New Releases For The Week Of January 10th, 2021–Part 2

A Dead And Stormy Night: A Bed And Breakfast Cozy Mystery (Paradise Bed and Breakfast Mysteries Book 2) by [A.R. Winters]

A Bed and Breakfast Mystery

When Laura’s friend Ashley joins the Paradise Bed and Breakfast team, it seems like things are finally going to work out – until Ashley gets accused of murder.

With all guests and staff trapped inside the house by an out-of-season storm and flash flooding, Laura must put on her detective hat and determine who could’ve killed wealthy businessman Harold Jepsen – his unhappy wife, a disgruntled employee, his frustrated daughter or set-to-inherit brother and sister-in-law?

Meanwhile, the sleazy property developer Nicholas Lloyd continues with his dirty tricks to force Laura and her family to sell the struggling bed and breakfast…

Praise for A.R. Winters:

“The perfect balance of being lighthearted, but still a serious page-turning mystery.” – Jaycie D,

“A fun cozy mystery with engaging and entertaining characters” – lq,

“For fans of Janet Evanovich, Rhys Bowen and Jana DeLeon, this is a funny, clean mystery.” – Clara B,

This is a humorous cozy mystery featuring a strong female protagonist, some unusual friends and family, and a mystery that needs solving! It has no graphic gore, bad language or sex. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Sins & Needles: A Knitorious Murder Mystery Book 7 by [Reagan Davis]

PRE-ORDER NOW! Coming January 11th, 2021

The 7th book in the Knitorious Murder Mystery series!

*Paperback and Kindle Unlimited available from February 1st, 2021*

When the annual book fair comes to town, life is stranger than fiction!

Harmony Lake buzzes with excitement when world-famous author and avid needle felter, Claire Rivera, attends our annual book fair. 

But excitement turns to sadness when Claire is found dead from a freak accident with a felting needle. 

And sadness turns to suspicion when the police determine that Claire’s seemingly accidental death is actually murder. 

When another world-famous author, who happens to be my father, rockets to number one on the suspect list, I take a stab at finding the real killer.

Can I find out whodunit before my father gets stuck taking the blame?

I hope so, but with no shortage of suspects, finding the killer is like looking for a felting needle in a haystack.  

If you like your cozy mysteries with a bit of humour, small town Canadian life, a hint of romance, a close circle of quirky, lovable characters that you wish you knew in real life, dogs and cats, and free knitting patterns, there’s something in this series for you.

Clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language.

Other books in the series:

  • Knit One Murder Two
  • Killer Cables
  • Murder & Merino
  • Twisted Stitches
  • Son of a Stitch
  • Crime Skein

Each book in the Knitorious murder mystery series is a standalone mystery that is solved by the end of the book. The books can be read in any order, however the characters lives and relationships evolve and change over time. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Legacy (Tipperary Carriage Company Mystery Book 5) by [J A  Whiting, Nell McCarthy]

This is book 5 in the Tipperary Carriage Company mystery series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author J.A. Whiting and Nell McCarthy.

It’s March and St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching bringing lots of business for the carriage company. Mae Monahan needs one more horse and her friend, Ross is helping her find the right one. After driving the grand marshal in a St. Patrick’s Day parade, an aggressive reporter accosts the former colonel about his time overseas leading troops. Soon Mae, Ross, and the horses are pulled into a mystery involving the old colonel, the reporter, and a horse farm. Will the colonel’s legacy be destroyed by someone with a murderous grudge or will Mae figure out what’s going on in time to save the man’s reputation? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Sealed with a Hiss: Cozy Mystery (Country Cottage Mysteries Book 13) by [Addison Moore, Bellamy  Bloom]

An innkeeper who reads minds. An ornery detective. And a trail of bodies. Cider Cove is the premier destination for murder.

***Includes RECIPE
My name is Bizzy Baker, and I can read minds—not every mind, not every time but most of the time and believe me when I say it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

It’s Valentine’s Day in Cider Cove. Love is in the air and so is murder.

It’s February, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and a couple of popular podcasters have descended on the inn with their rabid listeners in tow. The Perfect Pairing hosts decide to throw a funeral for every bad relationship their loyal fans have had, and things take a turn for the deadly before the casket can close for the night. A double homicide seems to have played out on the grounds of the Country Cottage Inn, and it’s up to Bizzy to solve the case before the very next funeral belongs to her.

Bizzy Baker runs the Country Cottage Inn, has the ability to pry into the darkest recesses of both the human and animal mind, and has just stumbled upon a body. With the help of her kitten, Fish, a mutt named Sherlock Bones and an ornery yet dangerously good looking homicide detective, Bizzy is determined to find the killer.

The Country Cottage Inn is known for its hospitality. Leaving can be murder.

A laugh out loud cozy mystery by New York Times Bestseller Addison Moore and her partner in cozy crime, USA TODAY Bestseller Bellamy Bloom.
 Cosmopolitan Magazinecalls Addison’s books, “…easy, frothy fun!”

Cider Cove, Maine is the premiere destination for fun and relaxation. But when a body turns up, it’s the premiere destination for murder. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The Witching Flour (Spellford Cove Mystery Book 1) by [Samantha Silver]

Welcome to Spellford Cove, where the baking is sweet and the witches are wild.

Robin Carter’s life is less than stellar. All she has going for her are a minimum-wage job she hates, an uncanny ability to attract the biggest losers on her dating app, and a raccoon sitting in her kitchen sink eating her chips. So, when she finds out she’s inherited a bakery in a small Washington town, Robin thinks this might just be the fresh start she desperately needs. Upon her arrival, however, Robin finds out she’s inherited more than just a small business: she’s also got her mother’s magical powers.

However, things start going south for Robin when a man dies at the local diner just after her arrival in town and she’s fingered as the prime suspect. With half the town thinking she’s a killer, Robin decides to take matters into her own hands. But between a ghost who desperately needs therapy, a snarky familiar who loves to quote literature, and a grandmother who walks to the beat of her own drum, Robin really has her hands full.

Will she be able to navigate this new reality and find the killer, or will she crumble like an overcooked brownie?

This is the first book in the Spellford Cove paranormal cozy mystery series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Medium's Honeymoon: A Cozy Ghost Mystery (Becky Tibbs: A North Carolina Medium's Mystery Book 9) by [Chariss K. Walker]

Patrick and Becky are married.

A Medium’s Honeymoon is the ninth book in the Becky Tibbs cozy mystery series. The author recommends that you read the books in this series in order by beginning with A Medium’s Birthday Surprise.

Although Asheville’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order is still in place, with the help of friends and family, Becky realized her dreams of a white, outdoor wedding.
Considering the risks of being exposed to the virus in a closed cabin, Patrick cancels their reservations and his plans for a Fiji honeymoon.
Now, he desperately needs to find a special place where he and Becky can explore their mystical connection.
Will their honeymoon be the beautiful getaway they hoped for?

If you have been wondering:
What happens when the magnetic energy sweeps Patrick and Becky away?
Where do they go?
Why do they lose time?
Then, find out in the 9th book in this #cozymystery series.

Scroll up to get your copy now! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Three Sweets to the Wind (Sweet Shop Mystery Book 10) by [Wendy Meadows]

A summer rush. A secluded swimming cove. Another dead body.

It just wouldn’t be West End without Margaret Nichols trying to solve a murder. This time, the mystery is more perplexing and personal than ever. Who could have killed a florist and why?

Suspects abound, the summer crowd intensifies, and decisions are made that will affect everyone’s future. Can Margaret fend off a killer and live to see those futures? Or is this her last summer in West End?

This cozy mystery is a clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language. (Amazon)

Editions Amazon: Kindle

Preserves & Premonitions (A Southern Charms Cozy Mystery Book 7) by [Bella Falls]

Magic and mystery are only part of the Southern Charms of Honeysuckle Hollow…

Charli Goodwin’s future seemed to be nothing but smooth sailing…until the last spell she cast changed the course of everything! Now, it’s not only her life but the lives of others she cares deeply for that are tied up in her fate. Not even help from the creepy and mysterious soothsayers, the Weird Sisters, can give her a clue how to get out of the mess she’s in.

If Charli can’t figure out a way to fix what she’s done and get things back on track, according to the premonitions from the sisters, the future for herself and all of Honeysuckle Hollow is at stake. Will she be able to reverse the effects of her spell in time?

Find out now in Preserves & Premonitions: A Southern Charms Cozy Mystery Book 7! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Men Love Witches: A Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery (Beechwood Harbor Magic Mysteries Book 11) by [Danielle Garrett]

The big day is on the way, and Holly’s got the jitters.

She also has a house full of royal vampires out for blood.

When Lacey Vaughn comes back to Beechwood Harbor, she sure knows how to throw one heck of a welcome back party.

Catch up with Holly and her gang of paranormal pals in Men Love Witches, the eleventh book in the Beechwood Harbor Magic Mysteries series by Danielle Garrett.

Welcome back to Beechwood Harbor, the small town where witches, vampires, shifters, and werewolves all work, play—and mostly—get along! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Italian Roast and Wedding Ghosts: A Witch & Ghost Mystery (Mystic Brews Mysteries Book 6) by [Alyn Troy]

A wedding, an Italian resort full of Fae, and a murder!

April, Punkin and Elain head to a quiet Italian resort to attend the wedding of David Storm, April’s father. A family holiday isn’t all that’s brewing for April and her friend. Unfortunately, the wedding is booked in the midst of a Fae convention of spellcasters.

With a hotel full of Fae, frolicking familiars, and a barista throwdown, April and Elain have their hands full keeping the humans from discovering the truth. Their plans go south in a hurry, when an a missing gem and a murder under the sun froth up even more trouble.

Can April keep trouble from spilling into her father’s new marriage, and pull the lid off a crime of the century?

Italian Roast and Wedding Ghosts is the latest book in the delightful Mystic Brews cozy mystery series. If you like sassy heroines, colorful characters, and a side of spells with your cuppa joe, then you’ll love Alyn Troy’s otherworldly adventure.

Preorder your copy of Italian Roast and Wedding Ghosts to explore the whodunnit fun! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Ghost and a Hard Place (A Reaper Witch Mystery Book 3) by [Elle Adams]

Welcome to Hawkwood Hollow, where the dead outnumber the living.

Maura is settling into her new life. She’s working at the local inn, helping Carey hunt for ghosts in her free time, and she even has a date with the local detective.

But she’s always feared her past would catch up to her, and it turns out she has a good reason to worry when a new Reaper shows up in town. As the local ghosts start vanishing, Maura is inclined to blame the newcomer, but something more may be going on.

With a group of teens at Carey’s magical academy deciding to start their own ghost-hunting blog, too, the pressure builds on Maura to find the source of the vanishing ghosts.

Can Maura protect Hawkwood Hollow before the notorious Reaper Council takes away her new life for good? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Faire to Remember: Magically Suspicious Mystery Book 1 (Magically Suspicious Mysteries) by [Misty Simon]

There’s something afoot at the faire…
Running a Renaissance Faire that employs and houses a bunch of misfit paranormals means Verla Faeth is well-acquainted with mischief and mayhem. So when her ex, Finn Taragon, shows up unannounced with a puppy in tow as a token of peace, she’s prepared for almost anything. Except tripping over a dead body, finding out the dog is a Cerberus, and apparently, she’s moved from wanna-be seer to crosser-of-the-dead.
Finding the murderer will be hard enough, but having Finn move in next door to her might just be her undoing. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

In Charm's Way (Hex Falls Paranormal Cozy Mystery #5) (Hex Falls Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series) by [Rachel Rivers]

A rival designer arrives in town, bent on stealing Violet’s business.
It’s a case of two ghouling designers.
Will it be a fight to the death?

It’s a witchly case of ghoulish duelling designers, when rival interior designer Cookie Castleman shows up in town, and sets her sights on taking over Violet’s territory.
Between wooing Violet’s clientele and plagiarizing her designs, not to mention, playing up to Sotherby—the ghostly host of Murder Manor—Violet’s about to off Cookie herself.
But somebody beats her to it.

.In Charm’s Way (Hex Falls Cozy Mystery Series, Book 5) is a humorous full-length paranormal cozy mystery.

Hex Falls Cozy Mysteries:
Hopeless Pocus, Book 1
Bedknobs & BroomHilda Sticks, Book 2
Witchity, Glitchy, Boo, Book 3
Abracastabra, Book 4
In Charm’s Way, Book 5
Witchity, Glitchity, Glamour, Book 6
Pre Order Today.

For readers of Adele Abbott, Belinda White, Constance Barker, Amy Boyles and Annabel Chase. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Metaphor for Murder (Mystery Writer's Mysteries Book 3) by [Becky Clark]

An author’s mysterious disappearance. A pugnacious hired gun holding a pug for ransom. Charlee must find them both before the deadline expires.

Charlee Russo’s career and bank account will be DOA unless her literary event with bestselling author Rodolfo Lapaglia succeeds. It’s her very last chance to revise her life. But when she goes to fetch him from the train station, he has disappeared, much like Charlee’s royalty statements.

An angry mob wants their refund from the cancelled event, but Lapaglia kept the money and stuck Charlee with the bills. As she searches for him and his checkbook, her neighbor’s pug, Peter O’Drool, is dognapped with an ominous demand that Charlee deliver Lapaglia if she ever wants to see the beloved pooch again. Can Charlee solve the mystery of Lapaglia’s disappearance and close the book on this fiasco before Peter O’Drool runs out of time? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Murder Redeemed: Clean read crime fiction, full of action, mystery and suspense (Star of Justice Series Book 2) by [Bruce Hammack]

Life was good…until it wasn’t.

CJ is living the life she’s always wanted. She’s married to the man of her dreams, enjoying a new home in the country and a rewarding career as the assistant police chief at a private university. 

Then her world is turned upside down when a series of car thefts leads to the brazen murder of one of her officers. In the middle of the investigation, her boss is hospitalized, which leaves her in charge. Putting aside her grief and guilt, CJ works around the clock to find out who is behind the car thefts and to redeem the life of her officer. 

Their first big break comes… and catapults CJ into the vicious world of organized crime. A trap is set, but the thief is wily, giving CJ no choice but to follow him into his own camp. But every redemption comes at a cost. Will the price turn out to be more than she’s willing to pay?    (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Wands in Deep Voodoo (Stars Hollow Paranormal Mysteries Book 3) by [Giselle Schneider]

Stars Hollow Paranormal Mysteries: Book 3
Hey again! Robyn here! I can’t believe it has been a month already. Time sure does fly when I am having fun.
Well, was having fun.
This type of situation follows me everywhere. In a short amount of time I go from having a blast to all is doomed, reversing all efforts at a new life. For some reason this always surprises me, though. I shouldn’t be surprised. I shouldn’t be sitting here unable to defend myself or explain away my differences.
You are confused. I’m sorry. Let me start over.
I have a situation involving Bane Wolfe. He is one of my friends if you recall, but he is acting peculiar. At least toward me. For example, he asks me odd questions, eyes me funny, and treats me different than everyone else in town. I don’t think this is a new occurrence, either. I feel like this has been going on for a while and I am only now noticing because I have fully settled into Stars Hollow and accepted my friends. Plus, I have a soulmate. To my dismay, however, there is no time to mull over this being paranoia or not before my sheriff friend confronts me… alone. I just know my life is about to crash around me.
There are no opportunities to deal with this personal issue, unfortunately. I have a hex to solve. A hex unrelated to the curses that can be found in witchcraft and wizardry, meaning there isn’t anything in my books or in Athanasius’ books to reverse it. Going to the coven is also out of the question due to the fact the caster is exempt from any form of punishment for the misuse of magic.
Who in the world is exempt from the law?
I am tempted to do something stupid, which is going to lead to contact with someone super unexpected.
You ready for this next magical adventure?
Note to Readers
Robyn Salem is on the autism spectrum. In fact, she is based on me. My own life and backstory have been used to create hers. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Death by Cupcake Series ~ The Holiday Collection : a Collection of 4 Culinary Cozy Mystery Short Reads by [D.E.  Haggerty]

“There’s a dead elf in the doorway!”

With those words, the adventures of the gals of Callie’s Cakes are back on! The ladies have their work cut out for them. There’s a dead Christmas Elf trying to spoil Christmas, a murderer determined to destroy Anna’s wedding, a thief doing his best to discredit Kristie’s Youth Facility, and a vandal out to stop Callie’s wedding. But there’s nothing a cupcake or two won’t solve.

Welcome to the cupcake bakery Callie’s Cakes where murder investigations are on the menu.

Recipes included. Cupcakes, unfortunately, are not.

Get all four holiday adventures in the Death by Cupcake series in one bundle. The holiday collection includes Christmas Cupcakes & A Caper, Fireworks, A Firecracker & Foul Play, Trick or Thief, and Saint Vandal’s Day

Christmas Cupcakes & A Caper
It’s all candy cane cupcakes and peppermint coffee until you find a dead elf on your doorstep. When the bakers of Callie’s Cakes discover a dead college student dressed like an elf on their front door, they decide to investigate. Will the gals of Callie’s Cakes find the killer before Christmas is ruined?

Fireworks, A Firecracker & Foul Play
When her fiancé is falsely accused of murder, baker Anna abandons the kitchen to solve the mystery. Because there’s no way her fiancé Logan would hurt anyone. He’s a cop. He fights crime. He doesn’t commit it! Will the gals of Callie’s Cakes solve the mystery before Anna’s July 4th wedding is ruined?

Trick or Thief
Kristie is convinced ghosts don’t exist until food starts disappearing from the storage room. When the ghost widens his hocus-pocus to include Kristie’s office, the gals of Callie’s Cakes jump in to find the culprit before Kristie can get in a whole mess of spooky trouble. Will the gals of Callie’s Cakes expose the ghost before Kristie’s facility is destroyed?

Saint Vandal’s Day
Callie is finally getting her dream wedding. Only a vandal is determined to destroy her bakery before the wedding can occur. The three women of Callie’s Cakes launch a mission to find the jerk who thinks it’s okay to attack the bakery. Will they find the vandal and save the cupcake bakery before Callie’s dream wedding is ruined?

Click BUY NOW to join the cupcake bakers on their adventures. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Robert B. Parker's Someone to Watch Over Me (Spenser Book 48) by [Ace Atkins]

In the latest thriller featuring the legendary Boston PI, Spenser and his young protégé Mattie Sullivan take on billionaire money manager running a network of underaged girls for his rich and powerful clients.

Ten years ago, Spenser helped a teenage girl named Mattie Sullivan find her mother’s killer and take down an infamous Southie crime boss. Now Mattie–a college student with a side job working for the tough but tender private eye–dreams of being an investigator herself. Her first big case involves a fifteen-year-old girl assaulted by a much older man at one of Boston’s most prestigious private clubs. The girl, Chloe Turner, only wants the safe return of her laptop and backpack. But like her mentor and boss, Mattie has a knack for asking the right questions of the wrong people.

Soon Spenser and Mattie find ties between the exploitation of dozens of other girls from working class families to an eccentric billionaire and his sadistic henchwoman with a mansion on Commonwealth Avenue. The mystery man’s wealth, power and connections extend well beyond Massachusetts – maybe even beyond the United States. Spenser and trusted ally Hawk must again watch out for Mattie as she unravels a massive sex-trafficking ring that will take them from Boston to Boca Raton to the Bahamas, crossing paths with local toughs, a highly-trained security company, and an old enemy of Spenser’s–the Gray Man–for a final epic showdown. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle. Hardcover, Audiobook

A Stranger at the Door (A Rachel Marin Thriller Book 2) by [Jason Pinter]

From the Amazon bestselling author of Hide Away comes the gripping second installment of the Rachel Marin Thriller series.

Rachel Marin is in a good place. After years of struggle, the single mother has found both a stable, loving relationship and a new purpose: putting her investigative skills to work solving crimes for the local PD. But just as the pieces of her life are finally starting to fall into place, her teenaged son’s teacher is gruesomely murdered, starting a domino effect that shatters her peaceful existence.

When Rachel discovers an ominous email the teacher sent to her just before his death, she knows she must help bring his killer to justice. But soon a figure from her past reappears, threatening to expose Rachel’s darkest secrets if she doesn’t tread lightly. And when her son is recruited by a shadowy businessman who may be connected to the murder, Rachel knows this has just gotten very, very personal.

Someone out there is dead set on keeping this grisly cover-up good and buried, which means if Rachel’s not careful, it’s only a matter of time before her dream life becomes her worst nightmare. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook