New Releases For The Week Of December 5th, 2021–Part 1

Murder in the Drawing Room (Cleopatra Fox Mysteries Book 3) by [C.J. Archer]

Scandal, secrets and bawdy photographs are uncovered when the wife of a politician is murdered. Untangle the lies with Cleo and her friends and find the killer.

When Harry Armitage passes an investigation to Cleo involving adultery, they both think it will end in divorce. But when the client’s wife is found stabbed in her drawing room, it becomes clear that marital problems are only part of the story. Reluctantly joining forces, Cleo and Harry realize the wrong person was targeted, but the police think they have their killer and refuse to look elsewhere.

Taking on the investigation themselves, they peel back the lies and expose the sordid details of a marriage in tatters, and see firsthand how gossip and politics fuel the machinations of high society.

Meanwhile, at the Mayfair Hotel, expansion plans are on the menu, causing tensions to heat up in the kitchen between the chef and Cleo’s uncle. To make matters worse, Cleo’s family notices her spending less time at the hotel and more time investigating – and some members don’t like it. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

TERROR IN TUSCANY: A World Traveler Cozy Mystery (book 5) by [Carolyn L. Dean]

Ah, the timeless charm of the Italian countryside…

Glorious wine.
Amazing Food.
Stellar scenery.

And an unexpected dead guy!

When Jennifer Peetman’s newest job takes her to Tuscany she didn’t expect to get tangled up in long-held secrets and a grisly death. With the local police eyeballing her as a possible suspect and a new relationship on the line, maybe it’s time she takes solving the crime into her own hands.

Clean language but rated PG because, hey, there’s a dead guy in it. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Mistletoe Malarkey: A Shayla Murphy Mystery by [Stella Bixby]

They’ve been dating more than a year. They practically live together. Now, Shayla’s meeting his family for Christmas.

In Ireland.

Seamus is a park ranger, shares an apartment with three other guys, and drives a beat up pickup truck.

How would Shayla have known he was practically Irish royalty?

When they arrive at the airport and are bombarded by camera flashes, Shayla’s insecurities move closer and closer to the surface.

An old girlfriend, a creepy uncle, and an entire town are on hand for a getting-to-know-you dinner party. Everything is going well until someone ends up dead.

The Gardaí want Shayla to stay out of it. She may be a police officer in the United States, but she has no jurisdiction in Ireland.

Too bad, she can’t seem to keep from stumbling onto clues everywhere she goes.

Cozy up with this fun Christmas mystery this holiday season. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The Brief Luminous Flight of the Firefly: The 1940s Prequel to THE CRIME OF FASHION MYSTERIES by [Ellen Byerrum]

“It’s not like it’s murder,” Mimi told her boss.

“Don’t kid yourself, sister. People commit all kinds of crimes for all kinds of reasons. There’s murder afoot whenever money is involved.”

In wartime Washington, D.C., stolen sugar, illegal moonshine, ladies of the evening, and shortages of goods converge in murder.

It’s June 1943, halfway through a World War that feels like it will never end. Rationing, victory gardens, and making do or doing without have all become a patriotic way of life. But the flip side of patriotism is hoarding, profiteering, theft, and black marketeering.

A young Mimi Smith has gone to Washington to work for the war effort. Yet Mimi’s got bigger plans than laboring as a mere stenographer at the government agency that investigates black market activity. When two “magdalens” who were selling information and stolen goods are murdered, Mimi traces a connection to a killer that no one else suspects. While others don’t care about the women who service the servicemen, Mimi can’t turn away from a promise to a friend. She teams up with a skeptical policeman and a country boy soon to enter the Navy to trap a killer that everyone has been happy to see.

The Brief Luminous Flight of the Firefly is the prequel to the bestselling Crime of Fashion Mysteries, featuring Lacey Smithsonian. Set decades before Lacey plies her trade as a journalist in D.C., Firefly explores Lacey’s Great-aunt Mimi Smith’s wartime journey that brought her to Washington, the parallels between the two women, including their love of fashion and the clues people wear without knowing it, and the origins of Mimi’s trunk full of mysteries, the trunk Lacey later inherits. And both Mimi and Lacey discover they have a passion for finding out how the story ends. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A Plus One for Murder (A Friend for Hire Mystery Book 1) by [Laura Bradford]

Entrepreneur Emma Westlake is reinventing herself as a hired friend when murder gets in the way in this exciting new mystery series from USA Today bestselling author Laura Bradford.

Emma Westlake has always wanted to be in business for herself. As a kid, she had her own successful lemonade stand and dog-walking business. And when she entered adulthood, Emma sunk all her cash into her dream job of travel planning. But as her customers became more and more internet savvy, the need for her services declined. At a loss for what to do next, she turns to an elderly friend who suggests she try to get paid for doing something she’s really good at–being a paid companion. Emma thinks it’s a crazy idea until requests start pouring in. Big Max from down the block wants her to act as his wingman at the local senior center’s upcoming dance, nurse practitioner Stephanie needs a workout partner, and writer Brian Hill asks Emma to be his cheering section at an open mic night.

Brian will be reading from his latest work and wants to know someone will clap for him when he’s done. When Emma balks at the notion that people wouldn’t, he tells her the room will be filled with people he’s invited–most of whom will likely want him dead by the time he’s done reading. Assuming he’s joking, she laughs. But when Brian steps up to the mic and clears his throat to speak, he promptly drops dead. Emma is one of the last people to see him alive, and so she becomes an immediate suspect. Now she’ll have to cozy up to a killer to save her skin and her new business. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Death by Flamenco: An Easter Murder in Seville (Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery Series Book 7) by [Jennifer S. Alderson]

Seville—the home of tapas, flamenco, and … murder?

Tour guide Lana Hansen is finally leading a trip to Spain—and during Easter week, no less! To top it off, she is a speaker at a prestigious travel and tourism expo taking place in Seville during the tour. Luckily, her clients—all influential travel bloggers and writers—are also attending the trade show.

Lana is excited to speak at the conference … that is, until Chet Rogers—an eminent travel writer being honored at the expo—publicly humiliates her and several of her guests.

When Chet is killed during a workshop soon after, Lana is one of the Spanish police’s prime suspects. But she is not the only one in her group who would rather see Chet out of the picture—permanently.

Can Lana sleuth out the killer’s true identity and dance her way out of a jail sentence before her group’s tour to Seville is over?

The Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mysteries are heartwarming stories about making friends, traveling, and celebrating new experiences. Join tour guide Lana Hansen as she leads tourists and readers to fascinating cities around the globe on intriguing adventures that often turn deadly.

Books in the Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery series:
Book 1 – Death on the Danube: A New Year’s Murder in Budapest
Book 2 – Death by Baguette: A Valentine’s Day Murder in Paris
Book 3 – Death by Windmill: A Mother’s Day Murder in Amsterdam
Book 4 – Death by Bagpipes: A Summer Murder in Edinburgh
Book 5 – Death by Fountain: A Christmas Murder in Rome
Book 6 – Death by Leprechaun: A Saint Patrick’s Day Murder in Dublin
Book 7 – Death by Flamenco: An Easter Murder in Seville
Book 8 – Death by Gondola: A Springtime Murder in Venice
Books 9-12 – Coming Soon!! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Stitched in Crime (A Craft Fair Knitters Mystery Book 2) by [Emmie Caldwell]

When murder pierces the fabric of the close-knit Crandalsburg Craft Fair, it’s up to the Ninth Street Knitters to make a killer slip their stitch.

The Craft Fair may have hit a few snags lately, but knitting enthusiast Lia Geiger is hopeful her quiet life will return to its usual patterns in no time. Her daughter has officially moved back home, and sure, the house is a little crowded with Hayley’s take-home work from the alpaca farm, but that’s a price Lia will happily pay. All seems well until Cori Littlefield, a new vendor with a gift for crochet, is found dead, sending shock waves through all of Crandalsburg.

What begins as a tragic accident turns into a snarled spool of lies that only the combined efforts of the Ninth Street Knitters can untangle. When Lia makes a connection between Cori’s death and a decades-old murder, it’s up to her to weave together the clues and find the truth. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

The Case of the Sugar Plum Shenanigans: A Cheesehead Lodge Mystery by [Pamela DuMond, Pamela Sue DuMond]

USA Today Best author featured on “ABC 20/20” brings you a new Stand Alone cozy mystery series: 

Annie Graceland: Soon to be wed. Talks to the dead. Runs a haunted lodge called The Cheesehead.

It’s Christmastime when my boyfriend, Detective Raphael announces he’s traveling to Wisconsin for a job interview. Back off Dairy State. You’re not getting him without a fight.

I’m going home with him. I’ll introduce him to my weirdo family. Uncle Elliot thinks he created gum. My cousin’s taking Zoom classes to become a witch.

We’ll stay at Great Aunt Stella’s lakeside inn, the Cheesehead Lodge.  It’s only a little haunted. Secret passageways. Oil paintings that wink at you. Ghosts.

The place is booked for a Saturnalia festival. There’s bound to be shenanigans. But I’m a ‘Ghost Whisperer.’ I’m used to shenanigans. Besides, I’ll only be back in Wisconsin for three days. 

What could possibly go wrong? 

Sugar Plum Shenanigans Includes 2 Recipes!


“Publishers Weekly” calls Annie Graceland stories “…blithe and funny contemporary cozy mystery…” 

“One part Ghost Whisperer, two parts Stephanie Plum…” Dakota Cassidy – USA Today Best author

1 Click! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle