New Releases For The Week Of March 7th, 2021–Part 3

Who's That Witch?: A Holiday Hills Witch Cozy Mystery (The Holiday Hills Witch Cozy Mystery Series Book 3) by [Carolyn  Ridder Aspenson]

My name is Abby Odell, and I’m leading a double life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But being a witch in a predominantly human world is challenging sometimes. My hometown, Holiday Hills, isn’t your typical small town. It’s a magical town, but not to the humans. At least not until recently.

Something’s happening and it’s not good. Magic is no longer hidden, and people are starting to witness events that don’t seem humanly possible. And that’s the problem. They’re not! Now my friends and neighbors are on edge, and some residents are even ready to turn Holiday Hills into the next Salem, Massachusetts.

Someone’s changing the way Holiday Hills works, and it’s my job to fix things before they change humanity and magic forever. The problem is, I don’t know the who, what, when or why…just the where. Now I’ve got to find the witch who’s joining worlds and stop them before they tilt the axis so far, Holiday Hills will never be the same. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Merry Wrath Mysteries Boxed Set Vol. V (Books 13-15) by [Leslie Langtry]

From USA Today bestselling author Leslie Langtry comes a boxed set of three side-splitting Merry Wrath Mysteries! This boxed set includes three, full-length novels featuring the CIA assassin turned Girls Scout troop leader, including:

Maltese Vulture Murder – book #13
Merry Wrath, former CIA turned Girls Scout troop leader, is over the moon when her wacky taxidermist sisters-in-law present her with a stuffed King Vulture named Nellie Lou. But while the bird is beautiful, the deceased vulture has a secret past that leads to unanticipated trouble—ranging from a bad LSD trip to actually tripping over a dead body in Merry’s garage!

Musket Ball Murder – book #14
When Merry Wrath’s Girl Scout Troop participated in a Civil War reenactment based on the little-known Battle of Idiot Creek, Merry expected trouble… but she didn’t expect to find a real human leg in the pretend medical tent! Only when the leg disappears, the sheriff doesn’t believe her, and the CIA gets involved, it’s up to Merry to prove that there was a murder before the reenactment ends.

Macho Man Murder – book #15
Girl Scout Troop leader Merry Wrath’s former life as a CIA agent comes back to haunt her, when a Chechen strong man show up in her suburban front yard. Now Merry finds herself wrapped up in a murder mystery that could spell danger to those closest to her, and she has to walk a fine line between doing the right thing for the wrong people, or the wrong thing for the right people.

Merry Wrath Mysteries:
Merit Badge Murder – book #1
Mint Cookie Murder – book #2
Scout Camp Mystery – short story in the “Killer Beach Reads” collection
Marshmallow S’More Murder – book #3
Movie Night Murder – book #4
Mud Run Murder – book #5
Fishing Badge Murder – short story in the “Pushing Up Daisies” collection
Motto for Murder – book #6
Map Skills Murder – book #7
Mean Girl Murder – book #8
Marriage Vow Murder – book #9
Mystery Night Murder – book #10
Meerkats and Murder– book #11
Make Believe Murder – book #12
Maltese Vulture Murder – book #13
Musket Ball Murder – book #14
Macho Man Murder – book #15
Mad Money Murder – book #16
Mind-Bending Murder – book #17

“Langtry gets the fun started from page one!”
~ Publisher’s Weekly (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Queen of Cozy Mountain (Cozy Mountain Mysteries Book 2) by [Pamela Grandstaff]

Emma has inherited a Victorian mansion full of antiques and wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast. Starting a hospitality business when she has no experience presents many challenges, especially when uninvited guests keep showing up demanding to be given rooms in a bed and breakfast that is not yet open.

Although estranged from her best friend, Abby, Emma can still depend on her other friends to lend a hand. Unfortunately, Cozy Mountain is full of self-declared experts eager to spy on her every move and spread evil gossip about her plans. To make matters worse, the resident ghosts aren’t happy with the renovations and are making their feelings known.

As if Emma hasn’t got enough stress, someone has attempted to kill both a workman and a new client, and she needs to figure out who the culprit is before they strike again.

The Grandview Boulevard class war is headed for a showdown with Emma right in the middle. Will Emma end up the Queen of Cozy Mountain or will she lose her head?

The Queen of Cozy Mountain is the second book in the Cozy Mountain Mystery series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

DEAD PAIRS WITH RED (The Kelly's Deli Cozy Murder Mysteries Book 1) by [Sophie Brent]

Gordon Ramsey meets The Thursday Murder Club.
Instead of serving salads to A listers on a superyacht in the Indian ocean, private chef and wine expert Erin Kelly is back where she started in the small Hampshire town of Kingsmede.

After the drama of the past year, all Erin wants to do is celebrate her birthday, keep her head down and enjoy working in the family deli while she sorts her life out.
Surely, she can manage that, if she tries really, really hard?

Except that Erin hasn’t even finished her birthday cake before she finds her elderly neighbour knocked out on his doorstep and her Italian godmother is accused of murdering a rival chef!

Secrets have been buried deep in Kingsmede, but Erin has no choice but to find the real killer before they strike again.
• But who would want to murder a catering consultant?
• What was the intruder looking for on the night her neighbour was attacked?
• And why does her godmother keep her pasta sauce recipe in her underwear drawer?

One way or another, this is not going to be the restful summer that Erin had hoped for.

Book One in the Kelly’s Deli Mystery series!
This witty and feel-good culinary cozy mystery features a deli-owning female sleuth, great Italian food and wine, real friends, personal loss, and re-invention. No cliffhangers, bad language, intimate or graphic scenes. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A Sprinkle of Sabotage (A Nosey Parker Cosy Mystery, Book 3) by [Fiona Leitch]

Don’t miss the next exciting installment in the Nosey Parker series!

A film company is coming to the Cornish village of Penstowan, and the whole village turn up to be cast as extras, even Jodie ‘Nosey’ Parker. Determined to join in with the fun and ignore any dramas, Jodie is going to make the most of this time with her mum and daughter and of the potential to see their name in lights… or really small writing on the credits page.

But right on cue, the company’s caterer is sabotaged and Jodie must step up. As other small accidents begin to happen, it becomes clear that the filming is being sabotaged. With actors behaving out of character and the house literally being brought down, breaking a leg is the least of their worries.

Can Jodie save the day once again, or will it be their final curtain call?

The third book in the Jodie ‘Nosey’ Parker cosy mystery series. Can be read as a standalone. A humorous cosy mystery with a British female sleuth in a small village. Includes one of Jodie’s Tried and Tested Recipes! Written in British English. Mild profanity and peril. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Scry's the Limit (Shady Grove Psychic Mystery Book 2) by [Ada Bell]

Just when Aly thinks she understands her psychic powers, a new mystery puts them to the test.

Life in Shady Grove is looking up. Aly’s excited to start classes at Maloney College, she loves her job, and her unrequited crush might be starting to turn into an actual flirtation. If only she could figure out how her sister-in-law died and help her brother move on, everything would be awesome. Then, Aly’s academic advisor and favorite professor turns up dead. 

Professor Zimm was a beloved teacher. Who would want to kill her? There’s the colleague who could make tenure in her absence; the athlete who resents having to retake the class; the husband who’s never around; the rich girl who’s determined to get an A at all costs. With no shortage of suspects, if Aly can’t narrow it down, the campus killer may never be brought to justice. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Whatever Ales You (Magically Suspicious Mysteries Book 2) by [Misty Simon]

Another round on the house…
Dealing with demons was not on Verla Faeth’s list of things to handle today. But she has no choice when they show up at her Ren Faire at the same time a dead body is found in the basement of the Tavern on the Line. Did the barkeep’s cousin take his own life, or was he helped along?
Mayhem ensues as Verla, her faithful dog Figiggly, and her ex-husband Finn, do everything they can to save the faire. But at what cost? And will it be worth it to make a deal with a demon? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Happy Hour: A Brandy Wyne Mystery by [Anne Avery]

I’d planned two weeks in paradise, lounging on the beach and swilling margaritas. Heaven!
Unfortunately, nobody told me kidnapping, death threats, and murder were on the agenda, too!

Week one: Learned to golf. Discovered dead body on the beach. Solved two murders. Escaped being murder victim number three. Barely. Check.

Plans for week two: With week one’s murderer now safely behind bars, settle in to enjoy said beach, swill more margaritas, and play more golf.

How it’s going so far: Beach and margaritas. Check. Golf. Check. Dinner with rich, hunky guy who looks great in a tux. (Last minute addition to plan.) Double check. Bashed over the head. Kidnapped. Almost drowned. Rescued by scruffy beach bum with a bad attitude. Learned I’m a suspect in the murder of one of my kidnappers. Found another dead body and confirmed the local Chief of Police really doesn’t like me. Check, check, check, and check.

One thing I’ve learned: Vacationing in paradise can be murder! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

An Exercise in Death (Starlight Cozy Mystery Book 2) by [Sarah Johns, Loretta Johns]

After Darren begs Jeannie to try to fit in more with the locals, she’s thrilled when a flyer comes though the door. She can make new friends, keep fit, and learn all about healthy meals at the same time! But when Dua Twist is found dead in the aerobics room, Jeannie realizes that not everyone is as friendly as they should be. The question is, can Jeannie figure out what Dua Twist did to make someone hate her so much? If she can figure it out, she might fit in better herself and catch a murderer. She’s sure she can do it, after all, she’s solved one case already! Besides, Amelia does it all the time in Ragamuffin and Mrs. Queen and Jeannie has never missed an episode. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Disappearance of Emily: Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series Book 2 by [Elizabeth Pantley]

“Incredibly enchanting and gripping. Will keep readers captivated from start to finish.” ~ Highly recommended – Chick Lit Café
“A magical, delightful tale that held my attention.” ~ Dru Ann, Dru’s Book Musings

“A captivating read! I couldn’t put it down.” ~ Linda C., Goodreads

“I felt transported to Destiny Falls…now that I’ve finished, I miss it already.” ~ Julie, One Book More

“A mix of unique characters, romance, mystery and magic.” ~ Charlene Q. Goodreads

“I had a fun time reading this one.” ~ Lola, Lola’s Reviews

“Just when I thought I knew who the killer was, BAM, a twist.” ~ Leslie, Storeybook Reviews

“Really stretched my imagination!” ~ Betty, Reading is my Passion

“Funny, fluffy, far-fetched, and fabulous!” ~ Elza Reads

“Generously seasoned with sass, class, and a dose of spunk. Delish!” ~ Pages & Paws


Hayden fell through a mirror and was thrust into an alternate, magical place. Destiny Falls is not on any map and is home to a family she never knew she had. The town is enchanted and charming, but something is amiss. She gets an ominous warning, and the promise of a package. Once it arrives, someone turns up dead and there are too many other suspicious episodes to call them coincidences. All signs point to the mysterious disappearance of her mother – way back when Hayden was just two days old. Can she identify and eliminate the threat before another person in her life is stolen away?


Elizabeth Pantley is the international bestselling author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution and twelve other books for parents, published in over twenty languages. The Disappearance of Emily is the second book in her well-received fiction series. Elizabeth lives in the Pacific Northwest and is the mother of four and Nana to one. Visit her at (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Double Vision in Ripley Grove (A Ripley Grove Mystery, Book 2): A Murder Mystery (The Ripley Grove Mystery Series) by [Shirley Worley]

A Disastrous Bridal Shop Visit Draws Amateur Sleuth, CiCi Winslow, Into the Path of a Drug Ring in Double Vision In Ripley Grove, a Cozy Mystery from Shirley Worley

–Present Day, Ripley Grove, Kansas–

CiCi is shocked to learn the owner of a local bridal shop is her Aunt Katherine, who begs CiCi’s help locating her missing daughter, Jenna. Unable to refuse, CiCi’s fiancé and local detective, Chad, warns against doing anything more than asking questions.

As Cici’s list of suspects grows, so do her suspicions that Jenna’s disappearance connects to a mysterious photo and newspaper story she’d been secretly working on.

CiCi’s actions clash with Chad’s protective nature when her probing crosses paths with a police investigation and put her on the radar of an illegal drug manufacturer. Now, she’s torn between risking her relationship with Chad and locating her missing cousin, Jenna.

Publisher Note: Shirley Worley offers readers a clean and wholesome mystery with small-town charm and Hallmark moments.

The Ripley Grove Mystery Series
Double Threat
Double Vision
Double Trouble

Editions Available: Kindle

Village Lies: A Gripping English Village Murder Mystery (The Sasha Blue Mystery Series Book 1) by [Linzi Carlisle]

One English Country Village – Two Missing Girls – Three Dead Bodies (so far…) – And loads of Poison Pen Letters

Sasha Blue drinks too much, smokes too much, and has bad luck with men. She also dreams of one day opening her own detective agency.

When her niece goes missing in the English village of Parva Crossing, Sasha leaves London, and books herself into the local pub to put her detective skills to the test, with the help of attractive local artist, Cal.

Quaint and pretty at first glance, Parva Crossing, sliced in two by the Black River, has a darker underbelly of hidden secrets and lies, madness, crime, misunderstandings, and even murder.

Among its varied residents, Dorothy Newton spends her time spying on her neighbours from her windows, while her husband, George, worries obsessively about his elderly mother, all alone in her cottage. Mrs Pringle runs the local chemist, providing a running commentary on village scandals, not that she’s a gossip, mind… while Barbara Fenton sits alone in her garden, at night, seeking the bottom of a vodka bottle.

Sasha is determined to uncover the truth behind the cruel poison pen letters that someone is sending, and in doing so, finds out secrets that some residents thought were hidden for good. But would they stoop to murder to keep their past a secret? And why does it seem that two different people are sending the letters? Will the poisonous letters lead her and the police to her missing niece? And who keeps dumping bodies in the Black River? Does the village have more than one killer, or is there a serial killer in their midst?

Murder, mystery, romance, and light humour all weave their way through this psychological crime suspense thriller, as village lives are changed forever.

Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell, and Sue Grafton.

Introducing Sasha Blue, London’s newest wannabee detective. Single, mid-thirties, and flawed, she’s many women’s relatable heroine. Village Lies is book one in The Sasha Blue Mystery SeriesBook two, Graphic Lies, releases later this year. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback