New Releases For The Week Of December 19th, 2021

Sleigh Bell Tower: Murder at the Campus Holiday Gala (Braxton Campus Mysteries Book 8) by [James J. Cudney]

When Bell Towers decides to build their newest boutique hotel in Wharton County, Braxton establishes a hospitality program as part of their university expansion. Despite the Ingram and Lynch family ties to prominent citizens, a dispute over the proposed landsite pits citizens against each other.

One takes matters into their own hands and slays the hotel magnate during the campus holiday party. As the list of suspects increases, long-lost family members are anxious to keep their secrets from being revealed, complicating Sheriff Montague’s ability to determine the murderer’s true motive. Even Kellan is forced to cast doubt on his friends and colleagues when it becomes obvious someone he knows committed the ultimate crime.

April and Kellan are also celebrating their first Christmas and Hanukkah together, exchanging gifts based on the classic Twelve Days of Christmas song. While they trim the tree, light the menorah, and experience all the traditional holiday festivities with the kids, Nana D delivers her sarcastic brand of humor and endlessly tortures the town. Among Eleanor’s surprise news, Augie’s new girlfriend, and Myriam’s hilarious demands, Kellan’s dealing with unexpected holiday drama.

The poor guy simply wants to spend the merry season with his family before he’s forced to trek to Scotland to fulfill his promise to the late Constance Garibaldi. What kind of quest has the psychic sent him on now? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

Murder Under A New Moon: A 1930s Mona Moon Historical Cozy Mystery Book 8 (A Mona Moon Mystery) by [Abigail Keam]

Robert Farley is now a bonafide duke, and solicitors from the Duchy of Brynelleth have come to negotiate his marriage contract to Mona Moon. When the three solicitors demand that Mona relinquish Moon Enterprises and live in England full time, she threatens to give Robert back his engagement ring and call off the wedding.

She says quite frankly, “I’m not going to give up one of the largest mining conglomerates in the world just so I can host dinner parties at Brynelleth for your snotty friends.”

Robert, caught between the responsibilities demanded by Brynelleth and his deep love for Mona, is furious with his solicitors for not being more diplomatic. However, the matter resolves itself when the three English solicitors are caught visiting the notorious bawdy house of Belle Brezing, the most famous madam in the South. Ooops! Events are made worse when one of them turns up dead in the bed of a lady-of-the-evening.

Now Mona and Robert must find the culprit before their reputations are torn to shreds by their enemies. Fast-moving events threaten to turn Mona’s world upside-down as she is confronted with seemingly impossible decisions to make.
Should she marry Robert Farley or not? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Tails by the Fireplace: A Razzy Cat Cozy Mystery Collection of Short Stories (A Razzy Cat Cozy Mystery Series Book 7) by [Courtney  McFarlin]

Did you wonder what Razzy and the boys were talking about in front of the fireplace at the end of The Girl Who Disappeared?

Wonder no longer! Grab this collection of short stories and learn about Razzy’s life before she met Hannah and how Gus met Ben. Don’t worry, little Rudy has his story to tell, too. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Tik Tok Toe (Viral Vlogger Mystery Book 3) by [Noah Alexander]

Everyone wanted her dead, but who finally killed the TikTok star…

Businessman Vikram Patel thinks that the sleepy town of Mowgli would be the perfect getaway to enjoy a quiet week with his increasingly dysfunctional family. And he is right… until his TikTok star sister-in-law Dolly shows up in town to blackmail him about a terrible secret from his past. Unwilling to share the secret with the police, he seeks the help of the only amateur sleuth in town – Anu Shankar. But before Anu can even warm up her brain cells the case takes a fatal twist as Dolly is found murdered in her room.
The police blame the murder on Vikram, but there were four other people in the house on the night of Dolly’s death and all had a motive to want her dead.
It’s Anu’s job now to figure out who among the five is the real murderer. And the answer to that might lie in the final video of the dead TikToker.

Tik Tok Toe is the third book in the Viral Vlogger Mystery series but can be read as a stand alone. Perfect for readers who enjoy a clean cozy mystery with a big dollop of humor and dash of murder. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Hardcover Homicide (St. Marin's Cozy Mystery Series Book 9) by [ACF Bookens]

Nail guns have always terrified Harvey Beckett, and now she knows why.

Harvey loves sharing the parking lot of her bookstore with the hardware store across the way, but when an unruly customer is killed in the lot one night, she begins to wonder if the men who own the store are responsible. A few inquiries and a bit of spying later, and Harvey and her best friend find themselves with nowhere to run.

Will the killer be caught before the two women are silenced forever? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Beagles Love Steak Secrets: Beagle Diner Cozy Mysteries by [C. A.  Phipps]

Will this small town kill the diner?

Out of the frying pan and into the fire sounds about right.

Back in her hometown, with a new-look diner proving popular, everything is going great for ex-celebrity chef Lyra St. Claire and her beagle, Cinnamon.

Until the sudden death of a friend.

As sad as they are, a dark cloud hangs over the residents of Fairview. This was no accident!

The police have their suspicions, but if Lyra can’t find out whodunnit soon and why, someone could get away with murder. Plus, it might spell the end of the diner.

Beagle Diner Cozy Mysteries are light and entertaining, with a bunch of clues, delicious baking and one clever beagle who can’t say no.

Beagle Diner Cozy Mysteries
Beagles Love Cupcake Crimes
Beagles Love Steak Secrets
Beagles Love Muffin But Murder – coming soon!

C. A. Phipps is a USA Today best-selling author from beautiful Auckland, New Zealand. Cheryl lives in a world where coffee is a must, pie never lasts long, and mysteries add fun to the day. Now, she’s bringing her zest for life out of the kitchen and into your world with light-hearted books and endearing characters and pets. Light on romance, but heavy on other ingredients, come to a place where friends, even the furry kind, matter as much as family. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback