New Releases For The The Week Of March 5th, 2023–Part 4

A Wedding and a Misery Mage

Penzance gets married in a week and it’s all hands on deck. Everyone seems to be normal except the bride who seems off kilter.

Aunt Zelda wants a plus one for the wedding. Will her date blossom into more? Does she want it to?

The Misery Mage is still on the loose and a wedding is a perfect setting for their evil ways. Will the wedding go off without a hitch? Or will one last person succumb to a sinister threat?

***This is the Final Book in the Melody Mage Series*** (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Shamrocks, rainbows, pots of gold, and … one irate leprechaun.

Spring has sprung, and I’m finally getting out of town with my monster-hunting boyfriend. However, our cozy little rental cabin in the woods turns out to have a serious problem—an angry leprechaun infestation.

Before we can get back to our romantic rendezvous, we have to prove we didn’t steal a magic hat.

Piece of cake, right? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle


Meet a new crime heroine who doesn’t want to be one. Amy Hammond always said that she wanted to have adventures after years of caring for her elderly parents but she was happily in her rut until retired Brigadier and not as retired as he claims he wants to be former spy Peter Cunningham moved in next door to her.

Now she’s married and working in her dream job as manager of a craft complex at a beautiful English stately home and, when she’s not terrified, she enjoys feeling that she can stop the bad things from happening and protect the people who get sacrificed to the so-called greater good.

Spring is finally coming to Swansmere in the second Covid year. The lockdown is easing as the vaccines are rolled out, but not everyone is happy and a young family take refuge at Swansmere after their home was firebombed by anti-lockdown fanatics. One of Peter’s protégées risked his career to get them clear, and the local anti-lockdown group is using an autistic boy who works as a garden apprentice to try to find out what’s happening so it’s a safe bet that secrets aren’t staying secret again.

Can Amy and Peter keep them safe and happy and find out and neutralise whoever’s behind it? And will Amy ever get a chance to enjoy her lovely new sewing room? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Detective Simon Grave’s tour of a local winery turns sour when a body is discovered in the fermentation tank for his favorite wine, Duct Tape Chardonnay. To solve the murder, he and his team of fellow detectives will have to question strangers, a long-lost love, and his choice in wines.

Publishers Weekly describes Boswell’s PenCraft Award-winning series as a “genre-defying” adventure, a sort of cozy, sort of sci-fi, sort of paranormal, always-funny series set in the quirky seaside town of Crab Cove. As with all Simon Grave mysteries, simdroids (androids who resemble famous people) play a critical role in solving the crime.

Expect humorous takes on the advance of technology, the effects of global warming, and nothing less than the meaning of life, death, love, and loss. Get ready for a fun read. The year is 2054, and the future is filled with mystery. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Astra Arden has had a rough go of it lately. Between dealing with bickering gods, a spectral boyfriend who can’t seem to remember to knock, a lost job, and three sisters who have all become rebellious, Astra is barely keeping it together.

But when the mayor of Cassandra, the town known for its psychic abilities, goes missing, things go from bad to downright absurd.

The entire town of Cassandra thinks Astra murdered Mayor Lillian Thornton a very public confrontation between the women. The interim mayor—a hotheaded condo developer named Daniel Caldecott—is determined to use the disappearance to take over Cassandra and pin the blame on the Arden family as fast as he can get the ink dried on the warrant.

Can Astra find the missing mayor, clear her name, and restore peace to Cassandra before it becomes a high-end ghost town? Or will she be swallowed up in the chaos of gods, ghosts, and greedy developers?

No gore, intimate scenes, or swearing – only a captivating story suitable for adults. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

Samara’s friend Jasmine is in trouble. Her boss is dead, and she was seen arguing with her right before it happened. They’ll have to put their heads together, comb through evidence, cut through lies, and braid together facts in hopes of finding the truth.

Tangled in a messy investigation, they dig for answers that don’t want to be found. Can they get to the root of the mystery and clear Jasmine’s name before it’s too late? Or will Samara learn that sometimes people aren’t quite who you think they are?

Enjoy a hair-raising, family-friendly mystery with Book 2 in the New Age Cozy Witch Mysteries series—“Magic Cats and Deadly Spats.” (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Baptist minister and amateur sleuth, Regina Grant, fights injustice by solving crimes with boldness, grit, and faith, all while being a pastor and looking for a man. In the second installment of the Regina Grant Mysteries, Pastor Grant is back, and this time she’s taking on the big city. With her job on the line, Regina travels to New York, where she finds herself wooed by a charming suitor and embroiled in a dangerous mystery surrounded by wealth and secrets. Robin Hood dies (or does he?)! Regina must use her faith-driven boldness and detective skills to uncover the truth before it’s too late. Regina will stop at nothing until she catches her man—be it the guilty party or true love. Join Regina on this heart-pumping adventure filled with grit, faith, and justice. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle