New Releases For The Week Of August 7th, 2022–Part 3

It’s the holiday season and Sophie Parker’s life is good. She hung up her Booty Burgo pirate wench waitress uniform and now works full as the library’s children’s program coordinator. She and her great-aunt Rose have settled into a peaceful co-existence, that is until Rose’s nemesis Carl Jackson drops dead from a poisoned pie.

It’s the holiday season and Sophie Parker’s life is good. She hung up her Booty Burgo pirate wench waitress uniform and now works full as the library’s children’s program coordinator. She and her great-aunt Rose have settled into a peaceful co-existence, that is until Rose’s nemesis Carl Jackson drops dead from a poisoned pie. (Amazon)

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Trooper Jim Duncan’s first day with the Criminal Investigation Division starts off with a bang when he is called to a murder scene with a badly decomposed body. After he finds an abused greyhound in the victim’s garage, the simple homicide becomes more complicated. Why would anyone want an unreliable racetrack employee dead, especially when greyhound racing is illegal in Pennsylvania?

Assistant public defender Sally Castle is facing her own career change. When she accepts a position with an old law school friend, her first case seems to be one that is exactly what she wants to do. Then she learns the greyhound adoption group her client may have embezzled from has ties to the shooting victim. What else is her client hiding?
Jim and Sally work their respective investigations, which may or may not be related. Along the way, they learn important lessons about themselves, those they work with, and the people they protect. But can they complete their tasks without falling prey to a killer? (Amazon)

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Genealogists can uncover more than family trees. Johanna Hudson, with her archeologist business partner and astute office assistant take on a client who claims to witness a high-profile murder and wants the reward, but it becomes a race to stay alive to collect. (Amazon)

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The peace and tranquility of the Misty Bay Tearoom is rocked by murder and a long-buried secret hidden in a most unlikely place in bestselling author Kate Kingsbury’s second charming book for fans of Cleo Coyle and Laura Childs.

It seemed like a simple case: the murder of Lewis Trenton, a beachcomber who lived alone in a cabin in the Oregon hills. But the newspaper article piques the interest of Vivian Wainwright, owner of the British-style Misty Bay Tearoom. The photo accompanying the article shows Lewis’s cluttered living room, and on the shelf is a replica of Big Ben. Vivian is sure she sold the clock a week before in her shop. Who could have given the replica to Lewis?
Unable to keep from doing a bit of sleuthing, Vivian hunts down the replica in a local thrift shop, noticing that the base is missing, rendering it worthless, but just as Vivian is about to throw it in the trash, a sparkle catches her eye. It’s a diamond, hidden away in a crevice in the clock. Vivian takes the diamond to Detective Tony Messina, who identifies it as part of a jewelry heist in Portland a month earlier. Portland police think Lewis was the fence who sold the jewels, and that he was killed after double-crossing the thieves—but Messina doesn’t believe the story.
What was the true motive behind Lewis’s murder? How did he come upon the diamond? And what secrets can the clock tell—before the killer strikes again? (Amazon)

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When one of Julia Morgan’s customers drops dead in her smoothie shop right after drinking her latest concoction, her reputation and her business begin sinking simultaneously.

She quickly becomes the prime suspect in the man’s murder, and the handsome detective investigating the crime doesn’t believe her story.

With the help of a parrot who thinks he’s a pirate and her friends from the farmer’s market, Julia sets out to solve the crime and clear her name.

If you’re looking for a suspenseful and engaging read you won’t be able to put down, grab your copy of this cozy mystery today. (Amazon)

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A murder at a BBQ competition. A celebrity judge asking too many questions. Will a second murder be on the menu?

Known better for her romance novels than for her role as a professor of medieval studies, Charlene Montgomery is invited to participate in a BBQ competition as a celebrity judge. Engaged to a Chicago Police Department detective, Charlotte finds it difficult to keep to herself when the nation’s most popular pitmaster is found murdered.

When he’s found dead before the winners are announced Charlotte realizes the suspects include hundreds of his cooking competitors, dozens of judges with grudges and offended event organizers.

When Charlotte begins asking questions she’s met with indifference and hostility. It’s a mystery no one wants solved.

Bring your appetite and your wit and start reading now! (Amazon)

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When introverted gardener Cicely Rue loses her job and learns she and her son (along with her dog, cat, and all her chickens) may have to move away from Cricket Creek, wedding planner Sabrina Mattingly—the town’s former bully—tosses her a lifeline by offering a contract to host a wedding in Cicely’s picturesque flower garden.

Cicely’s at first reluctant (host weddings? with people?), but given the choice between losing her home or becoming more sociable, she soon agrees to turn her garden into a wedding venue. Even as Cicely grows increasingly nervous, the small northern California town’s vendors excitedly prepare for the big day. The plans are coming along beautifully . . . until the wedding planner turns up dead and buried in Cicely’s compost heap!

Milo Levine may be a brilliant detective, but he’s dead wrong when he makes Cicely his prime suspect just because her fingerprints are all over the murder weapon. Doesn’t seem to matter that Milo had once been her friend, nor does it matter that Cicely has a blooming suspicion others in town have motive for murder.

Despite Milo ordering her to steer clear of the investigation, Cicely and her dog Otis dig for clues rooted deep in the town’s history to prove she’s not a murderer—and to find out who is before Cicely becomes the murderer’s next victim! (Amazon)

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Catering a big time event in the big city can mean only one thing: a big time murder!

A cozy mystery from International Bestselling Author Susan Harper.

Darla is off to Atlanta to sell her goods at DragonCon. The annual event is full of comic fans, fun, and famous people. Oh, and a fatality. When an actor is found dead in his hotel room, the week of fun turns into another murder mystery. Can Darla find another killer and put the fun back into Dragon Con?

Death by Dragon is the tenth story in the Darla’s Delectables Food Truck Cozy Mystery series. If you like fast-paced mysteries with interesting characters, troublesome pets, and unexpected twists, you’re going to love the Darla’s Delectables Food Truck Cozy Mystery series.

Download Death by Dragon and experience the fun and excitement of running a food truck and solving mysteries!

Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited. (Amazon)

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