New Releases For The Week Of February 26th, 2023–Part 1

When a driver dies during a glamourous classic car event at her family’s estate, Dr Nell Ward is in a race against time to uncover the truth and prevent the killer from making a speedy getaway…

Back in her natural habitat, Dr Nell Ward heads to a woodland pond to survey local newt populations. She’s shocked to discover a car submerged in the water – with the driver dead behind the wheel.

Nell recognises the dead man as professional racing driver, and tabloid love rat, Jack Rafferty, whose performance on (and off) Finchmere’s racetrack had earned him enemies.

Suspecting this isn’t the tragic accident it appears DI James Clark calls upon Nell and her ecological skills to help find the murderer. But she soon finds that more lurks under the surface than she could ever have imagined. Despite the danger, Nell is determined to dredge up the truth from the murky depths of this case, before it’s too late…

A completely gripping and page-turning cosy mystery, perfect for fans of Richard Osman, Janice Hallett and Robert Thorogood.

Readers love A Mischief of Rats:

‘A real roller coaster of a read with plenty of red herrings’ Reader review, 5 stars

Fantastic cosy crime book I love everything about this book. Can’t wait for the next in the series… Had me on the edge of my seat‘ Reader review, 5 stars

The action is non-stop… Colourful cast of characters, a compelling plot… a wholly immersive one sit read’ Reader review, 5 stars

Plenty of suspects and twists… The author cleverly uses Nell’s science and ecological background to help piece together what happened… A new favourite series‘ Reader review, 5 Stars (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Audiobook


A searing and tender novel about a young Black journalist’s search for answers in the unsolved murder of her great-grandfather in segregated Birmingham, Alabama, decades ago—inspired by the author’s own family history

Birmingham, 1929: Robert Lee Harrington, a master carpenter, has just moved to Alabama to pursue a job opportunity, bringing along his pregnant wife and young daughter. Birmingham is in its heyday, known as the “Magic City” for its booming steel industry, and while Robert and his family find much to enjoy in the city’s busy markets and vibrant nightlife, it’s also a stronghold for the Klan. And with his beautiful, light-skinned wife and snazzy car, Robert begins to worry that he might be drawing the wrong kind of attention. 
2019: Meghan McKenzie, the youngest reporter at the Detroit Free Press, has grown up hearing family lore about her great-grandfather’s murder—but no one knows the full story of what really happened back then, and his body was never found. Determined to find answers to her family’s long-buried tragedy and spurred by the urgency of the Black Lives Matter movement, Meghan travels to Birmingham. But as her investigation begins to uncover dark secrets that spider across both the city and time, her life may be in danger.  
Inspired by true events, Time’s Undoing is both a passionate tale of one woman’s quest for the truth behind the racially motivated trauma that has haunted her family for generations and, as newfound friends and supporters in Birmingham rally around Meghan’s search, the uplifting story of a community coming together to fight for change. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

Unearthed Skeletal Remains Follow Marital Bliss in Domesticated Spirits, a Cozy Historical Mystery by Alice Duncan

—1926, Pasadena, California—

Sam and Daisy’s marital bliss is tempered when Lou Prophet’s mangled old cat digs up bones in the couple’s Pasadena yard.

When the bones are confirmed human in origin, there are mysteries to solve, both recent and ancient.

Join Sam and Daisy in their latest adventure along with Lou Prophet, his cat Yuyu and Daisy’s dog, Spike. With Daisy learning to cook and her new focus on domestic duties, could this be the end of her career as a fake spiritualist?

From the Publisher: The Daisy Gumm Majesty Cozy Mystery Series is a light-hearted mystery in a historical setting. There are no explicit sexual scenes and minimal cursing (Lou Prophet can be a little coarse) and will be enjoyed by readers who appreciate clean and wholesome reads. Fans of Carola Dunn, Amanda Quick, Elizabeth Peters, Rhys Bowen, and M. Louisa Locke will not want to miss this series.

“If you like the 1920’s era, cozy mysteries and hints at paranormal this is absolutely a series for you!” ~Peggy, Avid Fan

“I love this series! I love the writing style, and the characters. Ms. Duncan has a fun way of telling a story and having Daisy make funny ‘asides’ to the reader.” ~Nova Todd

“I always enjoy Daisy’s adventures but the addition of Mr. Prophet is the best! I highly recommend to readers of cozy mysteries.” ~Joanna Lindsey, Verified Reviewer

You can start anywhere, but you’ll want to read all of the Daisy Gumm Majesty Mysteries:
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In an effort to avoid what she knew she should be doing, Alice folk-danced professionally until her writing muse finally had its way. Now a resident of Roswell, New Mexico, Alice enjoys saying no smog, no crowds, and yes to loving her herd of wild Dachshunds. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett investigates a mysterious death at a secret remote high-tech facility in this riveting new novel from #1 New York Times bestseller C.J. Box.

When a prominent University of Wyoming professor goes missing, authorities are stumped. That is, until Joe Pickett makes two surprising discoveries while hunting down a wounded elk on his district as an epic spring storm descends upon him. First, he finds the professor’s vehicle parked on a remote mountainside. Then Joe finds the professor’s frozen and mutilated body. When he attempts to learn more, his investigation is obstructed by federal agents, extremists, and Governor Colter Allen.

    Nate Romanowski is rebuilding his falconry company—and financing this through crypto mining with the assistance of Geronimo Jones. He’s then approached by a shadowy group of local militant activists that is gaining in power and influence, and demanding that Wyoming join other western states and secede from the union—by force, if necessary. They ask Nate to throw in with them, but he’s wary. Should he trust them, or is he being set up?

    As a storm of peril gathers around them, Joe and Nate confront it in different ways—and maybe, for the first time, on opposite sides. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover. Paperback, Audiobook


It’s gonna be a great day! Or, so she thought. Andi Anna Jones, so-so travel agent, amateur sleuth, doesn’t suspect her least favorite client, Stewart (The Pain) Payne, will set off circumstances that lead to disappearance and death. After his wife is a no-show for a convention in New Orleans, his threat to sue Graves Travel for “ten times more than it’s worth”, and Andi’s wish to honor one of her late dad’s requests, leads her to The Big Easy in search of Grace Payne. Five unsolved murders, a body caught in a crawfish cage, and a mysterious candle, magic, and incense shop, takes Andi deep into the bayou on a hunt for clues. Will another victim be added to a serial killer’s list, or is the main suspect closer to Andi than she thinks? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback