New Releases For The Week Of March 28th, 2021–Part 3

The Crone Age: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Mystery (Widow's Bay Book 8) by [Rebecca Regnier]

In Widow’s Bay, when someone calls you a crone it’s a compliment.There’s an epic showdown brewing in the final book of this beloved Paranormal Women’s Fiction Series.

Menopausal witch, Marzie Nowak, is waiting for someone, anyone, to say she looks too young to be a grandma. But looks aside, her brand new grandbaby is rocking her world. Too bad everything else in Widow’s Bay is upside down. There’s a dead body, a haywire wand, and her beloved magical cat has been hexed! Between that and an ex-husband who’s decided to move in on her turf, Marzie’s feeling very much the crone.

Plus some new faces have moved into Widow’s Bay and they’re giving the Distinguished Ladies Club a run for their money. With a possible killer on the loose and everyone around her acting strangely, the pressure is on Marzie to sort things out. Big changes are afoot in Widow’s Bay and in Marzie’s family.

Don’t miss the epic finale as empty nest witches team up with handsome vampires and flirty shifters in the most magical town in Michigan.

The Crone Age is the eighth book in this spellbinding paranormal cozy mystery series. If you like clever heroines, snarky humor, and supernatural small towns, then you’ll love Rebecca Regnier’s bewitching mystery. Paranormal women’s fiction fans will want to move to Widow’s Bay. Where a hot flash means a witch is just getting warmed up! Join this coven of empty nest witches today!

Buy The Crone Age to fall under the spell of a witty, whimsical paranormal women’s fiction mystery! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Rest In Fleece: A Knitorious Murder Mystery Book 8 by [Reagan  Davis ]

Coming March 31st, 2021

The 8th book in the Knitorious Murder Mystery series!

*Paperback and Kindle Unlimited available from March 31st, 2021*

Calm turns to chaos when a mysterious fortune teller comes to town.

At first, the fortune teller’s pleasant predictions amuse the residents of Harmony Lake, but lives are turned upside down when she uncovers deep, dark secrets that some people would prefer to keep buried.

Mysticism turns to mystery when the fortune teller predicts her own murder.

When the finger of suspicion points at someone close to me, I’m determined to clear their name by finding the real killer.

Was the fortune teller’s tragic fate really in the cards, or did her secret identity and troubled past catch up with her? Were her psychic powers real or was she a crafty con artist?

With a little help from my friends, I predict we can find the real killer before the wrong person takes the blame.

If you like your cozy mysteries with a bit of humour, small town Canadian life, a hint of romance, a close circle of quirky, lovable characters that you wish you knew in real life, dogs and cats, and free knitting patterns, there’s something in this series for you.

Clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language.

Other books in the series:

  • Knit One Murder Two
  • Killer Cables
  • Murder & Merino
  • Twisted Stitches
  • Son of a Stitch
  • Crime Skein
  • Sins & Needles
  • Rest In Fleece

Each book in the Knitorious murder mystery series is a standalone mystery that is solved by the end of the book. The books can be read in any order, however the characters lives and relationships evolve and change over time. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Bell, Book and Scandal: Bedknobs and Broomsticks 3 by [Josh Lanyon]

Black Cats. Black Arts. Black. Mail.

Must a witch break his vows to save his marriage?

Cosmo Saville has never been happier. His adored husband has finally accepted his witchy ways. And in return, his promise to stay out of police business guarantees them a happily ever after. At least, until Cos discovers he might be a pawn in a dangerous game of blackmail…

Police Commissioner John Joseph Galbraith feels relieved that the lies and secrets are over and his marriage is back on track. Especially since he has his hands full with a high-profile suicide and rumors of a city-wide extortion ring. But when he stumbles across his own wicked witch breaking his vow by using magic to play sleuth, John agonizes over old wounds.

With the commissioner’s badge and family in jeopardy, Cosmo feels he has no choice but to use every power in…his power. Even if that dark decision costs him everything he cares about most.

Can the witch expose a dark conspiracy, save John’s career, and return to love’s delicious spell?

Bell, Book and Scandal is the third book in the Bedknobs and Broomsticks mystery-romance series. If you like quirky characters, snappy spells, madcap suspense, and Happily Ever Afters, then you’ll love Josh Lanyon’s bewitching supernatural story. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Death in Florence (A Year in Europe—Book 2) by [Blake Pierce]

“When you think that life cannot get better, Blake Pierce comes up with another masterpiece of thriller and mystery! This book is full of twists, and the end brings a surprising revelation. Strongly recommended for the permanent library of any reader who enjoys a very well-written thriller.”
–Books and Movie Reviews (re Almost Gone)

DEATH IN FLORENCE is book #2 in a charming new cozy mystery series by USA Today bestselling author Blake Pierce, whose #1 bestseller Once Gone has received 1,500 five-star reviews. The series (A YEAR IN EUROPE) begins with book #1 (A MURDER IN PARIS).

Diana Hope, 55, is still adjusting to her recent separation when she discovers her ex-husband has just proposed to a woman 30 years younger. Secretly hoping they would reunite, Diana is devastated. She realizes the time has come to reimagine life without him—in fact, to reimagine her life, period.

Devoting the last 30 years of her life to being a dutiful wife and mother and to climbing the corporate ladder, Diana has been relentlessly driven, and has not taken a moment to do anything for herself. Now, the time has come.

Diana never forgot her first boyfriend, who begged her to join him for a year in Europe after college. She had wanted to go so badly, but it had seemed like a wild, romantic idea, and a gap year, she’d thought, would hinder her resume and career. But now, with her daughters grown, her husband gone, and her career no longer fulfilling, Diana realizes it’s time for herself—and to take that romantic year in Europe she’d always dreamed of.

Diana prepares to embark on the year of her life, finally turning to her bucket list, hoping to tour the most beautiful sights and sample the most scrumptious cuisines—and maybe, even, to fall in love again. But a year in Europe may have different plans in store for her. Can A-type Diana learn to go with the flow, to be spontaneous, to let down her guard and to learn to truly enjoy life again?

In DEATH IN FLORENCE (Book #2), Diana arrives in Florence, ready to shake off the events of Paris and fulfill her lifelong dream of being proposed to on the romantic Ponte Vecchio bridge. But Diana can never possibly anticipate what she is about to find on that bridge, and how it may just turn her romantic dream into a ridiculous nightmare!

A YEAR IN EUROPE is a charming and laugh-out-loud cozy mystery series, packed with food and travel, with mysteries that will leave you on the edge of your seat, and with experiences that will leave you with a sense of wonder. As Diana embarks on her quixotic quest for love and meaning, you will find yourself falling in love and rooting for her. You will be in shock at the twists and turns her journey takes as she somehow finds herself at the center of a mystery, and must play amateur sleuth to solve it. Fans of books like Eat, Pray, Love and Under the Tuscan Sun have finally found the cozy mystery series they’ve been hoping for!

Book #3 (VENGEANCE IN VIENNA) in the series is now also available! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Deadly Diadem: A Paranormal Artifacts Cozy Mystery (Paranormal Artifacts Cozy Mysteries Book 2) by [Tegan Maher]

What kind of crazy witch curses a diadem to kill people? Apparently the kind that founds small beach towns and makes iced tea and finger sandwiches for cocktail parties. Why am I not surprised? This is, after all, the south.

I admit I messed up when I dragged a sunken treasure chest to shore. I’ll even take part of the blame for my obsessive-compulsive sister throwing them in an auction before I had a chance to check them for magical mojo. That doesn’t mean I should have to deal with snobby socialites and the weak-kneed weenies that bow at their Prada-clad feet. Especially when said socialite is dead.

Actually, it does. Because I come from a long line of powerful witches and warlocks tasked with keeping magical artifacts out of non-magical hands. Our family reputation is sterling, but just like all fine silver and old families, there’s a little tarnish here and there. It’s what makes us good at what we do.

Now I’m going to have to trot out every trick I know when a local woman keels over dead at her own bridal party. Not only do I have to figure out what killed her, I have to recover it before it finds another victim, then cover it up to keep magic hidden. Together with my best friend, a powerful warlock who’s personality tempers my own, and an ancient catalog that’s been in my family for generations, we’ll find the next artifact and take one more step toward cleaning up my mess. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Ghostly Grounds: Scandal and Supper (A Canine Casper Cozy Mystery—Book 5) by [Sophie Love]

“The perfect romance or beach read, with a difference: its enthusiasm and beautiful descriptions offer an unexpected attention to the complexity of not just evolving love, but evolving psyches. It’s a delightful recommendation for romance readers looking for a touch more complexity from their romance reads.”
–Midwest Book Review (For Now and Forever)

THE GHOSTLY GROUNDS: SCANDAL AND SUPPER is Book #5 in a charming new cozy mystery series by bestselling author Sophie Love, author of The Inn at Sunset Harbor series, a #1 Bestseller with over 200 five-star reviews!

Marie Fortune, 39, a successful dog groomer in Boston, leaves the stressful life behind and heads to a small town in coastal Maine to create a new life. She remains intent on renovating the old, historic house her great-aunt left her and giving it a new life as a B&B. Yet there was one thing she couldn’t plan for: the house is haunted. Two things, actually: her great-aunt also left her a dog—and he is far from a typical dog.

When Marie is hired to cleanse a unique and massive hotel in a nearby town, the scope of it is beyond anything she has encountered before. Just as she wonders if she has finally met her match, she learns that her local Mayor is trying to re-zone the downtown—and to shut down her B&B while he’s at it. Having a murder in the mix—for which she is pinned—hardly helps matters, either. In a multi-front war for her survival, can Marie manage to purge the ghosts, stay out of jail, and keep her livelihood?

A page-turning cozy, packed with mystery, love, hauntings, travel, pets and food—anchored around a small town and a B&B in need of renovation that will capture your heart—THE GHOSTLY GROUNDS is an un-putdownable cozy series that will keep you turning pages (and laughing out loud) late into the night.

“The romance is there, but not overdosed. Kudos to the author for this amazing start of a series that promises to be very entertaining.”
–Books and Movies Reviews (For Now and Forever) (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Muffins and Moonlight (Witch Haven Mystery - a fun cozy witch paranormal mystery Book 4) by [K.E. O'Connor]

Welcome back to Witch Haven. Where cakes explode, magic misfires, and mystery abounds.

I’ve had the weirdest few weeks of my life. I can handle being abducted by my best friend’s mom and her creepy lover, I can even deal with having a ‘boyfriend’ who’s old enough to be my grandpa, but I’m struggling with being accused of poisoning someone with a muffin.

The poisoning accusation has me panicking. I mean, my baking magic is failing, but it’s under control. I have my secret supply of magic, my hidden farmhouse, and my little white lies.

What could go wrong?

Oh, yeah. Being accused of killing Jinti Calrook. I didn’t do it. At least, I’m ninety percent sure my muffin wasn’t the murder weapon. Well, eighty-five percent sure. After all, anyone can have a bad day in the kitchen.

I have to solve this murder before I get hauled off by the Magic Council, leaving my sick uncle behind and all my lies to tumble out.


Meet Luna Brimstone, a witch with an enormous secret. She’s got everything sorted. At least, she thinks she has. But with the Magic Council on her tail, a debt collector after her, and a moody werewolf who might want to take a bite out of her, this witch has the fight of her life on her flour-covered hands. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Judge, Jury and Jailhouse Rockcakes: Wonky Inn Book 11 by [Jeannie Wycherley]

It’s Florence’s moment to shine!

The spooky housekeeper has become a firm favourite with fans of The Great Witchy Cake-Off, and now her baking book is about to be launched on an unsuspecting world. Our Alfie has agreed to chaperone Florence for a few days, so the pair of them head up to London to a swanky hotel to begin the press grind.

Unfortunately, it soon transpires that it’s Alf who needs chaperoning.

When she gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, our Alfie finds herself behind bars.

Innocent until proven guilty? Who knows! This is the cozy world of Wonky after all.


Another hilarious instalment in the beloved Wonky Inn paranormal cozy mystery series of books by Jeannie Wycherley.

Grab a ringside seat in court alongside all your favourite characters, along with some quirky newcomers, and see if you can work out hoodunnit!

With ghosts, goblins, witches and wizards galore–not forgetting Mr Hoo–you’ll love this latest edition to the long running and Amazon bestselling series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Berried to the Hilt: Gray Whale Inn Mystery (Gray Whale Inn Mysteries Book 4) by [Karen MacInerney]

When a lobsterman discovers a sunken ship, Cranberry Island is abuzz with excitement. Is the wreck the remains of the Myra Barton, the missing ship of island sea captain Jonah Selfridge? Or the elusive Black Marguerite, which belonged to one of the most notorious pirates of the 17th century and vanished without a trace―except for the ghost ship that old-timers say roams the water on fog-shrouded nights?

Soon the island is swarming with marine archaeologists and treasure hunters. It’s good news for Natalie―and for the Gray Whale Inn―until a body turns up floating near the wreck. Natalie finds herself immersed in the world of pirates and sunken treasure, both past and present. Will she solve the mystery and find the killer in time? Or will Natalie be the next to join the lost ship’s crew, down in Davy Jones’ locker?


“The fourth in this pleasant cozy series highlights the glories of Maine, which this time include several recipes chock-full of cranberries.”―Kirkus Reviews

“The satisfying conclusion will whet the reader’s appetite for Natalie’s next adventure.”―Publishers Weekly

“MacInerney is at her whimsical best in her fourth visit to the charming Gray Whale Inn on Cranberry Island, Maine.”―Mystery Scene (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

Quilt-Ridden by [Elizabeth  Craig]

Do good fences make good neighbors?

Miss Sissy is a talented member of the Village Quilters guild in tiny Dappled Hills, North Carolina. She’s also somewhat difficult to deal with as her new neighbor, Linton, discovered. Linton doesn’t understand why Miss Sissy’s house is almost entirely covered by thorny weeds like something out of Sleeping Beauty. Miss Sissy, on the other hand, doesn’t understand why that’s any of Linton’s business.

When Linton ends up very dead, Miss Sissy seems to be the obvious suspect. But Beatrice and the other Village Quilters are determined to discover the real murderer and clear Miss Sissy’s name—before the killer strikes again. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Heliotrope and a Haunting: Cozy Mystery (The Witches of Wormwood Mysteries Book 7) by [Silver Nord, Ruby Loren]

Hazel’s father is missing… last seen at the mansion that’s just gone up in flames.

Sifting through the ashes the next morning yields no further clues to his whereabouts, until Sean stumbles upon a secret that’s been hidden from the Salem family for decades.

When a body is found beneath the remains of the mansion, Hazel’s fears for her father’s safety grow.

By contrast, Sean’s suspicions about her father grow.

Sean, Hazel, and her aunts suddenly find themselves literally trapped in a mystery where the only way out is to solve the case.

To make matters worse, Hemlock keeps talking about a monster that he claims is stalking everyone, waiting to strike.

Hazel dismisses his claims as ridiculous scaremongering… until she finds tracks that no human could have left behind.

With ghosts, monsters, and a murderer to contend with, can Hazel and Sean solve the crime? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Social Medium (Hedgewitch for Hire Book 2) by [Christine Pope]

There’s no mean girl like an internet mean girl. Especially when she’s a witch.

Selena hasn’t been in Globe, Arizona, very long, but she’s quickly learned to be wary when her friend Josie gets a bright idea — like insisting she join the growing legion of internet witches. While being an Instagram star sounds like a good way to promote her metaphysical shop, Selena can’t ignore the feeling she’s about to get some pretty crappy juju dropped on her head.

It isn’t as if she doesn’t have time to produce content — or even date, since it appears tribal police chief Calvin Standingbear has ghosted her. Too bad the perfectly nice rancher who offers his place for a live-streamed solstice bonfire ritual doesn’t strike a single spark.

But when the dark side of social media rears its ugly head, Selena’s going to need all the friends she can get, including the secretive police chief. Because social media rivalries can be murder — and Selena could be targeted as a suspect…or the next victim. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle


A sudden trip abroad. Another tangled mystery.

A missing woman. A tangle of lies. A trail that leads to a hidden life.

When her boss’ friend is suddenly missing in Scotland, Jennifer Peetman is hot on the trail! With her French bulldog companion, Orly, she goes from her cozy home in Cornwall to the wilds of coastal Scotland, trying to track down the truth. The more she digs, the more lies and twists she finds.

Is it just a fluke that she’s the only one who seems to be interested in what happened to the missing woman? Or is it a cover-up for murder?

Clean language, and only rated PG because hey, there’s a murderer running around in this book. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Fudge and Frenemies (Maple Lane Mysteries Book 6) by [C. A. Phipps]

A foe or a murderous friend?

When Maddie accompanies Gran and Angel on a once in a lifetime trip to London to visit her mom and step father, she could never have imagined what awaited them. 

The run-down castle they inherited is targeted by someone who makes it clear that new blood isn’t welcome. 

With a murder on their doorstep, and old rumors resurfacing, things heat up and not just in the kitchen. Maddie must sift through the evidence before it disappears. 

Do the answers lie within the castle walls? Or with a family member? 

And will Big Red, Maddie’s faithful Maine Coon, forgive her for leaving him behind? 

The Maple Lane Mysteries are light, cozy mysteries featuring a quirky cat-loving bakery owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth.

The Maple Lane Mystery Series

Book 1 Apple Pie and Arsenic

Book 2 Bagels and Blackmail

Book 3 Cookies and Chaos

Book 4 Doughnuts and Disaster

Book 5 Eclairs and Extortion

Book 6 Fudge and Frenemies

Sign up for the new release mailing list and pick up a bonus epilogue or a free recipe book! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

BLIND RISK (Lucille Pfiffer Mystery Series Book 6) by [Tanya R. Taylor]

A professional woman with alarming intel on the upper echelons of society is found dead at the side of the road.

Dozens of potential suspects include: an Amish man, a mayor and a high-ranking member of the police force!

Will Lucille and Nilla be able to crack the case? And will their attempt to do so put their lives in jeopardy?

Only time will tell if this is a job too big and too dangerous for one blind woman and her fearless, little Shih Tzu. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Poison-Spiced Cupcakes: Cupcake Truck Mysteries by [Emily James]

Revenge is only sweet when you’re not the victim…

When the Lakeshore police department’s Christmas party turns deadly and outside investigators are brought in, cupcake baker Isabel Addington once again finds herself a suspect in a murder. Someone is either trying to frame her or kill her, and it’s not clear which.

The list of people who want to silence her isn’t exactly a short one.

She’s the primary witness in a murder trial, where the family of the accused doesn’t want her to testify. Her own divorce hearing is rapidly approaching, where her husband won’t want all his secrets aired. And if that wasn’t enough, her business partner’s ex keeps showing up where he’s least wanted, blaming everyone else for his troubles.

Isabel finds herself in a game of cat and mouse with someone who seems bent on revenge. Can she figure out who’s behind it all before she loses her freedom, or worse, loses someone she loves?

Poison-Spiced Cupcakes is the fifth book in Emily James’ Cupcake Truck Mysteries.

Cupcake recipe included!

This book is a “clean” read and contains no swearing, gore, or steamy bedroom scenes. While the series is best enjoyed in order, each book is a complete mystery on its own. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

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