New Releases For The Week Of February 28th, 2021–Part 4

Point Muse Cozy Paranormal Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1-3 by [Kelly Ethan]

There’s a murder or two in Point Muse, killers stalking victims and a nosy librarian turned sleuth. Let the mayhem begin.

Xandie Meyers thought all her troubles were over when she moved to Point Muse. Instead, she inherited a supernatural library and a snarky talking cat. In books 1-3 of Point Muse Cozy Paranormal Mystery Series, join Xandie and her family of chaos-causing and mayhem-loving witches as they dodge furry law enforcement while solving mysteries and murder.

If you like snarky dialogue, murder and a touch of mayhem, then you’ll love Kelly Ethan’s cozy paranormal mystery series.

This boxed set includes the first three books in the Point Muse Cozy Paranormal Mystery series:

Book 1: The Killer Knight and the Murderous Chairleg.
Book 2: The Dastardly Dragon Killer and the Poisoned Breath.
Book 3: The Murderous Monster and the Stony Gaze.

Unlock the Mayhem now! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Cupcakes and Catastrophe (A Belle Harbor Cozy Mystery Book 1) by [Sue Hollowell]

Questionable cupcakes, a snooty bookstore owner, and the annual kite competition gone awry…

First in the Belle Harbor Cozy Mystery series!

Tilly Griffin did everything by the book. Everyone else’s book. Now it was her turn to write a new chapter, three thousand miles from her former life. Her dream of opening a bakery like her grandma Luna was now becoming a reality.

No sooner does she arrive in the charming beach town, when she and her quirky uncle are tangled up in a mysterious death. When a kite competition judge is found murdered in the bookstore next to her uncle’s Checkered Past Antiques shop, Tilly questions her decision to move to Belle Harbor, and everything about her new life.

As the clues emerge, and the small-town secrets are revealed, Tilly’s uncle finds himself smack dab in the middle of the investigation, and surrounded by suspects. Will the murderer be nabbed in time for the bakery’s grand opening or will this close the book on Tilly’s dreams?

Cupcakes and Catastrophe is Book 1 in the Belle Harbor Cozy Mystery series. A light, cozy mystery in a quaint beach town with a fun loving, amateur female sleuth, her quirky uncle, and enough antiques and pastries to fill your home and your belly. No gore, swearing or cliffhangers. Can be read as a standalone. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENTS: A gripping UK Murder Mystery (DCI Garrick Crime Thrillers Book 1) by [M.G. Cole]


DCI David Garrick is recovering from the tragic murder of his estranged sister – an event that happened halfway across the world… 

Working for the Major Investigations Team, in Kent, he is immediately drawn into a new case: a murdered illegal immigrant. 

And she’s not the first…

Garrick begins to uncover the work of a serial killer. One with a grudge and passion for taking souvenirs off his victims. Tensions between the locals and the ‘unwelcome’ visitors are thinly concealed in the Garden of England’s quaint villages. But the resentment is there… 

And so is a disturbing connection to his sister’s murder across the Atlantic…

SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENTS is the explosive debut crime thriller novel from M.G. Cole – the first in a thrilling British crime series! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

TAGGED BY DEATH (RILEY MALLOY MYSTERY SERIES Book 1) by [Judith A. Barrett, Judith Euen Davis]

NEW RELEASE! Riley Malloy has a remarkable talent for understanding her veterinary patients. Unknowingly, she’s also the only one who can identify a serial killer.
As one murder follows another, the evidence she discovers may lead her to expose the murderer’s scheme.
When she gets too close, Riley finds herself in the crosshairs of the desperate killer as he escalates to a final murder. Can Riley escape his deadly intentions? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Death at First Night: A Deadly Paradise Mystery (The Deadly Paradise Mystery Series Book 3) by [Kimberly Griggs]

A blast from Mallory’s past has arrived in tranquil Key West, and she’s not at all thrilled about it.

Andrew Mercer, her former boyfriend and reason number one for her move to the Southernmost part of the US, is staking his claim. He wants her back, and he will stop at nothing to make that happen. Or is there a more nefarious reason he’s lurking about?

Mallory’s blonde, bombshell nemesis is found toes up with a scarf around her neck at the Hemingway Home Bookstore, and Andrew is suspect numero uno. Only, he claims he’s innocent and wants Mallory to find her killer or else. Spurred on by the desire to have her life back, Mallory employs the help of her quirky best friend, Juniper Jones, as well as newest gal pal, Ernesta Castro, a pot-laced-cigar-smoking hippie with a penchant for motorcycle-riding, leather-wearing giants.

With the hunky Huck Jameson MIA, Mallory turns to sexy Detective Luke Beckett for assistance, but it seems Beckett is after more than just a killer—he’s after her heart. Huck’s return could be problematic for their budding romance, but is he too late? Who will win her heart? And will the killer get to her before she can explore her own Happily Ever After? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Escape From Hiding: An Escape from Reality Cozy Mystery #3 by [Courtney McFarlin]

The infamous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is in full swing, and Shay Reynolds and the gang are knee-deep in the chaos. A priceless bike goes missing on Garrett’s watch and Shay jumps in to help track it down.

Along the way, she discovers a missing girl who may not want to be found and crosses paths with a notorious motorcycle club. Jared gets his chance to go undercover and hilarity ensues.

Will Shay be able to find the bike, the missing girl, and uncover the links that tie everything together before it’s too late? The motorcycle club is on her heels and time is running out! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The Poisoned Pink Punch: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (A Witch's Cove Mystery Book 10) by [Vella Day]

Death by poison is not a good way to go–unless the punch tastes good.

My ten-year high school reunion was supposed to be fun–seeing old friends and maybe even making a few new ones. And I was really looking forward to spending an evening with Jaxson’s brother, Drake, again. Too bad, when we entered the dance, one of Drake’s friends was lying dead on the floor covered in pink punch.

Sure Kyle Covington was a very rich investor who’d made his share of enemies, but had any of them been at the reunion?

Considering Drake’s connection with the deceased, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t do some investigating? After all, I knew most of the suspects. Out of the blue, an unexpected arrival joins forces with Drake–one with magic. Was she involved in the murder or would she help solve the case?

If you want to check up on the status of our crime solving, I’ll either be slurping down a chocolate shake at the Spellbound Diner or chatting with my aunt at the Tiki Hut Grill. Don’t worry–Jaxson and Iggy will also be on the case. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Who Killed Charlie Birch?: A Murder Tour Novel by [M K  Turner]

Who Killed Charlie Birch?
Charlie Birch is dead. A knife, thrust into his chest, has effortlessly sliced through his right ventricle, quite literally breaking his heart, which given his past behaviour was perhaps a fitting end.
An unexpected chain of events had placed a desperate Charlie and many of the Middle Mound villagers in the White Hart pub that morning. Then Charlie decided to hold them all hostage. That was his last mistake.
DS Sally Carter had been sent to Middle Mound to investigate an abandoned bus and several missing villagers but instead finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. Having grown up in the village, she knows many of the suspects from her youth. All the clues are there but will she catch the killer?

Who killed Charlie Birch? is the first in the Murder Tour series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The Fated Witch: A Paranormal Romantic Cozy Mystery (The Imperfect Witch series Book 3) by [Amelia Hopegood]

Jenny Sinclair has been enjoying the quiet life…… But no matter how hard she tries to lead a quiet life, it seems Jenny Sinclair can’t help being drawn into the mayhem that surrounds her……..

The main suspect in a murder case, Jenny is thrown into the underworld of organised crime and fraud. Challenged by an enemy she’s never faced before and the witching community, her skills are once more tested to their limits.

A choice she makes to save a colleague will start a sequence of events which could change her forever and lose her family and vampire boyfriend in the process. Yup, just another day in Jenny Sinclair’s complicated life.

Will she have the skill to protect everything she cares for most? Will her family ever stop interfering? Will she survive the danger she faces? Will she ever get the upper-hand with her all-too-clever familiar? (Okay, we know that’s a ‘no’, but we’re trying to build the tension here!)

Strong characters with complex histories and magical abilities work together in this paranormal romantic cozy mystery.

The Fated Witch has a generous dose of humour, action and romance.

The stakes are high in this powerful new installment of the Imperfect Witch Series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Zolton's Revenge: A Paranormal Genie Cozy: Wish Upon a Mystery Series by [Rachel Rivers]

A runaway genie turned P.I.
Murder at a well-known landmark.
But is it murder? Or a warning from the Almighty Zolton.

Dick and Hayley Jane are at it again. They may have found true love but they’ve also found real murder. Master Dick opens up his PI Investigations Agency just in time, to be hired by the island police to help solve the mystery around a body discovered at the famed Jacobean Great House. The occupants there are frightfully scared it might happened again. Meanwhile, Hayley Jane is afraid she might know who did it. Is this another warning strike across the bow of the great almighty Zolton?

.Zolton’s Revenge (Wish Upon A Mystery Series, Book 2 in the series) is a humorous full-length paranormal romantic cozy mystery.Like a little romance with your mystery? This is the ticket.

Wish Upon A Mystery Mysteries:
Bottled Up, Book 1
Zolton’s Revenge, Book 2
Master O’ Disaster, Book 3
Pre Order Today.
For readers of Adele Abbott, Belinda White, Constance Barker, Amy Boyles and Annabel Chase.

Editions Available: Kindle

Wool Over Your Eyes: A Desert Oasis Cozy Mystery by [Violet Patton, Mariah Sinclair]

Can you believe it? I don’t know the difference between knitting needles or fiddlesticks, but my sweet neighbor ladies invited me on their yarn crawl. They even coerced me into signing up for knitting class, even though I don’t work well with Others. I voted for best afghan, but turns out I made another big Oasis mistake. Next thing I know, I’m accused of murdering the knitting instructor, even though I cannot knit or crochet. Lemme tell ya, the inside of the Pima County Jail needs a professional decorator.
I must’ve done something wrong in my past lives, and now karma is paying me back. Giselle, the dead, mummified, former owner of our metal shed/park model, returns sharing words of wisdom. Last thing I need is a guardian angel instructing me on how to survive living behind the Oasis’ Pearly Gate.
Philly decides he wants to buy a brand-spanking new car, but I wasn’t having it. Showing him what I thought about his spendthrift ways, I left him in the dealership and found myself shopping in Huey’s Pawn & Swap. You won’t believe what happened there.
Follow this ol’ Texas gal and my Sweetie Bastard as we traverse the wild streets of Tucson. If you stick around long enough, I might read your palm, but first I finish reading the instruction book. Download Wool Over Your Eyes today. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Pie in the Hand (Pacific Pies Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by [Violet McCloud]

Pacific Cliffs is the place to be if you like beaches, breathtaking views, hand pies, the best burritos in town, all served with a side of murder.

Young widow Chloe Cotton moved into town to get away from her past, a past that seemed to haunt her every move. Her husband’s death was a shock and very hard to move on from. Pacific Cliffs holds both the home she inherited from her aunt and, since they never visited together, no memories of Erik. Her high school sweetheart was smart enough to take out a life insurance policy even when she scoffed that they would have many decades together. His foresight has allowed her to set up shop, and by shop, she means a beachside hand cart where she can sell her hand pies in every flavor imaginable. She will never forget him, but Erik would want her to move forward, so she’s trying!

Life is on the upswing…except one thing…

Richard Beckham won’t leave her alone. He nags her day and night to sell the house her aunt left her, but Chloe’s not budging, not for all the chai lattes in the world.

When she goes at the beginning of the tourist season to retrieve her handcart from storage, she stumbles onto something she didn’t bargain for. Richard’s cold, dead body on the floor.

And every finger is pointed at Chloe.

She has to solve the murder and get herself out of trouble all while keeping her tiny business afloat. This is not quite the cliffside getaway she imagined.

Not even close.

If you like clean, cozy mysteries with a quirky but strong sleuth, sweet pets, delicious food, and tons of red herrings, the Pacific Pies Cozy Mysteries series is for you. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Dragging Down the Culprit by [Rosie Sams, Agatha Parker]

The stakes have never been higher for P.I. Hannah and her dog detective Mazie when they’re embroiled in a murder mystery involving a mysterious quilt, ginger and one cunning family out to get what they want at any cost.
FREE with Kindle Unlimited. </b?

A garage sale purchase lands PI Hannah and her clever little beagle, Mazie in hot water. It turns out Eugene Meyer wasn’t completely honest when he shared the history of the quilt Hannah purchased. It hides a secret that could be deadly. Someone is so determined to have the quilt for themselves they’re willing to break into Hannah’s home and commit murder.

Hannah’s steadfast in her decision to discover who violated her home and murdered Eugene Meyer. There are many suspects and they happen to be Eugene’s siblings. Now, Hannah and Mazie must delve into a much larger mystery surrounding the quilt and what was held inside.

Can Hannah and Mazie solve the mystery and find the killer before it’s too late?

Also by Rosie Sams:
The Bakers and Bulldogs Mysteries Collection: 20 Book Box Set

Editions Available: Kindle

K-9 MYSTERY SERIES: Books 1-2 by [Bev Pettersen]

“Bev Pettersen packs a lot of tension into this fast-paced story. Awesome! Five stars!” T.R. Ragan, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

“Diving into a new Bev Pettersen book is always a delicious treat!” Lori Ryan, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author


Belated justice can be most satisfying.

For almost ten years, Nikki Drake struggled to deal with her sister’s mysterious disappearance. When another teen vanishes from the same riding stable, the details are too eerily similar to ignore, and she vows to uncover the truth.

No longer a child but a newly minted private investigator, she now has additional weapons in her arsenal, including a re-homed police dog and an enigmatic detective with ties to the horse stable. However, digging into her sister’s case erodes old trusts and brings dark secrets bubbling to the surface.

And this time they could be fatal…for her.

REPENT  (Book 2)

Sometimes the isolated countryside isn’t as peaceful as it first appears…

Local police aren’t very concerned when fourteen-year-old Billy Tanner doesn’t show up for his community service at their stable. Tossing a firebomb at a police horse isn’t something they can easily forgive.

Yet when the boy’s frantic grandmother begs PI Nikki Drake to hunt for her missing grandson, it’s a call for help Nikki can’t ignore. Her search takes her to the backwoods of California where a serial killer is pursuing his own brand of justice.

But time is not on her side…or Billy’s. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Hollyday Spirit: A Dandelion Ponds Mystery by [Beth Prentice]

How many Santa’s does it take to commit a murder?

Daisy Montgomery is stuck somewhere between life and death, leaving her spirit roaming Dandelion Ponds. One of the few people who can see her is super sexy Charlie O’Sullivan, a silver lining in an otherwise disarming existence.
When Mrs. Baker, Daisy’s neighbor, and faux grandmother, turns up in the morgue screaming she was murdered by Santa, Daisy is determined to find the killer, so Mrs. Baker can rest in peace. Convincing Charlie to help her find out whodunit isn’t difficult. Finding the murderous Santa amongst the town’s resident Saint Nicks is!
With Christmas Eve approaching and the annual Santa Contest about to bring more wannabe Santa’s into Dandelion Ponds, time is running out for Daisy and Charlie to find the killer and reveal who was behind the beard before another body drops. This time, it could be Charlie’s neck on the chopping board.

The only thing Daisy is certain of is that Santa is definitely not on the ‘nice’ list.

The Hollyday Spirit is a stand-alone novella in a new cozy paranormal mystery series (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle