Review of Formals, Fortune Cookies and Fraud

Formals, Fortune Cookies and Fraud

Catherine Bruns

5 Stars


A short story and prequel to Tastes Like Murder, the first book in the Cookies & Chance series!

Ten years before Sally Muccio became the owner of a a novelty cookie shop in Western New York, she had other things on her mind…namely, the senior prom. With a lovely pink gown, the enchanting fortune theme and handsome beau Mike Donovan by her side, Sal’s got all the necessary ingredients for a perfect evening.

How did everything manage to go so wrong?



This book takes place 10 years before Tastes Like Murder, the first book in the Cookies and Chance Series.  We get to see Sally, Josie and Mike being in high school and going to their prom.  We also get to see Sally’s mom and dad and her grandmother, Grandma Rosa.  We get to see what happened the night of the prom that set everything on motion.  I really enjoyed getting a peek at their lives before Sally got her cookie shop.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  If you have not read this series I would suggest you do so.