New Releases For Week of December 6th, 2020–Part 3

Mostaccioli Murder: A delicious cozy mystery (A Jade Sommer Mystery Book 1) by [Nicolette Pierce]

Murder with a side of mostaccioli.

Jade returns home to Chicago after being wrongfully fired from her dream job. When she had left a decade ago, she had made two promises to herself. One, never ever work for the family restaurant again. And, two, never ever see Logan, her cheating ex-boyfriend, again.

Unfortunately, when the restaurant delivery driver is found murdered, Jade assumes his position. The detective assigned to the case is none other than Logan.

As Jade comes to term with her new life at the restaurant, clues surrounding the murder develop. Jade receives odd delivery orders and threatening messages. Suspects appear in a thrilling mystery that Jade must solve or find herself as dead as the driver.

To save herself and the family business, she must play nice with the detective. But how can she play nice when she vowed to never speak to the jerk again? To solve the case, the pair must put their past aside.

Will Jade solve the murder before it’s too late? Can she move past her feelings for Logan? Get your copy of Mostaccioli Murder and find out. (Amaozn)

Editions Available: Kindle

Witch and Famous (Wicked Witches of Vanish Valley Book 3) by [Mara Webb]

Morgan Jones just wants a quiet night, but things are never that easy in Vanish Valley.

When Morgan is assigned to cover a single’s night at the old manor, she should have known that there would be trouble. A storm is brewing and soon the power is out. By the time the generator kicks in, someone is dead. To make matters worse Morgan is trapped there with her crazy best friend, Birdie.

With a blizzard raging Morgan and the strange set of guests soon find themselves trapped in the manor with no way in or out. Not only does it seem like this group of strangers already know one another, but it seems like they’re all sitting on some large and unusual secret.

And when a second body shows up it’s time to act fast!

Normally it wouldn’t be a problem for Morgan to use her magic to get herself out of a bind, but after her aunts put a curse on her, it seems that every spell she tries makes things worse. She’ll just have to wait until the snow melts enough for the police to get there, but can she survive that long?

If she wants to see sunrise Morgan has to figure out the truth soon. She’s isolated, trapped with a killer and has no phone signal, but the most terrifying thing of all reveals itself right at the start of the night:

There’s no internet!

Witch and Famous is the third book in the Wicked Witches of Vanish Valley series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Bottom Witch: A Paranormal Chick Lit Cozy Mystery (Hex And The City Book 3) by [Corrine Winters]

Felix the feline familiar is back in an all new adventure!

See our brave, furry and cute hero bring down villains and save the day. All while looking good as he does it!

Oh, and his human witch companion, Blair Barrows is back too. That’s kind of important because Blair once again finds herself facing off against the forces of evil, and worse – modern dating in the big city! Can she navigate the world of being a hot young single witch in the big bad city all while solving a serial killer mystery?

She better. Because a new villain called The Chiropractor is in town, and he’s leaving a trail!

Blair’s friend, Detective Dogbreath, I mean, wolf shifter Chris Farrow, enlists her aid once again. Will they catch the killer? Will she and Chris ever become more than ‘just friends’? Or will she end up with the hot young bachelor on the scene who just might be a mobster – and a killer?

Or will Felix have to step in and save the day again before more murders are committed?

(This description was written by Felix the Fine Feline Familiar. His opinions of Detective Farrows and Blair Barrows do not reflect those of the author!) (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Charity Begins At Bone: A Small Town Southern Mystery (Naomi & Winston Mysteries Book 5) by [Maddie Sutton]

More shenanigans in the sleepy southern town of Harmony Grove, Mississippi.

One charity auction. Two feuding antique store owners. Three guesses as to what happens next…

When local businesswoman Rosalind Murphy suspiciously goes missing before Harmony Grove’s big Charity Auction for the children’s wing of the local hospital, Naomi is determined to dig up the truth. The circumstances behind Rosalind’s disappearance just don’t add up, and the suspicion it casts on her business rival Tom Skinner—one of Naomi’s grandma’s close friends—is a little too convenient.

But when Rosalind’s body is discovered, Naomi realizes she may have bitten off more than she can chew. As she slowly fits the pieces of the puzzle together, will Naomi be drawn into danger that only her doggone best buddy can dig her out, or has this dog finally had its day?

The fifth book in the southern, small town Naomi & Winston Mysteries, Charity Begins At Bone contains no adult situations or gore, only fun and high jinks as the heroine solves mysteries and chases behind her perpetually confused and endearingly curious Chihuahua. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Imperfect Psychic: A Clairvoyant Catastrophe (The Imperfect Psychic Cozy Mystery Series—Book 3) by [Ashley King]

A CLAIRVOYANT CATASTROPHE is book #3 in a charming new cozy mystery series by Ashley King, which begins with A DUBIOUS DEATH (Book #1)

Charlotte Vale, 30, a psychic from New York City, has a dubious gift—her vision, not always accurate, often leaves her customers more confused than happy.

At a crossroads in life, Charlotte has made a drastic change: she has followed a vision to a quaint town upstate, and opened the bed and breakfast of her dreams, her beloved cat and companion Oliver by her side.

Charlotte is thrilled when her sister—a celebrity psychic to the stars—decides to visit. Even better, her sister’s presence draws more attention to the bed and breakfast, and business is booming.

Everything seems to be going perfectly, until Charlotte notices a trend—more people are coming to see her sister than herself.

Even worse—one of their clients shows up dead.

With Charlotte’s reputation on the line, she is pulled into the midst of a confusing murder scene—but this time, she has her sister at her side. Can they solve it together?

A page-turning cozy mystery, packed with mystery, magic and humor—THE IMPERFECT PSYCHIC is an un-putdownable cozy series that will keep you turning pages (and laughing out loud) late into the night.

Book #4 will be available soon! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Tail of a Feather: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (The Spellwood Witches Book 3) by [Melanie  Snow]

A mysterious portal. Eight crows with a message. A missing police chief.

Sarah Spellwood feels she maybe too late to save her beau, the handsome police chief Eli Strongheart, from disappearing from Witchland forever. But with the wisdom of eight crows, she and her collie sidekick, Addie, focus on their mysterious task ahead. Yet time is running out and the tension rises when they discover there is more to the mysterious portal than they expected.

As the clues fly, Sarah is shocked to learn that an evil witch is trying to get into Witchland to take over its beauty and magic. But Sarah and Addie are vowed defenders of the forest, and they will not let this evil force succeed.

Can Sarah save Eli and beat this witch at the same time?

Tail of a Feather is book three in the magical Spellwood Witches cozy mystery series. If you like paranormal puzzles, charming canine companions, and a bit of flirty romance, then you will love Melanie Snow’s crafty quest.

Buy this Spellwood Witches paranormal cozy, Tail of a Feather and take flight into the magical world of Witchland today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Have a Deadly, Sudsy Christmas: Abigail Kinsman Mysteries 4 by [Sophia Barton]

It’s Christmas, and Santa is dead.
Abigail swore to herself that she was done with dead bodies, and she was, until she find the man playing Santa Claus at the Christmas fair dead on a park bench. If it were for her, she’d stay out of the investigation, even when the chief of police himself is suspected and taken off the case. This time, he doesn’t want her to stay away and he asks for her help instead.
The only thing she wants to do is celebrate Christmas in her new house with her family, and she might be able to—if Santa’s killer doesn’t get to her first.

Have a Deadly, Sudsy Christmas is book 4 in the Abigail Kinsman Mysteries series. It’s an amateur sleuth mystery set in a small seaside town, with plenty of gossip and a few goats. No gore, no swearing, no cliffhanger, and no graphic scenes. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Man in the Moonlight (The Dr Basil Willing Mysteries Book 2) by [Helen McCloy]

I take pleasure in informing you that you have been chosen as murderer for Group No 1. Please follow these instructions with as great exactness as possible.

On his way to visit the dean at Yorkville University, Assistant Chief Inspector Foyle seems to stumble across a murder, or at least the plans for one.

Chalking it all up to a gag (because real killers don’t use the word ‘murder’), Foyle is horrified to learn about the death of Dr Kinradi, a scientist at the campus.

Though it looks like a suicide, Foyle isn’t so sure, and Dr Basil Willing, psychologist and sleuth, is called in to aid the investigation.

With motives and murder piling up, the pair must solve the case before more lives are put at risk.

Set in WWII and filled with secrets and espionage, The Main in the Moonlight is part of Agora Books’ Uncrowned Queens of Crime series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun: An Encantado Charter Academy Cozy Mystery (The Vega Bloodmire Wicked Witch Mystery Series Book 3) by [Sarina Dorie]

Wicked witches have more fun—especially when crushing their enemies.

Brooms. Doom. Gloom. There’s no sweeping this wicked witch under the rug. She’s ready to solve a mystery.

While working at her first job as a teacher at Encantado Charter Academy, Vega Bloodmire crashes her broom in the Morty Realm, nearly exposing the world of magic and witches that she belongs to. Vega knows the incident isn’t her fault and someone sabotaged her—though she can’t guess why. As a result of this accident, Vega loses her license to fly.

How is a wicked witch schoolteacher supposed to focus on teaching when possessed brooms, remedial lessons in flyer-ed classes, and encounters with the Witchkin Council’s Department of Magical Violations are all getting in the way of doing her job?

As if all of this isn’t humiliating enough, Vega is unable to teach the flying class that she’d had her heart—and her wallet—set on. If she doesn’t get her license back, prove she is capable of flying, and competent enough to teach Flyer’s Education—rather than taking it—she’s out of work and going to be forced to move back in with her parents.

As far as Vega is concerned, there’s no fate worse than that. She’s going to need to track down the saboteur in order to prove her innocence and ensure she gets to teach that class she’s perfect for.

What Vega doesn’t realize is that an injustice far deeper than a single possessed broom is afoot. It’s going to take someone with cunning, skills in manipulation, and better bargaining skills than a haggler at a Black Friday Sale in order to solve her problems—and the school’s.

Unfortunately for her enemies, she possesses all those skills.

Vega is going to need to find the true criminal in order to save her reputation—and her life.

Enjoy this spin-off series from the world of Womby’s School for Wayward Witches. This book starts with Vega Bloodmire’s life before working at Womby’s when she was a new and inexperienced teacher at Encantado Charter Academy. Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun is the third book in the series of stand-alone novels. These mysteries are meant to be read in any order.

Clean, cozy, no sex or swearing, PG 13—perfectly fine for teens or grandmas who like paranormal mysteries at magical boarding academies. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Sandcastle Murders: A Stey Cove Mystery (Stey Cove Mysteries) by [K.E.  Warner]

Journalist Magda Shepard has found an idyllic life in Stey Cove; the mountains, the ocean, and the attention of handsome RCMP officer, Raheem Khan. But Magda’s perfect world unravels quickly when a woman falls to her death from an eighth-floor balcony, and a body is found buried in the beach sand nearby. When the appearance of a dangerously intriguing new man attracts Magda’s attention, she becomes tangled in a web of deception from which there is no escape.

Set on beautiful Vancouver Island in the fictitious resort and retirement community of Stey Cove, the Sandcastle Murders is a cozy mystery driven by engaging characters, a vibrant community, and waves of plot twists that will make you wish you’d brought a life jacket.

Canada’s west coast is just the place you want to be—but the neighbours always have secrets. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Dark Minster: Coming Home by [Charlie De Luca]

DI Gabriel Taverner starts a new job in York having moved from the Metropolitan police in London. He starts work a day early because a young student, Emily Morgan, has been found dead in the River Ouse and initial findings suggest that she was murdered before being dumped into the river. Taverner has his own reasons to move to York, namely to make contact with his birth mother but finds it hard to adjust to Yorkshire initially. At least DS Anna Wildblood appears to be on his side unlike some of his colleagues who baulk at his love of Earl Grey tea, degree and posh accent.
The investigation progresses and the team find themselves with several suspects, not least Emily’s tutor, Niall Lynch, her boyfriend, Dan Charlton and fellow student, Ross McAllister. Emily was a model student who helped run literacy classes for struggling school children assisted by a local ex-vicar, but also has an interest in becoming a journalist. She wrote various hard hitting articles which were due to be published, could one of them led to her murder? And what about the young girl from the literacy group that she met on the night that she died? How is she involved? As the investigation develops, it becomes apparent that no one is what they seem and they can trust no one, maybe not even the psychic who promises to assist them. The race is on to capture the killer before they strike again…
With the historic city of York as a backdrop, Dark Minster Book 1, Coming Home, is a compelling murder mystery, deftly plotted from the author of several racing thrillers which include Rank Outsiders, The Gift Horse, Twelve in the Sixth, Making Allowances and Hoodwinked. A must read for lovers of crime fiction, and great story telling in a fabulous setting. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle