New Releases For The Week Of February 6th, 2022–Part 2

Witchy Wednesday: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (A Tabitha Chase Days of the Week Mystery Book 1) by [Denise Jaden]

The murder of a witch, a seaside town selling the supernatural, and a realtor-turned-sleuth, rediscovering her purpose.

When self-proclaimed realist and realtor Tabitha Chase takes a trip to small-town Crystal Cove to sell her late aunt’s houseboat, nothing is what it seems on the surface, including a local witch’s cause of death.

Tabby’s spreadsheets and staging skills won’t solve the case, but her newly inherited psychic cat might. With the help of a fetching forensics expert and a dashing detective, Tabby hopes to clear her name from suspicion and discover the truth.

Join this witchy cast of characters in the small beach town of Crystal Cove where Tabby may be the only person who can see past the shroud of illusions. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A Dash of Murder (A Myrtle Clover Cozy Mystery Book 19) by [Elizabeth Spann Craig]

Food for thought: seasoning with these berries results in a dash of murder.

It’s been a quiet autumn so far in the small town of Bradley, North Carolina. Or, as Myrtle would put it, a boring one. The slow pace and lingering post-summer heat are making life in Bradley very slow-paced, indeed.

That all changes when a local resident is poisoned by what looks like a scrumptious pie. The victim is a boorish man who has plenty of enemies in Bradley. Despite this, suspicion falls heavily on Myrtle and Miles’s friend—a botanist who grows the deadly nightshade the man was poisoned with.

Can Myrtle and Miles solve the case and help their friend before the killer strikes again? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Death in Disguise: A totally gripping cozy murder mystery (The Adam and Eve Mystery Series Book 1) by [Emma Davies]

Francesca Eve thought she was prepared for anything at the events she caters for in her pretty little Shropshire village. Missing canapes? No problem. Burnt brownies? A piece of cake… But a dead body? Now that’s a recipe for disaster.

Francesca is nervous aboutcatering her first ever murder mystery party, but it’s clear from the clink of champagne flutes and piles of empty plates that the evening is a roaring success. The guests look spectacular in their disguises, whispering and giggling as they try to identify who killed beautiful young Becky. But days later the game takes a sinister turn when Becky is found poisoned, and all the signs point to the culprit being a party guest.

From the woman having an affair to the guest hiding her true identity, everyone had a secret – and it turns out that Becky knew them all. As Fran finds herself centre-stage in a real-life murder mystery, the finger of suspicion points at each guest in turn. And Fran starts to wonder, were any of these secrets dangerous enough to kill for?

Then the body of a second guest is found, and it becomes clear a deranged killer is going off-script. It seems anyone who was involved in the game that night is in their sights, even Fran. Can she unmask the murderer before the final curtain falls?

A page-turning cozy mystery packed with twists. If you love Clare Chase, M.C. Beaton and The Thursday Murder Club you’ll absolutely adore this unputdownable whodunnit.

Readers love Emma Davies:

Oh my giddy aunt… I was addicted to reading this book… I binge read the book over the course of a couple of days…I just wanted the book to continue… a very well deserved 5*Ginger Book Geek, 5 stars

Had me hooked and left me wanting more!… Fabulous!’ hidden.with.books, 5 stars

‘This was a quick fun read… which I finished in one sitting! I was engrossed from start to finish.’ Goodreads reviewer

A page turning read… I absolutely loved the ending which was absolutely perfect!!!’ bookworm86, 5 stars

‘I was hooked… I absolutely loved this book!’ oh.happy.reading, 5 stars

Brilliantly addictive.’ NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Frictional Characters (The Village Library Mysteries Book 6) by [Elizabeth Spann  Craig ]

Small towns + gossip = friction

No one in the town of Whitby, North Carolina was excited when Jonas Merchant returned to town. Jonas was an effective muckraker; an expert at uncovering secrets, rumors, and undercurrents. Even worse, he’d fallen on hard times and was desperate for easy cash. It was a decidedly dangerous combination.

It was perhaps not the biggest surprise when Jonas was discovered dead one day. More shocking, at least to local librarian Ann Beckett, was the fact that her straight-arrow director Wilson was one of the suspects in Jonas’s death.

Will Ann be able to track down the killer and clear Wilson’s name before he strikes again? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback


Airy Allies and Enemies: A Chinese Cozy Mystery (A Raina Sun Mystery Book 11) by [Anne R. Tan]

A free honeymoon, an old ally, and a kidnapping.

Raina Sun is enjoying her belated honeymoon with her husband, far away from her nosy family. When her grandma shows up to help a friend on a kidnapping case, it’s bye-bye smooching time. Her husband gets volunteered to do the ransom drop, and an old ally from the Nine Dragons Triad, a multi-generational criminal organization, barges in for a visit. Things go from bad to worse when a body is found at the luau. Her husband is right. There’s no such thing as a free honeymoon. Someone has to pay the piper one way or another.

Will Raina find the devious killer, or will she become the next victim? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Other Family: A Novel by [Wendy Corsi Staub]

One of PopSugar’s Most Anticipated Books!

One of Bibliofile’s Most Anticipated Mystery/Thriller Books!

“Great psychological suspense with a wallop of a twist.” —Harlan Coben, #1 New York Times bestselling author

New York Times bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub makes her trade paperback debut with a fast-paced thriller in the vein of Lisa Jewell’s The Family Upstairs and Megan Collins’ The Winter Sister. Here, a family making a fresh start moves into a house which was the site of an unsolved triple homicide—and are watched by an unknown person…

The watcher sees who you are…and knows what you did. 

It’s the perfect home for the perfect family: pretty Nora Howell, her handsome husband, their two teenage daughters, and lovable dog. As California transplants making a fresh start in Brooklyn, they expected to live in a shoebox, but the brownstone has a huge kitchen, lots of light, and a backyard. The catch: its previous residents were victims of a grisly triple homicide that remains unsolved.  

Soon, peculiar things begin happening. The pug is nosing around like a bloodhound. Nora unearths a long-hidden rusty box in the flowerbed. Oldest daughter Stacey, obsessed with the family murdered in their house, pokes into the bloody past and becomes convinced that a stranger is watching the house. Watching them.

She’s right. But one of the Howells will recognize his face. Because one of them has a secret that will blindside the others with a truth that lies shockingly close to home—and to this one’s terrifying history. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook