New Releases For The Week Of June 5th, 2022–Part 1

What happens when a popular haunted mansion becomes a little too haunted?

The historic Maddison House has always been known for its ghosts, but suddenly, something changed, and this tourist attraction is about to go off the rails. The workers are terrified to return, and the ghostly residents want some answers.

Brynn and her wonder-cat Bernie are on the case, but this time, they may get more than they bargained for! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

An antiques TV show. A dead celebrity expert. Can a shy amateur sleuth step into the lime-light and expose a murderer?

Dotty Sayers is enjoying her job in a Cotswold auction house. When she’s offered a place on an antiques TV show, she nervously agrees to a makeover and is surprised by the admiring glances she receives. But working at an historic country hotel, she realises the show can’t go on when, at the bottom of the circular staircase, one of the experts is found dead.

Dotty can’t help wondering if the death was accidental or if someone else was involved.

She promises to stay in the background and leave the investigation to the police, but this amateur detective can’t help uncovering clues. When she returns from viewing a priceless sculpture, and finds her British blue cat missing, she knows she’ll struggle to keep the show on the road.

Can Dotty emerge from behind the scenes and identify the killer?

Valued for Murder is the second book in the captivating Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery series. If you like engaging mysteries, captivating characters, and fascinating British settings, then you’ll adore Victoria Tait’s entertaining tale.

Buy Valued for Murder and read a showstopper today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

As fashion designer to London’s elite, she had an eye for detail and a flare for the dramatic. But there’s nothing stylish about her cold-blooded murder.

With the social season just around the corner, the women in Cleo’s family are having new outfits made by the most sought-after designer in the city. Madame Poitiers is bold, self-absorbed and not French, despite her claims.

When Cleo stumbles on her dead body in the salon, she is in a unique position to gather clues and speak to witnesses. But she doesn’t expect to find Harry Armitage’s business card in Madame’s possession. What is the alluring private detective’s connection to the victim? And why is he avoiding Cleo?

As she peeks behind the veil of lies, Cleo uncovers the secrets Madame Poitiers tried to hide. But which secret led to her murder? And which one of the suspects turned the fashion icon into a fashion victim? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

An afternoon with friends is sweeter than ice cream… unless it’s cut short by murder.

Anna takes a break from her busy ice cream shop for a long-awaited lunch with friends at Rosie’s inn.

But a pleasant afternoon turns deadly when the housekeeper is murdered.

Now, Anna and Rosie must do some clean-up of their own if they are to discover the killer and save the inn’s reputation.

Meanwhile, nothing seems to be going right in Anna’s search for her sister, especially after Joe Wiggins mysteriously pulls back from the case. That is, until Anna’s search brings her and Jeremy undercover at a beauty school in Maine.

If you love small New England seaside towns, endearing characters, page-turner mysteries, and ice cream parlors, you’ll love the Seaside Ice Cream Shop Mysteries.

Grab your copy now! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Bookstore owner Tricia Miles tries to open a new chapter in life, but murder mars the pages in the latest entry to Lorna Barrett’s New York Times bestselling Booktown series.

Tricia Miles and her sister, Angelica, are the co-presidents of the Stoneham Chamber of Commerce. Things are changing in the booktown, and some merchants would say not for the better. They grumble that too many non-book-related stores are moving into the village, taking up the most visible storefronts on Main Street, diluting the “Booktown” moniker. Of course, the members with other businesses, like the latest, The Bee’s Knees, are fine with other businesses moving in. No matter what side of the argument they’re on, all the business owners agree on one thing: Tricia and Angelica are to blame. 
Still, it’s a pretty typical day in the life of a small-town Chamber of Commerce until one of the disgruntled bookstore owners is killed—Eli Meier from The Inner Light Bookstore, the most vocal of the Chamber complainers. He sold religious and other spiritual books, but also stocked books on wild conspiracy theories and sold incense, crystals, etc. Eli had never been a member of the Chamber until Angelica recently convinced him to join. He hit on her and she, having good taste, turned him down. He hounded (but not stalked) her, and some might think that was a motive for murder. 
Stoneham’s new police chief is an old friend of Tricia’s, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to go easy on her sister. One might even say that he’s going to throw the book at her. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobooke


Who knew going home could be deadly?

I will show them success. Artist Jill Madison repeats this mantra when she returns to her small hometown to restart her life. Hired to manage a new community art center, she vows to make it successful so the people of her town will have what she did not have—an education in the arts. She no sooner accepts the job than a burglar makes off with an expensive sculpture and an uninvited corpse is discovered in the basement. Even worse, the body belongs to someone Jill knew…well. Investigating what happened places Jill right in the path of a murderer.

How will she keep her job, run her first big event, and escape a killer who plans to paint her out of the picture permanently? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Welcome to Stargaze, home to a secret community of friendly zombies—or are they?

The Fall Gala is the crown jewel of the festival season in Stargaze, and Addie can hardly wait to help Aunt Kate host a charity tea and attend a fancy dinner with her not-quite-boyfriend, Bennett.

But when the MC of the Gala turns up dead, Addie begins to uncover a plot to expose the secret supernatural community that includes her aunt and new friend Marvin.

If that happens, the special local magic that gives Addie her psychic abilities and keeps her aunt alive will disappear forever.

Now the race is on to find the true killer before the crooked police chief manages to pin the murder on innocent zombies and destroy the magic of Stargaze.

Bergamot and Brains by Thora Bluestone is a fun, clean, magical cozy mystery. Brew a cup of your favorite tea, and come along to the mountain town of Stargaze, where supernatural abilities and mysteries abound . . .

The Tea Shop Witch Series:
The Tea Shop Witch (#1)
Peppermint and Potions (#2)
Chamomile and Crystal Balls (#3)
Bergamot and Brains (#4)
Vanilla and Vampires (#5)

Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Witch Cozy Mystery
Small Town Mystery
Amateur Sleuth
Female Detective
Culinary Cozy Mystery
Dog Cozy Mystery
Supernatural Mystery
Clean Fiction
Friendship Fiction (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Thrift shop til someone drops…

Welcome to Pine Grove. Where Minnesota nice is just a suggestion, and the sheriff is a real dog.

Turning her garage into a thrift store was a lake-side picnic compared to having her mother come to visit. And when the scandalously young boyfriend she brought with her disappears, Jessica Braun has her work cut out for her.
With the help of the canine sheriff and her new friends in town, Jess will have to think fast to keep her mother from taking the blame for the body that turns up.
And as if a mother and a murder aren’t enough, her shop faces competition from the antique store that’s just opened in Pine Grove—and the owner is already on Jessica’s bad side.

Will she be able to prove her mother’s innocence and make sure her store survives the challenge?

An Antique Alibi is the second book in the humorous cozy series: Secondhand Sleuth Mysteries. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A fantastic new cozy mystery series with a vintage flair from USA Today bestselling and Agatha Award–winning author Ellen Byron.

Twenty-eight-year-old widow Ricki James leaves Los Angeles to start a new life in New Orleans after her showboating actor husband perishes doing a stupid internet stunt. The Big Easy is where she was born and adopted by the NICU nurse who cared for her after Ricki’s teen mother disappeared from the hospital.
Ricki’s dream comes true when she joins the quirky staff of Bon Vee Culinary House Museum, the spectacular former Garden District home of late bon vivant Genevieve “Vee” Charbonnet, the city’s legendary restauranteur. Ricki is excited about turning her avocation – collecting vintage cookbooks – into a vocation by launching the museum’s gift shop, Miss Vee’s Vintage Cookbooks and Kitchenware. Then she discovers that a box of donated vintage cookbooks contains the body of a cantankerous Bon Vee employee who was fired after being exposed as a book thief.
The skills Ricki has developed ferreting out hidden vintage treasures come in handy for investigations. But both her business and Bon Vee could wind up as deadstock when Ricki’s past as curator of a billionaire’s first edition collection comes back to haunt her.
Will Miss Vee’s Vintage Cookbooks and Kitchenware be a success … or a recipe for disaster? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

The New York Times–bestselling author discusses the creation of their beloved English police inspector and his long-running mystery series.
Scotland Yard’s Insp. Ian Rutledge made his debut in 1996 with Charles Todd’s historical police procedural A Test of Wills. Many years and cases later, the shell-shocked World War I veteran has won over readers far and wide. But how did such a troubled yet wise character come to be?
Writing together as Charles Todd, the mother-son duo of Caroline and Charles Todd, share insights on creating their sleuth and the New York Times–bestselling series. In this essay, they discuss their mutual enthusiasm for history and storytelling, as well as their influences. They share the story of their fateful trip to a Revolutionary War battlefield that inspired them to write a novel together. They also talk about creating Rutledge and his world, working together, and, of course, historical research. Inspector Rutledge fans won’t want to miss this.
Praise for Charles Todd and the Inspector Ian Rutledge Mysteries
“You’re going to love Todd.” —Stephen King, Entertainment Weekly
“The melancholy tone that distinguishes the Rutledge series is a reminder that war never ends for the families and friends of lost loved ones. It just retreats into the shadows.” —The New York Times Book Review
“Todd’s Ian Rutledge mysteries are among the most intelligent and affective being written these days.” ―The Washington Post Book World
“Evocative . . . An absorbing mystery.” ―Orlando Sentinel
“[A] profound and insightful rendering of a Britain between the wars.” ― Hartford Courant
“Exceptionally clever plot . . . As always, Todd . . . deepen[s] their crafty whodunit with a moving exploration of their astute sleuth’s inner torments.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

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