New Releases For The Week Of May 2nd, 2021–Part 2

Knee Deep in Dough (Cookies & Chance Mysteries Book 10) by [Catherine Bruns]

From USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bruns comes a hilariously homicidal Cookies & Chance mystery!

For once, baker Sally Muccio’s life isn’t a recipe for disaster. She’s happy to be out celebrating her wedding anniversary… that is until she spies her friend Officer Brian Jenkins with a gorgeous blonde who is not his newlywed wife. The woman’s name is Kelsey Sherman, and it turns out she once dated Brian. Which doesn’t make Sal feel any better about the situation, but she decides to mind her own business and enjoy her evening.

Only before the night is over Kelsey is dead from a gunshot wound, and Brian is found standing over her body. To make matters worse, the bullet is confirmed to have come from his own gun. Brian swears he had nothing to do with the murder, and Sal believes him, even if the rest of the town’s convinced that he’s a total crumb. With nowhere else to turn, Brian asks for help to prove his innocence. But when the tables turn and someone tries to kill Sal as well, she might come out of this mess battered for life.

*Recipes Included!*

The Cookies & Chance Mysteries:
Tastes Like Murder (book #1)
A Spot of Murder (short story in the “Killer Beach Reads” collection)
Baked to Death (book #2)
Burned to a Crisp (book #3)
Frosted With Revenge (book #4)
Silenced by Sugar (book #5)
A Drizzle Before Dying (short story in the “Pushing Up Daisies” collection)
Crumbled to Pieces (book #6)
Sprinkled in Malice (book #7)
Ginger Snapped to Death (book #8)
Icing on the Casket (book #9)
Knee Deep in Dough (book #10)

What critics are saying:

“A fantastic cozy mystery!”
—InD’Tale Magazine

“I want to visit more with all of the quirky characters just to see what crazy and outrageous things they will do next!”
—Fresh Fiction

“The Cookies and Chance Mystery series is more than just a series….it’s a family !! Once you read the first book, you are hooked and feel like a member of the crazy Muccio family.”
—Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Itching for Justice: Cozy Mystery (Country Cottage Mysteries Book 16) by [Addison Moore, Bellamy Bloom]

An innkeeper who reads minds. An ornery detective. And a trail of bodies. Cider Cove is the premier destination for murder.

***Includes RECIPE
My name is Bizzy Baker, and I can read minds—not every mind, not every time but most of the time and believe me when I say it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

A cooking competition is taking place at the inn and a celebrity chef is set to grace us with his presence along with his fabulous food. The best part? It’s the exact chef I’m hoping will cater my best friend’s wedding in just a couple of weeks. Along with that the mystery man that was catphishing my mother has suddenly shown up in Cider Cove, and I don’t trust him as far as I can throw his rock hard body. Speaking of bodies—I seem to have stumbled upon another corpse. But lucky for me, a perfectly adorable Samoyed works right alongside me and my sweet pets to help try to solve the case. But if we don’t solve it soon it will be a recipe for disaster.

Bizzy Baker runs the Country Cottage Inn, has the ability to pry into the darkest recesses of both the human and animal mind, and has just stumbled upon a body. With the help of her kitten, Fish, a mutt named Sherlock Bones and an ornery yet dangerously good looking homicide detective, Bizzy is determined to find the killer.

The Country Cottage Inn is known for its hospitality. Leaving can be murder.

A laugh out loud cozy mystery by New York Times Bestseller Addison Moore and her partner in cozy crime, USA TODAY Bestseller Bellamy Bloom.
 Cosmopolitan Magazinecalls Addison’s books, “…easy, frothy fun!”

Cider Cove, Maine is the premier destination for fun and relaxation. But when a body turns up, it’s the premier destination for murder. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A Dash of Sorcery (The French Quarter Witch Mystery Series Book 1) by [Constance Barker, Corrine Winters]

A Cat Familiar who wears a monocle…only in New Orleans Does that Look Normal

Hey there, my name is Georgette, but you can call me Georgie…everyone does. I own the local art gallery for up and coming artists in the city. I can also summon Mother Nature if need be. See, I’m a witch that controls fire, wind, water and the air. As the saying goes, don’t mess with Mother Nature. Although, I’m only mother to a cat familiar, Mr. Marcel.

Mr. Marcel is 196 years old and never lets me forget it. He wears a monocle…I don’t know why…he thinks it makes him look regal although all the other cats laugh at him. What these other cats can’t do that Marcel can is identify when someone is lying or exaggerating. He also has flashes of the future, however, those can be confusing and get us into all kinds of trouble. He’s my bestie and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Which comes to my next best friend Veronique. She has the power to speak to the dead, which comes in handy if someone is murdered. She also assists me at the gallery.

The local detective in our corner of the city is a warlock by the name of Raphael. His grey eyes put me in a trance, but I’m not sure he’s interested in me. At one moment he’s tender and another he’s aloof. Which makes me think he has secrets.

My mentor, Miss Hallie, is older than dirt. And I mean that in a nice way. The gal is old but still has the spunk of a 1200 year old. She owns the shop next to me, and performs a little tarot reading. Oh and she also raised me after my parents perished young. She likes her martinis dry and her jokes dirty.

And last but not least is my nemesis, Xavier. He’s a witch hunter, but mortal. He’s a thorn in my side as he thinks he’s more than he is. But he’s got his own secrets. Some that may change his world and mine.

When a murder occurs in my shop, I’m not willing to lie down and let the so called police take over. I will get to the bottom of it to restore my good name in the city of New Orleans. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Some Like it Witchy: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Mystery Books 16-18 by [Amanda M. Lee]

Bay Winchester grew up under the tutelage of the baddest – and maddest … and altogether most ridiculous – witch in the Midwest. Now she’s inherited the mantle … and there’s trouble around every curve.
Bay isn’t just a witch. She’s a necromancer with the power to command the ghosts around her. That means that each battle is somehow more fraught, and each day is somehow more magical as she slides toward happily ever with her FBI agent love.
The fights are bigger. The love is more encompassing. The hijinks are more hysterical.
Welcome to Hemlock Cove, Michigan, where magic and snark are about to collide.

Note: This three-book omnibus includes To Love a Witch, The Witch is Back, and Prelude to a Witch. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Witch in Time (Wicked Witches of Pendle Island Book 6) by [Mara Webb]

Chelsea Sponks is getting used to Pendle Island and its mysteries now. A murder mystery here and there? Nothing unusual. A missing person case? Par for the course. When a phone call from a friend disrupts a chaotic family meal however, a case lands on Chelsea’s lap that leaves her utterly baffled…

How can an entire town go missing?

With the help of her cousin, Lizzy, and her werewolf gardener, Adam, Chelsea decides to ditch her failure of a family dinner and goes to help her friend, Viktor. Chelsea’s witchy intuition is off the charts, and she suspects her friend is in mortal danger, a suspicion backed up by the abrupt screaming on their last call.

Together the three of them venture into an area of wild and unknown magic that resides at Pendle Island’s centre. Once they cross the magical threshold, they suddenly find themselves transported back in time, to an era of root beer floats, Cadillacs, and jukeboxes full of good old fashioned songs.

Lost back in time, Chelsea and her friends find themselves trapped in the past, wandering the streets of a town that never seems to have existed on the island, but always seems to have been there…

With a decades’ old cold case to solve, a friend to find and a missing town, Chelsea sure does have her hands full, and matters are only made worse when her talking cat, Artemis, sneaks along for the ride.

Will the gang solve the puzzle before it’s too late? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Cut Above: a Karnie Cleaver mystery by [Judi Lynn]

Karnie works in her family’s butcher shop. When Donna Amick stalks to the meat display case and tries to pressure her to leave the family business to work for her, Karnie turns her down, flat. But Donna doesn’t like to take “no” for an answer. The next morning, Donna’s body is found behind A Cut Above with a meat cleaver embedded in the back of her head. Detective Carmichael’s top suspect is Sam Lessman, who trained at their shop and then went to work for Donna as a full time butcher. Karnie knows it can’t be him and decides to prove it. Unfortunately, that’s a lot harder to do in real life than it is in the mysteries she reads. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Boarding Case Mystery Box Set: Vol 1-5 by [Laura Greene]

A thrilling complete mystery series that will keep you on the edge from start to finish.

A Deadly School (Book 1): “What was haunting you Anna?”

Detective Tina James is called in to investigate a number of suicide cases at Hartford Boarding School. She’s specifically told to treat the case as an internal matter to avoid bad publicity for the prestigious school.

Aptly assisted by dashing and kindly school chaplain, Nick Collins, Tina must enter unfamiliar ground to save the lives of those most at risk. When she comes across troubling evidence she’s forced into a race against time as she solves the sinister secrets of Hartford.

Buried In The Dark (Book 2): “Every time I get close to the truth, something stands in the way”

Agent James is making hostile enemies along the way. They have a target on her and threaten her life. With no time to spare, she must hurry to find the culprit before another student loses her life, or she herself loses her own life.

Close To Her Killer (Book 3): Will she really take her own life?

Agent Tina James is unsettled when she finds out one of the students has been followed home by her killer. A grotty rumor is spreading at the school which places one of her closest allies at the center of her case. With no one left to trust, Agent James is forced to discover within herself a deep tenacity that she needs to solve the case.

Grave Danger (Book 4): “I will find you, Nick.”

One piece of evidence reveals it all – a woman in Wyoming. Tina races to find her and learns a morbid family secret that has placed her and those she loves in grave danger.

Hunt The Judge (Book 5): This is not good, she thinks. This is really not good.

Find out if Agent James can save her school, her love and her life. This jaw-dropping conclusion will reveal it all.

Scroll up to one-click your box set copy today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Star of Sage & Scream (The Owl Star Witch Mysteries Book 1) by [Leanne Leeds]

A witch fugitive tracker put out to pasture.
A birthday gift from a goddess with feathers and strings.
Astra Arden’s light is about to shine down on Forkbridge—if it doesn’t blind her first.

As the eldest daughter of famed witch healer Minerva Arden, Astra Arden grew up knowing what they expected of her. Make healing potions. Learn to read the cards. Help the humans with whatever gifts the goddess Athena granted her. And when Astra furiously rejected her birthright—choosing instead to join the paranormal military at eighteen—her mother was heartbroken.

Thirteen years later, the Witches’ Council’s been overthrown and the paranormal world has no more use for the fugitive apprehension division Astra devoted her life to. Without so much as a pension, Astra finds herself back in her childhood home with no money, no career, no prospects…and under the thumb of a disappointed maternal high priestess.

But as her mother, aunt, and sisters celebrate Astra’s 33rd birthday, she is surprised by the goddess Athena’s unexpected “gift.” This wisecracking owl informs the former assassin she now has a new job assigned by the family’s patron deity: solve crimes before they happen, so they never, ever take place. If she refuses? The goddess will take her starlight magic from her forever.

Will Astra bend to the goddess’s will? Or will she walk away from the paranormal—and her family—forever?

Star of Sage and Scream (The Owl Star Witch Mysteries, Book 1) is a funny full-length paranormal cozy mystery. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

Cakes and Mistakes (Sweets and Secrets Cozy Mysteries Book 3) by [A.R. Winters]

When the town playboy Robert Knox is killed, Shepherd Fall’s baker Janelle becomes the prime suspect. After all, she was the last one to see him alive, and was linked to him romantically. But Jean knows there’s no way someone as sweet as Janelle could be a killer!

Diving head first into Rob’s life creates ripples in the town, and Jean quickly learns he was the cause of many secrets. A dentist and his pregnant wife, a waitress, and a reporter all seem to be a part of the web Rob found himself caught in.

As things become more dangerous, Jean realizes that she’s caught in the web too, and if she’s not careful—she’ll find herself the next victim. Now she has to save herself, catch the murderer, and help discover who is trying to sabotage Aunt Betsy’s bakery.

Praise for A.R. Winters:

“The perfect balance of being lighthearted, but still a serious page-turning mystery.” – Jaycie D,

“A fun cozy mystery with engaging and entertaining characters” – lq,

“For fans of Janet Evanovich, Rhys Bowen and Jana DeLeon, this is a funny, clean mystery.” – Clara B,

Cakes and Mistakes is the third book in the Sweets and Secrets cozy mystery series.

This is a humorous cozy mystery featuring a strong female protagonist, some unusual friends and co-workers, and a mystery that needs solving! It has no graphic gore, bad language or sex. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Pumpkin Spice Scare: A Small Town Cupcake Cozy Mystery (Cupcake Crimes Series Book 4) by [Molly Maple]

When mischief and mayhem are targeting the staff where Charlotte works, everyone is a suspect.

After Charlotte McKay stumbles upon her coworker’s body, theories about who could be targeting the staff at Bill’s Diner take on a life of their own. When secret shames are brought to light, it seems anyone could be a suspect in the small town of Sweetwater Falls.

Grudges run high and suspicions even higher when the killer strikes a second time. Forget about finding the criminal—Charlotte is concentrating on making sure she isn’t next on the murderer’s hit list.

Join Charlotte as she makes new friends and determined enemies in the cozy town of Sweetwater Falls.

“Pumpkin Spice Scare” is filled with layered clues and cozy moments, written by Molly Maple, which is a pen name for a USA Today bestselling author. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Faking It (A Wayfair Witches' Cozy Mystery #14) by [A.A. Albright]

When a bat arrives, telling Wanda that he is her familiar, and she is his witch, things get confusing …

Wanda already has a familiar, and he looks exactly like this bat, sounds exactly like this bat, and only eats mangoes – exactly like this bat. Is this new arrival a Doppel-Dizzy, or a sign of something sinister in the air?

As well as finding out why Dizzy now has a double, Wanda must deal with a strangely-behaving Max, and a murdered janitor. The janitor was killed in Wentforth’s College for Wizards, and an important magical object seems to have been stolen, too.

When Wanda finally solves these mysteries, she may not like the answers … (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Crime at the Lake: A Razzy Cat Cozy Mystery Series #3 by [Courtney McFarlin]

Hannah and Razzy Cat thought they were taking a relaxing week at the lake away from it all, but when Hannah discovers a dead body, there’s no time to kick-back. The local cops don’t appreciate outsiders poking around, and time is running out to solve the case. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Spells & Caramels Boxset of Books 4-6: Cozy Witch Mysteries (Spells & Caramels Boxsets Book 2) by [Erin Johnson]

There’s murder on the menu, and magic in the air. Read books four through six in the charming Spells & Caramels paranormal cozy series today!

Imogen Banks is struggling to make it as a baker and a new witch on the mysterious and magical island of Bijou Mer. With a princely beau, a snarky baking flame and a baker’s dozen of hilarious, misfit friends, she’ll need all the help she can get when the murder mysteries start piling up.

Buy The Spells & Caramels Boxset of Books 4-6 to dive into three cozy paranormal mysteries today!

“The Great British Baking Show meets magic, murders and mystery, with a little romance for good measure! You’ll fall in love with these characters.Witty, fast paced and fun books!” ★★★★★ – AC, Amazon Reviewer

“I enjoyed reading these stories so much I read the entire 3 stories in one day!” ★★★★★ -SJA, Amazon Reviewer

“Witty, fun and clean.” ★★★★★ – Krystal, Amazon Reviewer (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Spells & Caramels Boxset of Books 7-10: Cozy Witch Mysteries (Spells & Caramels Boxsets Book 3) by [Erin Johnson]

There’s murder on the menu, and magic in the air. Read books four through six in the charming Spells & Caramels paranormal cozy series today!

Imogen Banks is struggling to make it as a baker and a new witch on the mysterious and magical island of Bijou Mer. With a princely beau, a snarky baking flame and a baker’s dozen of hilarious, misfit friends, she’ll need all the help she can get when the murder mysteries start piling up.

Buy The Spells & Caramels Boxset of Books 4-6 to dive into three cozy paranormal mysteries today!

“The Great British Baking Show meets magic, murders and mystery, with a little romance for good measure! You’ll fall in love with these characters.Witty, fast paced and fun books!” ★★★★★ – AC, Amazon Reviewer

“I enjoyed reading these stories so much I read the entire 3 stories in one day!” ★★★★★ -SJA, Amazon Reviewer

“Witty, fun and clean.” ★★★★★ – Krystal, Amazon Reviewer

Editions Available: Kindle

Murder in the Mews: Miss Hart and Miss Hunter Investigate: A Novella by [Celina Grace]


It is 1935. Back in London, servant sleuths Joan Hart and Verity Hunter are enjoying life in the capital again. Joan has entered a tentative ‘understanding’ with Detective Inspector Marks, whilst Verity begins acting classes hosted by her uncle, Tommy.

Their new lives are rudely interrupted by a letter from a servant they’d once worked with: accused of the brutal murder of their elderly, wealthy employer. Joan and Verity want to help, but how can their friend be innocent of the crime when she and her employer were the only ones in the house on the night of the killing?

The two friends begin to investigate but as they know well from previous cases, people are always hiding secrets – some more deadly than others…

Praise for the Miss Hart and Miss Hunter Investigate historical mystery series, by Amazon and Goodreads readers:

“Thoroughly enjoyed this read. I’ve been waiting for this story since the first of the Asharton novellas was published and I am very glad to see more of Joan and Verity. I think they are a great mystery team. Smart and active, but in a believable way. You don’t ever wonder how they could do what they do within the confines of their social roles and their “real” jobs are never thrown to the side.”

“Celina makes her characters someone you care about. I enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to the next book in the series. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes mysteries, especially period mysteries.”

” I love her writing style. This book does not disappoint. A great mix of mystery, humor and wonderful characters. All in a beautiful Manor. Very enjoyable read.”

“I have read the four Asharton Manor books and enjoyed them all, but the first story that introduced Joan and Verity was my favorite and I am so glad the author wrote another story with the two of them. This time period is very interesting to me and then to throw in a couple murders to solve makes it extra interesting. I hope to read more about Joan, Verity and ( maybe Inspector Marks ?) in future books.” (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle