New Releases For The Week Of March 14th, 2021–Part 4

Not Quite Demons (Angel Bay Mysteries Book 2) by [Melanie James]

With one major mystery solved, Emmy and her friends planned to finally concentrate on something a little more enjoyable—hot guys. But their hopes are dashed when the dramatic arrival of a mysterious stranger heralds the beginning of yet another whodunnit.
Extortion, murder, kidnappings. It seems like Angel Bay is going to Hell in a handbasket. With so many people keeping secrets, just about everyone becomes a suspect. Emmy knows it just might take collaboration with the dark side to get to the bottom of things—in more ways than one! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Crumbs of Passion (A KC Crumb Mystery Book 1) by [Georgiana Daniels]

What do you get when you cross a jilted ex, a dead body, and a killer canine named Pooh Bear?

When social media manager KC Crumb is fired from her bougie job in L.A., she returns home to Beaver Bluff, Oregon only to discover a dead body in her new rental. Unfortunately, the body belongs to her philandering ex-boyfriend—a man she publicly threatened before she left town 15 years ago. Now all eyes are on KC, including those of hunky officer Antonio Hamson.

With the help of her new best friend, who happens to be a jiu-jitsu expert/librarian, and a gaggle of gung-ho ladies from her aunt’s bakery, KC and Pooh Bear set out to track down the real killer. Half the town is under suspicion, including a shady car salesman and a preening personal trainer, causing the clues to mount faster than the followers on her newly single social media profiles. And when her life is mysteriously threatened, KC has to sniff out the murderer…before the handsome officer hauls her in for homicide. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Bowling Blunder: A Magical Mane Mystery (Magical Mane Mystery Series Book 2) by [Stella Bixby]

Ellie thought her investigation days were over.

After finding herself in a new town, discovering a body in her cornfield, and nearly being murdered herself, she would have been fine never investigating another crime.

When a friend invites her bowling, Ellie thinks it’ll just be a fun night out with the girls.

She was wrong.

Now, someone else is dead, and people are coming out of the woodwork to ask Ellie to solve the crime . . . using her magic.

One problem: Ellie doesn’t know how to control her magic.

As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, Ellie has a barn to clean, a race to run, and—oh yeah—there’s the gorgeous guy who appeared out of nowhere and may know more about her magic than she does.

Will Ellie be able to harness the power of her color-changing hair? Or will she be left in the dark with a murderer roaming around?

Get the second book in the Magical Mane Mystery series today. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Felines and Fatalities: (A Kitty Beret Cafe Mystery) by [Ruth J.  Hartman]

When Ellie Warren, owner of the Kitty Beret Café, gets a request to host a cat show, she’s reluctant. That is, until she discovers it’s for rescued cats only. What starts out as a fun adventure turns south when one of the judges is murdered. Can Ellie, with the help of Detective Dare, and her clever cat Templeton, run the show, crown a Best in Rescue Winner of the competition, while at the same time find the killer? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Sinister Sign (The Westport Mysteries) by [Beth Prentice]

Who knew buying a house could be so dangerous?

Fed up with city life, Lizzie Fuller decides that moving home to the suburbs is just what she needs. But despite loving her family, the idea of living with them isn’t all that appealing.

And it doesn’t take long to find the house of her dreams…or nightmares—it’s really just a question of perspective.

The lonely run-down old Victorian in need of major renovations tugs on her heartstrings, and before she can stop herself, she’s fallen head over heels in love with it. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one who wants it, and the other bidders aren’t playing nice.

Deadly accidents, missing real estate agents and a chilling stranger, are all sinister signs that this is not the house for her. Still, Lizzie is determined to rescue this fixer upper or die trying.

Now all she needs to do is to win the auction and stay alive.

If only it was that easy…

A Sinister Sign is the prequel to Beth Prentice’s light-hearted, romantic mystery trilogy. If you like crazy families, cozy reads, and a sweet romance, all tied together with a ribbon of danger, then you’ll love The Westport Mysteries. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Courting Danger: A Bob Robbins Home Front Mystery (Bob Robbins Home Front Mysteries) by [J.G. Harlond]

“Dr Lanyon might have been a well-respected physician, PC Oliver, but he had the morals of an alley-cat.”

Cornwall 1943: Dumpy, grumpy wartime Detective Sergeant Bob Robbins is called out to investigate a suspicious death in a moorland pool.
The victim, Dr Corin Lanyon, was liked by all and loved by many – especially women.
Bob rules out suicide and starts to investigate the doctor’s connections to a Celtic heritage group.
Meanwhile, the doctor’s eccentric Aunt Hilda moves into his family home with a very specific agenda. Hilda appears quite mad, is she also evil?
With the help of the keen young PC Laurie Oliver, Bob reveals a network of deceit and stolen museum treasures.
Then another body is found in an ancient stone circle.
Is this linked to Dr Lanyon? Could one of the American GIs in the neighbourhood be to blame?
To track down the killer, or killers, Bob and Laurie first have to find out how the crimes were committed – starting with another visit to the bleak moorland pool and the discovery of dubious practices in a sacred cave in a hollow hill.

Courting Danger is a tangled web of clues for readers who enjoy rural crime fiction with a dash of humour. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A Witchy Secret (Witches of Whispering Pines Paranormal Cozy Mysteries Book 3) by [Rhonda Hopkins]

Secrets. Lies. And, murder.

Charley’s relationship with her boyfriend is better than she’d hoped, but she’s keeping a secret from him that could destroy his trust.

After disappearing for two years, her cousin’s father makes an unexpected appearance with secrets of his own. And, when a woman is found dead in the small town, accusing fingers point toward Danu’s dad.

It seems all of Whispering Pines is about to explode from the secrets it’s keeping. Can Charley expose the skeletons and find a murderer before chaos erupts?

If you enjoy magic, quirky characters, and small-town mysteries with a touch of romance, you’re sure to enjoy A Witchy Secret!

This is the third book in the Witches of Whispering Pines series. All books can stand alone. However, you may enjoy reading them in order to see the progression of Charley’s magic.

Editions Available: Kindle

Pet Psychic Mysteries Boxset Books 5-8 (Magic Market Mysteries Book 2) by [Erin Johnson]

A curse stole one witch’s powers, but gave her the ability to speak with animals. Now Jolene helps a hunky police officer and his sassy, lie-detecting canine solve paranormal mysteries.

The world of shifters and magic folk collide in the electric Darkmoon Night Market, where Jolene Hartgrave, a former lawyer turned pet psychic, lives and works. In books 5-8 of the Magic Market series, follow Jolene, Peter and snarky lie sniffing dog Daisy, as they solve mysteries and bring justice to the magical island in these hilarious and enchanting paranormal cozy novels.

If you like talking animal sidekicks, delicious riddles, and cheeky female leads, then you’ll love Erin Johnson’s enchanting tales.

Buy now, or read free with Kindle Unlimited, to swoop into a charming mystery today!

“I am in love with the characters in this series! […] If you love cozy mysteries, you will love all of Erins books, she takes the genre to a next level that I am so impressed with.” ★★★★★ from Sabetha

“Fun, funny, romantic, and a consistently good time.” ★★★★★ from JessicaR

“Ms. Johnson does it again! I just couldn’t put down this book even if my life depended on it.” ★★★★★ from Baroness Book Trove

“I loved the book. Quirky and funny with a bit of romance underneath. I can’t wait for the next one!” ★★★★★ from Sierraflowr

“It immediately starts funny! Oh how I love this lighthearted, fun style!” ★★★★★ from Nadine (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Player's Encore: Player Piano Mysteries Book 2 by [Joe Cosentino]

Can a man and a ghost be soulmates? When young music teacher Andre Beaufort unleashed the ghost of dapper Roaring Twenties playboy Freddy Birtwistle from his antique player piano, he never imagined they would fall in love and solve two murder mysteries. Now Freddy yearns to visit his family’s beach house in Florida. So, Andre and Freddy embark on a vacation to the stunning home which has become a bed and breakfast. Before Freddy can say “zotched,” a young, mysterious houseboy is murdered, the second hunky houseboy to meet the same fate. Will Andre and Freddy find the murderer to save the inn—and themselves?

A year later, Andre and Freddy venture off on a vacation with Andre’s uncle, an ex-priest, to Tuscany, staying at an inn which happens to have once been Freddy’s old family villa. Before the sun sets golden on the hills, a handsome young guest is murdered. Will Andre and Freddy uncover the secrets of Freddy’s ancestral home, solve the mystery, and find eternal love?

The Player’s Encore, the second installment in the popular Player Piano Mysteries series by Joe Cosentino, includes two cozy mysteries: The Beach House and The Villa. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Too Sweet To Die: A Charlie Sanders Mystery by [T Doyle]

Charlie Sanders, a happily married empty-nester has it all; sciatica, myopia, and a dead body on her LaZBoy.

Charlie, a geriatric nurse, uses her patients’ help and investigates the suspicious death of her tenant, But then she uncovers an adoption scandal that turns her town against her and makes her the killer’s next target. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The Nasty Business of a Bodyguard by [Elijah  Douresseau ]

Chef Alvin Gates, of Los Angeles, is new on his professional grind of being the private cook to the stars. He is an ambitious culinarian with a flair for Caribbean cooking and for promoting his cultural food roots in the West Indian diaspora. A couple of chance meetings has landed him in the kitchen of esteemed business executive, Jasmine Benjamin – AKA – Coco. Upon his hire, the FBI shows up, corners the young cook and squeezes him to become their eyes and ears on the inside of Coco’s operations. Why? She’s dangerous. End-of-the-world bad. As far as the Government is concerned, she’s public enemy number one. The Agency’s contacts could not be more clear: the nation’s safety and future are in the hands of a guy who just wants to rock the socks off his client with good food. But he will have to don more than a chef’s hat if he wants to survive his undercover foray into the epicenter of the sophisticated crime underworld. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Captive in Crete: The First Jet Wilson Cozy Mystery (Jet Wilson Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by [Lyssa Stanson]

When Jet visits her grandmother in Crete, she expects sun, sea, and sand, not a sexy police chief, a strange disappearance, and murder.

Jeanette (call me Jet, everyone does) Wilson is done with men, done with her boring job, and done with London’s grey skies. Sun, sea and sand is what she needs now.
She decides to visit her grandmother on the sunny Greek island of Crete. Grandma lives in the southern village of Sivas and is practically one of the locals.
Having sworn off men, Jet meets temptation on legs within minutes of stepping off the bus, and all her good intentions are tested to the limit.
Then Jet arrives in the village to find it in uproar. A housing inspector from Athens is upsetting all the locals. When the housing inspector is murdered, and Grandma is caught up in the fallout, Jet turns sleuth to solve the mystery and win Grandma’s freedom.
Help comes from an unexpected direction, but is it too good to be true? With everyone around her acting suspiciously, Jet must choose who to trust. Get it wrong and she could find herself the next victim… (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Empty Grave: Mary Linn, Gravestone Hunter by [Alexie Linn]

Mary Linn, Gravestone Hunter… The Empty Grave Book 3
What would you do if you were visiting a cemetery and found a grave marker with your missing father’s name on it… from about a hundred years ago?
Mary Linn and Valinda are off and running again in their pursuit of helping others gain closure for their loved ones. But this time, the closure is for both Mary Linn and Valinda when the marker is discovered but the remains have been stolen. And the two girls witness it from their tent!
Because Valinda goes missing, the questions multiply and the tension heats up.
How will Mary Linn, Lonnie, and Valinda make it through the fire this time? Will Mary Linn find her father and get the answers she’s been seeking forever? Will Mary Linn finally succumb to Lonnie? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The O'Brady Brunch: This is the Story of a Mean Old Lady (Just West of Orlando Book 2) by [R.A. White]

“What happened to the toilet seat?”

I flipped on the light to make sure I wasn’t mistaking the situation. Nope. The seat was gone.

“Taye, did you take the toilet seat off?”

“No, Mum, why would I do that? That’s not the kind of thing a little kid would do.”

I sighed, my hand on my forehead. “The same reason you took apart the ice machine. The same reason you opened the pipes under the kitchen sink. The same reason you put all the cleaning products in the freezer! Which is to say, who knows?”

Taye’s little boy face looked so innocent. “It wasn’t me. It was probably a gremlin.”

I rolled my eyes at him, about to scold him for his nonsense, but then I thought better of it. If a vampire could buy the farmhouse up the road, and if the cranky leprechaun woman across the cul-de-sac could harass fairies, why couldn’t a gremlin steal my toilet seat?

Pick up this funny, cozy Paranormal Women’s Fiction novel and escape to a world just west of Orlando. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle