New Releases For The Week Of February 14th, 2021–Part 2

Dunes and Dead Bodies: A Read Wine Bookstore Cozy Mystery by [L.C.  Turner]

Matchmaker Cassandra Collins is no match for murder.

Trixie Pristine, owner of Read Wine bookstore, heads to Sand Dunes Resort and Spa for a 4-day Women in Business Conference hosted by Cassandra Collins, motivational speaker and the owner of a matchmaker service.

When Trixie meets Presley and Tillie at the conference, she knows she’s found some lifelong friends. But will those new friends help her find out who killed Cassandra Collins after she drops dead on stage?

Which suspect will they focus on? Will it be one of Cassandra’s matchmaking competitors, a member of her family or maybe her mistreated assistant finally had enough abuse?

Can the three friends solve the crime and learn how to win in business? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Case of the Abandoned Bones (Corgi Case Files Book 10) by [Jeffrey Poole]

While working his winery’s acreage, Zack is shocked to discover a complete skeleton buried in the ground, undisturbed for decades. Suddenly, the police are taking an interest too, and Zack could be in trouble. The bones of Charles Hanson, father of notorious femme fatale, Clara Hanson, are thought to be linked to a man named Red Dawg, a miner believed to be responsible for the start of the Oregon State Gold Rush in 1850.

Did Charles Hanson discover the hidden location of Red Dawg’s gold mine? Could Charlie have been silenced to keep the location a secret? And how can Zack be involved in a Pomme Valley murder that happened 50 years before he showed up! Sherlock and Watson, are on the case as they try, yet again, to keep their buddy Zack out of jail.

Readers are loving this cozy mystery series with its two indomitable dog sleuths. Zack, Jillian, and the corgis, Sherlock and Watson, are at it again in this delightful series that pulls you right in.

Praise for Jeffrey Poole and the Corgi Case files:

“Mr. Poole is pure genius at tying together a great murder mystery – with plenty of drama, suspense, and even a few laughs thrown in.” – 5 stars, online review

“… the [books] are like Potato chips – you can’t just eat one! So pick this one up and delve into the world of mystery, fun and intrigue…you won’t be sorry!” – C. Nantze, 5 stars on Amazon

“I can’t wait for the next book. I love mysteries and animals, so these books are perfect reading for me. Sherlock is a small furry Jessica Fletcher.” – H. Dudley, 5 stars online review

“The best thing–this guy loves the corgis, as I do, and he describes their behavior very well. Looking forward to future stories.” – 5 stars, Amazon

“An intriguing story with a wonderful cast of characters. The plot was excellent and filled with twists and turns it kept my interest to the very end!” – 5 stars on Amazon

“I absolutely love this series. If you like a good story, great characters and seriously smart and lovable canines, you’ll love this book. Start with the first book and work your way through the Corgi Case Files. They just keep getting better.” – K. Underwood, 5 stars online review

“Love love love this series!!! One of my favorites, the characters are fun and real. But of course Sherlock and Watson are the best, who wouldn’t want corgis like them! Can’t wait for the next book!” – C. Woody, 5 stars, Amazon (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Team Destiny and Archie's Apparition (Team Destiny Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 2) by [Belinda White]

Sometimes, dealing with family is hard.

When Mom scheduled a father and daughter shopping trip to the mall, I was more than a little anxious about it. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Archie. I did.

It was just awkward. Hey, unless you’ve had a father you never knew you had thrown at you after twenty-three years on earth, don’t judge me.

Unfortunately, the day turned into more than just awkward when Archie freaked out on me in the mall.

He thought he was going crazy.

The reality was much, much worse.

Now, as was per our usual it seemed, we were in a race against time to uncover and deal with the big baddie before it was too late for a close friend to Archie.

And just maybe too late for us too.

Because the big baddie we were up against this time was like nothing we’d ever faced before.

It was a really good thing we had a full team at our backs, huh?

Team Destiny and Archie’s Apparition is the second book in the Team Destiny Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series. If you like your mysteries with strong women and a touch of magic, what are you waiting for? Jump on in, the magic is ready for you! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Murder Most Pemberley (Eliza Darcy Mysteries Book 1) by [Jessica Berg]

Eat a crumpet. Check. Say “bloody hell” in an English pub. Check. Solve three murders and fall in love? Definitely not on the list. But when England dishes up murder, even an American girl knows it’s time to channel her inner Agatha Christie.

American Eliza Darcy travels to Merry Old England to partake in a Darcy/Bennet family reunion for one reason: to solve the estrangement between her father and uncle. Not long after Eliza’s arrival and exploration of the vast estate of her ancestors, a dead body surfaces. Murder and mayhem replace afternoon teas and flirting with her British heartthrob. Eliza has every intention of keeping her snoot out of official Scotland Yard business, but when clues to the murder begin to merge with her investigation into her family’s rift, her inner wannabe sleuth self-activates.

With the help of her batty great-aunt and the sexy Heath Tilney, Eliza hurries to untangle the web of lies and secrets. As corpses start to pile up faster than the clues, Eliza fears the estate’s family graveyard will swallow another body: hers. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Danger at Poppyridge Cove: Seaside Inn Mystery, book 4 by [Rimmy London]

A mysterious gift, and the secret she shouldn’t have kept.

When Abby and Chase celebrate their daughter’s second birthday, they’re surprised to find a mysterious gift on the table. Inside it lies a startling reminder. The ring Abby got when she was young, and a note from Kyle, the boy she feared. Having left the country years ago, she never expected to hear from him again, but somehow he’s found her. To make matters worse, she sees a man who looks exactly like her dad, but he vanishes before she can be sure.  

Chase had never heard of Abby’s old boyfriend, not until the gift. But if he wanted to speak with her after all this time, why would he simply sneak a gift onto the table and leave? Curious, he digs deeper into the mysterious person, only to find there’s no trace of him. Could his records really have vanished so completely? Or is there more to this mystery than Abby is letting on? Careful of where his questions are leading him, Chase struggles against the doubts forming in his mind.

When Kyle suddenly shows up on their property, he’s nothing like the person Abby remembered. Sleek and professional, he has a hugely successful business supplying hotels. Hopeful to start up a contract, he claims the gift was sent on a whim, as a nostalgic gesture. Unsure of what to do, Abby and Chase agree to tour his warehouse. But his plans are meticulously set, and they’re playing right into his hands.

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Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Knitting Needles and Knives (Silvermoon Retirement Village Cozy Book 3) by [Rodney Strong]

Knitting needles and knives, both can kill you.

Alice Atkinson is laid up after an ill advised attempt to prove age is just a number. When her friend Owen asks for her help with his wayward granddaughter, Alice finds herself drawn into thievery and murder. Soon she’s facing off with crooked cops and mobsters, but they pale in comparison to the teenager determined to lie to her at every chance.
Alice is going to need all her considerable wits to sift through the clues, find a murderer, and keep her loved ones safe.

Knitting Needles and Knives is the third book in the Silvermoon Retirement Village series of humorous cozies. Grab your copy now. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery Series: Box Set Four (Books 10-12) (Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery Boxset Book 4) by [Chelsea Thomas]

Books 10-12 in the Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery Series from USA Today Bestselling Author Chelsea Thomas.

Murders are a nuisance.

They get in the way of all the fun of small-town life. Pie-eating contests. Apple picking up at the orchard. Watching kids fly kites out in the field.

Miss May loves justice. So killers always get caught in Pine Grove. And when May teams up with her niece, Chelsea, there’s nothing that can stop them.

Except for maybe a snack.

Add May’s zany friend, Teeny, and you have three of the funniest ladies out there solving mysteries together.

When they talk it’s like I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners are rolled up into one, plus just a little bit of murder and intrigue to keep the pages turning.

It’s almost like they turn themselves.

You’ll follow every twist and turn with rapt attention. And your mouth will water at all the delicious food in these books. Lucky for you, in this box set, there’s always a new story waiting just around the corner.

You’ll love this box set because everyone loves fun cozies with lots of laughs.

Get it now. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Tying the Knot (A Wedding Crashers Mystery Book 2) by [Erin Scoggins]

The show must go on, but when a killer grabs the spotlight, can she solve the puzzle before her best friend takes center stage in the slammer?Glory Wells is back in Flat Falls and ready to turn her fledgling wedding planning business into a smashing success. Her first job? To create a dream wedding for a new reality show that takes disgraced celebrities from trashy tabloid fodder to “I do” divas.

But when a finalist gets killed by a sabotaged chandelier on set, police focus their investigation on Glory’s best friend, who had more than a few reasons to want the celebri-groom dead.

With a demanding producer turning the television nuptials into an epic spectacle, a cast of prima donnas with eye-popping secrets, and a killer ready for an on-camera encore, will Glory’s debut be her last starring role?

Tying the Knot is the second book in the Wedding Crashers series. If you like hilarious whodunits with a sprinkle of Southern charm, you’ll love this lighthearted cozy mystery. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A Sapphire Beach Cozy Mystery Collection: Volume 3, Books 7-9 (Sapphire Beach Cozy Mysteries) by [Angela K. Ryan]

Books 7-9 of the Sapphire Beach Cozy Mystery Series

Sun-drenched Florida beaches. A Fair Trade jewelry shop owner. Mysteries that will keep you guessing.

If you enjoy page-turner cozy mysteries, loveable characters, and palm trees swaying in the breeze, you’ll love the Sapphire Beach Cozy Mystery Series!

Hurricanes and Homicide (Book 7)
A hurricane has Connie and her friends hunkered down in Palm Paradise waiting out the storm. However, when a neighbor is murdered, Connie discovers that the storm might not be the only danger they are facing.

Kayaks and Killers (Book 8)
When Connie Petretta and her best friends spend a much-anticipated vacation day at the beach, a kayak floats in on the waves, bringing another mystery to the shores of Sapphire Beach. Meanwhile, Connie meets Zach’s parents for the first time, and she also receives a mysterious letter addressed to her deceased Aunt Concetta.

Friends, Foes and Felonies (Book 9)

When Connie’s former boss and mentor, Sam O’Neil, visits Sapphire Beach, a murder turns a relaxing vacation into an exciting adventure. Meanwhile, Gertrude gives her family a run for their money.

Begin your getaway today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Where There's Smoke, There's Arson: a humorous senior sleuth cozy mystery short read (The Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives Book 4) by [D.E. Haggerty]

Bernadette didn’t smoke. The fire couldn’t have been an accident!

Oh boy, the gray-haired knitters are at it again. Of course, they are. It’s been way too long since they ‘solved’ a mystery. But the investigator determined the fire at the craft store was caused by an unattended lit cigarette. Arson isn’t even a remote possibility. Except the owner Bernadette didn’t smoke and now she’s dead.

When Bernadette’s granddaughter asks me to look into the matter, the knitters practically cheer. They are on the case!

But is there even a case? Or are we seeing murder and arson where there’s merely smoke?

Each book in the Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives series can be read as a standalone, although they’re way more fun if read in order. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Stand-In Murder : A Humorous Cozy Mystery (Hollywood Whodunit Book 2) by [Brittany E. Brinegar]

Suicide or Murder?

Spoiler alert, an actress with the role of a lifetime doesn’t kill herself.

Following a successful foray into solving murders, Hollywood’s newest nobody, Becky Robinson, stubbles upon a new case to crack.

A house sitter on the brink of stardom is found dead in a ritzy California mansion. The cops are eager to rule suicide. But inconsistencies at the crime scene and missing valuables may point to murder.

A connection to a suspicious string of robberies lead Becky and her pals into the dangerous world of cat burglars and the black market. Can the team unmask a killer among a den of thieves?


Stand-In Murder is the unpredictable second installment in the Hollywood Whodunit cozy mystery series.

If you love clumsy heroines, a Hollywood backdrop, quirky suspects, and an adorable rescue puppy this series is for you! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery Books 1 - 3 by [Tonya Kappes]

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Tonya Kappes brings community, friendships, and family together in this heartwarming southern cozy mystery series.

Discover the southern life of Bernadette Butler, along with the eccentric and lovable citizens, along with all the fur babies, who live in Sugar Creek Gap in this NEW southern cozy mystery series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Tonya Kappes. Don’t miss out on the good RECIPES at the end of the book!

Everyone in Sugar Creek Gap has tried to fix up widow and beloved mail carrier, Bernadette Davis on several dates. They say she has to be lonely.

What they don’t know is how Bernadette’s life is filled…filled with everyone’s hidden secrets and obsessions. After all, she does deliver their mail and hears all the dirty laundry southern folks love to sweep secrets under the rug.

While on her route, Bernadette finds out the beloved Sugar Creek Gap Country Club is being sold and turned into condos. The developer is Bernadette’s best friend, Mac Tabor and right now he’s not very popular.

The entire town is against the development and eager to vote it down, vowing they will do whatever needs to be done to stop the sell of the country club to Mac Tabor.

Chuck Shilling, majority owner of the country club, and Mac have a public fight because Chuck is rethinking of selling the club to Mac. When Chuck is found dead, Mac Tabor is the number one suspect.

Bernadette discovers she’s got a penchant for discovering clues that just might help STAMP OUT a killer who is on the loose while trying to save Mac Tabor from going to prison for a murder he didn’t commit.
Mail Carrier Bernadette Butler makes sure she checks on all of her elderly customers on her mail carrier route during the colder months. It makes her feel good and lets face it, she’s trying to keep her mind off the feelings she’s having for her deceased husband’s best friend, Mac Tabor. Which makes putting everyone before her is easy.

Until she notices one particular customer’s dog is on the loose, Bernadette takes the dog back and something isn’t right. The door is open. Bernadette goes in to check on her customer only to find him murdered!

Bernadette knows someone knows something about the murder in the small knit community. Now that she’s help solve one murder, she can’t resist to try her hand at it again…of course not without the help of the FRONT PORCH LADIES and Vince!
Mail carrier, Bernadette (Bernie) Butler, along with the Front Porch Ladies, are curious of their new neighbor, Courtney Gaines, who is the niece of Florence Gaines, the wealthiest widow in Sugar Creek Gap. Florence lets it be known that she is seeing Zeke Grey, which doesn’t set well with the Front Porch Ladies. They were all in competition for Zeke’s attention.

Shortly after learning that Florence, who announced it rather loudly, that she and Zeke got married, while delivering the mail, Bernie overhears what could be the first marital spat.

As Bernie is happily awaiting the birth of her first grandchild, her best friend shares a feeling that something isn’t right between Bernie’s son, Grady, and her daughter-in-law, Julia. Grady seems to be very chummy with Courtney, which has Bernie singing high praise of Julia and how there is a new baby on the way.

When Florence turns up dead in mulch, coupled with what Sheriff Angela Hafley mentioned, Bernie can’t help but want to get involved and when Sheriff Angela requests Bernie to be a ‘snoop consultant’, she readily agrees. Bernie’s snooping leads her to information that hits a little too close to home and Bernie enlists her best friend, Iris for help. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Misalignment and Murder: A Chiro Cozy Mystery Book 2 (A ChiroCozy Mystery) by [Cathy Tully]

A doctor, a dog and a dead body!

It’s Halloween, and dastardly deeds at the fall festival land right in Dr. Susannah Shine’s lap. However, tripping over a corpse is only the tip of her troubles.

Susannah’s vivacious sister, Angela Rossi, has moved to town bringing her son with her. As Susannah adapts to life as an aunt, the murder investigation quickly implicates her newly divorced sister.

Juggling her parenting responsibilities with her need to clear her sister, Susannah discovers clues at Caden’s camp-out that point to a conspiracy at work in her small town. While tracking down the killer, Susannah finds herself following a dog dressed as Sherlock Holmes who digs up an important clue in the old Civil War Cemetery.

Can Susannah stop the killer before he strikes again?

Cathy Tully’s Misalignment and Murder is Book #2 in the Dr. Susannah Shine ChiroCozy Mystery Series. A light-hearted cozy mystery featuring quirky small-town characters, southern charm, and recipes. If you like Janet Evanovich and Jana DeLeon, then you’ll love this series that combines their best traits in a fast-paced, can’t-put-downable adventure.

Buy Book 2 in this fun-filled new series and get cracking on solving the case today. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback