New Releases For The Week Of April 18th, 2021–Part 3

Bonfires, Barbeques and Bodies (The Arizona Summers Mysteries Book 3) by [Susan Keene]

Arizona Summers has three loves, running the family-owned restaurant at Moonstone Lake, helping Sheriff Keith Wesley solve crimes, and the new hobby of photography. The first of her pictures reveals a body in the woods. After closer inspection, the death is ruled murder by crossbow; just like many other bodies found over the years near Moonstone Lake. The only thing they have in common is they all hunted at Goliath Deer Reserve, and none of their possessions or their vehicles were ever seen again.

While Arizona and Sheriff Wesley try to unravel the latest crime, another mysterious gentleman enters her Aunt Sandy’s life with a questionable past. To add to her problems, her mother, Emma, disappears after taking a large amount of money from her savings account. An internet search reveals a dangerous gigolo who makes a habit of taking advantage of widows with a little money in the bank. When Arizona confronts him, she finds herself cornered and a victim of a knife attack, only to be rescued by the loveable mutt, Nutmeg, but with deadly consequences.

Come follow Arizona’s latest adventure as she sets out to make Moonstone Lake a safer place to live as she navigates living in a small town (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Spilled Milk (Barks & Beans Cafe Cozy Mystery Book 4) by [Heather Day  Gilbert]

BOOK FOUR in the BARKS & BEANS CAFE cozy mystery series!!

Welcome to the Barks & Beans Cafe, a quaint place where folks pet shelter dogs while enjoying a cup of java…and where murder sometimes pays a visit.

The fall flea market has arrived in Macy’s small mountain town, and she’s taking a day off work to check out the local wares. As she and her Great Dane, Coal, wander through the booths, Macy’s more than a little taken aback to discover that her enigmatic tattooed barista, Kylie, is selling antique weapons at the event.

She’s even more shocked when Coal sniffs out a dead body…and the man appears to have been struck down by one of Kylie’s swords.

As rumors begin to circulate, the Barks & Beans Cafe also takes a hit. Customers are reluctant to order their mochas from a murderess. Macy stands by her employee, but even she believes there’s a whole lot more to Kylie’s history than the woman lets on. To make matters worse, Macy’s brother Bo is out of the country, leaving the cafe’s future in her hands.

And then her ex-husband Jake shows up, begging to make amends.

With the past rearing its ugly head, Macy has to ignore Jake’s distractions, appease the angst of her nervous customers, and convince Kylie to trust her, all before an elusive killer strikes again.

Join siblings Macy and Bo Hatfield as they sniff out crimes in their hometown…with plenty of dogs along for the ride! The Barks & Beans Cafe cozy mystery series features a small town, an amateur sleuth, and no swearing or graphic scenes.

The Barks & Beans Cafe cozy mystery series in order:
Book 1: No Filter
Book 2: Iced Over
Book 3: Fair Trade
Book 4: Spilled Milk (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Death Runs Adrift: The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries, 6 by [Karen MacInerney]

With her own wedding fast approaching and her mother-in-law dating an unexpected beau, the last thing Natalie Barnes needs is to find a young man shot dead in a dinghy. A note she finds with the body suggests the dearly departed had a secret rendezvous planned with somebody on the island. But when suspicion is cast on a fisherman Natalie believes to be innocent, she begins to wonder if the murder was the result of a lover’s quarrel…or a lobsterman’s disagreement gone horribly wrong.

Includes recipes!

“MacInerney’s charming sixth offers beautiful scenery, an assortment of appended recipes, and one of her strongest mysteries to date.”―Kirkus Reviews

“This book is an absolute gem.”―Suspense Magazine (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Witch and Peace: A Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Cozy Mystery Book 6 (Lily Sweet Mysteries) by [Bettina M. Johnson]

An unexpected ice storm. Another murder. A kidnapped loved one. Bringing the battle to the evil witch is the only answer. Will Lily Sweet survive?

That is what Lily is counting on when she decides sneaking into prison can bring her that much closer to her quarry. How else can she get access to the very place she’s been trying to enter all along, and hopefully make her way to where her enemy reigns supreme. Lily can bring the war to Donna.

Lily and Adelaide with the help of the meanest dark witch to ever grace Joe’s Diner, one Adriana Dolce, are in the war room, plotting and strategizing their next move in the quest to find and rescue Charlie Sweet – Lily’s long-lost father. But it isn’t all planning and no action. With a new-found respect for her studies, Lily is becoming adept at not only magic, but weaponry…thanks to Addy, and daily sparring.

Before a new spell is cast to find Charlie, Lily and her family will hit an unexpected road block that will lead them to seek answers with the very woman who has been behind all the evil…and take the battle to her doorstep to get them. During an ice storm to end all ice storms, a body turn up, Grandfather Antonio is kidnapped, and Lily winds up in trouble for smacking the hot new female deputy who just happens to be an old flame of Lorcan’s.

Nothing is ever easy…but Lily is ready for the fight. And she won’t stop until she has the tools needed to bring Antonio home, take Donna out, and remove the threat to her happiness…and heart. Lily embracing her dark witch is something to behold. When evil wants war…Lily is ready to battle for love…and ultimately, win! A Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Cozy Mystery, Book 6. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Sprinkles & a Situation (Dogs & Donuts Book 1) by [Emmie Lyn]

A donut a day doesn’t keep disasters away.

I’m Ellie Hart, and when a dog walking job falls in my lap, it looks like my luck has changed. Changed for the worst, that is, when the first thing I do is stumble upon a body.

And the new detective in town happens to be the most eligible bachelor around. And my new boss’s grandson. I’ve signed on for way more than I’d ever wanted.

With my job on the line, my black Lab at my side, and donuts in hand, my only choice is to follow the clues. But when footprints lead to evidence that doesn’t add up, I kick my natural nosiness into high gear.

My life is a complete mess, but with my new passion for sniffing out clues, I might just solve this dirty whodunit before the wrong person is arrested.

Grab yourself a huge helping of this clever new cozy mystery series. You’ll fall in love with Ellie Hart, her dog, and the cast of characters who keep her on her toes! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

MayDay! (The Juniper Junction Holiday Mystery Series Book 5) by [Amy M. Reade]

Lilly Carlsen has planned the perfect wedding reception for her brother, but her plans unravel in spectacular fashion when a dead body turns up and someone’s dangerous prank spirals out of control.

After Bill and Noley head off to their well-deserved honeymoon in the tropics, Lilly is determined to find out who was behind the events that turned a fairy-tale evening into the worst reception in Juniper Junction history. But all is not as it seems, and Lilly may be putting herself in grave danger by attempting to uncover the culprits.

And to make matters worse, serious family issues are mounting and Lilly may have to do the one thing she swore she wouldn’t do… (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Amish Cupcake Cozy Mystery Box Set Books 4-6 (Amish Cupcake Cozy Mystery Series Boxset Book 2) by [Ruth Hartzler]

Books 4, 5, and 6, three funny and delightful cozy mysteries in a box set of this USA Today Best-selling series.


Book 4. Speak with Confection

Book 5. An Instant Confection

Book 6. Confections of a Partygoer (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Dead as a Doornail (Stan Kraychik Mystery Book 6) by [Grant Michaels, Graeme Cheater]

A Stan Kraychik Mystery, Book 6 – Newly wealthy psychologist-by-training, hairstylist-by-experience Stan Kraychik buys the last unrenovated brownstone in Boston’s fabulously chic South End only to have the renovations held up by a freak April snowstorm – and the murder of the young, attractive contractor inside his structurally unsound brownstone.

Because the contractor resembled Stan, Lt. Vito Branco of the Boston Police Department thinks Stan might have been the intended target. While Branco wants Stan to leave town while he investigates the murder, Stan has ideas of his own. Looking into the death, Stan discovers that underneath the well-kept facade of his glamorous neighborhood lies a web of ill-kept secrets, jealousies, and resentments.

In the midst of all of it is something that motivated someone to murder, and Stan must find out who – and what – before the murderer strikes again.

A Lambda Literary Awards Finalist in 1998, this new edition includes a foreword by Graeme Cheater.

Critical Praise for Grant Michaels

A Body to Dye For is a delightful debut with a gay hairdresser-investigator who gets his fingers into a lot more things than hair. It’s a promising start to what looks to be a successful series.” – George Baxt, The Dorothy Parker Murder Case

Dead on Your Feet is a first-rate mystery with an Agatha Christie lineup of very possible suspects and Stan Kraychik playing a terrific Poirot.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“For Mask for a Diva, the opera setting, with its hilariously precise caste system of attitudes toward homosexuality, is as ripe for Michaels as it was for the Marx Brothers – and the finale even squeezes in a little bit of them too.” – Kirkus Reviews

“In Time to Check Out, Kraychik tracks his suspect to a hurricane-tossed tourist boat and finally sorts out the details of a breezy whodunit.” – Publishers Weekly

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

The Kay Sister: A Mystery Suspense Thriller (Turquoise Valley Book 3) by [Levi Fuller]

Rosa Kay is struggling to keep her life from falling apart.

Everything was turned upside down when a body was found in her small town with links to her father’s murder. Her eldest sister is still missing, and her youngest sister’s childlike worldview makes her a wildcard. Her relationship with Mark Fell is growing complicated, and her partnership with the reclusive Mr. Melbourne has raised more unpleasant gossip. She didn’t ask for any of this, and she doubts everything and everyone, even herself.

Now, Rosa has the FBI breathing down her neck. The stakes are getting higher in this dangerous game, and the secrets her family has been keeping for years begin to weigh more heavily upon her. Rosa doesn’t know who to trust, but she does know if she trusts the wrong person, things will turn deadly, and there is no telling who will get hurt.

If you like mystery suspense books, then you will love The Kay Sister.
Click the Buy NOW or Read NOW button at the top and join her search today.

Editions Available: Kindle

Bad to the Scone: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (A Craven Sisters Cozy Mystery Book 2) by [January Daphne]

Catching a killer is like mixing up dough for the perfect scone… You’ve got to get your hands dirty. 

When Willa Craven finds herself to be the prime suspect in a murder investigation, she has no choice but to swallow her pride and accept help from some very unlikely allies—a pretty-boy vampire from a place called Wolf Mountain, her ex-boyfriend who is definitely still mad at her, and of course, her sister Samantha, a reluctant but wildly powerful fire witch. 

Cracking this case becomes a lot more complicated when this scenic mountain town gets a few new visitors—including a rough-and-tumble gang of vampire bikers and a runaway teen hiding a supernatural secret. 

On top of that, the sisters must also learn to bake the perfect scone for the town’s annual bake sale, all while keeping their magical oven fire burning and their handsome, nosy baker from discovering their magical secrets!

When you’re in charge of saving the world, why be good when you could be Bad to the Scone?

If you love small-town mountain settings, sassy female amateur sleuths, dreamy vampires, mysterious shifters, sweet romance, and lots of laugh out loud humor, you’ll love the second book in January Daphne’s paranormal cozy mystery series, Bad to the Scone. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

My Spy by [Erin  St. James]

Sawyer Sweeney is a rebellious southern belle whose latest scandal has her back in her overbearing mama’s house. She’s fresh off a broken engagement and decides to swear off all the men in Hollis, her small Mississippi town.

Austin Sweeney is Sawyer’s gorgeous older brother who left a trail of broken-hearted belles behind when he took a job in South Carolina after college. Austin decides to come back to Hollis for two weeks to check in on his broken-hearted sister and brings his work colleague Ryan, along with him. Austin warns Ryan to stay away from his vulnerable sister, which Ryan easily agrees to since their job doesn’t allow for relationships.

When Ryan accidentally reveals the real reason Austin is in town, Sawyer struggles to keep it a secret. She learns Austin and Ryan are agents in the F.B.I and their latest target is Sawyer’s ex-best friend, Whitney Carmichael’s uncle. Sawyer sees it as an opportunity to get revenge on her old pal, but big brother Austin refuses to let her get involved with their undercover work. Ryan sees Sawyer as a valuable resource so he agrees to let her help, all while keeping her involvement a secret from Austin.

Can Sawyer keep her secrets straight and stay focused on the task at hand? Or can Ryan keep his promise to Austin and stay far away from his reckless sister? If not, Sawyer might end up in another scandal and left behind with only her broken heart. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

On The Rocks: A Brandy Wyne Mystery by [Anne Avery]

Check list for vacation in paradise: Swim suit. Sun hat. Sunscreen. Beach read book that probably won’t get read. Dinner dress. Sexy heels. Sexier underwear.

Stuff not included on list: Kidnappers. Murderers. All-around general bad guys. Good guys who are even scarier than the bad guys.

Being a rich widow wasn’t turning out anything like what I’d expected, especially since I fell for all the hype in those fancy brochures that had convinced me to book a vacation in paradise.

Okay, sure, my luxury escape included all the sun, sand, and fancy drinks with cute paper umbrellas a girl could want. I’d expected that. It even threw in a rich, single hunk of a guy who seemed more than happy to help me enjoy my new life. I definitely hadn’t expected that!

Unfortunately, not one of those brochures had mentioned kidnapping or murder. Worse, they hadn’t so much as hinted at the government guys who’d suddenly shown up at my door asking a lot of unsettling questions about my dead husband and his “associates.” Questions for which they were convinced I had all the answers, even though I didn’t. I hadn’t even known there’d be questions!

When the good guys scare you a whole lot more than the bad guys, who absolutely terrify you, you know you’re in Trouble with a capital T! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Frostbite: A Contessa Munroe Mystery (The Contessa Munroe Mysteries Book 2) by [G R Jordan]

An elite ski resort suffers a power failure threatening the safety of its guests. As the residents run supplies between the stricken lodges, a body is found butchered in the snow. Can the Contessa and Tiff discover who likes to truly carve up on the ice?

A fortnight of indulgence turns into two weeks of survival as an avalanche and stormy conditions cut off the exclusive Monte Rosa resort. But as the cold sets in with the power lines down, the Contessa finds out there are more deadly things on the slopes than snow and ice.

Frostbite is the second murder mystery involving the formidable and sometimes downright rude lady of leisure and her straight talking niece. Bonded by blood, and thrown together by fate, join this pair of thrill seekers as they realise there’s no such thing as pure snow.

Watch your back when they only ski on the red slopes! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

CONSTABLE ALONG THE LANE a perfect feel-good read from one of Britain's best-loved authors (Constable Nick Mystery Book 7) by [NICHOLAS RHEA]


It’s original, it’s funny…one of life’s little pleasures.” Yorkshire Post


The brilliantly entertaining and heartwarming books behind the hit 90s TV series “Heartbeat”. One of the top ten most watched shows of the decade.


“If we suffered three crimes in the district during a month, the local papers described it as a crime wave. These waves were very tiny, therefore, more like ripples on a village pond than the kind of waves that swamp ocean liners.”

A hay barn is set on fire at Low Dale Farm. It seems that an arsonist is targeting isolated barns.

Arnold Merryweather’s ancient bus helps catch a car thief.

And when Nick arrests not only a pig thief but also the expectant pig, the police station cleaner is not very pleased.

But it’s not all crime. A glider crashes into a romance in a thatched cottage and then Constable Nick is involved in a plot to force a penny-pincher to spend money.

Stories of a constable on his village beat in North Yorkshire. All very gentle and far, far removed from the hurly burly of modern day city policing.” Daily Telegraph

In the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside of the 1960s, Constable Nick’s roles are as varied as the eccentric villagers.

Perfect for fans of James Herriot, TE Kinsey, Gerald Durrell, J. R. Ellis or anyone who loves a great read.


Police Constable Nick Rhea has been posted to the country with his wife Mary and their three small children. They move into the police house, high on a ridge overlooking the moors. It sits on the edge of the village of Aidensfield — “probably the most beautiful site in the country”.

Sergeant Oscar Blaketon. A good, solid and dependable character who runs his little police station with fierce efficiency but under a tough exterior, is full of warmth, generosity and kindness

PC Alf Ventress. The old, easy-going constable whose local knowledge is vital to the running of Ashfordly Police Station. He does like Mrs Ventress’s hard-boiled eggs!


Just love Nicholas Rhea’s Constable books… easy reading delivers a heart-warming, amusing trip back to a very different kind of policing in the ’60s.” Joy Ellis

“Recommended if it’s laughter you’re after.” Bolton Evening News

“Richly entertaining.” Yorkshire Evening Post

Splendid reading.” Police Journal

“To be really blunt, this is not my normal reading fare, but I loved it.” Nancy

“I enjoyed this tremendously.” Melissa

“A wonderful and relaxing dip into the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors.” David

“A highly entertaining book which anyone who is looking for easy and humorous reading will enjoy.” Granny

“As I had served as a village constable in a delightful part of the North York Moors, it seemed logical to use that experience as a background to the stories, and to add a touch of humour which is always present in police work.”


Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook

Sweet Sanctuary: A Kate Huntington Mystery Prequel (The Kate Huntington Mystery Series) by [Kassandra Lamb]

Can love rise from the ashes?

When Kate O’Donnell runs into her old college sweetheart, Ed Huntington at a U2 concert, the last thing she expects to be dealing with is murder. Ed’s date is found dead and not only is he the prime suspect, but he unwittingly gets Kate involved as a potential accessory.

Kate’s always loved a good puzzle and she’s discovering she still has feelings for Ed. She can’t let him go to prison for something she knows he’s incapable of doing. Their love is rekindled as they try to find the real culprit… but will the killer find them first? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle