New Releases For The Week Of September 18, 2022–Part 2

A mother and daughter find the courage to go undercover after stumbling upon a Nazi cell in Los Angeles during the early days of World War II—a tantalizing novel from the New York Times bestselling author of the Maggie Hope series

“A stirring standalone thriller . . . Susan Elia MacNeal’s page-turning prose is as entertaining as ever—I was riveted from beginning to end.”—Kate Quinn, author of The Alice Network

June 1940. France has fallen to the Nazis, and Britain may be next—but to many Americans, the war is something happening “over there.” Veronica Grace has just graduated from college; she and her mother, Violet, are looking for a fresh start in sunny Los Angeles. After a blunder cost her a prestigious career opportunity in New York, Veronica is relieved to take a typing job in L.A.—only to realize that she’s working for one of the area’s most vicious propagandists.

Overnight, Veronica is exposed to the dark underbelly of her new home, where German Nazis are recruiting Americans for their devastating campaign. After the FBI dismisses the Graces’ concerns, Veronica and Violet decide to call on an old friend, who introduces them to L.A.’s anti-Nazi spymaster.

At once, the women go undercover to gather enough information about the California Reich to take to the authorities. But as the news of Pearl Harbor ripples through the United States, and President Roosevelt declares war, the Grace women realize that the plots they’re investigating are far more sinister than they feared—and even a single misstep could cost them everything.

Inspired by the real mother-daughter spy duo who foiled Nazi plots in Los Angeles during WWII, Mother Daughter Traitor Spy is a powerful portrait of family, duty, and deception that raises timeless questions about America—and what it means to have courage in the face of terror. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

A lethal new weapon endangers all of Europe—unless Elena Standish can rescue an ingenious scientist from Hitler’s clutches—in this action-packed mystery by bestselling author Anne Perry.

It is the summer of 1934, and Hitler is nearing the summit of supreme power in Germany, his eyes set on European domination. When Britain’s MI6 gets word that a pair of German scientists have made breakthroughs in germ warfare, they send Elena Standish on a dangerous mission to get one of them out of Germany before he’s forced to share his knowledge and its devastating power with Hitler’s elite.

But the British soon learn that it’s more than just time that Elena is working against. The new head of Germany’s germ warfare division is an old enemy of Elena’s grandfather Lucas, the former head of MI6. And he’s bent on using any means at his disposal to avenge his defeat at Lucas’s hands twenty years before.

What starts as an effort to save Europe from the devastation of disease soon becomes an intensely personal fight. As Elena and the scientist make their way across Germany, from Berlin to Bavaria and beyond, they confront not only the Gestapo but also a ragtag group of unpredictable Nazi supporters. Elena finds her every decision challenged in this compelling thriller that takes a searing look at what it means to do what’s right in a world rife with so much evil. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

A new mystery is afoot in the third book in the Thursday Murder Club series from million-copy bestselling author Richard Osman. 

It is an ordinary Thursday, and things should finally be returning to normal.

Except trouble is never far away where the Thursday Murder Club are concerned. A decade-old cold case—their favorite kind–leads them to a local news legend and a murder with no body and no answers.

Then a new foe pays Elizabeth a visit. Her mission? Kill or be killed. Suddenly the cold case has become red hot.

While Elizabeth wrestles with her conscience (and a gun), Joyce, Ron, and Ibrahim chase down the clues with help from old friends and new. But can the gang solve the mystery and save Elizabeth before the murderer strikes again?

From an upmarket spa to a prison cell complete with espresso machine to a luxury penthouse high in the sky, this third adventure of the Thursday Murder Club is full of the cleverness, intrigue, and irresistible charm that readers have come to expect from Richard Osman’s bestselling series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

As the Phony War morphs into the Blitzkrieg, two British intelligence officers risk getting trapped behind enemy lines in the ninth Deadly mystery from USA Today Bestselling author Kate Parker

April, 1940. Hitler is invading Denmark on Tuesday. Olivia Redmond has only a weekend to bring a Nobel Prize winning chemist and his war-altering research to Britain. The scientist and his wife want to leave, but their troublesome daughter will do anything to stop her parents from departing.

The scientist’s wife was close friends with Olivia’s long dead mother and wants to talk about her, in stark contrast to Olivia’s father who won’t mention his wife. Olivia feels protective toward the invalid woman with her photos and details of Olivia’s mother’s life and wants to get her to safety.

When the daughter’s German fiancé is murdered, the police refuse to let anyone depart until they find the killer. If Olivia wants to escape Denmark with the chemist and his breakthroughs, she will have to unmask the killer before the Nazis stop her forever.

Deadly Rescue, book nine of the Deadly Series, is for fans of World War II era spy thrillers and classical cozy mysteries, of intrepid lady sleuths with determination and smarts. No explicit cursing, violence, or sex. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Lettuce, tomato, pickle . . . murder?
Former food vlogger Sadie Lennox has given up her influencer status and returned to her hometown of St. Augustine Beach, Florida to reconnect with her family. Her Uncle Duncan recruits her to help get the family burger joint profitable again. But Sadie soon discovers that not all of Beach Burgers’s problems can be blamed on the economy. Duncan has made some bad business decisions, and he’s taking out all his financial stress on his family.

Before Sadie can get the business back on track, she finds Duncan dead in the restaurant’s parking lot, killed by whoever carjacked his beloved powder blue vintage Mustang. The police believe it was a random act of violence, but Sadie is convinced that someone targeted Duncan because of his shady business tactics. Now she must dig into her uncle’s secrets and save not only the restaurant but the rest of her family as well.

This is Book One of a new cozy mystery series set in St. Augustine Beach, Florida and featuring business consultant Sadie Lennox. Having left the influencer life behind her, Sadie is now using her skills to helps struggling businesses flourish. What she doesn’t expect is to stumble over dead bodies and getting involved in murder investigations! This just proves that there’s never a dull moment in a beachy tourist town!

Included with this novel is the short story “The Neptune Adventure,” in which Sadie makes a new friend and investigates a fishy death!

Author’s Note: This is a LGBTQ+ positive book. There will be depictions of nonbinary characters, ace and bi characters, and characters in alternative relationships. However, it stays true to the tone of a cozy mystery; there are no explicit depictions of gore, violence, romance, or cursing. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The legend of the spooky Owl Woman comes alive in October and a ghost hunting show wants in on the Halloween action

The Howloween Festival in Vardo, Oklahoma, attracts thousands of tourists to celebrate Halloween in the quirky town because it’s also home to the mysterious Owl Woman. With the haunting face of a barn owl and the body of a woman, the creature is known to swoop through the Halloween skies and descend on her victims with a vengeance. When a dead barn owl is found in the yard of Perrie Spock’s funeral home, a big-time ghost hunting TV show comes to film on her property. Soon, owl attacks are reported all over town, and two people are murdered. Perrie gets visions from the past–can she and Sheriff Woolaroc solve the murders in time to save the festival? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Everyone in 1920s London knows the Honourable Cressida Fawcett: fiercely independent (though never apart from her little pug Ruby), lover of martinis and interior designer extraordinaire. She’s solved many crimes of fashion… so how about murder?

Cressida Fawcett is heading to the English countryside for a weekend of cocktails and partying at her friend’s glamorous mansion, the location of a recent diamond heist. But just hours after her arrival, Cressida is woken by an almighty scream. Rushing to the landing, she looks down into the great hall to find a trembling maid standing next to the body of Harry, the friendly young chandelier cleaner.

Everyone believes Harry’s death was an accident. But as Cressida examines the opulent hall and the beautiful grounds, she thinks something darker is afoot. Why clean a chandelier in the early hours of the morning? And who overheard Harry boasting about coming into unexpected wealth? A small piece of torn silk found near the body has Cressida looking at the guests’ elegant clothes with fresh eyes…

The short-tempered Detective insists that she keeps her curious nose out of the investigation, but it’s Cressida who realises the stolen diamonds were hidden in the sparkling chandelier. Convinced there is a connection between the theft and the murder, the case takes a sinister turn when a guest is killed in his sleep after a brandy-fuelled night of cards. With everyone unable to leave, can Cressida’s sharp eye for detail catch the killer before another life is taken?

An absolutely gripping and utterly charming 1920s murder mystery packed with wit, glamour and intrigue. The perfect whodunnit for fans of Agatha Christie, T.E. Kinsey and Downton Abbey!

What readers are saying about Death Among the Diamonds:

Loved loved loved… can’t wait to read more of Cressy and her faithful little pug Ruby… great storyline and fantastic characters… Couldn’t put it down… it was gripping and I wanted to know who dun it!!’ NetGalley reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I loved this!… a romp from start to finish. The main character is a gem… I can hardly wait to ride along on more of Cressida’s adventures.’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

‘I love a cozy crime. I love the 1920s. I love a country house murder. I love a strong independent woman who leads the way. This book had all those and more. Very Agatha Christie with a bit of Dorothy L Sayers. Absolutely loved it. Can’t wait for the next.’ NetGalley reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Brilliant… like The Thursday Murder Club meets Bridgerton… the perfect book for me… This was my first book by Fliss Chester and will not be my last!’ Goodreads reviewer

Thrilling and heart-warming at the same time… the new Agatha Christie hasn’t let me down once again. I enjoyed reading her new novel from beginning to end… an ending I most definitely did not see coming!’ Verhalen uit de Stiltecoupé

‘Impressive… I read this book in one sitting… a great start to a new series!’ NetGalley reviewer

‘For all the armchair detectives like me who loved Miss Marple, Miss Fisher Investigates and Ms. Scarlett and the Duke! A brilliantly vivid murder mystery.’ Nikki’s Book Nook (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

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