New Releases For The Week Of May 30th, 2021–Part 3

Construction and Calamity: A Mira Michaels Mystery (Mira Michaels Cozy Mysteries Book 4) by [Julia Koty]

When it comes to love Mira hasn’t had much luck, so when Aerie’s new love interest, the owner of the Pizza Pub, is fingered for a crime at the construction site for the new theater, Mira will do whatever she needs to do to find the true culprit, even if it means she has to betray her best friend’s trust or sing at karaoke night. Still angry with the detective, Mira avoids him by teaming up with an unexpected partner. But after another death she’s willing to risk it all to keep the heart of her friend’s love life beating. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Body in the Bothy (Dalkinchie Mysteries Book 4) by [Carly  Reid]

Breaking news: there’s a body in the bothy.

Jessica Greer is a student again, living in Dalkinchie and completing journalism school online. When her latest assignment takes her to Balnaguise dairy farm she is delighted – this might be an opportunity to get closer to Magnus Smith, the farmer’s son. But when a body is discovered in the hillside bothy above the farm and it’s the long-lost son of a neighboring farmer, old secrets start to be revealed. Suspicion is cast on the most unlikely of people – including Dougal ‘Dairy’ Smith, Magnus’ father. Worse still, he thinks Jessica is the one pointing the finger. Can Jessica find the real murderer? Or will her love story never get past the first draft?

With a host of quirky characters and a charming Scottish small-town setting, Body in the Bothy delivers a satisfying mystery with a conclusion you won’t see coming. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Sweet Dreams (Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast Paranormal Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by [Beth Dolgner]

Emily Buchanan has always dealt with ghosts at Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast—after all, it is next to the town’s historic cemetery. When paranormal activity begins to escalate, though, she knows that someone—or something—is desperately trying to communicate. When a body is discovered in a shallow grave, an old town scandal is resurrected, and Emily knows she has to find out what happened if her guests and her ghosts are ever going to get a good night’s sleep.

Sweet Dreams is the first book in the new Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast Paranormal Cozy Mysteries. Set in the rural North Georgia town of Oak Hill, where antiques shopping is a lot more common than murder, Emily Buchanan runs Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast in a Victorian house built right next to a cemetery. Emily teams up with her best friend and psychic medium Sage Clark and the ghosts of Eternal Rest to solve murders. The only mystery Emily can’t solve is why her late husband’s spirit seems to be trapped between this world and the next. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Piper Ashwell Psychic P.I.: Omnibus 1-10 by [Kelly Hashway]

Piper Ashwell is no stranger to using her psychic abilities to help the police solve crimes. But her visions aren’t always clear. Even with the help of her father, Detective Thomas Ashwell, and her new partner, Detective Mitchell Brennan, Piper will have to take drastic measures if she wants to catch these criminals in time.

This omnibus contains:

A Vision a Day Keeps the Killer Away

Read Between the Crimes

Drastic Crimes Call For Drastic Insights

Foresight Favors the Felon

Murder is a Premonition Best Served Cold

A Jailbird in the Vision is Worth Two in the Prison

Great Crimes Read Alike

I Spy with My Psychic Eye Someone Dead

A Vision in Time Saves Nine

Never Smite the Psychic that Reads You

Fans of Joanne Fluke and Victoria Laurie will enjoy this psychic cozy mystery series.

Scroll up and grab your copy today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Death on the Beach: A Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery - Book 5 by [Susan Boles]

Destin, daiquiris…and a dead body?

A girl’s weekend at the beach should have been relaxing, but mysterious things begin happening almost immediately.

Lily Gayle and Dixie are surprised to discover that the handsome stranger who helped them on the road is staying in the same condo building.

Throw in the arrival of the stranger’s sister, an overheard conversation about gene sequencing, the arrival of a long lost college acquaintance of Lily Gayle’s and a retired couple trying to put the squeeze on Lily Gayle for hush money and you have a mix that’s just waiting to explode.

When the handsome stranger is found dead on the beach – and Lily Gayle was the last person seen with him, the friends from Mercy find themselves in a race against the local police force for to prove her innocent. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Sugar Cookies and Scandal (A Belle Harbor Cozy Mystery Book 4) by [Sue Hollowell]

A mysterious collection of books, estate sale discoveries, and growing family drama …

Fourth in the Belle Harbor Cozy Mystery series!

Relations between Tilly, Uncle Jack and the antique shop’s bookstore neighbor were finally moving the right direction. That is, until a surprise addition arrives in town, putting them all in an awkward situation. As Tilly tries to unravel the new dynamic, matters are complicated by the death of the local veterinarian’s assistant.

With no time to spare for being the peacemaker, Tilly is on the hunt for a new location for her growing bakery business. Her recent inclusion of catering to her services sends her on the search for an assistant. No sooner does she find the perfect match, than the suspect list for the murder takes a turn for the worse.

As the cast of characters quickly grows to include several animals, Tilly wonders who among the barnyard culprits could have committed the dastardly deed. Can she solve the murder before it’s too late? Or will the chickens finally come home to roost?

Sugar Cookies and Scandal is Book 4 in the Belle Harbor Cozy Mystery series. A light, cozy mystery in a quaint beach town with a fun loving, amateur female sleuth, her quirky uncle, and enough antiques and pastries to fill your home and your belly. No gore, swearing or cliffhangers. Can be read as a standalone. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Fire and Earth, Sisters at Birth: Antiques & Mystic Uniques Caravan, A Paranormal Psychic Cozy Mystery, Fantasy Romance and Suspense Novella - Book 3 (The Fortune-Telling Twins Mysteries) by [Bettina M. Johnson]

Home is where the heartache is…especially for Maggie and the team when murder comes calling on their doorstep!

Maggie and the crew are on a brief hiatus from being on the road with the antique caravan, and things should be quiet and relaxing. However, Bella seems to be having a crisis, and no one can figure out what’s wrong. Especially since the usually bubbly elemental has become subdued and churlish. With Ellie happy to be home and distracted, catching up on news…she doesn’t seem to the answers on hw to approach Bella leaving it to her sister, Maggie.

Determined to get to the bottom of her friend’s woes, Maggie confronts her only to hear a tale of incredible woe that leaves her with even more questions. If that wasn’t distracting enough, Antoine seems equally out of sorts, and Maggie is wondering if something dire is going on that neither of her people want to trouble her with. When she is ready to confront them both, the unexpected occurs. A body turns up that happens to be one of their own, leaving the antique troupe shaken and distraught.

With tragedy happening so close to home and suspicions that a murder disguised as heart failure might be at play, Maggie needs to amp up her game and solve the possible crime along with the other mysteries surrounding both Bella and Antoine. Will she succeed so the team can move on to their next adventure or will the sudden appearance by someone from Bella’s past be the catalyst which causes Maggie to lose two very dear members of her team who she has come to think of as family? The Fortune-Telling Twins, Book 3 (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Drama Pan: A Nicky and Noah Mystery (Nicky and Noah Mysteries Book 12) by [Joe Cosentino]

It’s spring break at Treemeadow College, and Theatre professors and spouses Nicky Abbondanza and Noah Oliver, their best friends Martin and Ruben, and their sons Taavi and Ty are sprinkling on the fairy dust in an original musical extravaganza of Peter Pan entitled Every Fairy Needs a Big Hook! Pirates shout more than “Yo, ho!” when a family of visiting technical designers, the Coutures, drop like yesterday’s fashions. Once again, our favorite thespians will need to use their drama skills to catch the killer before they get the hook. You will be applauding and shouting Bravo for Joe Cosentino’s fast-paced, side-splittingly funny, edge-of-your-seat entertaining twelfth novel in this delightful series. So take your seats and believe in fairies. The stage lights are coming up in Never Land on a lad who won’t grow up without Viagra, a pirate with quite the hook, a twink called Tink, a Lily who’s a tiger, a Merman surprised at what’s between his legs, and murder! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Truffle Me Not: Baker by Day ,Sleuth on the Side (Cupid's Catering Company Book 2) by [M K Scott]

The future of Cupid’s Catering Company hangs in the balance. With a rival bakery, owned by the queen of all mean, rich girls, Della is at a distinct disadvantage. Della hinges her financial future on winning the local truffle contest.

As if there wasn’t enough on her mind, additional problems arise, including missing cats, jewel thieves, and her desperate attempt to find the incredibly kind man who’d lent her hand when she had tire trouble.

Can she solve all these problems and find time to whip up a cookbook at the same time? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Fashion Fatality: Psychic Sleuths and Talking Dogs (A Jaz and Luffy Cozy Mystery Book 9) by [Max Parrott]

Murder has rolled into town.

When a suspicious limousine arrives at the tiny town of Blackwood Cove, the locals are abuzz with rumors—and Jasmine Moore discovers it belongs to none other than world-famous fashion designer Athos Calabresi.

Athos takes a shine to Jasmine and her unique style, and he offers her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—a spot on his team. There’s only one problem. If she accepts, she’ll be forced to give up her job as a detective.

Torn between two conflicting worlds, Jasmine’s impossible choice only gets more complicated as she begins to unravel the mysterious disappearance of the model she’ll be replacing. Scrambling to uncover the truth behind Athos and his secretive fashion team, Jasmine and her faithful dog Luffy are faced with the daunting task of exposing the culprit while avoiding the ire of a powerful and influential enemy.

And as she digs deeper, she begins to realize that perhaps this fashion designer isn’t as truthful as he first seemed…

The stakes are rising for Jasmine and Luffy. Thrown head-first into an all-new investigation that threatens to end in disaster, this latest thrilling who-dun-it mystery will have you on the edge of your seat! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover

Spells and Trails: Bailey Bay Cozy Mystery (Bailey Bay Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by [Catherine Waltan]

A little brother has disappeared. A ruthless villain that will stop at nothing to get what they want. Can a young witch and her faithful familiar save the day? 

Rosalind Harper has a pretty full plate, juggling school, work, an ailing mother, and of course a frisky feline. 

When an opportunity arises that she cannot turn down to save her mother, she and her cat Shadow, get to work. 

Nothing comes easy. In order for them to find the one they need to help her sick mother, they meet a hunky basketball star from high school who desperately needs their assistance as well. 

Will Rosalind and Shadow have to give up on one to save the other? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Barking for Business (Sharp Investigations, Cozy Canine Chronicles Book 1) by [E. N.  Crane]

“Cookies, sir. He said they were stealing his cookies.” 

After four long years in the Army, causing international incidents and trying to eliminate Florida from the maps, Cynthia Sharp and her K-9 partner Sgt. Winnifred Pupperson have retired. Back home in Sweet Pea, OH, they are ready to kick back and relax.

Except the damn chickens. The trips to the ER, stolen money and the dead reverend who was WAY too excited about muffins.

Drawn into the mystery, Cyn and Winnie are determined to find out why Sgt. Ian Cruz followed her home and why everyone wants a man who’s too incompetent to be a criminal.

A cast of diverse, nutty and loveable characters will make you wish you could move to this majestic town in the middle of nowhere… and eternally grateful it doesn’t actually exist.

A percent of book sale profits will go to the non-profit Paws and Stripes, an organization dedicated to helping service members with PTSD gain the assistance of a service animal, free of charge. For more info, please go to: This series is written with gratitude and love to the members of the US Mililtary and I hope it gives them a laugh★ (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A Fertile Murder: Snowflake Bay Cozy Mysteries Book 5 by [C Farren]

Murder, clowns, and dubious fertility doctors don’t mix.

The town of Snowflake Bay is hosting the most unusual of family reunions – the children of a notorious fertility doctor who fathered hundreds of children. It’s all being organized by Wren’s cousin, Reba, and held in the world’s first traveling circus hotel.

Things take a rather creepy turn when a clown tries to murder true-crime writer Santina, and one of the children at the reunion is murdered in an impossible way. Can Wren track down who is behind this spate of crimes?

A cozy mystery with plenty of red herrings, twists, cats, and drag queens, perfect for fans of Joanne Fluke, Laura Childs, Richard Osman, and Steve Higgs!

One-click now and see if you can solve the murder today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A Filmsy Excuse: A Parker Photography Cozy Mystery by [Suzanne Bolden]

During the village of Harmony’s annual 4th of July fireworks and boat regatta, a boat catches on fire and one of those aboard drowns! Is it a tragic accident or murder? Jackie’s inquisitive nature puts her front and center in the investigation. Preorder the next book in the Parker Photography Cozy Mystery series and learn the next steps in the life of Jacqueline Parker, a not-quite-ready-to-retire baby boomer. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Digging Up Dirt by [Pamela Hart]

Renovations are hell. And that’s before you find the body beneath the floorboards. An intriguing mystery from a stylish new voice in crime fiction, for readers of Kerry Greenwood and Holly Throsby.

When your builder finds bones under the floor of your heritage home, what do you do? For TV researcher Poppy McGowan, the first step is to find out if the bones are human (which means calling in the cops and delaying her renovations) or animal (which doesn’t).

Unfortunately, ‘help’ comes in the form of Dr Julieanne Weaver, archaeologist, political hopeful, and Poppy’s old enemy. She declares the bones evidence of a rare breed of fat-tailed sheep, and slaps a heritage order on the site. The resultant archaeological dig introduces Poppy to Tol Lang, the best-looking archaeologist she’s ever met – and also Julieanne’s boyfriend.

When Julieanne is found murdered in Poppy’s house, both she and the increasingly attractive Tol are considered suspects – and so Poppy uses her media contacts and news savvy to investigate other suspects. Did Julieanne have enemies in the right-wing Australian Family Party, for which she was seeking preselection, or in the affiliated Radiant Joy Church? Or at the Museum of New South Wales, among her rivals and ex-boyfriends? And who was her secret lover?

Can Poppy save herself, and Tol … and finally get her house back?

Fast, fun and ferocious in turns’ – Candice Fox

Digging Up Dirt is a clever, blackly funny murder mystery of our times’ – Petronella McGovern

Digging UpDirt by Pamela Hart is a great fun read. I couldn’t put this smart, sparkling mystery down. I can’t wait for book 2 in the Poppy McGowan series’ – Anna Campbell, bestselling author of the Dashing Widows series (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mysteries: Books 1-3 by [Jennifer S. Alderson]

Travel, anyone? Here is your passport to murder – three clean cozy mysteries set in Budapest, Paris, and Amsterdam! Join tour guide Lana Hansen as she leads tourists and readers to fascinating cities around the globe on intriguing adventures that often turn deadly.

Death on the Danube: A New Year’s Murder in Budapest
Who knew a New Year’s trip to Budapest could be so deadly? The tour must go on – even with a killer in their midst! Tour guide Lana Hansen must sleuth out who is killing her clients before she ends up floating in the Danube.

Death by Baguette: A Valentine’s Day Murder in Paris
Paris—the city of love, lights … and murder? Join tour guide Lana Hansen as she escorts five couples on an unforgettable Valentine-themed vacation to France! Unfortunately it will be the last trip for one passenger… Lana must figure out who really killed her client before she has to say bonjour to prison and adieu to her freedom.

Death by Windmill: A Mother’s Day Murder in Amsterdam
A Mother’s Day trip to the Netherlands turns deadly when a guest plummets from a windmill. Was it an accident or a murder? For Lana Hansen, the answer will mean freedom or imprisonment for someone close to her…

The Travel Can Be Murder series continues:
Book 4 – Death by Bagpipes: A Summer Murder in Edinburgh
Book 5 – Death by Fountain: A Christmas Murder in Rome
Book 6 – Death by Leprechaun: A Saint Patrick’s Day Murder in Dublin
Book 7 – Death by Flamenco: An Easter Murder in Seville
Books 8-12 – Coming Soon!!

Praise for the Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery series:
“Death on the Danube is a great start to a brand new cozy mystery series – with a bonus benefit of touring Budapest vicariously with the characters.” ~Reading Is My SuperPower

“A Perfect Escape: Ms. Alderson not only takes us on an outstanding virtual escape to Hungary but she gives us a fun mystery to solve as well… I loved the quick pace and the short chapters. Death on the Danube was a totally entertaining read and I am really looking forward to reading Death By Baguette.” ~Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book

“DEATH ON THE DANUBE is a fast-paced travel mystery with beautiful sites and scenery, plus a cast of very interesting characters, whom you will come to know quite well before the book is done.” ~Here’s How It Happened

“Death on the Danube was a wonderful start to the Travel Can Be Murder cozy mystery series . . . This was a great clean cozy mystery, featuring great characters and set in an even better location.” ~eBook addicts

“Travel anyone?? Death by Baguette will take you on a fantastic trip to Paris. . . a fun read full of French places we all know and love.” ~Books a Plenty Book Reviews

“What a fantastic story! Absolutely Brilliant! Paris, Valentine’s week, delicious baked goodies, five bickering couples and murder – what a combination! The second half of the story kept me on the edge of my seat. The ending is nothing short of a nail-biting adventure! I highly recommend this book.” ~Rekha, The Book Decoder blog

“Death By Baguette by Jennifer S. Alderson is a magnificent mystery. Ms. Alderson continually surprises me with motives and means of murder.” ~Baroness’ Book Trove

Death by Windmill: “This entertaining mystery is the perfect light read to transport you from your armchair to foreign parts, in this case, the delightful city of Amsterdam. The city comes to life as tour guide and amateur sleuth, Lana Hansen, shepherds her group of American tourists around the sights. The author writes with a light touch, but issues of family love, loyalty, and forgiveness are explored along the way.” – Harriet Steel, author of the Inspector de Silva Mysteries (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A LOVELY KIND OF MURDER: An Animal Lovers Cozy Mystery (A Sandie James Cozy Mystery Book 5) by [Tessa Kelly]

Three female victims. One alarming similarity. Zero time to waste.

Sandie will do anything for her brother. When he is suspected of murdering not one but three young women, she is forced to show just how far she’ll go to prove his innocence.

As Sandie uncovers the clues, she discovers the investigating detective may have an ulterior motive for placing the blame on Will.

Desperate to find the actual killer, Sandie enlists the help of her trusty dog Marlowe and her boyfriend. Unfortunately, time isn’t on their side.

Can they root out the murderer and clear Will’s name before it’s too late? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Witchful Thinking: Enchantingly Yours: Season 1, Book 3 by [Michelle  Francik]

Poppy Bennet has always been a glass half full kind of witch. But lately something’s changed. Maybe it’s from hanging around with Stella and the gang. Or maybe she’s just tired of being nice all the time. Even though Stella’s scheme is crazy, Poppy’s excited at the thought of being on a reality dating show. And the handsome bachelor doesn’t hurt, either. She wants to help her friend and have some fun. Will they solve the mystery? Will she be the perfect match for the bachelor? Will she find the part of herself that’s been missing? Find out in book three of Enchantingly Yours: Season One.

Author’s Note: This series is an experiment in perspective and human nature. I’ve been wanting to explore the idea of how people experience things differently, so I decided to write four books about the same series of events but from different perspectives.
Each book is written from a different character’s point of view and gives more back story, plus a deeper understanding of who they are and how they see things. The timelines are the same and the major events are the same, starting with Stella asking them all to participate in a dating reality show, and ending with their epilogues after the show has ended. But each character’s journey is uniquely her own.
Each book is a stand-alone story with its own mini-mystery, and each main character has her own happily ever after. There are hints and clues throughout the earlier books, but you won’t know how it all ends until the final book in the series. While this is unconventional, I believe there are readers who will find this interesting and exciting.
Join me on this unique journey and experience the magic and mystery of human nature! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback