New Releases For The Week Of December 25th, 2022–Part 4

A Cupcakes-and-Crime Caper

When an e-sports competitor is found dead, Tiffany and Rosie are hired to uncover the truth… but their investigation leads them straight to another murder, and a tech-savvy criminal who thought he could get away with almost anything.

Meanwhile, has Nanna’s meddling in Stone’s love life actually worked out well?

And is Sue Giant really going to become Tiffany’s competitor? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle


When retired Guild Artemis Inquisitor Georgia Drake’s past comes back to haunt her, resulting in the disappearance of her mastiff, Benjamin, her choice to go after him is complicated by a murder that entangles her in local politics. Under scrutiny from an elite team, her magic blocked and with Harriet Quin asking for help, Georgia has to make a tough decision—throw caution to the wind and go after Benny or trust that he knows what he’s doing… (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

One friend’s been shot. Another is locked up in jail. Just another day at Gone to the Dogs Marina.

A cozy mystery from International Bestselling Authors Danielle Collins and Susan Harper.

No matter how hard she tries to avoid trouble, Reggie constantly finds herself in the middle of criminal investigations. This time, one person’s been shot and Stone is in jail, accused of all kinds of nefarious deeds. Can she solve one last mystery and finally finds some peace at the marina?

Fatal Fungus is the fifth and final story in the Dog Leg Cove Cozy Mystery series. If you like fast-paced mysteries with interesting characters, troublesome pets, and unexpected twists, you’ll definitely want to see what happens in the final mystery at Gone to the Dogs Marina.

Download Fatal Fungus and start solving your next mystery today!

Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A big surprise threatens Angie and Octo-Cat’s future in Blueberry Bay. Will Pet Whisperer P.I. meet an untimely end? The series concludes with a bang, leaving our delightful gang of sleuths to solve their biggest mystery yet. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

When a songbird’s serenade falls flat, someone clips her wings …

Everyone in Sanctuary Bay, South Carolina is dreamin’ of a White Christmas courtesy of former deputy sheriff Holly Daye’s mad decorating skills at the waterfront park Holiday Faire. The park is decked, residents are merry and bright, and there’s peace on Earth until pop idol turned choir director Brianna Bellamy is found under a snow drift stuffed with a pile of faux frosty fluff.

With the Holiday Season in full swing and her work calendar filling up, all Holly wants is a few weeks off to snuggle in bed and dream of sugarplums but when a detective with more hair than wit charges her new assistant with murder and the town is inundated with hordes of ratings seeking journalists, Holly must put aside her plans and hunt for an enraged killer. Can she find the culprit before a young woman’s life and reputation are destroyed?

Come on down to Sanctuary Bay and celebrate the Holiday Season, Coastal Style. The weather is anything but frightful, Snowbirds are jingling all the way to the golf course, and tis the season for locals to spread Christmas wishes and mistletoe kisses! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Macy is still trying to figure out her new place with the witches. So, she’s making it up as she goes. She uncovers a clue to what the portals are and offers a mission to get more information.
She trips some sort of trap and creatures rise up and fight. They’re very ancient and strong and they don’t know anything about them.
When the first death occurs in the town, Macy knows that they need to stop the killers from coming back. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

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