New Releases For The Week Of February 12th, 2023–Part 3

When death comes home, is nowhere safe? The quest for love and home becomes deadly when Detectives Erik Jansson and Deb Metzger must find a man with no address in their search for the killer of an adulterous real estate agent. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Tea and Tarot. Love and Murder.

A Tarot conference at a holistic resort seems the perfect place for Tea and Tarot partners Hyperion and Abigail to promote their business and enjoy some beachside luxury. But murder cuts their R&R short. And when the evidence points to Abigail’s devilishly appealing neighbor, Brik, and an unsolved murder connected to his past, these amateur detectives are on the case.

Years ago, Brik’s girlfriend died at the hands of an unknown stalker. He lost everything: his love, his job, his home. Now, he’s convinced history is repeating itself. He’s tried to keep Abigail in the friend-zone, but he fears another woman he cares about just may be the next victim.

As the investigation heats up, Brik and Abigail are determined to keep each other at arm’s length. But as they cross swords with the killer, their feelings become harder to resist. If these two don’t learn to trust each other, their chance at love might be cut short. Permanently.

The Sword in the Scone is a fast-paced and funny cozy mystery, packed with oddball characters, Tarot, and murder. Buy the book and start this hilarious caper when it launches February 14th, 2023!

Tearoom recipes in the back of the book! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback


When Ella treats Fiona, her sister-in-law, to a vacation in York, England, the last thing they expect is to become involved in a murder investigation. Plus, they both saw the victim and the murderer on the very first night they were in York.

When the Head of Tourism in York is murdered, the city fathers are afraid that it will affect tourism in the city, which the city’s economy is dependent on. The police make a quick arrest in order to assure tourists that they have nothing to fear when they come to York. It looks like the murder involved bribery and a civic scandal, and had nothing to do with tourists.

When Ella meets up with an old friend of hers, who is now an investigative journalist looking into the murder, Ella becomes involved. Her involvement soon turns to fear, because she’s certain the man she saw in the bar on the night the victim was killed is the hitman who killed her husband in Belize.

Was it just a coincidence? Or is something far more sinister afoot? That’s what Ella, the investigative journalist, and Fiona have to find out. But will they discover the truth before one of them becomes the hitman’s next victim?

This is the fifth book in the Gabriella Hunt Cozy Mystery Series by Andrew Thomas and Dianne Harman, a two-time USA Today Bestselling Author. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

In this final book of the Fleming Investigations Cozy Mysteries, Fee does her best to uncover the truth behind the death of a business owner while wrangling an unhappy new police chief, a recently promoted homicide detective and the thirty-nine weeks of her pregnancy. Can she solve the case before the babies arrive–or will her last case before motherhood end with the wrong person behind bars? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Evangeline Delafose is finding Graisseville, Louisiana just as she remembered—boring and uneventful. Until her brother Nate asks her to help solve a murder.

Follow Ev as she navigates clues, dead bodies, and quirky small-town residents to solve a mystery. And of course, show her little brother that she’s still got it.

You’ll laugh, cry and roll your eyes at the antics of this charming small-town Southern sleuth and her exasperating private investigator.

This book is the first of the Small-Town Girl Mystery Series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback


Tracy Whitwell’s second novel Gin Palace picks up with the main character, Tanz, from The Accidental Medium, as she grows accustomed to her rather unusual gift . . .

Tanz can talk to ghosts, although she’d prefer it if she couldn’t. Struggling to make ends meet as an actress and wholly unsuited to supply teaching, Tanz is only one bad day away from a meltdown. And the babbling ghosts aren’t helping.

So when Tanz is offered a paid acting gig in her hometown, things start to look up. But Newcastle’s dead won’t stay quiet for long, and soon Tanz becomes haunted with visions of a mysterious Gin Palace guarded by a sinister figure. As Tanz starts to piece together a terrible tragedy, it becomes clear there’s no limit to what the poltergeist will do to keep his secrets his own.

Unfortunately, he’s never met anyone quite like Tanz before . . . (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback