New Releases For The Week Of October 9th, 2022–Part 4

When one of Dr. Sydney Warner’s patients is murdered at a haunted house after Sydney encouraged the woman to face her fear of the holiday, she’s afraid she’ll be suspected of yet another murder.

But Sydney’s knowledge of the victim’s personal life becomes key to solving the case. The problem is the victim lied about her identity. How can Sydney use her psychology degree to unravel the mind of the victim and determine who wanted her dead if everything Sydney thought she knew about the woman isn’t true? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

People are dying to stay at my best friend’s inn.

The Maple Creek Inn is known for its charming décor, Lynn’s small-town hospitality, and the best food in Maple Creek.

But when a stranger’s body is discovered in one of the rooms, Lynn quickly rises to the top of the suspect list.

Can I help prove my best friend’s innocence and help save her inn before it’s too late? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Nobody knows the power of three like a Fairfield witch…

Youngest sister Grace Fairfield is the family rebel. Fun-loving, clever, and creative, Grace elevates rebelliousness to an art form, often resulting in chaos in Dark Hollow.
When Grace is assigned her first Hex Support case at a haunted amusement park, she’s thrilled to revisit her beloved stomping grounds from college. Unfortunately, the case involves an employee found dead on an expensive new rollercoaster that’s supposed to bring in enough revenue to avoid the park’s closure. Grace needs to act fast. If she can solve the case by Halloween, there’s still a chance the new rollercoaster can open in time to save the park from bankruptcy.
There is, however, one teensy complication in the form of Luke Brookstone, an old flame who worked at the park with her during college breaks. Even more distracting, he’s human and knows nothing about the magical world. Despite their chemistry, Grace knows that a relationship with a human would be met with disapproval by her witchy ancestors. Then again, when was Grace Fairfield ever one to fall in line?
The clock is ticking on the fate of the amusement park, as well as Grace’s reunion with Luke. Can she stop the killer in time to save her beloved park, or will it all go downhill from here?

Hunter’s Moon is the third and final book in the Hex Support Mystery series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle


Everyone knows a Juniper Holiday Halloween party is to die for.

To get an invite is the most talked about topic in Crescent Cove. To experience the Holiday mansion in all its (supposedly) haunted glory is the stuff of legend. Of course, no one has actually seen a ghost in residence—but how could they when they’re having the time of their life?

As an eccentric with too much money and time on her hands, Juniper Holiday loves any excuse to throw a party, and with Halloween just around the corner, she’s in go mode. Everything is going splendidly—until her fake corpse prop ends up being a real body.

With her reputation hanging in the balance, can Juniper unmask the murderer before stuffy Detective Desmond Mallard cuffs the wrong perp, or will her next block party be in a prison block? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Los Angeles animal shelter manager Lauren Vancouver has a soft spot for animals in need—and a keen eye for crime …

Thanks to a savvy ad campaign featuring teacup pups sporting HotPets Bling—a new line of faux jewelry dog collars—small dog adoptions have skyrocketed across the city. So when Lauren discovers a shelter in the Midwest with more toy dogs than it can handle, she arranges a private plane to swoop in and fly the pups back to LA.

But Lauren didn’t count on rescue worker Teresa Kantrim coming along for the ride. Teresa has cared for the dogs since they were found and doesn’t trust anyone from La-La Land to take over the job. Her biting comments clearly haven’t earned Teresa any new friends, but when she turns up murdered, it’s time for Lauren to dig into Teresa’s past and find out who wanted her put down. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Inspector Tuffle here, Scotland Yard. Speaking with the retiree seated before me in her Florida home. I have knowledge of a Christmas situation from 1964. Been keeping an envelope in my coat pocket while interrogating Ms. Helen Spencer on her 1960s experiences. It’s time to explore what happened.

What exactly was Ms Spencer doing leading up to the Beatles Christmas shows of 1964? Who was the masked man? And why has she offered no information on it? All of London was scared, however she remains tight-lipped.

One thing is certain: she was there, she worked with the Beatles… and no one has done any talking since then.

Until now. What happened?

***…Ebook Available for Pre-Order Now at $3.99!…***

Amateur sleuth and fan club helper Helen Spencer helps the Beatles prepare for their sold out 1964 Christmas Concerts…but there is a problem…who is trying to stop the show?

(Listed as Book 5 in the series, this fictional work fits in as Book 3.5 in the timeline of the complete 4-book Cozy Beatles Mystery series. It can be read as a stand-alone story). Paperback will be offered, too!

PRAISE FOR A COZY BEATLES MYSTERY SERIES: “Very Entertaining!“…”If you like the Beatles, or the 60s, or just want a fun cozy to read, I highly recommend this series. they are fun!“…”A Fun Read”…Witty Dialogues”…”Five Stars“…”Combines Liverpool and the Beatles with the innocent blunders of the Beatles Fan Club girl”…”…disarmingly charming Helen Spencer”…”I would highly recommend”…”A great sense of time and place”…”Great for Beatle and mystery fans”…Captures an amazing time period perfectly”…”Entertaining series“…”A nice, light-hearted read”…”Good entertainment”…”Well written and humorous”…”I’ve read the series and enjoyed it tremendously”…“As a 15 year old when the Beatles first came to America – this brought back sooo many memories. Loved it.” (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Summer has made its way up the mountain to Clear Creek, and with the new season, the town is offering a slew of summer classes at the community center. Happy to participate, Jemma and her yarn shop sponsor a fiber-dying class taught by her oldest friend, Kitty.

When a mysterious man walks into class, something about him pulls Jemma into a tangle. Learning Kitty once knew him, Jemma has questions — but her friend is staying mum. Then Jemma goes on an early-morning walk and discovers the man dead.

This time, Jemma’s determined to stay out of the investigation — until she learns that because of a past she’s been hiding, Kitty is the main suspect! Unwilling to turn her back on her friend, Jemma starts looking for a dropped stitch.

Because somewhere, there’s a person with dye on their hands. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Halloween in Little Leaf Creek comes with sweet treats, haunted trails and a dead body…

Cassie Alberta has recently returned from a vacation with her boyfriend, and she couldn’t be happier. It is almost Halloween and the town is getting ready for the celebrations. She is busy organizing costumes, making candy and caramel apples and getting ready for the haunted trail.

But things get more than a little spooky when a dead body is found. When a friend of a friend becomes the prime-suspect, Cassie joins forces with her ex-cop, next-door neighbor to try and find out who is to blame. Are her friend’s loyalties putting her at risk of becoming the next victim? They follow a trail of clues and suspects that lead them toward a whole lot of danger.

The clock is ticking to find the murderer before the bodies start piling up.

Recipes included: Candy Apples and Caramel Apples

Scared in Little Leaf Creek is the fast-paced sixteenth book in the Little Leaf Creek Cozy Mystery Series. If you like unexpected twists and turns, lively personalities, lovable animals and a never-ending list of suspicious characters, then you’ll love Cindy Bell’s heartwarming whodunnits.

Get Scared in Little Leaf Creek to start solving the murder today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Stormy Morgan has accepted her life as a witch, and is even looking forward to the future. That means training with the most powerful witches in the Midwest. She’s determined to follow through on her destiny. Despite her best intentions though, not everything is going to be as easy as she hoped.
When Stormy steps in and uses her magic following a bus accident, she’s almost killed in the process. Worse than that, it seems the child she risked her life to save might be an ongoing target. At the bottom of a ravine, in a spot where nobody should be, three magical children threaten one innocent child … and only Stormy stands in their way.
Surviving a perilous fall should make Stormy happy. She’s unsettled though, and the magical children that attacked are still out there. Worse than that, they seem to want her. They blame her for thwarting their plans … and they’re coming.
Stormy is brave and loyal, but she’s in over her head. Her boyfriend Hunter Ryan wants to help but he’s out of his depth. Even the Winchester witches can’t figure out what’s going on. That means they’re all going to have to work together to secure Stormy’s future.
Stormy is ready to fight the good fight. With brutal death barreling toward her, however, she might not even get the chance.
Darkness has arrived in Shadow Hills, and there may be no stopping it. Could this be the end? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Who knew flowers could be so fatal?!?

The annual Eagle Cove Flower Show is a huge deal in our little town, so when my cafe is hired to cater the opening reception, I’m determined to do everything I can to make the event a fun, festive, floral success.

All’s going well until, amidst the revelry, I stumble upon the freshly murdered corpse of the head judge.

Now the town’s in an uproar, media hordes are descending, and good friends are behaving very suspiciously.

With secrets swirling and loved ones in danger, I have no choice but to dig into this flowery, murdery mess —

Before the killer strikes again.

Murder So Pretty is a small-town New England mystery packed with murder, mayhem, and secrets galore. Toss in a handsome sheriff and a cast of characters with warm hearts and tart tongues — and what do you get? A deliciously dangerous good time.

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Murder So Tender (Book 4)

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