Review of South of Happily

South of Happily

G A Aderson

5 Stars


On a beautiful sun kissed day, Katy makes the worst decision of her life. Marrying Dylan, the blue-eyed Floridian. The vows to honor and respect become promises not kept, and the future has her feeling queasy…sort of like when you eat bad shrimp.

Two years later, the disappointment makes the choice to bail out of the marriage easy, though understanding why she got in is harder to pin down. It’s going to require therapy, but Katy Kiss is avoidant, distracted, obsessing about raspberry donuts, and believes the shrink might be trying to steal her kidney.

It would be easier to blame her impetuous choices on her parents or a carefully controlled childhood as a first-generation Hungarian-American, but her father is misbehaving in a foreign country, and her indignant mother is holed up in Paris. All they’ve left behind is a legal document she wasn’t supposed to discover.

When a late-night call takes her far away from home, the secrets hidden in the Kiss family closet begin tumbling out.

Katy will need a passport, her closest friends, and her annoying therapist to see her through one calamity after another.

If candor and snark can save her from herself, Katy may figure out why she keeps wrecking her life and find the Happily she’s always been searching for.


This book is the story of Katy Kiss and her struggles and triumphs. It is a story that will make you laugh and make you cry.  I think an author is very special when she makes the reader feel both of these emotions.  Katy is unique, flawed and likable, and you cannot help to cheer for her, and care what happens to her.  Not only does she have to navigate her life, she also has to consider her family and all that they entail. Katy has her hands full.

I would  recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted women’s fiction.   Grab a copy and immerse yourself into Katy’s world.