New Releases For The Week Of January 29th, 2023–Part 1

Sheriff Houtman, who left Boston to have a more peaceful career, finds himself faced with two murders, and he is challenged by a band of amateur sleuths who doubt his competence. Will his conclusions hold, or will he have to admit defeat? Unfortunately, Sheriff Houtman is quite infatuated with Sadie, a refugee from Lebanon who escaped ISIS.
Robin George narrates the story. She is a widow with a young son who moves to the Berkshires after her beloved husband died. Her bookstore, Bookworms, and Sweet Indulgences, her best friend Sadie’s restaurant, become the hubs for Robin’s amateur detective group where they plan how to solve the local crimes and exonerate Billy, the Sheriff’s main suspect.
Will they prove the Sheriff wrong? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

She’s dying for a crime to solve. Can this amateur sleuth put down her magnifying glass and enjoy her much delayed honeymoon?

Cory Jones brims with newfound confidence. After proving she has the skill to ferret out clues the cops miss, she’s ready to dive into another investigation. But after her husband surprises her with a camping trip, the last thing she expects is a fellow adventurer to drop dead.

When she trusts the wrong person with her secrets, Cory begins playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the killer. To save her family, she agrees to be framed for murder.

Will Cory rot in jail while the killer is free to strike again?

For All in TENTS & Curses is the third book in the intriguing ‘A Death in Miniature’ Cozy Mystery series. If you like fast-moving suspense, twisty who-done-its and family secrets revealed, then you’ll love Shelley Dawn Siddall’s clever clue filled cozy.

Buy For All in TENTS & Curses to watch motives unfold today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

“A complex mystery and yummy grilled cheese recipes. What’s not to like?”— Kirkus Reviews

A bridal shower gone bad quickly becomes the swiss of death, and grilled cheese shop owner Carly Hale must sniff out the suspect

Winter in Balsam Dell is a snowy affair, and to add in some cheer after the holidays Carly’s former classmate Klarissa Taddeo is hosting her extravagant bridal shower at the historic Balsam Dell inn. But when a double-booking throws some mold in the cheese, Klarissa is left scrambling. Dawn, the maid of honor and wedding planner, saves the day by moving the shower to her family’s mansion and books Carly to cater the party. It seems the group is going to pull off the shower without a hitch.

That is, until Klarissa’s fiancé crashes the event. She’s furious with her groom-to-be and when a loud argument ensues, everyone is shocked by what they hear. When the groom is later found dead at the bottom of the stairs, his drink spiked with a hefty dose of poison, Carly must put her nose to the rind and save Klarissa from being suspect #1.

Because you know what they say: it’s always the (almost) wife. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Sometimes you have to rock the boat to catch a killer!

On the tropical island of Paraiso, Plum Lockhart has a new zest for life. Her villa rental company is growing like a weed, she’s solved a couple of pesky murders, and things with her long-time crush are finally starting to heat up.

Plum does sometimes miss her sparkly life in the Big Apple, so she’s thrilled when she gets an invite to dinner on the yacht, where she can mingle with famous singers, up-and-coming stars, society swans, and billionaires. After a few hours on the boat, Plum is less than impressed with celebrity set and when a server tries to pull her aside to confide a secret, she wonders what else may be lurking beneath the surface.

Two days later, one of the servers from the yacht―a girl with a dragonfruit tattoo―washes up dead, and Plum’s sweet bit of paradise quickly goes sour. As the ship prepares to set sail across the Caribbean, Plum hops onboard to investigate the case, undercover. But the best laid plans turn deadly as it becomes clear that everyone on the boat has a motive and Plum must sleuth out the killer before she becomes the next victim… (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Vi and Jack are journeying on a second honeymoon. Sand, sea, long, lingering nights along with slow, sleepy mornings seem to be just what life demands.

They set out, driven by whimsy. Soon they join a small boat tour of the islands along with other travelers. At first, they’re surrounded by loving families, but as the journey progresses, they uncover that all is not what it seems. And with that, someone is found down. But why? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Evie’s requests in life are simple. She wants her stolen memories restored and for her Aunt Birdie to live up to her promise to train her in the mystical ways of magic. It might be nice, too, if no one died anytime soon. Unfortunately, that hope is dashed when the mayor turns up dead in his boat on beautiful Lake Skipper. At least he died from natural causes. Or did he?

When Birdie does agree to start her witchy lessons, Evie’s beyond excited, but she soon discovers that magically sweeping floors isn’t the dazzling spell she’d hoped for. Still, all witches have to start somewhere, right?

Evie would like to keep the town’s handsome police chief Caden at arm’s length, but he seems to be the only reliable link to her forgotten summer. And she’s not the only one with man troubles. When Aunt Birdie ends with not one, but two suitors, Evie fears her aunt’s involved in a kitty love triangle, and everyone knows those don’t end well.

It’s another exciting and unpredictable adventure for Evie. As she searches for who might have committed the murderous deed, she uncovers intriguing clues to her own mysterious past, and she discovers that the fiery magic burning in her veins might be more than she can handle.

Cursed Cookies is the third book in the light-hearted and humorous Cookie Corner Cozy Mystery series. If you like the thrill of solving a murder, enjoy a sweet romance, and adore picturesque small towns with endearing and quirky characters, you’ll love these stories.

Grab your copy today!

Note: Does not contain gore, swearing, or adult-situations. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

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