Review of Paws For Murder

Paws For Murder
Pet Boutique, Book #1
Annie Knox
5 Stars


Izzy McHale wants her new Trendy Tails Pet Boutique in Merryville, Minnesota, to be the height of canine couture and feline fashions. But at the store’s opening, it turns out it’s a human who’s dressed to kill…

Izzy’s own beloved pets are dressed to the nines for the grand opening of Trendy Tails. Feisty feline Jinx is large and in charge, and happy mutt Packer is lapping up the attention. Izzy and her best friend Rena have their hands full meeting Merryville’s menagerie and serving tasty pupcakes and kitty canapes from their “barkery.” The last thing they need is the town’s local activist, Sherry Harper, scaring off customers and getting tongues wagging by picketing the event.

The two manage to stop Sherry’s protest in its tracks, but the trouble for Trendy Tails is just beginning. Sherry is found murdered in back of the shop, and Rena is immediately named as the lead suspect. Now Izzy and her furry friends have a new pet project—collaring a killer.



The characters are well developed and well rounded. Izzy has opened her new business, Trendy Tails Pet Boutique. When her plans for a happily-ever-after falls apart, she decides to make pet clothes and tasty treats. With the help of her friend, Rena, and the financial backing of her Aunt, she is open for business. But before the treats are baked, there is a murder in her alley and Rena is the prime suspect. With the help of Sean, an old boyfriend who is now a lawyer, she knows she has to find the killer before it is too late. The characters were engaging and they brought a lot to the story. I enjoyed all of the animals too, they had their own story to tell.

The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and these descriptions brought the story to life in my mind. The writing style flowed smoothly and the book was a quick easy read. The mystery was well plotted and not easily solved, which is how I like my mysteries.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.


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