Review of The Puppy No One Wanted

This book was very heartwarming and touching.  It is the story of a puppy, Teddy, that gets left at an animal sanctuary.  They try to rehome him a couple of times but he keeps getting returned for one reason or another.  Finally the lady at the sanctuary, Barby,  decides to keep him for herself and boy is she glad did.  The bond that they formed was unbreakable and everlasting.  They both learned from each other and they both needed each other.  

This book reminds us of how special animals are and how their love can make all the difference in our lives.  They can help us through emotional problems and keep our spirits up, no matter what is going on.  

This book had me smiling at some parts and near tears at others.  I think that every dog lover should read this book.  I am very glad that I did.  

The Puppy No One Wanted: The Little Dog Desperate for a Home to Call His Own (Foster Tails Book 3) by [Barby Keel]