Review Of A Killer Retreat

A Killer Retreat

Downward Dog Mystery, Book #2

Tracy Weber

5 Stars

A Killer Retreat by Tracy Weber is the second book in A Downward Dog Mystery series and I think it is a really good book. Both books in the series are great reads.

Kate Davidson is a yoga instructor and the owner of her own yoga studio. She is invited to a wedding at a resort and is also offered a job to teach yoga classes while she’s there. Kate, her boyfriend Michael and her dog Bella make the trip and are looking forward to a great time on their get-away. Her best friend Rene and her husband also join them eventually. What could go wrong when Kate is surrounded by all those she loves the best? Kate soon finds out what could go wrong when she meets a woman, Monica, who cannot control her dog and becomes a thorn in Kate’s side. Kate has a few very public run-ins with Monica and when Monica is found floating dead in a hot tub, Kate becomes the authorities number one suspect. Kate and her friends will have to find the real killer to clear her name and to make sure they do not become the next victim.

Solving the murder is not the only problem Kate must deal with. Although she knows she loves Michael, she is not sure she can take the next step in their relationship. She seems to be having trouble with the big C word-commitment. This vacation seems to be putting a strain on their relationship. And when her best friend, Rene, shows up at the resort, Kate can tell something is not right with her. Kate does not know if Rene is sick or what the problem is, but Kate knows things are off with her friend. Rene’s husband knows something is wrong too and asks Kate to find out what it is. And her beloved dog Bella has stomach problems and needs to eat her food prepared a certain way. When Kate forgets to add the ingredients that Bella needs, she worries that Bella may become deathly sick. That’s a lot for any one person to handle all at the same time, especially when said person is supposed to be on vacation.

The characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional. I found myself caring about what would happen to each of them and worrying when things were not going so well. They are people I would like to know in real life. I think one of the things I like best about this book is the humor. Kate is so witty and sarcastic and does things and thinks things that many of the readers would say and think. She just seemed so real to me and I wish that I could hang out with her for a while.

You can tell that the author knows a lot about yoga and also about dogs. I enjoyed reading about the yoga aspect, even though I am not a yoga person. I found some of the information very enlightening. And reading about the problems that Bella had was fascinating and added a lot to the story. I am impressed with how much the author knows about treating a dog with EPI and the special care that needs to be taken.

The plot is well crafted and well executed. The mystery is carried on throughout the entire book and, with so many suspects, it was hard to figure out who the killer was. The writing style flows easily and the book is an easy read. The writing is descriptive and at times I felt like I was right there watching the action unfold around me. I really enjoy when that happens.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy. If you are an animal lover or you are in to yoga, this book is a must read. I have read both books in the series and have enjoyed them both. Treat yourself and pick up both Murder Strikes A Pose and A Killer Retreat to read. You will not be disappointed.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. I honestly loved this book. I would like to thank NetGalley and Midnight Ink for the opportunity to read and review this book.