New Releases For The Week Of February 6th, 2022–Part 1

Jane and the Year Without a Summer (Being a Jane Austen Mystery Book 14) by [Stephanie Barron]

“If you have a Jane Austen-would-have-been-my-best-friend complex, look no further . . . [Barron] has painstakingly sifted through the famed author’s letters and writings, as well as extensive biographical information, to create a finely detailed portrait of Austen’s life—with a dash of fictional murder . . . Some of the most enjoyable, well-written fanfic ever created.”—O Magazine

May 1816: Jane Austen is feeling unwell, with an uneasy stomach, constant fatigue, rashes, fevers and aches. She attributes her poor condition to the stress of family burdens, which even the drafting of her latest manuscript—about a baronet’s daughter nursing a broken heart for a daring naval captain—cannot alleviate. Her apothecary recommends a trial of the curative waters at Cheltenham Spa, in Gloucestershire. Jane decides to use some of the profits earned from her last novel, Emma, and treat herself to a period of rest and reflection at the spa, in the company of her sister, Cassandra.

Cheltenham Spa hardly turns out to be the relaxing sojourn Jane and Cassandra envisaged, however. It is immediately obvious that other boarders at the guest house where the Misses Austen are staying have come to Cheltenham with stresses of their own—some of them deadly. But perhaps with Jane’s interference a terrible crime might be prevented. Set during the Year without a Summer, when the eruption of Mount Tambora in the South Pacific caused a volcanic winter that shrouded the entire planet for sixteen months, this fourteenth installment in Stephanie Barron’s critically acclaimed series brings a forgotten moment of Regency history to life. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

Birthdays Are Murder (A Spindrift Cove Mystery Book 1) by [Cindy Sample]

After Sierra Sullivan is furloughed from her cruise director position, she moves to Spindrift Cove, Washington, to be closer to her married daughter. She soon discovers that gigs for middle-aged entertainers are scarcer than good hair days in the Pacific Northwest. With her bank account sliding toward zero, she swallows the indignity of donning a ten-pound wig and elaborate costume to perform at a child’s birthday party.

Little does Sierra know she’ll soon be upstaged by a corpse and become the leading-lady suspect.

As the bodies pile up, the entertainer adlibs her own crime-solving gig, a performance putting her in the crosshairs of a killer, and a finale that truly may be final.

Five stars to Cindy Sample’s latest protagonist, Sierra Sullivan. Sleuth, performer, and all-around enterprising gal, she hits the cozy mystery scene in a fabulous new whodunit series. If you are a fan of Ms. Sample’s work, you won’t want to miss the first book in the Spindrift Cove Mystery Series. I loved it!
Heather Haven, award-winning author of the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries

“There are characters that will stay with you long after you put the book down. Sierra is one of those who will leave a smile on your face. Cindy Sample has crafted characters and a storyline that brings both enjoyment and cozy mystery fun.”
R. Franklin James, award-winning author of the Hollis Morgan Mystery Series

Sierra Sullivan is an aging actor who takes on children’s party gigs to make ends meet. Her situation is both hilarious and poignant. After discovering a body, her investigation introduces her to a wacky cast of characters and plenty of plot twists. Another fast, fun, and funny read by Cindy Sample.
Charlotte Stuart, author of the award-winning Macavity & Me mystery series

Birthdays are Murder delivers the mirth and madcap mayhem readers expect from a Cindy Sample mystery. Her new Spindrift Cove Mysteries cast entertainer Sierra Sullivan as the star, with equally amusing family and friends in supporting roles. A fast-paced mystery that’s sure to entertain.
Linda Lovely, author of the Brie Hooker Cozy Mystery Series and the HOA Mystery Series (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Murder is Not a Girl's Best Friend (The Diamond District Mystery Series Book 2) by [Rob Bates]

Journalist-turned-amateur-sleuth Mimi Rosen is back with her father Max for another action-packed tale of murder and intrigue in New York City’s Diamond District.

A Reverend from Africa has found a sparkling $20 million diamond that he hopes will free his continent from the scourge of blood diamonds. But this attempt to do good soon turns very bad. After the diamond is stolen and leads to a series of murders, Mimi discovers both the diamond and the Reverend have a less-than-sparkling history.

Soon, Mimi is investigating a web of secrets involving Africa’s diamond fields, a shady billionaire, offshore companies, as well as a human rights activist, documentary filmmaker, and computer whiz who may not be as noble as they appear. Is the prized gem actually a blood diamond? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

No Stone Unturned (A Happy Camper Mystery Book 1) by [M.S. Peke]

Bears aren’t the only predators in Yellowstone.

After twenty-one years of being overshadowed by her ex-husband, Winnie Hackleshack never had the opportunity to explore her adventurous side. But what does a forty-something divorced woman do to revitalize her spirit? She gets a rescue dog, buys a motorhome, and sets off for adventures unknown. Except the adventures include getting mixed up in a murder investigation.

Arriving at Yellowstone, Winnie anticipated bubbling geysers, buffalo, and scenic views. But on her first night there, she befriends a young woman being bullied, and when the young woman is found dead the next morning, with Winnie’s business card, Winnie finds herself looking for clues to solve the woman’s death.

The clues lead her to an illegal gold mine, and when the killers suspect Winnie stole their mined gold, they come after her. But Winnie’s not backing down. With the killers on the loose, it’s up to Winnie to find them before they get away. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Pignon Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives (The Pignon Scorbion Series Book 1) by [Rick Bleiweiss]

A PNBA BuzzBooks Winner

“Bleiweiss’s novel is a worthy addition in the tradition of Conan Doyle and Christie. Holmes and Poirot, please make room for Pignon Scorbion.”-Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times bestselling author of What You Break

For fans of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, author Rick Bleiweiss’s quirky new detective and ensemble cast of characters set against the backdrop of small-town England in the 1910s will feel both comfortingly familiar and thrillingly new.

The year is 1910, and in the small and seemingly sleepy English municipality of Haxford, there’s a new chief police inspector. At first, the dapper and unflappable Pignon Scorbion strikes something of an odd figure among the locals, who don’t see a need for such an exacting investigator. But it isn’t long before Haxford finds itself very much in need of a detective.

Luckily, Scorbion and the local barber are old acquaintances, and the barbershop employs a cast of memorable characters who—together with an aspiring young ace reporter for the local Morning News—are nothing less than enthralled by the enigmatic new chief police inspector.

Investigating a trio of crimes whose origins span three continents and half a century, Pignon Scorbion and his “tonsorial sleuths” interview a parade of interested parties, but with every apparent clue, new surprises come to light. And just as it seems nothing can derail Scorbion’s cool head and almost unerring nose for deduction, in walks Thelma Smith—dazzling, whip-smart, and newly single.

Has Pignon Scorbion finally met his match?

For fans of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, author Rick Bleiweiss’s quirky new detective and ensemble cast of characters set against the backdrop of small-town England in the 1910s, will feel both comfortingly familiar and thrillingly new. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

Jousting and Justice: Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Book 5 by [Elizabeth Pantley]

An invitation to a medieval festival. A ferry ride to a mysterious island. A scheming, inept witch. An office break-in, an unidentified body, and a string of suspects. Can Hayden, her brave, sassy cat, Latifa, and the people of Destiny Falls solve the mystery and enjoy the festival?

Jousting and Justice follows the series format of combining two stories that blend into one. A murder mystery and the island mystery.

The Island Mystery: Hayden and all her friends get an invitation to a medieval festival – but it’s on “the forbidden island.” It’s too enticing to pass up. Of course, strange things will happen once they get there! . . . You’ll also learn the truth about the witch’s sister!

The Murder Mystery: A dead body shows up in the most shocking place. First, they need to figure out who this dead guy is. Then, who killed him and why. There are so many twists and turns on the way to the answers! But we know that Hayden, Latifa, and their family and friends will figure it out and justice will be served.

Hayden’s many adventures in Destiny Falls will keep you guessing with each book in this intriguing series.

Reviews for Jousting and Justice:

“Just when I think the series cannot get any better, it does. It was absolutely magical! I could not put this book down!” ~ Goodreads

“If there were more than five stars I would definitely give more! In this case it’s at least 10 stars worth double the wonderful! Destiny Falls is a location you cannot miss visiting, experiencing, enjoying, and pondering!” ~ Goodreads

“An ongoing series which I eagerly await each new release. Full of wonderful characters, mystery, humor, and a mischievous cat. It’s an adventurous mystery series written with cleaver imagination.” ~ Goodreads

“Solidly at the top of my list for paranormal mysteries! Just when I think the series cannot get any better, it does.” ~ Goodreads (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Killer View (Cindy York Mysteries Book 4) by [Catherine Bruns]

It’s been four years since sometime sleuth Cindy York left the real estate world behind in favor of a more fulfilling career as a stay-at-home mom. Now that her little one is starting school, Cindy fears her life is about to become dull.

She shouldn’t have worried.

An old college roommate soon surfaces and begs Cindy to sell her home, making it impossible for the former agent to say no. Pamela Hilton is going through a messy divorce and any profit will need to be split between the woman and her louse of a spouse. But when Cindy shows the home to prospective buyers and Kevin Hilton is found doing a dead man’s float in their pool, trouble starts to overflow.

Convinced of her friend’s innocence, Cindy sets out to find a ruthless killer. But will her return to the workforce and her life both be short term? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle