New Releases For The Week Of February 19th, 2023–Part 4

Lucas’ sister, Tina, arrives to town and Cora is delighted. The girl is young and quite bubbly. There is something uplifting about her and Cora welcomes the change after all the murders in their little burg. However, another death, this time of an elderly woman, slams everyone back to reality. Was the women into magic? Did she have anything to do with the Trial of the Six Crystals? And what was the red and orange aura surrounding her dead face?

The older woman had mentioned that she saw yellow eyes staring at her as she looked out her house window. Could it be Zeus, Lucas’ familiar, or perhaps Petrov was hounding the poor woman. The victim held closely guarded secrets…maybe they were her downfall. Cora’s on the case and she’s determined to find a killer, no matter if it’s someone close to her. (Amazon)

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Paige’s ex-boyfriend is after her current boyfriend’s seat on the city council. But when mysterious things start happening in Seaside, someone is going to have to run on a platform of figuring out whodunnit!

Riddled Riptides is book eight in the sweet Paige Comber cozy mystery series. (Amazon)

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Shot through the heart, but who’s to blame?

When Marnie Tipton discovers she’s catering a yoga retreat for a chart-topping pop star, she’s more than a little star-struck. But when he’s shot right in front of her, she’s the only lead bumbling Sheriff Bryson Best has got.

Sheriff Best likes the open-and-shut cases. And he’s ready to shut the cell door on Marnie. So it’s up to her to clear her name.

Can she find the real killer before he puts her away for good? (Amazon)

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Within weeks of opening a dessert catering business, Ivy finds two bodies in her basement. A letter hidden in a bedpost dumps a mystery in her lap. The old saloon, built with a brothel upstairs and a speakeasy in the basement, holds secrets that, almost a century later, people are willing to kill for. Can Ivy find out what’s going on and keep her business afloat?

Clara and Ivy would prefer to be in the kitchen whipping up new recipes, but their lousy luck turns them into amateur sleuths. Join them in the Accidental Detective Series as they share their favorite recipes, kitchen tips, and of course, solve mysteries. (Amazon)

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An Annie Archer Paranormal Mystery

Annie finds a beautiful amethyst pendant in her jewelry box. It’s engraved with the names Emma and Lily. When her landlady turns up dead, Annie uses the necklace to uncover an elaborate plot to steal an inheritance she knew nothing about.

Can Annie and Adam get to the bottom of this before someone else is murdered?

The Case of the Amethyst Pendant is the fifth story in the Annie Archer Paranormal Mysteries.

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A dark murder. A secret brought to light…

June, 1797. From his headquarters at the Villa Mombello near Milan, the French revolutionary army’s young general, one Napoleon Bonaparte, dictates peace terms to Europe’s monarchies with breath-taking ease and arrogance.

But when a series of malicious events at Mombello threaten to set Italy ablaze once again, and talk of a ghoul stalking in the night committing atrocities spreads like wildfire among the assembled guests, Napoleon forces failed magistrate Felix Gracchus out of retirement to solve the puzzling murders.

Gracchus’s unwilling escort in this military world is ambitious but underachieving young cavalry officer Dermide Vanderville. Aided by Napoleon’s unruly tomboy sister Paolette, they set about unravelling the twisted skeins of intrigue and terrible secrets clogging the mansion’s shadowy corridors.

A rich and compelling debut historical mystery set around Napoleon Bonaparte’s conquests, perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom, Paul Doherty and Ellis Peters.

Praise for Blood and Fireflies

‘A fantastic read. I recommend it unreservedly. You will probably end up reading it in one fell swoop’ Paul Doherty (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A Story of Mystery and Murder in the Sweet World of Baked Treats

The Doughnut Delivery Mystery is book 3 in the Sweets of Snowkeep Cozy Culinary Mystery Series

Katy Hawthorne, together with her latest assistant Zoe are both running the biggest bakery in the region, Sweet Sensations. But through a series of dramatic twists and turns her original assistant, Gina, returns to town, and she gets drawn into a new murder mystery too.

“We got a call from this location a few minutes ago, and it pretty much sounded like an SOS.” One of them told me. I stared at his name tag to identify him as Officer Liam. “We’ll have to make a quick look around to see what the situation is.” He told me and turned to face his colleague. “Officer Barrett here would stay right here with you. I’ll be back soon.

I’d been twice involved in murder cases, and I was scared it was set to be a third time.”

Join a courageous baker as she embarks on a non-stop story of intrigue and suspense, perfect for fans of cozy mysteries.

Readers who enjoyed Miranda Rose Barker’s other Sweets of Snowkeep stories, The Pumpkin Bread Mystery and The Cupcake Calamity Mystery, will also love this addictive story from the very start, The Doughnut Delivery Mystery.

Will she be ready for what is coming?

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