New Releases For The Week Of January 30th, 2022–1

Going, Going, Dead: A Light Paranormal Mystery (A Paranormal Museum Cozy Mystery Book 6) by [Kirsten Weiss]

At an auction, competition can be deadly…

When Maddie attends an estate auction of artifacts from America’s spiritualist era, it’s just another day in the life of a paranormal museum owner…. Until she discovers the body of the murdered auctioneer.

Her mother is convinced the murderer is after a mysterious statuette that once belonged to the town’s Ladies Aid Society. With the holidays approaching, Maddie and friends dive into the mad world of obsessive collectors to find the missing statuette… and a killer.

Maddie tracks her suspects through a secluded gothic estate, in the wineries of Central California, and along the streets of small-town San Benedetto. But this clever criminal is determined to win at all costs. Will the killer use Maddie’s friends as the ultimate weapon against her?

If you love laugh-out-loud mysteries, witty heroines, and a touch of the paranormal, you’ll love Going, Going, Dead, book 6 in the Paranormal Museum mystery series. Read this twisty cozy mystery today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Death Steals A Kiss: A clean mystery with a touch of sweet romance (A Taylor Texas Mystery Book 4) by [Vikki Walton]

Charming Hill Country Comfort. An Upcoming Gala. A Disastrous Death.

When pie-baking sleuth, Christie Taylor, now director of Horse Haven rescue, is confronted with a deadly accident at the rescue, she must confront the incident head-on. Was the man’s death a tragic mishap or is someone out to sully the rescue’s reputation, or worse, cause it to shut its doors? In order to protect the nonprofit, Christie’s thrust into finding out what happened but when another incident occurs, can Christie uncover the truth before another tragedy occurs?

Clean cozy but with a hint of romance and a smattering of faith, enjoy the latest look into the residents of the Texas Hill Country. As always, a yummy pie recipe included!

Death Steals A Kiss is the fourth book in the down-home Taylor Texas mystery series by Vikki Walton. If you enjoy sassy sleuths and clever clues along with light-hearted humor and country values all tied up in a clean cozy mystery, grab this book today. Plus, each book includes a yummy pie recipe!

Each book is a stand-alone mystery but if you enjoy getting to know the characters, you may want to read the books in order to follow their friendships and romantic journeys. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Murder Through an Open Door: Book 3 in the Book Magic Mystery Series: A Book Magic Mystery (A Book Magic Mystery 4) by [Melissa Bourbon]

“Filled with quirky characters and atmospheric descriptions of the quaint town of Devil’s Cove, Bourbon hits all the right notes for a cozy: amateur sleuthing, several possible suspects, bookstores, and a touch of romance.”
~Elena Taylor, Author

To stop the curse that has plagued her family for centuries, Pippin Lane Hawthorne has enlisted the help of authors Tolkien, Homer, and Dickens. How? Through bibliomancy, a practice by which passages in books speak to her in cryptic code that only she can decipher. When she finds a message from her mother in an old copy of The Secret Garden, she hopes this book might hold the answers she so desperately seeks.

The book leads Pippin to a vital clue, but before she can figure out what it means, she stumbles upon a dead body. Though the authorities deem the death is from natural causes, the books found scattered around the body tell Pippin a different story—the victim was murdered. And the death is connected to her family and the curse. Now, to solve a murder in the present, Pippin must dig deeper into her family’s troubled past, even if it means staring danger in the face.

“This series had me at ‘book magic’ and wrapped me up in its unique plot from start to finish!” ~Carrie Schmidt, (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Loose Screw (Nailed It Home Reno Mysteries Book 2) by [Barbara Barrett]

All Rowena Summerfield wants to do is finish her latest home renovation with her daughter, Valerie. And it seems like all building inspector Mortimer Fonseca wants to do is get in her way. His refusal to help Ro’s Nailed It company meet his impossible expectations has her fuming, and she’s not the only one — as she learns when Fonseca turns up dead, run over in a parking lot in the middle of the night.

His colleagues say he was a loose screw, even if he was wound too tight. But Ro and her former colleague on the police force, Detective Hercules Morgan, soon discover he was a lot more than that. And a lot of people might have wanted to wrench the life out of him, from disgruntled builders to his sneaky co-workers to a relative who stands to inherit everything.

The more Ro, Val and Herc interview suspects and other persons of interest, the less they are able to hammer down a motive. But as the case takes an unexpected turn and becomes doubly complex, can a voice from beyond the grave be just what they need to nail down the guilty party?

All Rowena Summerfield is seeking is a sense of accomplishment as she and her thirty-five-year old daughter, Valerie, build their fledgling home reno business. However, circumstances and her former partner keep pulling her back to investigating homicides. But as she approaches her sixth decade, she discovers she’s no longer the physically fit young woman she once was, especially after a near fatal auto accident injured her back, prompting her to seek early retirement. Chasing murderers proves not only challenging mentally, but it also takes its toll on her relationship with Val and the new love in her life. Can she continue to juggle the new with the old and maintain her balance? Join Ro in this new cozy series as she struggles to nail down the challenges of both worlds. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Murder in the Mountains: A Destination Murders Short Story Collection by [Karen Cantwell, Gretchen Archer, Leslie Budewitz, Barb Goffman, Eleanor Cawood Jones, Tina Kashian, Shari Randall, Shawn Reilly Simmons, Cathy Wiley]

Whether you love spring, summer, fall, or winter in the mountains, you’ll be elevated by nine new stories from award-winning and bestselling cozy mystery authors Gretchen Archer, Leslie Budewitz, Karen Cantwell, Barb Goffman, Eleanor Cawood Jones, Tina Kashian, Shari Randall, Shawn Reilly Simmons, and Cathy Wiley.

With mountainous murders galore around the world, this anthology is full of peaks and valleys!

Climb every mountain, search low and high
For clues to a murder, and try not to die

Second in the DESTINATION MURDERS series, Murder in the Mountains follows the well-reviewed Murder at the Beach.

Four seasons of Murder:
DOUBLE BLUFF by Gretchen Archer. A new short story in the Davis Way series. Two trophy wives and one dead body equals a trip to Lookout Mountain, Tennessee for Davis Way and her co-worker.
FIVE DAYS TO FITNESS by Barb Goffman. A visit to a fitness camp in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains was supposed to be a new beginning for Bree Winterbourne. Instead, it’s a final ending for one of the attendees.
THE SOUND OF MUZAK by Karen Cantwell. Another short story in the Barbara Marr series. When Barb and friends take a trip to the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts, they are asked to help uncover the owner’s dark past—one that may involve murder.
THE PICTURE OF GUILT by Leslie Budewitz. A new short story in the Food Lovers’ Village series. Erin Murphy loves her town of Jewel Bay, Montana, which attracts artists, foodies, and other tourists. But one artist’s visit turns deadly.
THE LYIN’ WITCH IN THE WARDROBE by Eleanor Cawood Jones. Lorrie George and friends visit the Land of Oz theme park on Beech Mountain, North Carolina, filled with celebrities and jealousy and murder, oh my!
A KILLER POCONO HIKE by Tina Kashian. A short story in the Kebab Kitchen series. Lucy Berberian is desperate for a break from the stress of wedding planning, and the Poconos should have fit the bill. But finding a body in a sinkhole leaves Lucy with a sinking feeling.
A PERFECT CLIMB by Shawn Reilly Simmons. A skiing trip in the Australian Alps was supposed to be the perfect start for Caroline Cabot’s perfect marriage. Unfortunately, everything quickly goes downhill, as sore muscles, fighting couples, and a murder ruin the perfection.
THE EDELWEISS EXPRESS by Shari Randall. A new short story in the Lobster Shack series. Allie Larkin was looking forward to her trip to Austria: the snow, skiing, and a Sound of Music Tour. But she wasn’t expecting that the hills would be alive with the sound of…murder?
ONE FLEW OVER THE COCOA’S NEST by Cathy Wiley. A new short story in the Food Festival Fatalities series. Former celebrity chef Jackie Norwood was invited to judge a Hot Cocoa festival at a Utah ski resort. Instead, thanks to a blizzard and a murder, she ends up judging the guilt of her fellow guests. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A Game of Fear: A Novel (Inspector Ian Rutledge Mysteries Book 24) by [Charles Todd]

In this newest installment of the acclaimed New York Times bestselling series, Scotland Yard’s Ian Rutledge is faced with his most perplexing case yet: a murder with no body, and a killer who can only be a ghost.

Spring, 1921. Scotland Yard sends Inspector Ian Rutledge to the sea-battered village of Walmer on the coast of Essex, where amongst the salt flats and a military airfield lies Benton Abbey, a grand manor with a storied past. The lady of the house may prove his most bewildering witness yet. She claims she saw a violent murder—but there is no body, no blood. She also insists she recognized the killer: Captain Nelson. Only it could not have been Nelson because he died during the war.

Everyone in the village believes that Lady Benton’s losses have turned her mind—she is, after all, a grieving widow and mother—but the woman Rutledge interviews is rational and self-possessed. And then there is Captain Nelson: what really happened to him in the war? The more Rutledge delves into this baffling case, the more suspicious tragedies he uncovers. The Abbey and the airfield hold their secrets tightly. Until Rutledge arrives, and a new trail of death follows…  (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! One correction: Murder in the Mountains is available in all e-book formats, not just for Kindle. Enjoy!

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