New Releases For The Week Of April 24th, 2022–Part 4

It’s Tinworthy village’s summer fete: a brass band, cream teas, gentle gossip… and a body on the beach? The party’s just getting started for super sleuth Kate Palmer!

Kate Palmer thought spending the day at Tinworthy’s annual summer party would involve sea air, sunshine and Cornish cream cake – how very wrong she was! When Kate goes for a cliff-top walk she is shocked to spot the body of Sienna Stone – Cornwall’s biggest gossip – on the sandy beach below.

Rumours swirl around the close-knit community and all eyes are on Kate. Half the village saw her arguing with Sienna at the party earlier that day. It was the usual bickering between neighbours, but when Kate finds herself in the frame can she – and her new husband Woody Forrest – solve the puzzling death and clear her name?

There’s a long list of people who might have wanted to push Sienna – her long-suffering husband Irvin, her jealous younger sister Sally and Timmy Thomson, the man who idolised her, not to mention all the villagers who felt the sharp end of her tongue. Finding out the truth isn’t going to be easy…

Just as Kate thinks she’s getting closer to an answer, an unexpected afternoon visitor shares some curious information over tea and scones that sets her on an entirely different path. And soon she starts to wonder if she might be in real danger too…

Can Kate solve the curious case before the murderer declares the party over? Or have her days of sleuthing come to an end?

If you love cosy crime stories complete with quirky characters, twisty plots and plenty of suspects, A Body on the Beach will have you absolutely hooked until the very last page! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, Faith Martin and Clare Chase.

Why readers are gripped by A Body on the Beach:

This series just keeps getting better! I am in love with the charm of Higher, Lower and Middle Tinsworthy. The pubs, the restaurants, the shops and the villagers became more familiar with each new mystery… I’m looking forward to what comes next! @khhsc, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Made me smile and had me captivated.’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘With a likeable protagonist in Kate, a colourful cast of supporting characters, and a delightful setting this is another thoroughly enjoyable, fully entertaining read providing some gentle escapism.’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A brilliant story and I’m already looking forward to the next book in the series.’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I loved it… if you haven’t tried these books give them a go, this can be read as a stand alone but the series is so good I would start at Book 1. Enjoyable, humorous, relaxing read from a fabulous author10/10.’ Book Mark!, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Yet another great readI love the detectives in these books. Perfect read for a summer afternoon laying in the garden.’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great twist!… I loved the resolution… I look forward to the next in the series.’ Celebrating Authors, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Beautifully written… I got really invested in the story. I would highly recommend reading this one. NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

A new life. A clumsy stray. But when Megan decided to open a shop on the boardwalk of Seacrest… she never planned on murder.

Uprooting her life to the tiny seaside town of Seacrest has been a lifelong dream. But it wasn’t just her boyfriend’s proposal that set her plans in motion. The final words of Megan’s late best friend still ring in her ears. “Promise me you’ll live your dreams, Meg.”

And so, she went.

However, her first day running her new scooter rental shop comes with one massive hiccup. A purse-snatcher dashes out the front door and Megan takes off after him. The man collides with a huge Great Dane and tumbles to the ground, but when Megan stops to asses the situation, she finds a few things are very suspicious. For one, the Great Dane is wearing someone’s glasses. But, more importantly, the purse thief is a billionaire who couldn’t possibly be hurting for money. As the moment unravels, she finds it was all a harmless prank.

But not everything Megan encounters is as harmless as it seems. There’s the charming English woman who runs a bookstore a few doors down, and the young college student Santiago who’s a shameless flirt, the billionaire himself, along with the fireman, the construction crew, and the rest of the gang. Somewhere out there is a murderer, and as she stumbles across the clues, they sets their sites on Megan.

A charming tale of mix-ups and mysteries where the beauty of Seacrest brings you to the page, and the chilling taste of danger holds you there. Explore the wonders of the pacific coastline with Megan and be inspired. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the courage to chase your dreams as well. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Late Frank Jamieson Had a Secret Life…Cat says, “NO,” in Fleece the Cat, a 9 Lives Cozy Mystery from Louise Clark

–Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada—

Pam Muir claims the late Frank Jamieson is the father of her child and wants money from the family trust. But Frank, the cat, denies the allegations. Christy believes the woman is on the hustle, planning to fleece the Jamiesons with a tall tale and phony documents.

Then, on the day Pam is supposed to supply her proof, she is killed, murdered on her way to the meeting. To protect the family trust and Frank’s reputation, Christy investigates, and it isn’t long before she discovers Pam’s sordid past and a long history of duping men.

With secrets abounding, one of those men is angry enough to kill. Now, Christy must protect the family Trust, Franks’s reputation, and her own life.

Publisher Note: The 9 Lives Cozy Mysteries, while containing some very mild profanity, will be enjoyed by readers of clean and wholesome cozy mysteries. Cat lovers and those fond of all things feline, as well as readers of Amanda Lee, Denise Grover Swank, Rita Mae Brown’s Sneaky Pie Brown Mysteries, and Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s Joe Grey Mysteries, will not want to miss this series.

The 9 Lives Cozy Mysteries
The Cat Came Back
The Cat’s Paw
Cat Got Your Tongue
Let Sleeping Cats Lie
Cat Among the Fishes
Cat in the Limelight
Fleece the Cat

About The Author: Louise Clark has been the adopted mom of several cats with big personalities. The feline who inspired Stormy, the cat in the 9 Lives books, dominated her household for twenty loving years. During that time, he created a family pecking order that left Louise on top and her youngest child on the bottom (just below the guinea pig), regularly tried to eat all his sister’s food (he was a very large cat), and learned the joys of travel through a cross-continent road trip.
The 9 Lives Cozy Mystery Series—as well as the single title mystery, A Recipe For Trouble, are all set in her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback


April showers bring murder!

Donations are pouring in for the charity yard sale, but as Kay and her friends sort through the glassware and gently used appliances, they discover a real skull in a box of old Halloween decorations.

The find re-opens a years-old missing person case, giving a local family closure but opening up a trunk-load of questions.

Kay is on the job, digging into a cold case that someone never wanted brought to light. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Muffin but clues!

When the unthinkable happens—another murder, ex-celebrity chef Lyra St. Claire is hounded by the paparazzi once more.

The sheriff doesn’t appreciate her help, but how can she carry on as if nothing’s happened? To make matters worse, her new waitress is causing problems at the diner.

Her beagle, Cinnamon, sniffs out more than muffins and Lyra has to make a choice between family and friends when love is in the air.

Will she solve the crime before the paparazzi make her worst fears come true?

Beagle Diner Cozy Mysteries are light and entertaining, with a passel of clues, delicious baking and a one clever beagle.

Beagle Diner Cozy Mysteries
Beagles Love Cupcake Crimes
Beagles Love Steak Secrets
Beagles Love Muffin But Murder

Cheryl is a USA Today bestselling author from beautiful Auckland, New Zealand with two alter egos: C.A. Phipps writes cozy mysteries and Cheryl Phipps writes romance and women’s fiction. Loving stories filled with feisty heroines, suave heroes, and wonderful small towns, she enjoys crafting her own heart-warming tales of strong family ties, mixed in with a little romance, humor, and delicious baking! Her favorite things are family times, cooking, travel, and the perfect latte. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Sometimes the smallest towns have the biggest secrets…

Karla Bell is good at three things: running her successful concierge business, being fiercely independent, and detecting lies.

When her late grandmother is falsely implicated in two mysterious deaths, Karla is determined to uncover the truth and clear her family’s name. Even if she has to use every corporate skill she has, accept help from friends and family, and turn herself into a human lie detector.

Can Karla solve both mysteries and reveal the true culprit(s) before the small-town rumour mill grinds her family’s reputation into dust?

If you like humourous cozy mysteries with a bit of small-town Canadian life, a close group of fun, loveable characters, dogs, and cats, then there’s something in this series for you.

Clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language.

Each book in the Bellbrook Murder Mystery Series contains a standalone mystery that is solved by the end of the book. The books can be read in any order, however the characters’ lives and relationships evolve and change as the series progresses.

Also by Reagan Davis:

  • Knitorious Murder Mysteries
  • Knitorious Murder Mystery Collections (Knitorious Murder Mysteries boxed sets)


Editions Available: Kindle

Finding a cure for cancer can be murder…

When Reading’s ME, Dr. Lloyd Aberstock, asks Fiona Fleming to investigate a clinical trial, she’s on the case immediately. With the life and death balance of his beloved Bernice in peril, Fee digs into Dr. Aberstock’s concerns with help from her own husband, Crew. Fee uncovers deceit, sabotage and corporate espionage, all while trying to stay under the radar when one of the trial’s doctors ends up dead. But is the drug a fraud, or will the death of its creator put Bernice’s recovery at risk by ending the trial early?

Available now from Fleming Investigations Cozy Mysteries:
Patent Pending and Death
Inquiring Minds and Death
Finding Zen and Death
All In and Death
Out With the Old and Death
Tropical Destinations and Death
(Family Enterprise and Death – March 29th)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback