New Releases For The Week Of March 12th, 2023–Part 3

For the K Team, playing “good dog”, “bad cop” is all fun and games… until there’s a body on the scene, in the next K Team Novel by bestselling author David Rosenfelt.

The K Team enjoys investigating cold cases for the Paterson Police Department. Corey Douglas, his K-9 partner Simon Garfunkel, Laurie Collins, and Marcus Clark even get to choose which cases they’d like to pursue. When Corey sees the latest list of possibilities, there’s no question which one to look into next.

Corey’s former mentor, Jimmy Dietrich, had his whole identity wrapped up in being a cop. When Jimmy retired three years ago, his marriage quickly deteriorated and he tried–and failed—to get back on the force. Jimmy was left to try to adjust to life as a civilian.

Not long after, two bodies were pulled from the Passaic River. A local woman, Susan Avery, and Jimmy Dietrich. With no true evidence available, the deaths went unsolved and the case declared cold. This didn’t stop the whispers: an affair gone wrong… a murder-suicide committed by Jimmy.

Corey never believed it. With this case, the K Team has the opportunity to find the real murderer, and clear Jimmy’s name. Bestselling author David Rosenfelt returns in Good Dog, Bad Cop, where there’s little to go on, but that won’t stop Paterson, New Jersey’s favorite private investigators from sniffing out the truth. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

A lonely shopkeeper takes it upon herself to solve a murder in the most peculiar way in this captivating mystery by Jesse Q. Sutanto, bestselling author of Dial A for Aunties.

Vera Wong is a lonely little old lady—ah, lady of a certain age—who lives above her forgotten tea shop in the middle of San Francisco’s Chinatown. Despite living alone, Vera is not needy, oh no. She likes nothing more than sipping on a good cup of Wulong and doing some healthy detective work on the Internet about what her Gen-Z son is up to.

Then one morning, Vera trudges downstairs to find a curious thing—a dead man in the middle of her tea shop. In his outstretched hand, a flash drive. Vera doesn’t know what comes over her, but after calling the cops like any good citizen would, she sort of . . . swipes the flash drive from the body and tucks it safely into the pocket of her apron. Why? Because Vera is sure she would do a better job than the police possibly could, because nobody sniffs out a wrongdoing quite like a suspicious Chinese mother with time on her hands. Vera knows the killer will be back for the flash drive; all she has to do is watch the increasing number of customers at her shop and figure out which one among them is the killer.

What Vera does not expect is to form friendships with her customers and start to care for each and every one of them. As a protective mother hen, will she end up having to give one of her newfound chicks to the police? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook

A new job, a brutal murder, and Camelot has ended.

In 1963, Dot Morgan’s life was changed forever. She witnessed the assassination of John F Kennedy through the lens of her boxy Kodak Instamatic camera, bringing traumatic aftereffects of the brutality that happened as they stood on the parade route in Dallas.

She starts her first real secretarial job with a boss who has no sympathy for her trauma. When Dot’s only work friend has a mysterious accident at a demolition site, she digs around on her own only to find very little love between two brothers and no one hammering out justice to find a murderer.

The suspects are all around Dot and as she tries to sift through their motives, her cousin Ellie is going through PTSD on her own, losing interest in work, and her fiancé all the while quoting some of JFK’s finest speeches.
With so much change in her world, can Dot still tell the difference between good and evil? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

What if the City of Light holds nothing but darkness?

January, 1926

Invited aboard the glamourous Night Train to Paris, and tasked with investigating the disappearance of her best friend, Dolly Cardigeon, Posie Parker suddenly finds herself right in the middle of a murder!

Controversial society beauty, Lady Caroline Greenlow, is on her way to Paris Fashion Week. She always has a habit of rubbing people up the wrong way, but things take a dreadful turn when she is poisoned at dinner, and then another murder occurs soon after.

Just who exactly are their fellow passengers? Why is the Night Train so empty? And why did Lady Caroline have to die?

Is everything really as it seems?

As she starts to look for her friend Dolly, in a quest which takes in the seedy artists’ quarter of Montparnasse, the glamorous Champs-Elysees, and the glitter of the clubs of Montmartre, Posie realises that she must pursue justice for Caroline Greenlow too, and find the killer.

And as she searches for answers regarding both women, Posie realises that danger is hot on her own heels, and someone is following her at every corner.

But who? And why? And can she get out of Paris alive?

A delightfully gripping historical cozy. Fans of Agatha Christie, Lee Strauss and Rhys Bowen will be smitten.

Readers adore Posie Parker!

Don’t miss out on the other thrilling books in the Posie Parker Mystery Series, available exclusively on Amazon. Follow Posie’s investigations as she uncovers more dark secrets and solves intricate cases in ‘Murder in a Chelsea Garden,’ ‘Murder and the Mermaid,’ ‘Murder through the Mirror,’ and many more.

With 15 books in the series and more on the way, there’s always a new mystery to solve.

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Editions Available: Kindle


Finding a dead pirate is a sure fire way to ruin a good vacation.
It’s no surprise that a beach trip would be one of the destinations on Maisie and Dot’s bucket list, so when the ladies arrange to meet up with Dot’s childhood friend for a Tybee Island getaway, they can’t wait to smell that salt air. A visit to the local pirate festival makes for a swashbuckling good time until the newly-crowned Pirate King turns up as gator bait. Join Dot and Maisie as they, once again, spend their vacation sleuthing to save a friend and her husband from jail time and find out who killed Not-So-Jolly Roger.

Double-Crossed Bones is the third book in the Bucket List Mystery series by S.C. Merritt. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Rescue Alaska is a warm yet fast moving mystery series with a light paranormal twist. Harmony Carson, a search and rescue volunteer, has a unique gift which she often considers a curse. She is able to ‘see’ the individuals she is meant to rescue, and more often than not, she can feel their fear and their pain as well. As her gifts develop, she begins to connect not only with those she is destined to rescue but those she is destined to stop as well.

In book 7 of the series, Harmony and the entire search and rescue team is called out on a rescue involving eight teens. Initially it is assumed that they had simply become disoriented and had wandered off in the wrong direction, but when the team finds a campsite in disarray as well as the bloody body of one of the teens, they realize there is more going on than they initially suspected.

Join Harmony, Houston, and the search and rescue gang as they race against time to save as many of the teens as they can. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Avery Shaw thought she’d seen it all. Then she gets the sort of call she never expected.
Buried in a part of the city she never visits, across the road from the Dairy Queen of all places, is Antique Dolls. It’s a niche strip club featuring dancers over the age of 40 … and a very unique clientele.
When a masked intruder comes barreling into the club firing a gun and hits the owner, Avery is intrigued. When she gets to the hospital and hears that the local police secreted away a politician under the cover of flashing lights and jurisdiction problems, she’s practically frothing at the mouth.
Finding a motive for the shooting should be easy, but when a secretive lifestyle minister inserts himself into the investigation, Avery is left spinning. He’s got a colorful past and an army of followers willing to fight for him.
What he doesn’t have is Avery Shaw. She’s determined to uncover the truth, even if it means putting herself in danger. When Grandpa and Mario decide to help—Mario going as far as to position himself as an undercover dancer—Avery has more backup than she bargained for.
Information is coming at her from all sides, and so is danger.
Avery Shaw doesn’t lose. This time, however, there might not be a winner.

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Fall Haven without a Winter Festival is like Christmas without chocolate!
When a massive snowstorm hits Fall Haven, many residents and out-of-towners alike are trapped out at the Old Maple Inn in the blizzard. Up-and-coming chef Won Shin prepares an extravagant French-Korean fusion meal as the inn’s new chef-in-residence, and course after course, everyone gets a little more than they bargained for. But when someone turns up dead in a snowdrift right outside the inn, all signs point to a certain chocolate sauce as the likely culprit.

Leigh and Paloma and the gang hunt down clues through cabins, kitchens, and the frozen wilderness to figure out who did the dirty deed and why before someone else gets iced.

With Arsenic Sauce is book 5 in the Wicked Wick Mysteries series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

When flamboyant senior sleuth Sadie Kramer’s car breaks down outside a small Oregon beach town, the repair lands her in unexpected lodging above an Irish pub for St. Patrick’s Day. With pub games, green beer, and a potbellied pig named Paddy in the mix, it’s bound to be a unique holiday.

But not all is what it seems in Irishton, especially when the owner of the pub turns up dead. An assortment of local characters could be guilty, but only one is the killer. Sadie and her sidekick Yorkie will need the luck of the Irish to solve the mystery. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle. Paperback

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