New releases For The Week Of May, 9th, 2021–Part 3

Campfire Blend (A Paramour Bay Cozy Paranormal Mystery Book 19) by [Kennedy Layne]

Delicious s’mores aren’t the only thing leaving a trail of crumbs behind in this baffling whodunit of the Paramour Bay Mysteries by USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne…

Relaxing massages, chilled mimosas, and hot saunas were all supposed to be a part of a weekend getaway for Raven, her best friend, and her witty familiar. Instead, they end up with curious fireflies and pesky mosquitos as bunkmates at a rugged camping retreat meant for those seeking to escape from their everyday lives in the rat race.

Deciding to make the most of a bad situation, Raven convinces her two tagalongs that campfires and ghost stories would be a fun experience. Things don’t go quite as planned when one of the guests turn up dead! It appears that they have another puzzling mystery to solve, and it just might have something to do with whoever or whatever is hiding in the woods.

You’ll want to bring along a flashlight, a sleeping bag, and your favorite backpack full of camping supplies to solve this campfire murder mystery! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

ONE EYE ON THE KILLER (MAGGIE SLOAN MYSTERY SERIES Book 4) by [Judith A. Barrett, Judith Euen Davis]

MAGGIE’s fight for survival continues in NEW RELEASE Book 4 of the Maggie Sloan Mystery Series saga.
A deadly attack on Maggie leaves her maimed, but the killer wants her dead.
Maggie uses her uncanny skills and talents to navigate through the conflicting lies, half-truths, and clues to piece together the seemingly unrelated deaths at a senior center’s staff and residents, real and fake jewelry, a fire, and a near-fatal attack on her. Maggie counts on the killer to underestimate her skills as she narrows her suspect list. The killer intends for her to die. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

SHERLOCK HOLMES The Langsdale House Mystery (The Watson Chronicles) by [Christopher D Abbott]

A murder suicide investigation at Langsdale House raises significant concerns for Inspector Bradstreet of Scotland Yard–but his superiors consider the matter closed.

When Dr Wallace Houston-Smythe, a well-respected medical man, apparently kills his stepson, Harold Houston, and then himself, Inspector Bradstreet’s misgivings on the detail of both deaths leads him to seek advice from Sherlock Holmes. With Holmes persuaded to investigate, he and Dr Watson follow clues leading deep into the heart of high-society London. Dr Wallace had a secret which certain powerful men will stop at nothing to ensure remains undiscovered. It falls to Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson to uncover the motives for those deaths–motives that appear intrinsically linked to the grisly goings-on at Langsdale House… (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Spotlight Scandal: A Magical Mane Mystery (Magical Mane Mystery Series Book 3) by [Stella Bixby]

Hollywood has come to Cliff Haven, and with it, lots of drama. 

Every year, the residents of Cliff Haven put on a Christmas play and try to avoid the theater’s curse. This year, someone won’t get out alive. 

Ellie Vanderwick has one singular line in the play—a line she can’t bring herself to say. Pair that with her newfound magical ability and Ellie has her hands full. 

But none of it matters when a visitor shows up claiming to know about Ellie’s family. In exchange for helping the visitor solve a years-old murder, Ellie may find what she longs for more than anything in the world. 

As long as she can stay alive. 

Join Ellie, Penelope, Mona, and the rest of the gang in the third installment of the Magical Mane Mystery series! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Best Slayed Plans (Poppy Lewis Mystery Book 2) by [Lucinda Harrison]

It’s not a renovation without a bit of complication—murder, to be exact.

Poppy Lewis wants nothing more than to spruce up the Victorian mansion bequeathed to her by her late uncle and finally have the bed-and-breakfast of her dreams. She’s worked for months to prepare for the renovation crew, but in Starry Cove, nothing ever goes according to plan.

A gruesome murder at the worksite throws a wrench into Poppy’s project, and when the local authorities clamp down on the renovation, she’s left to live in the middle of a construction zone. Worse, the deputy sheriff points the finger at her friend, and now Poppy must find the killer before everything goes bottom up.

On top of all that, the mysterious appearance of an eccentric elderly woman puts Poppy and her pals on edge. Throw in an unprecedented election and frustrating attempts to decipher clues in a ratty old notebook and it’s all a blueprint for disaster.

Can Poppy escape from this bed of nails? Find out in Book 2 of the Poppy Lewis Mystery series, Best Slayed Plans. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Babbling Brooke: A Grace Texas Murder Mystery (Grace Texas Cozy Mysteries Book 3) by [Cherry Northcutt]

Small-town reporter, Jessica Hart, is excited to interview country music legend, Cotton Knox. Cotton has a bad reputation with women. He even tries to steal a kiss from Jess. After his gig at the local dance hall, gunshots are heard, and Cotton is found shot dead in his dressing room!
Grace Texas is in an uproar. Suspects abound. Could it be Cotton’s ex-wife, his new girlfriend, or maybe a crazed fan?
It seems everyone has a secret from the past, including good-looking Detective Chris Connor. Even Brooke, the town gossip, has a story she’s not telling.
Can Jess and her feline friend Sweet Tea get to the bottom of this case before the killer strikes again? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The Imperfect Psychic: A Vexing Vision (The Imperfect Psychic Cozy Mystery Series—Book 4) by [Ashley King]

A VEXING VISION is book #4 in a charming new cozy mystery series by Ashley King, which begins with A DUBIOUS DEATH (Book #1), which has nearly 100 five-star reviews!

Charlotte Vale, 30, a psychic from New York City, has a dubious gift—her vision, not always accurate, often leaves her customers more confused than happy.

At a crossroads in life, Charlotte has made a drastic change: she has followed a vision to a quaint town upstate, and opened the bed and breakfast of her dreams, her beloved cat and companion Oliver by her side.

A rival psychic moves into town, taking away Charlotte’s business with her rosy and seemingly more accurate predictions. But as Charlotte scrambles to save her clientele—and bed and breakfast—before it’s too late, she is faced with a bigger problem: one of her clients has turned up dead.

And Charlotte is the prime suspect.

With her reputation on the line, will Charlotte be able to prove her innocence, solve the crime, and save her bed and breakfast once again?

A page-turning cozy mystery, packed with mystery, magic and humor—THE IMPERFECT PSYCHIC is an un-putdownable cozy series that will keep you turning pages (and laughing out loud) late into the night. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Miss Riddell and the Heiress: An Amateur Female Sleuth Historical Cozy Mystery (Miss Riddell Cozy Mysteries Book 4) by [P.C. James]

A lost fortune. A desperate hunt for answers. Can a persistent investigator unearth the truth and save a life?

Sydney, Australia, 1977. Miss Riddell just survived a mind-numbing audit. So when she’s approached by an Australian woman seeking to prove she’s entitled to inherit an affluent English estate, the amateur sleuth is tickled by the chance to crack an easy case. But when she heads to England and discovers the aristocratic claim has no substance, she didn’t expect her dissatisfied client to follow… or the danger she would attract.

Helping the Aussie further her cause, Miss Riddell believes there’s nothing left to uncover until she saves the woman from a hit and run. And with her keen eye spotting threats lurking in the shadows, the talented accountant is determined to expose a secret worthy of murder…

Can Miss Riddell unravel a sinister scheme before someone’s greed sends the poor soul to her grave?

Miss Riddell and the Heiress is the intriguing fourth book in the Miss Riddell Cozy Mystery series. If you like whip-smart heroines, compelling clues, and sensational twists, then you’ll love P.C. James’ captivating tale.

Buy Miss Riddell and the Heiress to solve an ancestral puzzle today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Rumors and Rose Quartz: A Cozy Mystery (Crystal Cove Cozy Mysteries Book 5) by [Cindy Stark]

Check out the series that readers are calling “Suspenseful, Magical, and Flirty”.

Finally, Opal is in sync with Lucas, and as a couple, they’ve teamed up for the neighboring town’s sand sculpting contest. The competition will be gritty, but Opal thinks their Siren’s Island sculpture just might sail to the top and win.

She wishes her newfound happiness could extend to everyone else in her life, too. But that’s not likely to happen with a paranormal hunting grandpa who can be crabby and outspoken, and with her psychic roommate who’s as powerful as she is crazy. Still, if Opal can keep Aunt Kettle and her grandfather from clashing, she’ll call it a success.

Lucas, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with his demon uncle, and he’s willing to do everything within his mortal power to get him to head inland and leave them alone.

Then, a body is discovered under the sand, and the tide turns. For the first time in his life, Lucas ends up on the other side of an investigation and needs all the help he can get. It’s up to Opal, her sweet kitten familiar, and her trusted friends to prove his innocence before he ends up in handcuffs, leaving the killer to roam free.

Rumors and Rose Quartz is the fifth book in the Crystal Cove Cozy Mystery series. If you like delightful small towns with unique characters and murder most foul, then you’ll love this fun and flirty story!

Grab your copy of Rumors and Rose Quartz today to immerse yourself in murder, magic, and mayhem.

Note: Does not contain gore, swearing, or adult-situations. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Raiders Of The Campsite (A Southwest Exposure Mystery Book 3) by [Jodi  Linton]

Welcome to Bushwhack, New Mexico: home to tourists, the great outdoors, and murder…

Camping for spring break should be a piece of cake for outdoor guide Andie Sullivan. She has her best friend and the sheriff tagging along as chaperones for the Wilderness Explorers. It should be all S’mores and ghost stories…but then Vivian is attacked and they discover a corpse.

Dang. The campsite went up in smoke.

With everything at stake, Andie must find answers about the attack—she has to dig deep into a community she’s called home since birth by asking all the right questions, sometimes at not the right time. As she tracks down clues to a suspect, Andie stumbles on a secretive treasure hunting group in Bushwhack. But one wrong move and Andie could become her own buried treasure.   (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Bloodshed in the Forest: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (The Viking Witch Cozy Mysteries Book 5) by [Cate Martin]

After more than a month living in the lost Viking colony of Villmark, Ingrid Torfa just barely feels at home there. As her magic grows, so grows the animosity of those who wish her gone from their world.
And now she faces a new challenge: a winter hunt, held in the deep, dark forest that surrounds the village. Her hosts the Thors swear to keep her safe from the dangers ever-present outside the walls of their hunting lodge.
Yet the real danger may lurk within those walls. Not all the other guests appreciate Ingrid’s presence among them. And then one of the hunting party disappears in the night. Taken by Odin’s Wild Hunt? A tragic accident.
But lured outside the lodge’s protective walls and then taken by Odin’s Wild Hunt? That looks like murder by magical means. As the only magical person in the lodge, suspicions fall on Ingrid.
She knows her own innocence, but if she fails to find the guilty party in time, someone else may die. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Medium's Protégé: A Cozy Ghost Mystery (Becky Tibbs: A Medium's Mystery Series Book 10) by [Chariss K. Walker, Marty  Parker]

In the 10th book in this sweet, clean cozy mystery series, Becky Tibbs helps someone from her past as well as a young friend.
Becky has always had a special relationship with little Suzie Black. Suzie has otherworldly talents of her own. She sees the spiritual companions of everyone she meets. In the past and before Becky helped her understand her gifts, it had gotten Suzie into a lot of trouble.
Now, with the Covid virus pandemic still raging, Suzie’s mother must go to Florida to help her own mother. She can’t take Suzie with her and must seek Becky’s help to watch over her daughter while she is away.
Join Becky and all the Tibbs family as they help ghosts in Asheville, North Carolina with their unfinished business.
Scroll up to order your copy now! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Key Mishaps in Lower Dimblebrook: A delightful cozy mystery about village life, gossip - and murder! (Isabelle Darby Cozy Village Mysteries Book 3) by [Julie Butterfield]

Who killed Donald Babbington? Was it a catnapping gone wrong or something more sinister? And why are the keys of Lower Dimblebrook residents disappearing? As usual, Issie finds herself a crucial witness in the latest murder. DI Wainwright returns to investigate and reignite their fledgeling relationship. Will he be her knight in shining armour or will Issie become Lower Dimblebrook’s latest fatality?

All will be revealed in the latest book in the Isabelle Darby Cozy Village Mystery Series.  (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Letters in Time by [Susan Reiss]

Emma Chase moves to a quaint Cottage she inherited outside St. Michaels, Maryland. Her plan is to rest and recover from the horrendous car accident that almost took her life. When the movers find an antique plantation desk hidden in the garage, she has it moved into the Cottage. The next morning, a mysterious letter appears dated 1862 and signed by a stranger named Daniel, who declares his love for Emma.
Does she believe in ghosts? Should she respond?
Then, the police arrive to investigate a murder committed across the creek from her Cottage. Is there a connection? Does Daniel hold the secret that can save her from a murderer?

Letters in Time is the first book in a new series of historical fiction mysteries set in St. Michaels, Maryland Eastern Shore, named in 1,000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

How the Wall Crumbles: a humorous senior sleuth cozy mystery short read (The Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives Book 6) by [Elaine Spaan]

Special release price of 99¢!

The last place I expect to find myself on Halloween – in a Cinderella costume no less – is the scene of a crime.

A wall at a construction site fell and accidentally killed one of the workers. Naturally, the gray-haired knitters are convinced the wall didn’t fall all on its lonesome. No, they claim, murder is afoot! They’re just looking for an excuse to start another murder investigation.

When the police discover the wall didn’t crumble like a cookie, the knitters are determined to discover who used the wall to cover up a murder. It doesn’t matter that absolutely no one – including the police – has a clue why the victim was murdered.

The gray-haired knitters haven’t failed to solve a mystery yet. And they’re not going to now either.

Can the Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives find the killer when they’re plum out of suspects?

Each book in the Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives series can be read as a standalone, although they’re way more fun if read in order. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle