But that’s exactly what happened! Good thing Brody Harper, the hunky policeman who lives next door to Grandma Gertie, was home and came over to secure the scene. As Gwen informs Brody of the two arguments she overheard regarding the murdered victim, she starts to unravel even more clues as to who might have killed the wealthy Mr. Yanezz. Can Gwen and Grandma Gertie figure out who the killer is before one or both of them end up being next?  (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

'Twas the Knight Before Christmas: A Cozy Witch Mystery (The Avalon Café Book 5) by [Hermione Moon, Serenity Woods]

Not a creature is stirring, not even a dog!

After a quiet six months, Gwen, Arthur, and Merlin are in the middle of preparing for their first Yule and Christmas together when an old friend appears to announce she needs their help. Morgana’s Sisters and their new allies are summoning the Saxon god Woden to gather up all the lost souls in his Wild Hunt on the night of the winter solstice, and the ghost who knows the truth about the Paladin’s Prophecy is destined to be one of them. Can Gwen and the others rescue him and stop the summoning in time for Christmas?


Cozy witch mysteries with a sprinkle of romance, by USA Today bestselling author Serenity Woods writing as Hermione Moon.

Contains British English spelling and usage. The Avalon Café stories are clean reads with no graphic violence, strong language, or sex. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Murder at the Gorge: Brand NEW in the bestselling Exham-on-Sea Murder Mysteries for 2020 (The Exham-on-Sea Murder Mysteries Book 7) by [Frances Evesham]

A joke? A prank? Or something more sinister?

When the Exham-on-Sea residents are targeted by anonymous emails containing apparently harmless nursery rhymes, no one knows whether to laugh or shudder until an unexplained death touches the town.

Libby Forest, baker, chocolatier and Exham’s very own resident private investigator, alongside her partner Max Ramshore, set out to solve the puzzle before more people die. But when Max’s ex-wife arrives on the scene, ahead of Max and Libby’s long-awaited nuptials, things go from bad to worse.

With the town and their relationship under threat, Max and Libby need the help of the Exham History Society if they’re going to find the nursery rhyme killer in time.

Murder at the Gorge is the seventh in a series of Exham-on-Sea Murder Mysteries set at the small English seaside town full of quirky characters, sea air, and gossip.

If you love Agatha Christie-style mysteries, cosy crime, clever dogs and cake, then you’ll love these intriguing whodunnits.


1. Murder at the Lighthouse
2. Murder on the Levels:
3. Murder on the Tor:
4. Murder at the Cathedral
5. Murder at the Bridge
6. Murder at the Castle
7. Murder at the Gorge (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Pecans And Potions (Witch Hazel Lane Mysteries Book 6) by [J. L.  Collins]

Welcome to Witch Hazel Lane…

A beautiful southern fall isn’t the only thing changing in Birdie Devaine’s neck of the woods. Determined to make her brand new business a success, Birdie refuses to turn away any potential clientele… like the hoity-toity photographer from the city who does nothing but insult her, her home, and thumb his nose at her good-old fashioned hospitality.

After a mean hurricane churns their way, the ladies of Witch Hazel Lane find the stuck-up photographer mysteriously dead inside Birdie’s house, her new roof half caved-in, and her devilishly handsome ex Lucifer edging his way back into her life.

Can she play detective and still manage to keep her head and her heart above the flood waters?

What’s a witch to do?

This book contains plenty of southern sass, friendship, some delicious comfort food, and a little bit of magic along the way!
Collect your free recipe inside.

Editions Available: Kindle

Weevil Spirits (Freaky Florida Mystery Adventures Book 5) by [Margaret Lashley]

Things that Go “Cheap” in the Night …

When Grayson and Bobbie head to the Florida Panhandle to witness a spectacle of nature, they take a wrong turn and quickly find themselves up to their armpits in arthropods.

And that’s the good part of their vacation.

Campers are disappearing without a trace from nearby Torreya State Park. Whatever’s stalking them soon sets its eyes on Bobbie and Grayson, too.

Toadsicles. Bugaboos. Entomophagous BBQ.

It’s enough to make anyone lose their appetite!

Have Bobbie and Grayson bitten off more than they can chew? Or will they swallow their fears and capture the creature that’s been bugging them?

Only one thing’s for sure. Either way, they’re gonna need a bigger can of Raid.

Like Carl Hiassen? Tim Dorsey? Dorian Box? You’ll probably love Freaky Florida Mystery Adventures, too! The weirdness of The X-Files and the unwashed insanity of My Name is Earl collide to form this deliciously snarky, totally abnormal mystery series. New from the author of the best-selling Val Fremden Mystery Series!

What Readers are Saying about the Series:

“This series cracks me up!” Amazon Review

“I have read Tim Dorsey, Carl Hiaasen, and Randy Wayne White. Those writers are funny but they need to watch out for you.” J. Heinrich

“I’ve heard the expression “I laughed so hard I cried” but I never experienced it until I read this book.” Moth Busters Amazon Review

“I read a lot, and Kindle suggested this book. Moth Busters is laugh out loud funny. Is everyone in Florida crazy?” Facebook Review

“Not a scary or over the top paranormal book. I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning reading it. It was just that good! I’m a real scaredy-cat, just not into reading about things that go bump in the night. It is filled with quirky characters, mystery and a lot of humor. So if you want to be truly entertained, READ THIS BOOK.” Amazon Review

“Plenty of mysteries and slap stick humor with a backwoods redneck cousin thrown in the mix. I almost felt like I was reading a cross between Terry Pratchett and Piers Anthony.” Amazon Review

“Full of wacky characters, amazing descriptions, and lots of theories of the unknown, this book makes for a funny mystery.” Amazon Review

“Rampant with humorous banter and fun interpersonal relationships over a solidly bizarre mystery and great characterization.” Amazon Review

“This is a rollicking ride from the very beginning with laugh-out-loud prose, rednecks, weirdos and Tootsie Pops…oh my!” Amazon Review

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The Ghostly Grounds: Malice and Lunch (A Canine Casper Cozy Mystery—Book 3) by [Sophie Love]

“The perfect romance or beach read, with a difference: its enthusiasm and beautiful descriptions offer an unexpected attention to the complexity of not just evolving love, but evolving psyches. It’s a delightful recommendation for romance readers looking for a touch more complexity from their romance reads.”
–Midwest Book Review (For Now and Forever)

THE GHOSTLY GROUNDS: MALICE AND LUNCH is Book #3 in a charming new cozy mystery series by bestselling author Sophie Love, author of The Inn at Sunset Harbor series, a #1 Bestseller with over 200 five-star reviews!

Marie Fortune, 39, a successful dog groomer in Boston, leaves the stressful life behind and heads to a small town in coastal Maine to create a new life. She remains intent on renovating the old, historic house her great-aunt left her and giving it a new life as a B&B. Yet there was one thing she couldn’t plan for: the house is haunted. Two things, actually: her great-aunt also left her a dog—and he is far from a typical dog.

When Marie, her reputation for ghost-cleansing growing, is summoned to exorcise an old manor house, she finds more than she bargained for: an unexpected death occurs.

Worse, her trusted dog gets so sick, he is sent to the vet indefinitely.

Marie, on her own, must solve the murder and expel the ghosts all by herself.

Is she up to the task?

A page-turning cozy, packed with mystery, love, hauntings, travel, pets and food—anchored around a small town and a B&B in need of renovation that will capture your heart—THE GHOSTLY GROUNDS: MALICE AND LUNCH is an un-putdownable cozy that will keep you turning pages (and laughing out loud) late into the night.

“The romance is there, but not overdosed. Kudos to the author for this amazing start of a series that promises to be very entertaining.”
–Books and Movies Reviews (For Now and Forever) (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Marsala Maroon: A Private Investigator Comedy Mystery (Franki Amato Mysteries Book 6) by [Traci Andrighetti]

Jazz Fest is in full swing in The Big Easy, but PI Franki Amato is singing the blues. The owner of an historic Italian grocery and deli is murdered in a manner eerily reminiscent of the Axeman of New Orleans, a notorious serial killer who hasn’t struck in over a century, and someone Franki knows has been arrested for the crime. Adding to her distress, Franki, her mom, and her meddling Sicilian nonna finally meet her fiancé’s family, but the tone of their encounter is decidedly downbeat. And just as her personal life strikes a sour note, the killer jazzes up his techniques. The pressure is on Franki to decipher an odd assortment of clues—an old gramophone record, a stolen trumpet, and a bottle of marsala wine. If she doesn’t, she could be the next one to get the ax.

Marsala Maroon is book 6 in the Franki Amato Mysteries. If you like zany characters and laugh-out-loud humor with a splash of suspense, then you’ll drink up this fun series by USA Today Bestselling Author Traci Andrighetti. Cheers!

“Andrighetti’s dialogue is genuine yet uproarious, and her glowing characters animatedly leap off the page. Her sparkling wit keeps the hijinks brimming with merriment.”
—Long Island Book Reviews

“Traci Andrighetti’s Franki Amato Mysteries have me tickled pink! Her smart, sassy heroine, wacky cast of characters, and vividly original settings had me glued to the page. I can’t wait to read more from this author!”
~ Gemma Halliday, New York Times bestselling author

“Traci’s writing is sharp and funny; the world she paints leaps off the page and makes the reader laugh out loud…. A thoroughly enjoyable voice in fiction!”
~ Kristin Harmel, Internationally bestselling novelist (The Sweetness of Forgetting) (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

A Corpse for Christmas: A Warm and Witty Standalone Christmas Mystery (An Izzy Palmer Mystery Book 5) by [Benedict Brown]

Snowy mountains, a picture-perfect Christmas village and… Wait! Who’s that dead among the pine trees?

Hired to protect a mysterious client on a festive family holiday in the Scottish Highlands, private detective Izzy Palmer poses as a nanny to investigate a string of threatening letters. To solve the case she’ll have to deal with a pack of feuding aristocrats and uncover the truth about a decades’ old rivalry, all while caring for a distractingly adorable baby girl. It’s enough to make even the most dogged detective despair.

When the exclusive winter resort is snowed in, tempers flare and a fake Father Christmas turns up dead in the snow. With a lord, an admiral, a professor and a celebrated artist among the suspects, Izzy will need the help of her eccentric sidekick (turned undercover chef) and a makeshift princess to find the killer and stop her white Christmas turning red…

“A Corpse for Christmas” is a classic, Agatha-Christie-style murder mystery with humour, intrigue and a little bit of ‘Home Alone’ thrown in for good measure. As a standalone novel in the Izzy Palmer Mystery series, you don’t need to have read any of the previous books to enjoy this delicious but hilariously deadly Christmas tale. If you love whodunits featuring outrageous characters, Machiavellian suspects, baked goods, warring relatives and genuine, Christmassy warmth, then this is the book for you. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Chai, Chai Again (A Pebble Cove Teahouse Mystery Book 4) by [Eryn  Scott]

Pebble Cove is known for giving tourists the cold shoulder, but a frozen body is something new.

The people of Pebble Cove are thrown into a forced hibernation when the worst snowstorm in a decade hits the Oregon Coast. They expect to find damages once the snow thaws, but a frozen body down by the pier comes as a terrible surprise.

Rosemary is keeping warm with an abundance of chai tea, wooly sweaters, and further research into Asher’s past. But when a second body is found, she can’t deny the chilling thoughts that the two deaths might be connected. Or that this might not be the end.

Readers, this is the fourth book in a new cozy mystery series by Eryn Scott. These books are all clean with no gore and no swearing. Starting from the beginning with this series will provide the best reading experience. The ghosts are the only paranormal aspect in the series. And there are definitely cats because … well, there has to be. 🙂 (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Perils Portrait: A Stone Boat Cozy Mystery by [Timothy Peterson]

Welcome to the Stone Boat Art Studio. Where cheerful creativity shares a palette with murder.

Playing piano for the painting classes at the Stone Boat Art Studio, Violet has seen a killer portrait or two. Though when an oversized paint brush is stabbed into master artist, grumpy uncle Edmund, Violet realizes that someone in MooiKill has a talent for murder. Yet they are surely no lover of the arts.

Violet must race to connect the dots and reveal the killer’s web of lies, betrayal and revenge. All the while, Gus and Willow, Edmund’s faithful cat and dog, are inspired to make bold strokes to sniff out those responsible, and avenge his murder.

The hues of mystery swirl, as Violet must also prove that Benjamin, her on again, off again love, is being framed by officials eager to draw conclusions. And if that’s not enough, a darker dab with a half century old vendetta by a nun with a mother superiority complex. With so many clues erased to time, this is no easy paint by numbers.

Who killed uncle Edmund? And who might be next!

Join Violet and the Stone Boat gang in their first-ever sleuthing adventure, as they race to uncover the murder and save the Stone Boat itself, before their canvas is wiped clean forever.

Read this heartwarming cozy today.

Book One of the Stone Boat Cozy Mystery series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Silver Shooter: A Rose Gallagher Mystery by [Erin Lindsey]

Erin Lindsey’s third historical mystery The Silver Shooter follows Rose Gallagher as she tracks a monster and searches for treasure in the wilds of the Dakota Territory.

It’s the spring of 1887, and Rose Gallagher is finally coming into her own. She’s the proud owner of a lovely little home near Washington Square, where she lives with her mother and friend Pietro, and she’s making a name for herself as a Pinkerton agent with a specialty in things . . . otherworldly. She and her partner Thomas are working together better than ever, and mostly managing to push aside romantic feelings for one another. Mostly.

Things are almost too good to be true—so Rose is hardly surprised when Theodore Roosevelt descends on them like a storm cloud, hiring them for a mysterious job out west. A series of strange occurrences in the Badlands surrounding his ranch has Roosevelt convinced something supernatural is afoot.

It began with livestock disappearing from the range, their bodies later discovered torn apart by something monstrously powerful. Now people are dying, too. Meanwhile, a successful prospector has gone missing, and rumors about his lost stash of gold have attracted treasure hunters from far and wide – but they keep disappearing, too. To top it all off, this past winter, a mysterious weather phenomenon devastated the land, leaving the locals hungry, broke, and looking for someone to blame.

With tensions mounting and the body count rising, Roosevelt fears a single spark will be all it takes to set the Badlands aflame. It’s up to Rose and Thomas to get to the bottom of it, but they’re against the clock and an unknown enemy, and the west will prove wilder than they could possibly imagine… (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

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