Review of With A Vengeance

With A Vengeance
Annette Dashofy
5 Stars


Paramedic Zoe Chambers and the rest of rural Monongahela County’s EMS and fire personnel are used to wading into the middle of trouble to rescue the sick and the injured. But when someone with an ax to grind seeks retribution by staging accident scenes and gunning down the first responders, Zoe finds herself forced to not only treat her own brethren of the front lines, but also, in her role as deputy coroner, seek out whoever is killing her friends.

At the same time, Vance Township Police Chief Pete Adams races to track down a gun, a mysterious all-terrain vehicle, and the sniper before Zoe goes back on duty, placing herself—and Pete—firmly in the gunman’s crosshairs. (Goodreads)


When first responders are ambushed at the scene of an accident, the remaining emergency personnel become worried. When it happens a second time, they become panicked. They are afraid to go out on calls because they do not know what will be waiting for them when they arrive. Zoe Chambers, a paramedic, is among those who are very concerned. Her coworkers and friends are being put in extra danger, and she knows she could be the next one attacked. Pete Adams, the Chief of Police, is also very troubled with what has been going on. He is extra concerned because he does not want anything happening to Zoe, who he is in love with. He knows he needs to find the killer sooner rather than late, before someone else is attacked.

The characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional. Zoe is one of my favorite characters: she is tough, smart, brave, loyal and caring. She will do anything she can to help those in need and she tries to do the right thing at all times. But sometimes her curiosity gets the better of her and she cannot help herself from snooping where she should not be snooping. She also has a vulnerable side and has some commitment issues. Pete is tough, fearless, honest and dedicated to upholding the law and making sure that justice is served. He demands a lot out of his officers, but no more than he is willing to give himself. I think they make the perfect couple and it was nice to see their relationship moving in the right direction. I have read all four of the books in this series and have seen Zoe and Pete each grow individually as well as a couple. That is what I want to see in any series that I read and the author has done this expertly.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read. The author is very talented in creating suspense and tension with the written word. I found myself having to read “just a couple more pages” and then realize I stayed up a lot later than I should have. The mystery is carried on throughout the entire book and there are many suspects to consider. There are many twists and turns and the suspense just keeps building until the dramatic ending. I was pretty sure I knew who the killer was (and I was right) but I did not know the reason why. So I had some of the questions answered but not all, which was alright with me.

I would recommend this book, and series, to anyone who enjoys a well crafted suspense mystery. All the elements that I look for in this type of book: suspense, great characters, small town feel and twists and turns, are all perfectly blended to create a great book. Do yourself a favor and read this book, as well as the other books in the series and enjoy. If I could, I would rate Annette Dashofy’s books more than five stars.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. I would like to thank NetGalley and Henery Press for the opportunity to read and review this book.