New Releases For The Week Of December 4th, 2022–Part 4

Keep Calm and Call the Midwife…

Maeve O’Reilly Kensington is still shaking off last year’s shocking events in the quiet New England coastal town of Langford, where she is a modern-day nurse midwife. Her husband Will’s catering company, A Thyme for All Seasons, is back on an even keel, and they are now actively pursuing fertility treatment and adoption in the hopes of becoming parents.

Meg, Maeve’s older sister and Langford’s premier real estate agent, introduces her to Montgomery Livingstone, a Manhattan business tycoon commonly known as the Takeover King. Livingstone is anxious to move his base of operations and his home to Langford, but some community members have grave misgivings about whether his presence will be a boon for the town.

Misgivings that come to fruition when Monty is pushed off a Widow’s Walk and falls to his death! Suddenly Maeve and Meg are again thrust into a murder investigation as they attempt to help a seemingly innocent young woman accused of the crime. But it turns out there are many secrets to be uncovered, and once again, Maeve, Meg, and their savvy Boston Irish mother must band together to solve the murder. Maeve races against the clock to bring the killer to justice while caring for her patients and pursuing her goal of motherhood.

“Christine’s writing style is very entertaining with sensory laden description of the various environment, characters, and even the state of Maeve’s cookies and knitting. Clever & Entertaining Gem!”
~ Kings River Life Magazine

“Readers will fall in love with this series immediately!! I highly encourage and suggest you grab your copy.”
~ Cozy Mystery Book Reviews (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Crime-fiction librarian Ray Ambler gets more than he bargained for when he acquires the archives of a controversial hardboiled crime author in this contemporary twisty mystery set in New York City.

Hardboiled crime writer Will Ford might be critically acclaimed, but he’s every bit as debauched and disreputable as the ne’er-do-well private eye in his novels. So when Ford offers Raymond Ambler – crime-fiction curator at New York City’s prestigious 42nd Street Library – a collection of his papers, Ambler wonders if the project will be more trouble than it’s worth. Still, the disgraced author is an important talent, and Ambler’s never been afraid of a fight.

Ambler’s ready for the controversy that greets news of the acquisition. He’s not ready, however, for what he finds when he finally receives the papers: a gripping unpublished short story apparently based on a real case, with an explosive author’s note. If it’s true, there’s been a shocking coverup at the heart of the NYPD – and a cop has got away with murder.

If it’s true. Ford’s not talking, and Ambler’s good friend Mike Cosgrove, a veteran NYPD homicide detective, is beyond skeptical. But as the pair investigate, they’re drawn into the sordid underbelly of 1990s New York, packed with renegade cops, thugs and mobsters . . . and they’ll be lucky to come back out alive.

Gritty and fast-paced, this story of police corruption, murder and mayhem is a great choice for fans of traditional mysteries with complex plotting, atmospheric settings and red herrings a plenty! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover

The cast and crew of a hit British TV show are rumored to be cursed—but are these spooky deaths coincidences or murder? It’s up to Bath detective Peter Diamond to find out.

In the six years since the start of the hit British TV show Swift, its cast and crew have been plagued by misfortune, beginning with the star actress’s pulling out of the show before it began. By now there have been multiple injuries by fall, fire, or drowning; two deaths; and two missing persons cases.

The media quickly decides it’s a curse, but who’s to say there isn’t a criminal conspiracy afoot? Now that the filming has moved to Bath, Peter Diamond, Chief of the Avon and Somerset Murder Squad, is on the case. While the investigation into one fatal accident is underway, a cameraman goes missing, challenging even the most credulous to wonder if he might have been the victim of foul play rather than a jinx. How can so many things go wrong on one set in such a short time?

Complicating already complex matters is the fact that Diamond’s boss is trying her best to get him out of her hair; he may be forced to retire if he can’t solve the case. Will this be the end for Peter Diamond? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

It will take the Ninth Street Knitters all the sleuthing skills they have to untangle the threads of a dyed-in-the-wool killer.

For once things seem to be running smoothly for knitting enthusiast Lia Geiger. Her daughter is living on her own and happy with her new job on the alpaca farm. Plus, Lia and her Ninth Street Knitters have been knitting for the Civil War reenactment being held on the grounds next to the Crandalsburg Craft Fair. It’s all fun and battle games until one of the “injured soldiers” turns out to be the very real victim of a murder, and Lia’s friend and neighbor falls under deep suspicion.
Suddenly, the good folks of Crandalsburg are spinning all kinds of yarns and pointing fingers at one another. Lucky for Lia, she has the combined wits of the Ninth Street Knitters to help her ply the truth from this crafty killer. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Algernon is eager to assist Sam in his cases, and Sam is willing to let him—as long as there’s no murder involved. But the embezzlement case he’s been hired to investigate for a local restaurant turns sinister when a diner gets poisoned right in front of his eyes.

Sam sets out to discover whether the death was the accidental result of a plan to sabotage the restaurant or if the high-maintenance woman who got served poisonous mushrooms was the target of a plot to kill her. She does seem like the type you’d want dead.

Meanwhile, Chez Celine learns Mr. Mustachio is going to be a father. Or so the high-maintenance woman claims when her prize-winning cat turns up pregnant. Algernon denies responsibility, but how to prove it? When Mr. Mustachio’s habit of poking his nose in where it doesn’t belong lands him in cat jail, Sam has to ask the one man he least wants to turn to for help in saving his partner.

Mr. Mustachio Gets Collared is book 3 in the Mr. Mustachio Murders (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Waitressing is one of the last jobs Hailey Hart wants, but when her temp agency places her at the local pizzeria, having to serve food and not being able to wash the smell of garlic out of her hair is the least of Hailey’s worries. Her new boss winds up dead, supposedly from food poisoning.

But the cook is adamant that there was nothing wrong with the food, and Hailey is inclined to believe him. Not many people liked Dante Peretti, including his ex-wife, current wife, or his employees. Hailey suspects this wasn’t an accident. It was murder.

The question is who poisoned Peretti’s pizza? And is he the only victim on the killer’s list? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

Charlie Rhodes has a lead on her past, but it just might endanger her future. Nothing can stop her from seeking answers though, which means a trip to Colorado with her boyfriend Jack. Her parents and brother are along for the ride. There’s just one problem … death has followed them to Estes Park.
It seems the hotel they’re staying at—the famous one was all booked up—is in the midst of a training session. Charlie doesn’t think much of it until a body appears in the hedge maze behind the hotel. That’s not all, because there’s a creature to go along with the body, and it has murder on its mind.
The Legacy Foundation has been grounded since the death of one of their own, but a potential krampus connection changes things. That means backup is coming, and Charlie’s fact-finding mission turns into a fight for survival.
Between the hotel workers, who are acting very odd indeed, and the return of the crossroads demon helping Charlie, she has her hands full.
A fight is coming, and Charlie needs help to battle the evil chanting her name. Unfortunately for her, trouble is coming in from every direction, and it’s going to take everybody working together to come out on the other side.
Charlie’s biggest enemy has made it back to this plane. Before she can take down Sybil, however, she has to know the truth about her past.
Brace yourselves, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

A presumed dead baby who’s just turned fifty, a grieving widow on a mission, a female haberdasher hiding a scandalous secret

The Cotswolds, England, December 1895

Fifty-year-old Imogene Lynch has recently moved to the tight-knit community of Dartmond after her husband passed away.

In the decades of her husband’s job as chief constable of the neighboring Landdulton, the childless Imogene often assisted him in solving seemingly unsolvable crimes. On his deathbed Thaddeus Lynch has one last request to his wife: solve the secret Christmas baby’s mystery.

Overcome by grief, but with the promise as a stamp on her heart, Imogene sets out in her roundabout way to unearth Sir Finley Lowther’s mysterious origins. The first trace leads to Miss Eloise Platt, a well-respected Dartmond shopkeeper.

But when a baby’s skull is dredged up from the bottom of Tiverstock Lake and Miss Eloise confesses to the murder, Mrs Imogene Lynch faces a stalemate. While the Dartmonders squabble over Miss Platt’s fate, the widow-turned-detective worries she’ll never fulfil her promise.

To break through her impasse, she pays a visit to the elderly Lady Lowther in Ridgeview Asylum with far-reaching consequences. For Imogene, the mystery is now solved, but getting Miss Platt to tell the truth is another matter.

With her characteristic quirky style, Mrs Lynch confides in the most unlikely candidate in her arsenal, her landlord, Mr Richard Hopewell. If the mute bookkeeper can shed light on what he witnessed on that fateful Christmas Day in 1845, she has the ally she needs to confront Miss Platt.

After fifty-one years, Constable Thaddeus Lynch’s brown file on the Secret Christmas Baby can be closed for good. With Finley’s adoption mystery solved and Miss Platt redeemed, all Dartmond joins in the merry 1896 Christmas celebrations.

This first book in the Victorian Cozy Mystery Series introduces Mrs Imogene Lynch, a willy-nilly detective who talks too much and eats too little. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Virtuous vampire Kit Conway, Grail Knight Handsome the werecat, O’Donnell the witch-hunting cop and the rest of the paranormal posse have been summoned to defend the beautiful English village of Christians Cross because it lies on a transition point between the worlds and is guarded by the Holy Grail.
So it’s not too much of a surprise when a young faerie princess is found in the pub car park. She fled a rival clan and is now stuck on our Earth until Kit and co can find a way to get her home. Luckily, young police officer Caroline Blake is on hand to mother her, and she and Davey Marrak are finally admitting that they’re in love, just as the Holy Grail prophesied, so the future is back on track.

Until, that is, Caroline is kidnapped just as they manage to get Pearl home. Can Kit and the team recover her and foil an old enemy with the help of old friends? That’s right, it’s just another week in Christians Cross! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Oh no he didn’t!

Barbara’s charity Christmas pantomime gets off to a shaky start when one of the players is killed by a falling light fitting. She knows in her gut it was murder and not just an accident, but can she prove it?

As the suspects pile up and the clues become confusing, Barbara finds herself trying to revive her career and monitor the attentions of a handsome new suitor. Is her new life in Whitborough about to come crashing down once again?

A clean, funny cozy mystery about a washed up soap actress and her border collie, Gulliver. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle