New Releases For The Week Of May 23rd, 2021–Part 3

Marquesses, Muskets, and Murder: Victoria Parker Regency Mysteries Book Four by [Jennifer Monroe]

When a Marquess is murdered, Victoria Parker finds herself embroiled in an inquest tainted by lies and deception.

Now that her friendship with James Kensington has become something far more wonderful, spinster Victoria Parker is determined to make their relationship work. Yet this notion is immediately challenged by their differing views on how to mind Percy, the young boy who has been left in her care.

Then a new challenge arises.

When Lord Phillip Ridlington, Marquess of Longly, a client and friend of Parker Accounting, is found shot dead in Ashbey Park, Vicky suspects something very personal is at play. Whether it be a faithful butler or a wife who plays bizarre games, Vicky finds a host of nobles and commoners alike who all have a reason to want the marquess dead.

With conflicting alibis, grand tales of war, and a shameful secret someone would kill for, Vicky finds herself inundated by conflicting information throughout the investigation.

How will Vicky sift through the truths and lies to learn who murdered the marquess? And can she and James understand that just like in business, romance takes two to make it right?

A cozy, romantic Regency murder mystery that will keep you guessing til the end. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Show Me the Money (Heist Ladies Caper Mysteries Book 5) by [Connie Shelton]

Amber Zeckis has just flown home to Phoenix after a dream vacation with her dream guy in Paris. But things go sour when she is stopped at the airport and US Customs finds a huge amount of undeclared cash in her luggage. The problem is, Amber has no idea where it came from. The authorities don’t believe her and it’s looking like she could be facing prison time and fines. She calls on her friends for help, and the Ladies are faced with their trickiest case yet.

Praise for USA Today bestseller Connie Shelton and The Heist Ladies:

“What I loved most is the international flair of this story … I gave this a 5-star because of the grab, the clutch, the pace, and most of all, because of the characters. Great job!” –online review

“The Heist Ladies series is going to be off the charts! Thank you Connie Shelton for such an awesome book.”                       – 5 stars, Goodreads reviewer

“Wonderful characters, terrific plot and story line. I highly recommend Diamonds Aren’t Forever … can hardly wait for the next installment!” –5-stars, Amazon review

 “Connie Shelton gets better with every book she writes.” –The Midwest Book Review (on the Charlie Parker mysteries) (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Murder Most Confusing (Sliver Lake Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by [Rodney Strong]

What do you do when the only ones you can trust are your cats?

When Rose Morgan and her two cats Kaos and Madness come to Sliver Lake, she’s just planning to clear out her late Grandma Louise’s house. But when a dead body turns up in her kitchen she is plunged into a search for the truth. The problem is, she’s new to town and doesn’t know who to trust.

The stakes are raised when a second body turns up. Suddenly the big city is looking safer than the small town.

Murder Most Confusing is the first book in this humorous cozy mystery series by Rodney Strong. Grab your copy today. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Beachfront Bakery: A Perilous Cake Pop (A Beachfront Bakery Cozy Mystery—Book 3) by [Fiona Grace]

“Very entertaining. I highly recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader that appreciates a very well written mystery, with some twists and an intelligent plot. You will not be disappointed. Excellent way to spend a cold weekend!”
–Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (regarding Murder in the Manor)

BEACHFRONT BAKERY: A PERILOUS CAKE POP is book #3 in a charming and hilarious new cozy mystery series by #1 bestselling author Fiona Grace, whose bestselling Murder in the Manor (A Lacey Doyle Cozy Mystery) has nearly 200 five star reviews.

Allison Sweet, 34, a sous chef in Los Angeles, has had it up to here with demeaning customers, her demanding boss, and her failed love life. After a shocking incident, she realizes the time has come to start life fresh and follow her lifelong dream of moving to a small town and opening a bakery of her own.

After a popular food critic trashes Allison’s bakery, he ends up dead—and suspicion falls on her. With business failing, Allison’s only hope is to solve the crime and clear her name.

But it’s not so simple: the dead critic infuriated a long line of people, and any of them could have gladly killed him. Will Allison—and her beloved dog—be able to solve the seemingly impossible case in time?

A hilarious cozy mystery series, packed with twists, turns, romance, travel, food and unexpected adventure, the BEACHFRONT BAKERY series will keep you laughing and turning pages late into the night as you fall in love with an endearing new character who will capture your heart.

Books #4 (A DEADLY DANISH), #5 (A TREACHEROUS TART), and #6 (A CALAMITOUS COOKIE) are also available! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Trapped Man Standing (Travel Writer Mystery Series Book 2) by [Wendy Meadows]

There’s a reason this town is deserted…

Torn away from her new assignment and sent to the creepy deserted town of Wounded Willows, Patricia McKay finds herself alone and isolated in a remote corner of Arizona. She falls in with a stranded family who are stuck waiting for someone to fix their broken car – but there’s someone else lurking in this town with them.

When they discover a dead body inside a dilapidated hotel, Patricia’s stay takes a darker turn. Ambushed by a disturbing killer and taken captive with her new friends, Patricia struggles to hatch an escape plan and rescue the family before the eerie town and its killer can claim more lives.

And when their killer mysteriously turns up dead, a new, much more sinister threat emerges – one that will do anything to stop Patricia from leaving. Will Patricia be able to escape Wounded Willows? Or will this ghost town claim yet another victim?

If you love cozy mysteries with a sinister twist and plenty of scares, then Patricia McKay’s fun and thrilling adventures are for you. Perfect for curling up in your favorite chair and reading the hours away, Trapped Man Standing is a mystery that’s sure to delight. Scroll up and grab your copy now! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Mitzy Moon Mysteries Books 7-9: Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Mitzy Moon Mysteries Box Set Book 3) by [Trixie Silvertale]

Find out why readers are so addicted to this series…

Mitzy Moon is hitting her stride as a psychic sleuth, and now she has to go undercover!

The cases are piling up as Mitzy infiltrates a Ren Faire, boards a gambling boat, and travels back to Arizona. Warnings from the sexy sheriff, her meddling Ghost-ma, and a spoiled feline all fall on deaf ears, while the list of greedy suspects grows. She’ll have to play her cards just right or end up on a fatal losing streak!

Over 800 pages of sleuthing fun!

The Mitzy Moon Mysteries Box Set: Books 7-9 includes three full-length novels from the hilarious paranormal cozy mystery series, PLUS the bonus short story: Ghosts and Bad Toasts. If you like snarky heroines, supernatural misfits, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Trixie Silvertale’s twisty whodunits.

Buy this Mitzy Moon Mysteries Box Set to cash-in on four capers today!

What Amazon readers are saying:

★★★★★ ‘This is by far one of my favorite new series!’

★★★★★ ‘Charming must-solve paranormal cozy.’

★★★★★ ‘A ghost grandma, a real wild cat, and a girl named after a cheese… What’s not to love?’

★★★★★ ‘…all have me clamoring for more, more, more!’

★★★★★ ‘I could not put this book down!’

Book 7 – Swords and Fallen Lords: Paranormal Cozy Mystery

A murder in plain sight. A suspect clear as knight. Can this psychic sleuth unhorse the true villain?

Book 8 – Wakes and High Stakes: Paranormal Cozy Mystery

A flamboyant funeral. A dashing gigolo. Can this psychic sleuth beat the odds on murder?

Book 9 – Tracks and Flashbacks: Paranormal Cozy Mystery

A touching gift. A shocking truth. Can this psychic sleuth solve a decade-old murder?

Bonus Short Story 9.5 – Ghosts and Bad Toasts: Paranormal Cozy Mystery

A Halloween fright. A costume party to die for. Will this amateur sleuth solve the cold case or end up in an icy grave? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Witch Nemesis in Westerham (Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cozy Mystery Book 16) by [Dionne Lister]

The latest action-packed instalment of a bestselling paranormal cozy mystery series.

When one of Lily’s friends is in trouble, she’ll do whatever she can to help, even if it means risking her life.

When one of Beren’s ex-girlfriends is killed in a hit-and-run accident, the team is quickly on the case. It doesn’t take long for them to realise it wasn’t an accident. What’s worse is that all the evidence points to Beren.

Chad is happy to jump on the throw-Beren-in-Jail bandwagon, and he tries to thwart Angelica, James, Lily and the gang at every turn. His behaviour is beyond frustrating and could mean Beren spends the rest of his life locked up.

While the good witches at the PIB do their best to untangle the mystery, they might have to face the fact that Beren is guilty. Loathe to believe their kind friend is capable of such a cold-hearted murder, they continue to dig for clues, and it’s not long before Liv and Lily are in grave danger.

Can they get themselves out of the mess this time, or have they finally run out of luck? And will Chad and the directors get what they desire—the demise of Angelica, her supportive friends, and the PIB? One thing’s for sure—if Chad gets his way, the world as Lily knows it will be gone forever…. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Buttons and Blows: A Ghostly Fashionista Mystery (Ghostly Fashionista Mystery Series Book 4) by [Gayle Leeson]


The note, typed on a manual typewriter, is Amanda Tucker’s first introduction to the second ghost she’s ever met.

When retro fashion designer Amanda learns that Violet, the sweet little old lady from whom she bought antique buttons, has been murdered, she’s dismayed—especially when she realizes the murder occurred the evening after Amanda had visited Violet’s shop. Now the ghost who was enamored of the victim is demanding that Amanda help him bring the woman’s killer to justice.

It certainly isn’t an ideal time for Amanda’s parents to be visiting her from Florida for the first time. In addition to Max, the ghostly fashionista, Amanda now has another sassy specter to deal with. Will this one haunt her for the rest of her life?

Praise for the Ghostly Fashionista Mystery Series:

“Grab your copy and follow along in the investigation. The characters are quirky and likable, and if Amanda survives, this seems like a fun place to work!” – E. Pennington, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

“Amanda is a great character, full of spunk and determination to open her own custom clothing shop, focusing on vintage pieces from the ’30s through the ’50s.” – Between the Pages with Lisa

“As a sucker for a fun ghost story, I can say Gayle Leeson’s DESIGNS ON MURDER scores on many levels including a spunky entrepreneur and a charming setting. Now that I’ve read the first one, I’ll be counting the days until the next in the series arrives.” –Lorna Barrett, author of the New York Times Bestselling Booktown Mysteries

In DESIGNS ON MURDER, Gayle Leeson sketches a stylish plot accessorized with a spectral fashionista sidekick. This series debut is a delight!” -Diane Vallere, national bestselling author

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Murder Lost and Found (Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries Book 7) by [Debbie Young]

Finding a dead body in the village school’s lost property cupboard during the summer holidays is bad enough – but when the body disappears and the police refuse to investigate, it’s down to Sophie Sayers to get to the bottom of the mystery and save the village school from the threat of closure.

Featuring all the leading characters from previous books and introducing a lively cast of new players, this seventh mystery marks the end of Sophie’s first year in the Cotswold village of Wendlebury Barrow.

“Murder Lost and Found” was originally intended to be the last in the series, which runs the course of the village year from one summer to the next, but by popular request from readers, an eighth book, in which Sophie will take Hector to meet her parents in Scotland, is now being planned… (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Custard and a Crisis (Dogs & Donuts Book 2) by [Emmie Lyn]

A donut today brings trouble my way.

I’m Ellie Hart. I never dreamed that a new dog walking job would drop me in the middle of a drama. But here I am with my black Lab, Marley, and my newest client, Honeybee, the local diva’s beagle.

Mysterious accidents follow the celebrity like a crazed fan and when poisoned custard almost kills her, drips of the sweet filling lead right to my sister’s donut shop. I’ll do anything to clear her name which puts the lid on my simmering romance with the handsome detective in town.

When the dogs and I stumble on a mysterious rundown cabin and an old unsolved murder, it looks like I’m the newest target for a mishap.

The race is on to sort out this sticky mess before I end up in more than hot water.

Grab yourself a helping of Custard and a Crisis. Don’t miss the latest adventures of Ellie Hart and her lovable Labrador, Marley. Find out what happens next between Ellie and the handsome detective. Best of all, meet Ellie’s latest doggie client, Honeybee, a star beagle. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Murder at the Montrose Mansion: A Mallory Beck Cozy Culinary Caper by [Denise Jaden]

Five cozy stars! ★★★★★

Strong friendships and a cranky crime-solving cat who thinks he’s a dog will keep you laughing out loud and turning the pages in this new whodunit. 

There are plenty of things a girl wants to do on her sixteenth birthday. Clearing a family member from suspicion of murder isn’t one of them.

Amber is finally turning sixteen, and Mallory is determined to make the day perfect, baking her everything from brioche to pink lemonade cupcakes for the party her mom is throwing her. Their favorite Honeysuckle Grove detective, Alex Martinez, will be in attendance, too, at least until he gets called away to investigate a recently discovered death involving possible foul play.

When Amber’s last name is the only clue given as to what they might find at the nearby crime scene, Alex and Mallory decide they might have to keep this one quiet or Amber’s sixteenth birthday will be anything but sweet.

Order Murder at the Montrose Mansion now! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Stop Kitten Around: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Midlife Magic & Mystery Book 4) by [Corrine Winters]

You cat judge a book by it’s cover!

The cozy coastal town of Fiddler’s Cove, Connecticut is rocked by an explosion and all of a sudden Sea Witch Ruby’s maybe-boyfriend Chief of Police Jon Miller is presumed dead after his car exploded under mysterious circumstances. Now she must unravel a tangled web of twisted clues to bring the killer to justice!

Who blew up Jon’s patrol car? Was it ruthless mobster Benito Lombardi, who wants revenge on Ruby for sending his best hitman to prison? Or could it be greedy industrialist “Tex” Tillerson, whose hokey southern charm hides a dark secret churning beneath the waters of Long Island Sound? Everywhere Ruby turns, she finds another suspect.

Fortunately, she has the help of her kooky cast of friends and frenemies. Whether it’s staking out the bad guys with her mouthy, vain, and acerbic familiar Rumpus, or penetrating the chaotic regions of Limbo with a foul-mouthed British exorcist, there’s no limits to how far Ruby will go to find the truth behind her Merman maybe-boyfriend.

Join Ruby and her snarky cat for a cozy mystery adventure which is just what the mobster ordered. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Cold Case On High (Ice Witch Mysteries Book 4) by [J. L.  Collins]

Charming Springs – Where every day is colder than a witch’s kitty!

Magical misfit Indie Warren knows a thing or two about backstabbing in a small town, but this isn’t what she was expecting.

When the owners of the The Witch Cavern Spa are found sprawled out with knives in their backs, the search is on for their killer… and Indie wonders whether or not it might have something to do with the rumored secret treasure hidden deep within the salt caves.

But her quest for the truth isn’t the only digging she’s doing. Indie finds herself just as conflicted as ever about her love life when Julian’s true past is accidentally revealed. Will Indie be able to handle the truth about his dangerous former life?

And why can’t she shake the feeling that her own best friends are hiding something from her?

A Cold Case On High (Ice Witch Mysteries, book 4) is a lighthearted paranormal cozy mystery. Find out what happens next! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The Rabbit Hole Murders: A Paranormal Cozy Witch Mystery (Wonderland Detective Agency Book 2) by [Jeannie Wycherley]

Run rabbit run!

Elise Liddell is no country girl, but she’s not averse to the existence of rabbits.

Especially cute and fluffy white ones.

But there’s one on the loose in Tumble Town

And that particular sweet bunny turns out to be a harbinger of death …

Every time Elise spots it, she soon discovers another corpse. Keen to help her ex-colleagues at the Ministry of Witches Police Department solve the murders, Elise launches her own investigation alongside the rest of her team at the Wonderland Detective Agency.

The problem is, they’re not the only ones trying to get to the bottom of the situation … and now the hunters have become the hunted.


The Wonderland Detective Agency Series is a paranormal cozy mystery series, set in the same Universe that Wonky Inn readers have already fallen in love with. While some of the characters and places will be instantly familiar, Wycherley effortlessly casts her spell so that her zany new friends quickly become ours too.

Clean and cozy, The Rabbit Hole Murders, the second book in this wonderful new series, is chock full of witches, wizards, warlocks, ghosts, shadow people, rabbits and more. You’ll love this glimpse into the darker side of the Wonkyverse. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Vintner's Other Daughter Calla Lily Mystery #4 (Calla Lily Mystery Series) by [Anna Celeste Burke, Peggy  Hyndman]

When a young woman goes missing, Lily, Austin, and their friends become entangled in a new California wine country mystery.

A local vintner is frantic to find his fourteen-year-old daughter, Annamarie Martez. Fearing for the safety of their daughters, community members help comb the countryside for clues. Lily, and every person they can spare from the Calla Lily Vineyards, Winery, and Theater, join the search.
When Lily’s Min Pin, Marlowe, finds a young woman who’s traumatized, injured, and unable to speak, the mystery deepens. She’s not Annamarie but the vintner’s other daughter. Lily and her friends set aside their planning for the new year, which includes a wedding, to help investigate the mystery of Annamarie’s disappearance.

Grab your copy of book 4 in the Calla Lily Mystery series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Anna Celeste Burke, as help them find Annamarie.

Scrumptious recipes included.

Free to read with Kindle Unlimited (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

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