New Releases For The Week Of May 29th, 2022–Part 1

“I was riveted .” — Kylie Brant, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author

“This outstanding follow-on to Donnell Ann Bell’s Black Pearl [is] highly recommended!” — Barbara Nickless, Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon Charts Bestselling Author

Black Pearl [is] a procedural full of twists. Briskly paced and worthy of its Colorado Book Award nomination.” — M.E. Browning, 2021 Colorado Book Award Winner & Agatha Award-nominated author

This killer won’t stop …until she’s dead

When Lt. Everett T. Pope is notified of an explosion in downtown Denver close to the judicial buildings, his first instinct is gas leak. No such luck. As Incident Command and Pope’s own Major Crimes unit move in, he discovers he knows the intended victims—an Assistant U. S. Attorney—and Pope’s former partner, now a private investigator, has died shielding the injured AUSA with his body.

As ATF and the FBI take over investigating the bombing and unraveling motives behind the murder attempt, Pope is relegated to a peripheral role. But the injured AUSA’s aunt is a United States senator used to getting results. She turns to the team that solved the Black Pearl Killer murders with a very big ask—find her answers and locate the bomber.

FBI Special Agent Brian DiPietro must recall his entire cold case team from their far-flung assignments knowing he’s being asked to do the impossible. The senator, however, doesn’t know the meaning of the word. All too soon, DiPietro finds his team working alongside ATF on a red-hot mission. One that uncovers a decades’ old cold case.

Author Bio:
DONNELL ANN BELL IS an award-winning author of four romantic suspense novels, all of which have been e-book bestsellers. Until Dead is the second in a suspense series. Donnell and her husband are recent transplants to New Mexico. Visit her website and connect with her on Facebook. (Amazon)

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Small Town. Big Murder.

Hi. I’m Alice. The number one secret to my success as a bodyguard? Staying under the radar. But when a public disaster blew up my career and my reputation, my perfect, solo life took a hard left turn to crazy town. And to bodies. Lots of dead bodies.

I thought my hometown of Nowhere would be an out-of-the-way refuge to wait out the media storm.

It wasn’t.

My little brother had moved into a treehouse. The town had the bright idea of attracting tourists with the world’s largest collection of big things… Nowhere now has the world’s largest pizza cutter. And lawn flamingo. And ball of yarn…

And then I stumbled over a dead body.

All the evidence points to my brother being the bad guy. I may have been out of his life for a while—okay, five blissful years—but I know he’s no killer. Can I clear my brother before he becomes Nowhere’s next Big Fatality?

Buy this quirky, fast-paced mystery series now!

Murder mystery game included in the back of the book! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A woman’s murdered.
Her cuckolded husband is the prime suspect.
But a jury’s verdict is not guilty.
How can that be?

It was no secret that Sophia Reilly had lovers, a lot of them, and always had. Her husband, Eric, decided to go to a remote fishing shack to decide what to do about his marriage and while he was gone, she was found murdered in their home.

Was he responsible for her murder? Or was it one of the other men in her life?

Sheriff Mike and the Beaver County District Attorney are convinced that Eric’s the murderer, but the jury finds him not guilty. Is that the beginning of the story or the end?

This is the 22nd book in the Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series by a USA Today Bestselling Author. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A quiet lodger; a secret vice; a fortune-seeker who will stop at nothing.
Cambridge, England. 1905.
A neighbour’s quiet lodger dies in an unlucky fall, but Vita finds clues that suggest a complex and dangerous secret life, and doubts his death was an accident.
Forced to investigate when the police refuse to listen, she finds a connection with a second sudden death – that of a wealthy and eccentric local lady.
As usual, Vita’s discoveries infuriate the police and the murderer, but they also cast doubt on the findings of a police surgeon whose good opinion is vital if she is to continue her own scientific studies.
With no one else willing to take on the killer, Vita must act alone. (Amazon)

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In between jobs, Olivia Greer is helping residents of the Hello Age retirement community on to their bus when one of their own is found dead. Murdered in the herb garden, a sprig of thyme is clutched tight in his cold, lifeless hand. Worse yet, Olivia’s former student, Raleigh Ulrich, is suspected of the crime.

Now, Olivia is on the case and determined to clear Raleigh’s name. Unfortunately, focusing will be difficult.

A trapped squirrel terrorizing her car.
Her phone mysteriously dropping calls.
It seems someone or something is sabotaging her investigation.

As residents come forward with shocking revelations, Olivia begins to fear something nefarious is happening at Hello Age. With hunky architect Michael Bellemare can they uncover the truth before Thyme runs out?

The laughs and intrigue continue in A Thymely Death, the fourth book in the Lily Rock Mystery series! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

“Reminiscent of Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swensen cozies, which also include baking and a group of close friends working together to solve crimes.” – Booklist
A delightful new story from a New York Times bestselling author perfect for fans of Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swensen Mystery series! In this page-turning new book, entertaining guru Sophie Winston is faced with a midsummer nightmare when a celebration in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, is the appetizer for murder…
Old Town’s midsummer festivities are getting a tasty addition this year. To coincide with a public performance of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Bobbie Sue Bodoin, the Queen of Cheesecake, has hired Sophie to organize a dinner with a dessert buffet on the waterfront. Bobbie Sue’s homegrown company is thriving, and since her baking dish overfloweth, she wants to reward her employees.
Bobbie Sue has only one menu demand: no cheesecake! But her specialty isn’t the only thing missing from the evening—Tate, Bobbie Sue’s husband, is too, much to her annoyance. Next morning, however, Tate’s dead body is discovered. Bobbie Sue insists she didn’t kick her spouse to the curb, and begs for Sophie’s help finding the real killer. Digging in, Sophie discovers an assortment of Old Town locals who all had reason to want a piece of Tate. Can she gather together the crumbs the killer left behind in time to prevent a second helping of murder?
Includes delectable recipes and fabulous DIY decorating tips! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

Fancy dresses, ancient history and murder!

Fiona Fleming’s return to the Big Apple has her helping out an old friend while reliving the past. But Vivian French’s troubles turn from a bit of sleuthing to something much more deadly when the Queen of Wheat’s foray into the world of high fashion design ends in death. Can Fee put aside her memories in time to save Vivian from losing her dream? Or worse, get sent to prison for murder?

Available now from Fleming Investigations Cozy Mysteries:
Patent Pending and Death
Inquiring Minds and Death
Finding Zen and Death
All In and Death
Out With the Old and Death
Tropical Destinations and Death
Family Enterprise and Death

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback