New Releases For The Week Of July 31st, 2022–Part 4

An ancient legend tells of a pirate ship carrying a fortune in Spanish doubloons that once sank off the coast of Shipwreck Point.

While the residents of the town, including lawyer Titus Strong, mostly think it’s just a story, every once in a while the legend surfaces in some way or other, bringing hordes of outside treasure hunters who are sure they’ll be the one to find the gold. Most of these soon leave after discovering it’s not such an easy task.

Some who seek the booty are more persistent. One of these is Addison Slater, a common laborer and acquaintance of Titus’s, who persists in digging into historical records in his dogged search for clues.

Now an academic professor has stirred up the story again with the publication of a new book and a series of lectures, complete with magic lantern slides, given at a luxury hotel. All based on Slater’s research.

When the professor is found murdered, Slater is the primary suspect. But Titus doesn’t believe he did it.

Can Titus Strong prove him innocent?

And will the pirate treasure finally be found? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle


Was it an Accident or Murder?

Strange things are happening in Heaven Springs. A man who looks to be covered in blood is mumbling incoherently in the Town Square. At the same time a victim is found within the town’s library. Are the two events connected? Jonathan is experiencing headaches…are they connected to the weird goings on around him?

Mandy knows her grandmother is keeping secrets. Is it to protect her or is she harboring dark mysteries of her own? As Warrior Angels congregate within the town, will the true evil show it’s face? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Can Presley actually take a real vacation without murder and mayhem ruining her good time?

Presley heads to a remote Wisconsin town for a much-needed vacation. What should be a relaxing walk on the beach quickly turns more sinister when she sees a piece of driftwood – only it’s not driftwood, it’s a dead body.

Presley is adamant that she’s not going to let murder interfere with her R&R so she goes to an engagement party thrown by the neighbors she met on the beach. During the party another dead body turns up and Presley thinks maybe this sleepy town isn’t as quiet as it appears.

Can Presley find the murderer before anyone else turns up dead?

Previously published by Laina Turner. This new edition is reworked with new characters and even more cozy fun. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

There’s nothing like the peaceful rocking of a houseboat on the water to help you relax. And nothing can ruin that faster than a knife in the back!

A cozy mystery from International Bestselling Authors Danielle Collins and Susan Harper.

Regina Slim—aka Reggie—inherited a unique marina where dogs and people enjoy houseboat living. As she settles into what she hopes will be a new and peaceful life, everything gets turned upside down by a bloody murder. And Reggie has blood on her hands! With the help of her sister—a cop no less—and her fellow residents at the marina, she must solve the mystery before the marina’s reputation is permanently stained red. Can she find the killer before more bodies start piling up?

Murder at the Marina is the first story in the Dog Leg Cove Cozy Mystery series. If you like fast-paced mysteries with interesting characters, troublesome pets, and unexpected twists, you’re going to love all the action at the Gone to the Dogs Marina.

Download Murder at the Marina and start solving your next mystery today!

Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Pressing matters and a trail of deception. Can Alex pick apart the mystery before she’s pinned?

With one misadventure after another, Alex Bailey is determined to iron out her troubles and find the common thread to steer her life back on track. Returning to normalcy is the best way to mend her frayed nerves, and the charity Quilt-A-Thon is the perfect distraction. What Alex doesn’t expect is more of Nona’s ploys.

Mysterious deliveries, unexpected clues, and an old murder have weaved a troublesome web and Alex is tangled in the middle!

The quilters uncover an unexpected secret On Spruce Street—one that can’t be covered up with an artistic motif. While one mystery is solved, another (deadly) pattern emerges.

Can Alex piece together the pattern, or will someone she loves be pinned for the crime?

Pressing Matters is the intriguing third book in a series of Quilting Cozy Mysteries. If you like intriguing whodunits, then you’ll love Kathryn Mykel’s sharply spun tale.

Buy Pressing Matters to untwist a deliberate crime today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Ah, it’s an academic conference, with all the egos, the scandals, the terrifyingly petty squabbles on display. Well….perhaps not so petty. Professor Andrew Basnett has returned to his old university for a meeting of the Botanical Association, an event that should be entirely benign, except that he can’t help being just a little curious about Carl Judd, an artist who was murdered here just two years ago. And, of course, about Stephen Sharland, who’s in prison for the murder, only no one thinks he did it, not even Judd’s widow. The rumors are flying, the tongues are wagging, and then the only witness to the crime? He gets murdered, too! It’s all too exciting—no, sorry, too terrible, too terrible for words. Thank heavens Andrew Basnett is on hand to weed out the gossip and dig for the taproot of truth. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Paperback

Andrew Basnett does not have very good luck with Christmas. Most recently, visiting friends in Australia for the festive season, he wound up with a front-row seat to some rather extraordinary family strife. And this time around, his plans for a peaceful, English-village holiday get blown up when…well, when his hosts’ neighbor, Sir Lucas Dearden, gets blown up. A bomb, you know. This is England, it’s the 1980s: everyone shudders, blames the IRA, and moves on. Except, of course, for Andrew Basnett. Who knew, he wonders, about Sir Lucas’s last-minute change of plans? Why had Sir Lucas meticulously removed one page of the (rather stunningly dull) memoir he was writing? And could the bomb possibly have been intended for someone else? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Paperback

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