Review of Killer View

Killer View

Cindy York Mysteries, Book #4

Catherine Bruns

5 Stars


It’s been four years since sometime sleuth Cindy York left the real estate world behind in favor of a more fulfilling career as a stay-at-home mom. Now that her little one is starting school, Cindy fears her life is about to become dull.

She shouldn’t have worried.

An old college chum soon surfaces and begs Cindy to sell her home, making it impossible for the former agent to say no. Pamela Hilton is going through a messy divorce and any profit will need to be split equally between the woman and her louse of a spouse. But when Cindy shows the home to prospective buyers and Kevin Hilton is found doing a dead man’s float in their pool, things quickly become more complicated.

Convinced of her friend’s innocence, Cindy sets out to find a ruthless killer. But will her return to the workforce and her life both be short term?  (Goodreads)


The characters are well rounded and well developed.  Cindy has been a stay-at-home mom for four years. But her daughter is starting school and she is not sure what she is going to do.  But then she finds out that her old college roommate, Pamela, wants Cindy to sell her home and she feels like she cannot refuse.  She is excited to see her old friend but is sorry when she hears that her friend is getting a divorce.  When Cindy has an open house she finds Pamela’s husband dead.  Pamela asks Cindy to find out who killed  her husband and she agrees.  With the help of her boss and friend, Jacques, she is going to figure it out.

The writing style flows smoothly and it finds the character very clearly by their actions and words.  The author is very talented in her descriptive and these descriptions pulled me into the story and took me for a fantastic ride.  The mystery was well plotted and it took all of my detective skills to try and figure it out.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written cozy mystery.  It was really great to catch up with Cindy and her family and friends.  I enjoyed this book quite a bit.

Killer View (Cindy York Mysteries Book 4) by [Catherine Bruns]

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