New Releases For The Week Of May 9th, 2021–Part 2

Prague, a Secret from the Past: A Czech Travel Mystery (The Homeswappers Book 4) by [Adriana Licio]

A look of pure hatred cuts across a packed theatre foyer, where one of the revellers has only hours to live.

The morning after a convivial evening, retired teachers Etta and Dora, on a homeswap from the South of Italy, are rudely awakened by Leon, the adorably mischievous Basset Hound who’s ready for his walk – at quarter to six! Taking advantage of the empty streets and pausing to admire the views over Kampa island from Charles Bridge, the trio find themselves instead looking down upon a murder scene.

Recognising the striking red dress she had seen a glamorous businesswoman wearing the previous evening, Etta identifies the victim’s body for Czech policeman, Jan Baloun. But despite notable successes when sleuthing on previous trips around Europe, this time, the friends simply want to enjoy their holiday. And Leon? This lovelorn hound only has eyes for the pretty she-Basset in the flat opposite.

When their new friend disappears hours after telling them about the dark days of Communism, and Etta and Dora themselves narrowly escape being attacked on their way home, the case becomes personal. What is the humorous Lieutenant Baloun hiding? Who was the traitor in the US Embassy, leaking vital information to the secret police during the tense days in 1980s Prague? And what bearing could that have on a crime committed nearly three decades later?

◆◆◆ Cosy fans, join Etta, Dora and Leon on an evocative delve into Prague’s hidden secrets. Can you piece together the puzzle before the killer strikes again? ◆◆◆


Prague a Secret from the Past is the fourth book in the The Homeswappers Mysteries, a humorous cosy series following the adventures of two retired teachers and their Basset Hound as they explore the most delightfully murderous European travel destinations and put their skills as sleuths to the test.

Written in British English, each light-hearted mystery is clean – no violence, sex or strong language – and can be read as a standalone or enjoyed in sequence:

0. Castelmezzano, The Witch is Dead – An Italian Cosy Mystery (A Prequel Novella)

1. The Watchman of Rothenburg Dies – A German Cosy Mystery

2. A Wedding and a Funeral in Mecklenburg – A German Travel Mystery

3. An Aero Island Christmas Mystery – A Danish Cosy Mystery

4. Prague, A Secret from the Past – A Czech Travel Mystery

5. Murder on the West Highland Way – A Scottish Cosy Mystery is the next book to come…

More adventures to follow! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Trailer Park Princess is a Dazzling Dumpster Fire by [Kim Hunt Harris]

After two years of hard-fought sobriety, Salem Grimes is ready to move forward with her life. She and her husband, Tony, lost ten years of their marriage to Salem’s drinking, and they can’t afford to lose any more. Salem is proud of the progress she’s made, and now it’s time to make the next step back toward a ‘normal’ life – maybe even have that baby she knows Tony wants.

As exciting as it’s been hanging out with her octogenarian partner-in-crime-solving friend Viv, Salem doesn’t need to join Viv in looking for a runaway girl – until she learns that she and that girl share a mutual acquaintance. Someone from Salem’s past. Someone who hurt her. Someone who’s reappearance in her life is such a shock, it sends Salem into a tailspin and derailing all her progress. Will finding the runaway girl help get her life back on track? And more importantly, will there be a life for her to go back to?

The most emotionally intense Trailer Park Princess story yet. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Skeptic in Salem: An Episode of Death (A Dubious Witch Cozy Mystery—Book 3) by [Fiona Grace]

“Very entertaining. Highly recommended for the permanent library of any reader who appreciates a well-written mystery with twists and an intelligent plot. You will not be disappointed. Excellent way to spend a cold weekend!”
–Books and Movie Reviews (regarding Murder in the Manor)

SKEPTIC IN SALEM: AN EPISODE OF DEATH is Book #3 in a charming new cozy mystery series by bestselling author Fiona Grace, author of Murder in the Manor, a #1 Bestseller with over 100 five-star reviews (and a free download)!

When Mia Bold, 30, learns that the pharmaceutical company she works for only cares about money, she quits on the spot, walking away from a high-powered career—and from her long-time boyfriend, who breaks up with her.

With the podcast and TV show taking off, Mia’s career and life are finally starting to bloom again—when her uptight family makes an unexpected visit to Salem, to cast doubts on her passion and to urge her to return home.

At the same time, Mia’s show must try to debunk a notoriously haunted house, now on the market for sale. Mia, unable to explain the phenomena, seems to have met her match—just as the real estate agent drops dead.

Could this house be as insidious as it seems?

Or might there be some other motive?

A mesmerizing page-turner, packed with intrigue, mystery, romance, pets, food—and most of all, the supernatural—SKEPTIC IN SALEM is a cozy with a twist, one you will cherish as it has you fall in love with its main character and as it keeps you glued (and laughing) throughout the night.

“The book had heart and the entire story worked together seamlessly that didn’t sacrifice either intrigue or personality. I loved the characters – so many great characters! I can’t wait to read whatever Fiona Grace writes next!”
–Amazon reviewer (regarding Murder in the Manor)

“Wow, this book takes off & never stops! I couldn’t put it down! Highly recommended for those who love a great mystery with twists, turns, romance, and a long lost family member! I am reading the next book right now!”
–Amazon reviewer (regarding Murder in the Manor)

“This book is rather fast paced. It has the right blend of characters, place, and emotions. It was hard to put down and I hope to read the next book in the series.”
–Amazon reviewer (regarding Murder in the Manor) (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Death by Equine by [Annette Dashofy]

Misplaced trust

Veterinarian Jessie Cameron agrees to fill in for her mentor, Doc Lewis, at Riverview Racetrack so he can take a long-overdue vacation. When he’s tragically killed by one of his equine patients the night before he’s supposed to leave, Jessie quickly suspects the death is anything but accidental. Her search for the truth is thwarted by everyone from well-meaning friends to the police, including her soon-to-be-ex-husband. Undaunted, she discovers layers of illegal activities and deceit being perpetrated by the man she thought of as a father figure, creating a growing list of suspects with reason to want Doc dead. Too late, she realizes that her dogged quest for the truth has put her in the crosshairs of a devious killer desperate to silence her. Permanently. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Blink of an Eye: Tiger's Eye Mysteries by [Alyssa Day]

When one of Tess’s friends…

…arrests another

What’s a pawnshop owner-turned-amateur sleuth to do?

Jack is a tiger shifter and a private investigator. Tess can see how you’ll die from a single touch. When a fifty-year-old skeleton turns out to be their friend’s long-lost husband, they know their search for clues may take them back half a century.

And the killer may be killing again today.

An ogre who runs a gambling ring…

…may be the only suspect still alive to talk.

Can a small-town girl and an ex-rebel soldier solve a mystery that’s older than they are?

What if everybody confesses?

You’ll love this latest laugh-out-loud addition to the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries, because Dead End is a town where family and friends mean everything, and dead bodies show up more often than indigestion on chili dog night at Bingo.

Get it now. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Eastwind Witches Cozy Mysteries: Books 1-6: Paranormal Cozy Mystery Box Set by [Nova Nelson]

Nora had it all figured out… until she died.

6 books, 1,000+ pages, 1 hellhound of a delightful ride!

Fans of paranormal cozy mystery can’t get enough of Eastwind Witches, and you’ll understand why as you tumble headfirst into the magical town of Eastwind where the supernatural has a knack for getting into super trouble.

Team up with Nora Ashcroft, a psychic witch who’s just getting used to her powers, and her snarky hellhound familiar, Grim, as they solve Eastwind’s toughest, hairiest, and twistiest crimes… all while trying to keep the lights on at the local all-night diner.

Included in this box set:
Crossing Over Easy (Book 1)
Death Metal (Book 2)
Third Knock the Charm (Book 3)
Queso de los Muertos (Book 4)
Psych-Out (Book 5)
Gone Witch (Book 6)

If you like small town mysteries, paranormal fun, and a whole heap of humor, get ready to chow down on the first six books of the Eastwind Witches Cozy Mysteries, served hot off the skillet in this single box set.

Start the series now to help Nora sleuth out: Who killed the werewolf in the diner with the frying pan? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Lethal Lesson: A Lane Winslow Mystery by [Iona Whishaw]

Lane Winslow trades crime solving for substitute teaching in the eighth installment of this mystery series that Kirkus Reviews calls “riveting”.

Back home in the Kootenays after her Arizona honeymoon, Lane offers her assistance when neither the outgoing teacher, Rose, nor her replacement, Wendy, show up at the local schoolhouse one blizzardy Monday in December. But when she finds the teachers’ cottage ransacked with Rose unconscious and bleeding, and Wendy missing, Lane delivers Rose to the hospital in Nelson and turns the case over to her exasperated husband, Inspector Darling, and his capable colleagues, Sergeant Ames and Constable Terrell.

Never one to leave a post unmanned, Lane enlists as substitute teacher for the final two weeks before the Christmas holidays, during which time she discovers a threatening note in the teachers’ desk and a revolver in the supply cupboard. But these clues only convolute the case further. Who has been tormenting these women, and where has Wendy gone?

Meanwhile, Darling finds the body of a hit-and-run victim in a snowbank miles outside of Nelson, the residents of King’s Cove are preoccupied by the possibility of a new neighbour, and Sergeant Ames is as confused as ever by the inimitable Tina Van Eyck. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Good Bones: A Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop Mystery (The Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop Mysteries Book 7) by [Tess Rothery]

Taylor Quinn is excited to support her sister’s dreams. Turning Belle’s derelict mansion into a history lovers’ destination might not be Taylor’s thing, but helping family always is. Even if it means spending the weekend with an old enemy.

Taylor’s ex-best friend isn’t the only difficult personality in the group, but the mansion is the perfect place for a socially distanced getaway. Unfortunately virus-exposure turns their weekend into a 14 day quarantine. Tensions rise as the women find there’s not nearly enough room for them and all their baggage. When tempers snap, someone ends up dead.

Can Taylor expose the murderer before this escape kills them all?

Good Bones is the gripping seventh cozy in the Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop Mysteries. If you like small towns, tight-knit families, and motives with deep roots, you’ll love Tess Rothery’s tangled tale.

Buy Good Bones to dig up an old grudge today. (Amazon)

Editions Available Kindle

A Body at the Tea Rooms: A totally addictive English murder mystery novel (A Kate Palmer Novel Book 3) by [Dee MacDonald]

Meet Kate Palmer! A semi-retired nurse with a sweet tooth for cake and a talent for solving crimes.

Kate Palmer is most disappointed when renovations at her sister Angie’s new tea rooms are derailed after a body is discovered in the cellar. She was looking forward to clotted cream teas with a seaside view. Instead she has another murder mystery to solve…

If the village gossip is to be believed, the unfortunate man was connected to the wealthy Hedgefield family. Kate is reluctant to get caught up in the investigation but a curious card in the victim’s jacket pocket sparks her interest. Not to mention the ridiculous rumour Angie is somehow involved! Keen to clear her sister’s name so she can finally eat cake in the charming tea rooms, Kate teams up with handsome retired Detective ‘Woody’ Forrest to untangle the baffling case.

After quizzing the locals over copious cups of tea, Kate begins to realise the Hedgefields, who live in a grand mansion and own half the village, are not as perfect as they make out. They’re hiding a long-buried family secret and plenty of people have a grudge against them, including a number of their ex-employees.

But who could have murdered a member of Lower Tinworthy’s most enviable family? Was it the old gardener? The seemingly sweet cook? Or the bitter maid?

Just as she inches closer to the truth, Angie goes missing. Does amateur sleuth Kate have what it takes to get to the bottom of this extraordinary puzzle and save her sister at the same time?

If you love murder mysteries with a brilliant cast of characters, twisty plots and plenty of cake, A Body at the Tea Rooms will have you hooked until the very last page! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, Faith Martin and Joy Ellis.

Why readers love the Kate Palmer mystery series:

Fantastic murder mystery, a charming whodunit, really, with lots of red-herrings to keep you guessing until the last page!’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Brilliant mystery… I found myself racing through this one, eager to find out who did what – and to who! A terrific read.’ Grace J Reviewer Lady, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A superb cosy mystery… It’s simply the perfect book… a fun, fast-paced, easy read.’ Readers Retreat, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Such a fun fast paced book, I devoured it in two sittings, I didn’t want to put it down!… I can’t wait to read more!’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Charming… What a perfect read with some tea… I gobbled it up in a day and evening!!’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

One of my fav authors… a satisfying whodunit and I really didn’t have a clue as all the suspects had motive and reason but the killer when unmasked was a surprise. 10/10.’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Full of superb village characters… LOL humour and a good storyline, this book had me “there and part of it” right from page 1 and I loved every word, just the right book for unsettled times when you can relax and be drawn into pure escapism.’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

The Cursed Lantern: A Paranormal Artifacts Cozy Mystery (Paranormal Artifacts Cozy Mysteries Book 3) by [Tegan Maher]

Burt Emerson was stubborn, rude, and ungrateful, but he didn’t deserve to die for it. Much, anyway.

Burt Emerson was one of the most contrary people the gods ever stretched hide over. He had it all – a great wife, a nice house, a corner office in a building he owned – but he took it all for granted. And then he turned up dead amid some bizarre circumstances. He’d reported his wife missing while she was standing right beside him, and claimed his grandfather’s watch had been stolen even though it was right there on his wrist. His partner said he wandered around the parking lot of their office building but never came inside.

That’s a little nuts even by our standards, so I decide to take a closer look. Why me? Because through an impressively confounded set of circumstances, I set a trunkful of cursed objects loose on the unwitting non-magicals in our town. Now I have to figure out which of the pieces in his collection killed him before somebody else dies and his wife goes to prison.

Just another Tuesday in Mystic Beach. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Marriage, Murder & Small Town Schemes: A Katy Cross Cozy Mystery Book 6 by [KC Hart]

Katy Cross has worked hard to make her daughter, Eudora’s wedding perfect. The church is decorated, the caterer hired, and the dress is gorgeous. Katy’s even arranged for Eudora to have her bridal portraits made at the Bentley Mansion, a sprawling estate filled with beautiful flowers and stately oak trees, owned by Katy’s beloved patient, Big Momma Bentley. The nuptials are set to be the most romantic ceremony Skeeterville has ever seen.

Until the photographer is found dead right in the middle of Eudora’s bridal shoot, and the police rule it a homicide. When the camera holding the wedding portraits goes missing, and Big Momma Bentley passes out and ends up in the hospital on the same day as the photographer’s demise, the dream wedding spirals into a nuptial nightmare.

What’s a mother of the bride to do, except get the wedding back on track before the blessed union becomes a scandalous spectacle. This is easier said than done, with the wedding fast approaching and not a single suspect in sight.

Book six in the cozy mystery series by KC Hart continues to follow amateur sleuth Katy Cross, her friends, family, and her band, the Moonlighters, as they strive to keep the tiny town of Skeeterville free of crime and mayhem. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Pancakes and Potions (Witch Haven Mystery - a fun cozy witch paranormal mystery Book 6) by [K.E. O'Connor]

I survived the bakery fire, but Uncle Albert is hurt, and Earl, my familiar, is missing. Everything’s falling apart.

Then my parents arrive and insist I leave Witch Haven. It’s too dangerous to stay. As they bicker over me, I try to piece my shattered life back together, but it doesn’t go well. There must be a way to fix this.

Things look up when treasure hunters come to the village to search for the mysterious gem of Witch Haven. They want me to cater for them, and since we’ll need money to rebuild the bakery, I take the job.

But then a murder takes place, and my knife is found in the victim’s chest!

Just when things couldn’t get any worse, the weather gets strange and another murder takes place.

What’s going on with this weird weather? Who set fire to the bakery? And who is killing the treasure hunters?

Luna Brimstone’s secrets explode in this exciting cozy paranormal murder mystery. What will her friends think when they know the truth about her? Will Cole want to date a witch with so many secrets? And will Luna survive long enough to put her family back together and find her missing familiar? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Good Golly Miss Holly (A Bluebell Cafe Cozy Mystery Book 5) by [Judith Jackson]

It’s springtime in Vermont; children have thrown off their coats, the trees and shrubs are in bloom, and the air smells fresh and alive. And for Harriet Pickles, life has never been better. She’s newly married, she’s settled into her new house, and her beloved café is doing well – they’re almost too busy.

But when a local property developer is found dead, and the most likely suspect in his untimely demise is the girlfriend of the Bluebell Café’s cranky chef, there’s no time to stop and sniff the crocuses. Detective Meachum is on the case and Holly is his number one suspect. Wally asks – demands – that Harriet and Claire find the real killer because as he tells them, “you’re better than nothing.” With those encouraging words, the two friends begin ‘poking around’. So what if numerous people tell them to mind their own business? They’ve never let that stop them from peering into windows and barging in where they’re not wanted.

Good Golly Miss Holly is a cozy mystery full of tasty food and lots of laughs, set in the beautiful small town of Sevenoaks, Vermont.
Includes some of The Bluebell Café’s most-loved recipes! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

In a Jam: A Freshly Baked Cozy Mystery by [Kathleen Suzette]

Sometimes you do something that puts you in a jam. Or in a pickle. Or some other canning-related idiom. You didn’t intend to do it, but there you are—the author of your own misfortune. Ask me how I know.

When Sandy Harbor is rocked by a brutal double homicide, it’s up to Allie and her new husband, Alec, to find the killer. The victims’ daughter is trying to find her footing after their deaths, but Allie has her eye on her. Could she have killed them, or was it someone else?

Summer in Sandy Harbor means it’s time to make jams and jellies—at least for Allie it does, and in her spare time, she’s trying to catch a killer. Her faithful partner in crime-solving, Lucy Gray, is along for the ride, and between the two of them, something is bound to go wrong. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Distant Dead (The Detective's Daughter Book 8) by [Lesley Thomson]

A woman lies dead in a bombed-out house. A tragic casualty of the Blitz? Or something more sinister? Sixty years later, the detective’s daughter unearths the truth… From the number 1 bestselling author of The Detective’s Daughter.

LONDON, 1940

Several neighbours heard the scream of the woman in the bombed-out house. One told the detective she thought the lady had seen a mouse. Another said it wasn’t his business what went on behind closed doors. None of them imagined that a trusting young woman was being strangled by her lover.


Beneath the vast stone arches of Tewkesbury Abbey, a man lies bleeding, close to death. He is the creator of a true-crime podcast which now will never air. He was investigating the murder of a 1940s police pathologist – had he come closer to the truth than he realised?

Stella Darnell has moved to Tewkesbury to escape from death, not to court it. But when this man dies in her arms, Stella, impelled to root out evil when she finds it, becomes determined to hunt down his killer and to bring the secrets he was searching for into the light…

Praise for The Detective’s Daughter series:

‘Lesley Thomson gets better and better’ Ian Rankin

‘Cunningly plotted’ Mick Herron

‘One of the most original characters in British crime fiction … Thomson’s plots are original and she draws her characters with genuine affection’ Sunday Times

‘In the best traditions of the classic whodunnit, this is Midsomer Murders for grown-ups’ Jake Kerridge, Sunday Express

‘Gloriously well-written … Thomson creates a rich and sinister world that is utterly unique’ William Shaw (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook