New Releases For The Week Of November 29, 2020–Part 4

Suspects & Sorting: A Good, Clean Cozy Mystery (Spark & Joy Book 3) by [Nancy McGovern]

Aurora & Joy are back in their 3rd whodunnit…and this one is a doozy!

Recently sober after decades spent numbing his emotions stemming from the premature death of his one true love, Joy’s uncle, Beppe, finally seemed to be in a good place. But life has a way of throwing you a curveball when you least expect it. And Beppe certainly wasn’t expecting to be murdered.

The news is difficult for everyone to hear, especially Joy, who is immediately suspected of committing the crime simply because she was the last person known to be with Beppe. Of course, Joy’s family means everything to her and everyone knows what a ridiculous supposition that is. Everyone, that is, other than the new chief of police.

To Aurora, it is unclear whether Chief Finley truly believes this theory or if he is simply trying to stir up the case and those involved. But, either way, one thing is for certain: his harshness and lack of empathy will not be tolerated. Her best friend should be mourning the loss of her beloved uncle in peace, not having to defend herself against a ridiculous accusation.

So, it looks like Aurora is going to have to step in and get to the bottom of things…again! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Grimoires and Gingerbread: A Sugar Shack Witch Mystery Christmas Novella (Sugar Shack Witch Mysteries) by [Danielle Garrett]

Christmas in Winterspell means ice skating, hot cocoa by the barrel, and frosted gingerbread houses.

I was almost looking forward to it.

The merriment screeches to a halt when two elves show up, claiming to have been sent by Santa himself, on a mission to track down an ancient grimoire.

A grimoire with the power of Christmas itself woven through the pages. Without it, Christmas isn’t happening, and Santa himself is in grave danger.

Could Winterspell hold the key to saving Christmas?

**Grimoires and Gingerbread is a holiday-themed novella in the Sugar Shack Witch Mysteries series by Danielle Garrett. This festive novella falls after the events in the first book, but could also be enjoyed as a standalone.** (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Teaberry Cookie Daze (A Teaberry Farm Bed & Breakfast Cozy Book 33) by [R. A. Wallace]

A Teaberry Farm Bed & Breakfast Cozy Book 33
Geography can be used for many things including marketing and murder. While Erica and Jerry focus on directions, maps, and blind curves, Megan follows a trail of cookie crumbs to navigate through the puzzle pieces. This mild cozy mystery offers a clean read with a female amateur sleuth and friends in a small-town setting. Main characters in the series are multigenerational. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Born in a Barn (Clucks and Clues Cozy Mysteries Book 4) by [Hillary Avis]

Last one to solve it is a rotten egg…

It’s Christmas in Honeytree. Leona’s homestead is dusted with snow, her beloved grandchildren are visiting, and her connection with Sheriff Eli Ramirez is sweeter than a cup of hot cocoa.

But when her Grinchy ex-husband shows up on her front porch, all the holiday cheer flies the coop. He’s not just there to ruin her new life. Worse, he wants her back. And he’s counting on a little Christmas magic to help him do it.

Eager to put coal in his stocking, Leona arranges a visit with Santa. But when Old Saint Nick pegs her ex for the naughty list, it more than ruffles his feathers. And when Santa is found “sleighed” after their frosty fistfight, her ex becomes the prime suspect in the killing.

Now Eli’s not just competing against him for Leona’s heart. He’s also investigating him for murder. And Leona’s unwelcome guest is extending his stay—unless she can uncover the truth of what happened there under the mistletoe and send him packing to jail…or at the very least, back to LA.

Can Leona and Eli crack the case in time for Christmas? Or will their holiday goose be cooked?

Born in a Barn, the fourth book in the Clucks and Clues Cozy Mysteries, is a festive whodunnit full of chuckles and chickens. While designed to be read in order, all the books in this series can be enjoyed as standalone mysteries.

No gore or other explicit content, just good, clean murder.

Other books in the Clucks & Clues Cozy Mysteries Series:

A Cop & A Coop (Book 1)

A Flock & A Fluke (Book 2)

A Roost & Arrest (Book 3) (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Dead Man Walking: Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Visions & Victims Book 2) by [Lily Webb]

Some truths can wake the dead…

Amateur psychic Selena is settling into her new life at the paranormal Kindred Spirits Inn — until a zombie shuffles through the front door to report a murder on the property. Specifically, his own. The only problem? He can’t remember his name or anything about the night he died.

Afraid that news of the attack might bury her establishment’s reputation, Selena uses her psychic powers to wear the dead man’s shoes — and quickly realizes there are many more secrets lying six feet under.

But not everyone is eager to take a walk down memory lane. Who or whatever killed the zombie is still haunting the inn, determined to keep the truth — and their victim — in the ground where they belong.

Will Selena’s psychic shoveling scare up the truth? Or is she digging her own grave?

Dead Man Walking is the second book in the Visions and Victims series of paranormal cozy mysteries. If zesty zombies, undead unrest, and paranormal perps get your wand waving, then you’re sure to fall under the spell of this new spinoff series that expands Lily Webb’s magical universe.

Buy Dead Man Walking to continue conversing with the spirits of Starfall Valley today!

Editions Available: Kindle

Witch Way To The Wicked (Witches Of Brimstone Bay Book 3) by [R.K. Dreaming]

Join witch Esme Westbrim on the race to solve a wicked murder in Bewitching Brimstone Bay. This time a certain ridiculously handsome Special Agent is in big trouble when his past catches up with him, and only Esme can help. Can she solve the crime with the help of her psychic cat, ghost aunt and three wild witch cousins before time runs out for Agent Chris Constantine?

Full description coming soon. One click to join Esme on her latest charming and funny witch cozy mystery adventure now!

Books In This Series:
Book 1 – Witch In Charm’s Way
Book 2 – Wands Upon A Time In Brimstone Bay
Book 3 – Witch Way To The Wicked… (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Sinister Superyacht: a Provence Cozy Mystery (Julie Cavallo Investigates) by [Ana T. Drew]

French tycoon Jean-Louis Ponsard is having a bad year.
Unwise investments, canceled orders, deals falling through…
In the thick of it, his yacht becomes the scene of a suspicious death, and his year of misfortune hits the bed of the Mediterranean Sea.
To make matters worse, the victim isn’t just anybody.
She’s his much-hated mother-in-law.

Onboard, caterer Julie Cavallo and her quirky grandma Rose do some poking around.
But every luxury cabin hides a secret. 
Every passenger has an alibi or no reason to want the victim dead.
Discretion rules. 
The crew keeps mum. 
So do the marble countertops, gem-incrusted walls, and gold sinks.
When the cops take charge, things go to pieces, and not only for the Ponsard family.

Can Julie dive to the murky bottom of the sea, unravel the case, and come back up still breathing?

“The Sinister Superyacht” is the third Julie Cavallo murder mystery. It stands alone within a series of atmospheric, humorous whodunnits set in Provence. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Dashing through the Sand (Beach Christmas Mysteries Book 1) by [Katherine Hayton]

My name is Santa and I’m fed up. The stress of single-day delivery, elf wrangling, and squeezing through chimneys that grow smaller every year is getting me down, so I decide to take a well-deserved holiday on a sun-drenched beach in Australia.

Sure, there’ll be a lot less milk and cookies but according to my cardiologist, that can only be a good thing.

But when I take my towel down to the glorious foreshore of Mission Beach, Queensland, the world has a nasty surprise in store. A dead body washes up among the sand-bubbler crabs and a witness swears the man was last seen in my company.

The Christmas spirit is nowhere in evidence as I work to clear my name. If I can’t hunt down the true killer and get back home in time for the big day, the Mrs will put me at the top of the naughty list!

Beach Christmas Mysteries are quick 1-2 hour reads with plenty of clues and red herrings but no swearing, gore, or graphic scenes. Enjoy! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Town in Fear (A Mountain Mystery Book 5) by [D. R. Shoultz]

During construction of Ridgeview County’s controversial highway expansion, a safe is unearthed at the former location of Jill Stevenson’s café. A curious Department of Transportation (DOT) worker hauls the heavy safe to a roadside repair depot to force it open. The skeletal remains of a man, thinly shrouded by decayed clothing, are found inside. A body is not all the DOT worker finds. He secretly pockets three loose diamonds discovered at the feet of the corpse.

The coroner determines the victim had been shot, but it’s unclear how long ago the murder occurred, or how the safe ended up buried behind the café.

Jill Stevenson seeks the counsel of attorney Luke Maxwell after she is summoned for questioning by Sheriff John Harper. She denies all knowledge of the safe and body even though they were uncovered less than twenty-five yards from her former café and home.

Luke Maxwell has his hands full defending a woman he knows is innocent as evidence pointing to her guilt mounts. But when the DOT worker who discovered the body is found murdered, the case explodes, sending Luke down a dark and deadly path. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Spells and Suspicions: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Charmed and Dangerous Book 3) by [Morgan Vale]

A pumpkin pie to die for…

When the biggest baking competition around comes to Haven, Kat’s cousin Emily is ready to taste sweet victory. But the event turns sour when a judge keels over — seemingly poisoned by her pumpkin pie!

With Emily’s innocence at stake, Kat takes action. Delving deep into the world of competitive baking, she’ll have to use more than a few tricks and treats to get to the bottom of things. Each contestant has something to hide, and any of them could have done it — which baker isn’t as sweet as they seem?

Join Kat, her black cat Albus, and her quirky friends as they embark on this deliciously dangerous adventure. Because this time, the desserts really are to die for.

Spells and Suspicions is the third book in the Charmed and Dangerous paranormal cozy mystery series. These are clean reads with no swearing, gore, or adult situations, so curl up and enjoy! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Team Destiny and Gray's Grave (Team Destiny Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 1) by [Belinda White]

The Goddess called. Team Destiny answered.

Who is Team Destiny you ask? Well, we’re a rag-tag bunch of witches and werewolves, with a Shaman and a couple of lawmen thrown in for good measure. When the Goddess needs help, we’re there for Her.

Sounds like some kind of science fiction or fantasy movie flick, doesn’t it?

Nope. Just my life as I now know it.

The last month or so had been pretty quiet. No dead bodies showing up in awkward places. No crazy entities out to destroy the world. You know… the kinds of things that had become our usual challenges. The Universe appeared to be giving us a break for once.

Enough so that Mom and Dad convinced my Aunt Opal and her new husband, Ex-Sheriff Orville Taylor, to go on a belated honeymoon. Heaven knows my Aunt was long overdue for some rest and relaxation.

But wouldn’t you just know that the very night after we dropped them off at the airport, all heck broke loose.

Welcome to life as a member of Team Destiny.

We just can’t catch a break for long.

Team Destiny and Gray’s Grave is Book One in the all-new Team Destiny Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series. If you loved the Accidental Familiar series and wondered what the team has been up to since the end, now’s your chance to find out! Amie, Ruby, Arc… the whole team is back in action! Chaos is likely to ensue shortly. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Man Can Die but Once (Double Barrel Mysteries Book 5) by [Barbara Ellen  Brink]

Well-apparel’d April on the heel of limping Winter treads ~ William Shakespeare

Blake and Shelby Gunner are confronted with two unlawful killings in this fifth installment of the Double Barrel Mysteries.
It is spring in Port Scuttlebutt. The icy banks of Lake Superior are thawing, the forest is budding with new growth, and Shelby is overdue to give birth to their first child.

Knowing they need the work, Detective Jackson throws Double Barrel Investigations the bone of a new case. An elderly couple’s guard dog is shot on their own land and the owners want someone to pay. Blake suspects a near-sighted poacher, but after an ongoing feud comes to light between the couple and nearby neighbors, he realizes a whole lot more is going on.

Farley Jones, the self-appointed mayor of Port Scuttlebutt, has made an ever-expanding enemy base. So, it’s not surprising there are suspects aplenty when he turns up dead in a celebrity’s fishing cabin. Getting justice for the most-hated man in town won’t be easy or comfortable for Blake and Shelby, especially when they have to treat everyone like potential murderers. Even their own friends and family. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Witching Place: A Fatal Folio (A Curious Bookstore Cozy Mystery—Book 1) by [Sophie Love]

“The perfect romance or beach read, with a difference: its enthusiasm and beautiful descriptions offer an unexpected attention to the complexity of not just evolving love, but evolving psyches. It’s a delightful recommendation for romance readers looking for a touch more complexity from their romance reads.”
–Midwest Book Review (For Now and Forever)

THE WITCHING PLACE: A FATAL FOLIO is the debut novel in a charming new cozy mystery series by bestselling author Sophie Love, author of The Inn at Sunset Harbor series, a #1 Bestseller with over 200 five-star reviews.

When Alexis Blair, 29, is fired from her book publishing job and breaks up with her boyfriend on the same day, she wonders if life is urging her to make a fresh start. She decides it’s time to pursue her lifelong dream of opening a bookstore of her own—even if that means leaving Boston and accepting a job in a curious bookstore in a small seaside town an hour away.

But the odd shop, Alexis soon learns, is from more than just a rare, occult bookstore. Something strange is going on in the shop’s secret back room, with its eccentric owner, and in the small town itself.

And when a dead body appears, Alexis, with her beloved newfound cat, may find herself right in the middle of it all.

A page-turning cozy, rife with the supernatural, mystery, secrets and love—and centered around a small town as odd and endearing as its shop—A CURIOUS BOOKSTORE will make you fall in love and keep you laughing out loud as you turn pages late into the night.

“The romance is there, but not overdosed. Kudos to the author for this amazing start of a series that promises to be very entertaining.”
–Books and Movies Reviews (For Now and Forever)

Books #2 and #3 in the series—MURDER BY MANUSCRIPT and A PERILOUS PAGE—are now also available! (Amazon)

Editions available: Kindle, Audiobook

All Signs Point to Murder (A Zodiac Mystery Book 2) by [Connie di Marco]

“Di Marco crafts an intricate, twisting plot and layers on the astrological details that fans of psychic mysteries so enjoy.”

Rob Ramer was the perfect husband until he committed the ultimate family faux pas—he shot his sister-in-law to death. Believing himself under attack by an intruder in his home, he fired back. But when evidence is discovered that Rob’s wife, Brooke, was plotting his murder, Brooke is charged with conspiracy in her sister’s death. Geneva, a third sister, is desperate for answers and seeks the help of her friend, San Francisco astrologer Julia Bonatti. Geneva’s lost one sister and now it seems she’ll lose the other. Was this a murder plot or just a terrible accident? Julia vows to find the answer in the stars. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Prairie Menace (Doug Fletcher Book 6) by [Dean L.  Hovey]

Doug and Jill Fletcher are dispatched to the Black Hills when a missing camper’s mutilated body is discovered in a remote part of Wind Cave National Park. Jill searches remote portions of Wind Cave for the victim’s missing companion while Doug tries to determine their identities.

The park investigation revelations pull them into a local crime and put their lives at risk. A prairie blizzard brings everything in Western South Dakota to a stop as the pieces of the mysteries start to fall into place.

The stay at Jill’s family ranch takes an unexpected turn when Doug’s mother is invited for Christmas. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Murder At The Mansion: A Cozy Mystery (Strawberry Shores Mystery Book 5) by [Mak K. Han]

After everything that happened in the wake of Jeannie Smart’s murder, Laura Lane is ready to give up solving mysteries for good. The two previous murders ended up with her in danger, and worse yet the psychic power she possesses seems to be developing a mind of its own: Laura realizes that she doesn’t understand it as well as she thought she did.

When an act of vandalism brings Quinn Farley to Strawberry Shores, Laura does everything in her power to keep from getting involved – even when Quinn claims that spirits are threatening the town, even when Quinn’s activities drive half the town to insanity, even when a young man is murdered.

But when Laura’s friend Emily gets caught up in the mess, Laura discovers that she can’t stay out of the situation. The only way to save Emily is to solve the murder, and together with her other friend Alex Shade, Laura sets out to solve the case – a choice that she might soon regret.

This is a standalone, first book in a new sweet cozy mystery series filled with humor, suspects, and lots of books! It also has some mild paranormal elements, and is suitable for all ages. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback