New Releases For The Week Of November 6th, 2022–Part 4


‘It’s wonderful! A page-turning homage to the Golden Age, with a dash of Poirot and a dark, modern heart’ S J BENNETT
‘Magnificent! A smart, suspenseful and snow-covered mystery with plenty of heart and more than a few quiz questions. A total must read for Christmas’ STEPH BROADRIBB
‘I absolutely loved it! Such a clever and pacy read with a glorious nod to classic Christie’ JO JAKEMAN
‘An engrossing and heart-warming mystery. Like a glorious Christmas chocolate – beautiful on the outside with a richly dark centre. Perfect to curl up with on cold winter nights’  MARION TODD
Eighteen passengers. Seven stops. One killer.

In the early hours of Christmas Eve, the sleeper train to the Highlands is derailed, along with the festive plans of its travellers. With the train stuck in snow in the middle of nowhere, a killer stalks its carriages, picking off passengers one by one. Those who sleep on the sleeper train may never wake again.

Can former Met detective Roz Parker find the killer before they kill again?

All aboard for . . . Murder on the Christmas Express

Praise for The Christmas Murder Game:

‘The perfect gift for quizzers and mystery addicts . . . A delicious locked room mystery crammed with cryptic clues, secrets in sonnets and a deadly game. But it’s more than a series of puzzles, it’s also an entertaining exploration of relationships and a riveting read’ VAL McDERMID 

‘Perfectly pitched for cold nights and warm fires. A lovely Golden Age tribute’ SINEAD CROWLEY 

‘A perfectly plotted festive mystery’ SUSI HOLLIDAY

‘Clever and twisty’ CRIME MONTHLY 

‘One for book lovers that can’t get enough of mystery fiction – even during Christmas’ THE SUN

‘Packed with riddles, anagrams and puzzles, this is an engaging murder mystery that will grip you until the end’ DAILY MIRROR

‘This is the perfect Christmas book. Get it for yourself to read when the nights are cold and dark and give it as a present. To everyone!’ MARTYN WAITES

‘Curl up by the fire (and lock all the doors) for this Christmas cracker of a book’ C.S. GREEN

‘Utterly original and breathtakingly intriguing . . . A must-read this Christmas’ STEPH BROADRIBB

‘The perfect updating of the classic Christmas Country House mystery . . . Fabulous festive fun’ DEREK FARRELL

‘The perfect Christmas read . . . and puzzles galore for both readers and the players of the game’ W.C. RYAN (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

Old lies, new threats. The chickens have come home to roost…

December in London, and Maximilian Cortado, the world famous violinist, has disappeared, the only clue being the unexpected delivery to his townhouse of a basket containing a live hen.

When it emerges that a number of other notable members of society have been receiving similarly unexplained fowl, the deliveries begin to appear more sinister.

Sherlock Holmes, however, seems more intrigued by a trivial incident in Sussex, where someone has been damaging Christmas trees intended for a local stately home. So when he is asked by the wife of a famous artist to investigate a robbery carried out twenty-three years before, Mrs Hudson sees an opportunity to assist.

At the centre of that mystery is the Christmas Canary, a solid gold decoration of mesmerising beauty, hand-crafted for the fifth Lord Empingham. For years it had graced the top of the Christmas tree at Frawling Hall – until its mystifying disappearance broke the seventh Lord’s heart. Fowl deeds are afoot, but can Mrs Hudson restore the canary to its perch before it’s too late?

A wonderfully evocative caper based in the legend of Sherlock Holmes, perfect for fans of M. R. C. Kasasian and M. C. Beaton. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The old stone mansion Angie and Charles have booked for their week-long honeymoon seems to be something straight out of a fairytale. But soon deadly rumors begin buzzing in the garden… and if Angie chooses to ignore them, it could spell peril for someone she loves dearly. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The Falling Man Mystery and The Body On The Beach.

It’s Christmas Day in New Zealand. The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and all over the country people are enjoying this festive occasion, whether it be a barbecue brunch, a cooked ham for lunch, a platter of cold cuts in the afternoon, or a traditional roast turkey dinner. Annie Jameson, with a few last-minute cancellations and an indecent amount of food, puts out an open invite on Facebook.

Come one come all to Annie and Dean’s Christmas Day Barbecue!

Paige, one half of the detective duo known as Squirrel & Swan and a friend of Annie’s from high school, accepts the invitation. She leaves her family lunch (it was mostly over anyway) and drags her boyfriend Tim, her best friend and business partner Sophie (thankful to escape a potentially calamitous and definitely awkward Christmas meal at her flat), and their associate Leo, to the barbecue.

On the way, Leo tells them all about The Falling Man Mystery, a strange situation that’s keeping him glued to his phone. But it’s not too long before the group becomes distracted by another unexpected event. And this one requires all their attention.

There’s a dead body on the beach…. and it’s connected to Annie’s party.
But how is it related to the Falling Man Mystery?

The team at S & S Investigations have never been able to resist a mystery and Christmas day is no exception.

Can they solve the case before the culprit gets away?

Get a taste of a Kiwi Christmas and join the team from S & S Investigations – Auckland’s premier (only) psychological investigations agency – as they solve not one but two murders on Christmas Day.

Note: this novella is a standalone murder mystery that exists within the Squirrel & Swan universe, in which there is a six-book series -S & S Investigations. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle