New Releases For The Week of May 22, 2022–Part 1

“A mystery writer finds solace and murder in rural Oregon…Whimsy meets woodsy”— Kirkus Reviews

Don’t miss the first book in a brand-new gripping and hilarious bookish cozy mystery series by author Tamara Berry!

Bestselling thriller writer Tess Harrow is almost at the end of her rope when she arrives with her teenage daughter at her grandfather’s rustic cabin in the woods. She hopes this will be a time for them to heal and bond after Tess’s recent divorce, but they’ve barely made it through the door when an explosion shakes the cabin. Suddenly it’s raining fish guts and…is that a human arm?

Tess was hardly convincing Gertie that a summer without Wi-Fi and running water would be an adventure. Now she’s thrust into a murder investigation, neighbors are saying they’ve spotted Bigfoot in the woods near her cabin, and the local sheriff is the spitting image of her character Detective Gabriel Gonzales—something he’s less than thrilled about. With so much more than her daughter’s summer plans at stake, it’s up to Tess to solve this case before anyone else gets hurt.

Put your sleuthing hat on—Buried in a Good Book features:

  • A thriller writer who knows way more than anyone should about death and dismemberment
  • Her young daughter who’s more intrigued by dead bodies than she probably should be
  • An isolated cabin in the woods that’s probably—definitely—hiding something
  • The tiny mountain town that seems less than troubled by a sudden abundance of murders (Amazon)
  • Edition Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

An intriguing debut sci-fi thriller featuring a scientist heroine, the multiverse, and a NASA spaceport on Wallops Island, Virginia.

First in a planned trilogy from husband and wife writing team Paul Awad and Kathryn O’Sullivan.
Environmental scientist Constance Roy is one of forty-nine refugees rescued from Earth’s destruction and transported to the ark spaceship Orb by an automaton race called the Curators. Twelve months have passed since their rescue. But now, with the ship’s orbit decaying, the refugees seem doomed to crash into Jupiter’s fiery belly.

In a parallel universe on present-day Earth, another version of Constance seeks answers to the questions that have haunted her since childhood: How and why did her mother die? The head of a mysterious corporation housed at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility can give her the answers, but not without a price.

Two timestreams collide when the Constance on Earth discovers that Nicolas, her son, has the ability to save the Orb and its inhabitants. Now she must battle treacherous Curators wishing to destroy Nicolas, while on the Orb, another Constance must fight to save the ship from Jupiter’s fatal pull.

Only together can they save their son – and future generations of humankind.

“What a great story–it’s full of surprises, suspense, and most of all, humanity. I was rooting for these refugees every step of the way as they hurtle through space, desperately hoping to find a new planet to call home. This is my favorite kind of science-fiction, a total page-turner with big ideas and lots of heart.”
– Adam Meyer, screenwriter/author of The Last Domino

“Awad and O’Sullivan’s When Earth Shall Be No More is the perfect sci-fi adventure: compelling characters, a frantic race against time, and a daring mission with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance. A dimension-bending page-turner—no matter what galaxy you may inhabit!”
– Alan Orloff, two-time winner of the ITW Thriller Award and author of I Play One on TV.

“Not only is When Earth Shall Be No More an imaginative, intelligent picture of humanity’s potential future, but it’s also a compassionate tale of parenthood, of identity, of the need for people to form relationships no matter their circumstance. O’Sullivan and Awad delve into complicated concepts with ease, and lovingly introduce readers to fully developed, emotionally layered characters along the way. A must read for fans in and out of science fiction.”
– E.A. Aymar, author of The Unrepentant and They’re Gone

When Earth Shall Be No More hit every emotion as I tried to figure out who to trust in this deftly handled dual timeline sci-fi mystery. The characters drew me into a world so realistic and unique, I had a hard time putting this book down.”
– Sherry Harris, Agatha Award nominated author of the Sarah Winston Garage Sale and Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon mysteries

“A fascinating sci-fi story of survival, When Earth Shall Be No More will keep readers on their toes until the very end.”
– Joelle Charbonneau, New York Times bestselling author of The Testing (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover

A powerful new cozy mystery series from award-winning and bestselling author Krista Lockheart. Join greenhouse expert Heather Moore and her sassy chihuahua as they uncover something unexpected in her new estate garden in this buzz-worthy fresh novel.

There’s something growing in the garden . . . and it’s not a flower. A mystery is growing in the garden!

Greenhouse expert and horticulture Professor Heather Moore gets a new lease on life when she inherits her grandparents’ estate in New England. But the garden she loved as a child has seen better days. Determined to restore her grandfather’s garden to its former beauty, she’s accompanied by Ant, her charming chihuahua, and two of her favorite former students.

But wait, what? Ant suddenly digs up an even bigger challenge when he finds some human remains buried in an old potting shed. As she discovers clues and follows the evidence, a few suspects cross her mind, but ultimately they point to one wily and clever killer. Suddenly in danger herself, can Heather solve this puzzling mystery, restore her family’s legacy, and bring about justice?

April Showers Bring Dead Flowers is the first novel in the Murder on the Vine series. Join Heather and Ant as they explore the seedy underworld of gardens, greenhouses, and flower shops in this ‘unputdownable’ murder mystery!
Extremely funny, with a fast-paced plot and appealing characters, this adorable and ingenious story will embed itself in your heart and grow into one of your favorite reads.
Perfect for chick-lit fans and with a dash of sweet romance as well, this will appeal and be highly accessible to many readers.
Don’t miss this breakout novel in the cozy genre and pick up a copy today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Let’s sail to America, Desmond suggested. It will be fun, he promised. Except, no matter where Rosemary goes, murder seems to follow–even in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

The journey was supposed to be part of the adventure, and what could be more fun than a few days aboard a veritable floating palace?
Except Rosemary should have known it wouldn’t be all fun and games. She should have known bunking across the hall from a murder mystery author would come to no good. She should have followed her mother’s advice and stayed safely on dry land.

It doesn’t take long for our intrepid sleuth to stumble onto another dead body, and even less time for her to figure out it wasn’t just an accident: it was murder!

She’s prepared to let security handle the investigation, but when Desmond opens his big mouth and brags too loudly within earshot of the captain, Rosemary finds herself embroiled in another quest for justice. Except now, she’s surrounded by would-be sleuths, and time is running out.

If she doesn’t solve the case before the boat docks in New York, a murderer will go free!
Join Rosemary and her friends for a new mystery as they confront evil on the high seas. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

In his most autobiographical novel to date, James Lee Burke continues the epic Holland family saga with a writer grieving the death of his daughter while battling earthly and supernatural outlaws.

Novelist Aaron Holland Broussard is shattered when his daughter Fannie Mae dies suddenly. As he tries to honor her memory by saving two young men from a life of crime amid their opioid-ravaged community, he is drawn into a network of villainy that includes a violent former Klansman, a far-from-holy minister, a biker club posing as evangelicals, and a murderer who has been hiding in plain sight.

Aaron’s only ally is state police officer Ruby Spotted Horse, a no-nonsense woman who harbors some powerful secrets in her cellar. Despite the air of mystery surrounding her, Ruby is the only one Aaron can trust. That is, until the ghost of Fannie Mae shows up, guiding her father through a tangled web of the present and past and helping him vanquish his foes from both this world and the next.

Drawn from James Lee Burke’s own life experiences, Every Cloak Rolled in Blood is a devastating exploration of the nature of good and evil and a deeply moving story about the power of love and family. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle. Hardcover. Audiobook

Daisy’s Tea Garden is one of the many attractions in Pennsylvania’s Amish country—and when Daisy herself isn’t serving tea, she’s making sure justice is served . . .

When Daisy Swanson arrives at Rumple’s Statuary shopping for a birthday present for her beau Jonas, Wilhelm Rumple’s cottage looks like something out of a fairy tale, reminding her of the Storybook Tea family event she’s planning. Even the man himself—short and stumpy in overalls with bare feet—seems like a storybook character. But as a businessman, Rumple is rumored to be as cold and hard as the statues he sells.
Maybe that’s why, following a break-in at his cottage, Rumple is found dead in a dog run behind Four Paws Animal Shelter, bashed in the head. Now it’s up to Daisy to get the residents of Willow Creek to spill the tea on a little man who may have had some big secrets, so she can find a stone-cold killer . . .
Includes delicious recipes! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Life is good in Pine Lakes, Arizona for barista Hazel Hewitt. While her mom and grandma run their family’s cafe, she’s buzzing about town in their new coffee truck with her trusty dog, Latte. But when the body of her cheating ex-boyfriend is found outside her truck, all eyes turn to Hazel.

Thankfully, she has her ride-or-die best friend and her detective big brother on her side. Convincing her brother’s new partner, the handsome—and grumpy—NYC detective who just moved to their small town, will be a lot more difficult.

Hazel knows she didn’t do it. And if she didn’t do it, then there’s a killer on the loose in Pine Lakes. Pressed for time, can she find the killer and clear her name before her new coffee truck business comes to a bitter end?

Murder and Macchiatos is the first book in the Coffee Truck Cozy Mystery series. Inside you’ll find the perfect blend of family bonds that will warm your heart and whodunit adventures as strong as the coffee. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback