Review of Proms, Crowns and Sworn Enemies

Proms, Crowns, And Sworn Enemies,

Michelle Bishop Paranormal Cozy Mysteries, Book #0

J A Holder

5 Stars


High school graduation is just around the corner, and Michelle Bishop is ready for the next chapter in her life. The title of valedictorian is all but hers, and solidifying her A in one more class is the last step. Unfortunately, Michelle has been partnered up with her nemesis, Georgia Beauregard, for their class project.

During the group study session at Georgia’s house, Michelle accidentally damages the tiara Georgia’s mom had professionally repurposed for Georgia to wear to prom. Everyone knows that Georgia will win, but now her crown is in jeopardy. With only two days until the dance, Michelle promises to pay to have the tiara repaired.

When the tiara is stolen from the jewelry store, Michelle feels responsible and decides to try to find it for Georgia. She knows if she doesn’t get Queen Georgia her crown before the prom, then Georgia and her socialite cronies will certainly make her pay for more than just the tiara.

Proms, Crowns, and Sworn Enemies is a prequel novella for the Michelle Bishop Cozy Mystery Series. You can read it for FREE by signing up for J.A. Holder’s newsletter on his website.   (Goodreads)


Proms, Crowns, and Sworn Enemies is the prequel for this series.  It gives the back story of Michelle and Georgia and why they did not get along.  When they are partnered together and things do not go very well.  When Michelle accidentally ruins a tiara that Georgia planned on wearing to prom.  When it is taken to the jewelry to get fixed, it is stolen.  Michelle decides to try and figure out who the thief is.  But it will not be easy.

The author is very talented in his descriptive writing and it kept me engaged throughout the entire story.  The writing style flows smoothly and the book was an easy read.  The mystery is well plotted and it was not easy figuring out the theft.

I enjoyed this novella and I am looking forward to reading the next book when it is released.